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Root Chakra Kundalini red, C base of spine and pubic bone; includes genitals, reproductive organs.

ns. Sciatic nerve, legs, knees, to feet. Grounding. Shield to genitals. Survival; fear; fight or flight; calling in resources; awakening protection from fear of dying or when we are shocked, traumatized; activate this chakra for comfort. Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana golden, D - Behind and just below the navel. Lower abdomen, womb, interior organs of procreation; internal sense of smell; sensuality; where we dream and create our ways of being in the world; where we develop new beginnings; this is where we start Creating! Solar Plexus Manipura yellow, E Above & over the navel. Largest chakra center. Regulates intestines, pancreas, liver, adrenals. After we think of what we want to create, we begin to get excited and ask how can we convince others of what we want; how can we bring our dream into action? How do we present our ideas to the rest of the world? Organs of assimilation all food, substances, emotions get processed. Also the area of disappointment we have a stomach ache; feel queasy. We might rest our hands on our belly for comfort, nourishment, nurturing all of our emotional feelings. Heart Chakra (Anahata) also High Heart green - F Midway between shoulders center of chest, thymus. Peace, serenity, love, transforming attitude bringing us into balance, calmness, serenity. We look at our ideas, plans, will power, strong feelings which keep us from feeling fear or loss. From here we transform and put our ideas to use. High Heart: Clavicle thymus, which rules the endocrine and immune systems. Activate your thymus many times a day if you are feeling unwell by tapping, massaging to aid your immune response by asking it to Wake Up! Work Harder! Throat Chakra Visuddha blue - G Throat area, thyroid gland, system for daily hormonal needs. We manifest here what we begin to create in the second chakra. When we talk about what we decide to so, we go to friends with passion, and they either encourage or chastise, and depending on what we hear from them, we develop a sense of self-worth early in life. Later in life, we are not as dependent on the external environment and others. Now when we focus on intention, we feel the feelings in our throat and follow them as we love and nurture the whole heart center with unconditional love. Brow chakra Third eye Anja blue-purple A Center of head behind forehead, behind eyebrows. Pineal (regulates cycles) and pituitary glands. Inner seeing, insight, greater wisdom about what is happening in the world; we glean the sense of the larger picture NOW I know why I chose this path! Crown chakra (Sahasrar) red-purple B Top of head, fontanelle. Covers the right brain and left brain, bringing the brain into synchronicity; harmonizing the creative and rational, masculine and feminine. Open your arms wide into a V above your head to receive from the non-physical the cosmos bringing energy down slowly, entering the fontanelle then scan your body using your etheric energy and rest your hands on your knees (all bone-on-bone areas are small chakras) focus the energy through your feet, going through the floor as if you are standing on columns of light allowing your energy to go to the center, the molten core of the earth then quickly draw that energy from the center of the earth up through your knees and to the center of your heart Go back up to the universe above your head and gather energy from the sky with energy from the earth - Ask mother earth and father sky to come together in your heart chakra in balance and harmony! Create a water wheel of energy - centering your energy on beings in need of compassion and holding (Here is your joining in awareness of one harmony!)