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*Courtneys POV* 67 days.

Thats how long Ive been dating Niall, even though it feels like weve known each other forever. In 4 days, Sierra and I will be flying back to Sammamish to go on a camping trip with her family and friends. -2 days laterI wake up with a jolt; my stomach doesnt feel good at all. Suddenly getting the feeling Im going to throw up I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. Court, are you ok? Sierra calls from the bedroom. When I dont answer she comes into the bathroom and when she sees Im throwing up she immediately comes over and holds my hair back; Its ok Court. Youll feel better soon. She says softly. Once Im done, I rinse my mouth and then walk back to bed. I dont feel any better Sierra. I dont know if I can go tomorrow. Im so sorry. I say. She looks at me sadly; Its ok Courtney. The tickets not refundable though, what do I do with it? she asks me. Well you could take harry along? Introduce him to your family and everyone. I tell her. Can you see Harry camping though? She asks while laughing. I bet he would go if you asked him to. And besides, he can go buy clothes if he needs to. I reply. She walks out of the room for a few minutes and comes back smiling. He said he would go! Im going to pick him up tomorrow at 11 and then well go to the airport. She tells me. That sounds great! I say. Wait, are you going to be ok here by yourself? Maybe I should stay home. Sierra says worriedly. No! Just go Sierra! Niall can come over and take care of me. Youll only be gone five days! *Harrys POV* Its 10:55 and Im sitting by the door waiting for Sierra to come pick me up. Yesterday, she invited me to come camping with her and her family and I agreed- although I dont go camping very much. I hear a knock on the door and see that its her. Sierra! I yell, picking her up in my arms and spinning her around, kissing her. She laughs happily and kisses me back. I gently set her down and grab her hand, pick up my bag and walk to the car with her. She pulls out of the driveway and we head to the airport where we check in our bags and head to our gate. An hour later were seated on the plane. Sierra. I whisper. She lifts her head from my shoulder, looking at me, waiting for me to continue. Im pretty nervous, what if your parents dont like me? I ask her seriously. Dont be silly! They will LOVE you. Colton and Ashton will too. Just be yourself Harry. She says, squeezing my hand reassuringly. I relax slightly and order a coke from the flight attendant. I let my eyes close and I fall asleep with my head against Sierras shoulder. When I wake up I see that Sierras sleeping beside me, I check the time: three hours left of the flight.

I must have slept a long time. I think to myself. 20 minutes later Sierra wakes up, her hair is messy and sticking out of the bun she put it in. She looks so dang sexy right now she catches me staring and I look away quickly. We slept a long time. She says groggily. I nod my head, agreeing; How did you sleep? I ask her. Really well actually, youre a nice pillow. She says, giggling. Im glad. I say, leaning towards her to plant a small kiss on her lips. *Nialls POV* Ok, Ill be right over love. I say over the phone to Courtney. I hang up, and then set out making her chicken noodle soup. I cut up the vegetables and put them into the boiling water, add some chicken seasoning and chop up the chicken, also placing that into the pot. I let the soup boil for ten minutes, put some of it into a bowl with a lid then grab my keys and head out the door. On my way to Courtney and Sierras apartment I stop by the store and buy a big white teddy bear. When I get to the apartment I look under the mat like Courtney told me to and I find a key, and open the door. Hey Court! Where are you love? I call out. Im in the bedroom! I hear her call. I walk into the room and see her laying on the bed, ender about 10 blankets. She looks really sick. Hey. I say softly, walking over to her and kissing her on the cheek. You hungry? I made you some soup. I say, looking at the floor. Awh Niall. Thank you! she says. I go to heat it up and come back with the bowl and a spoon. I carefully hand the bowl over to Courtney; Careful its hot! I warn. While she eats I go to the living room where I left the bear and carry it back into the room. When she sees it her eyes light up, I got this for you. I say shyly. She smiles widely then takes it out of my hands; Thank you so much Niall! I love him. She says while she hugs the bear. How are you feeling? I ask her. She frowns slightly, Not so well. My stomach feels awful. Im sorry Court. Youll feel better soon. Do you want anything? Ginger ale or something? I ask her trying to be helpful. She nods, Some Ginger ale would be nice. I walk to the kitchen and grab a can of the soda from the fridge and pour it into a glass with ice. I make my way back into the bedroom and see that Courtneys put on a robe and is putting her hair into a bun. Hey you want to watch a movie? she asks. Yeah, sure. I say. She walks over to me and takes my hand, leading me into the living room where we decide to watch Love and other drugs. She settles her head on my chest, snuggling up to me as the movie begins. *Sierras POV* After we land we go to baggage claim and then head out of the airport to where my parents said they would be. As soon as we step out of the airport I see them; my parents are standing by their SUV smiling widely. My moms jumping up and down and my dad waves at us. I let go of Harrys hand and run towards my parents, hugging both of them. Mom! Dad! Ive missed you so much! I say.

Oh sweetie weve missed you too. My mom says warmly. This is Harry. I tell them as he approaches. Oh hello, youre even cuter in person then in all the pictures on my daughters walls. My mom says. I blush a deep, deep red and look at the ground. Mom. You did not just say that. I whisper harshly. Its nice to meet you, sir. Harry says while shaking my dads hand. You too. We all get into the car and start to chat about London, both my parents practically interrogating Harry. *Harrys POV* -3 days laterI wake up to the sound of birds and people talking outside the tent. I roll over onto my stomach and peer out the little window to see that Sierras laughing with another boy around her age. I notice that he puts his hand on her arm while he bends over laughing. She smiles at him and they walk over to the table where everyone else is sitting. I feel a very strange ping of jealously, and protectiveness in my chest. How long has she known that guy? Does he know her better than I do? I pull off my sweats and pull on some jeans, then put on a grey t-shirt. No telling how wild my hair looks but I unzip the tent and walk over to where everyone is sitting. Sierra looks up from where shes sitting- next to that guy and smiles warmly at me. Hey Harry, howd you sleep? she asks as she gets up and kisses me, right in front of everyone. Great actually. What are we going today? I ask her. Well, I was thinking we could just hang around here, pass a football and go jet skiing. And, if you didnt mind I thought Caleb could come along, you too could get to know each other. She says innocently. And, not wanting to be a dick, I nod in agreement. An hour later were all out on jet skis- Caleb and Sierra both going really fast over wakes and what not, I, however am taking my time getting used to this thing. I see Caleb is having no trouble so I speed up and really start to enjoy myself. After an hour Sierra parks hers, motions me over to her and jumps onto the back of mine. Her arms snake around my waist and hold on tight as we go over waves and reach 60 miles an hour. Making a sharp turn too fast I throw both of us off of the Jet Ski and land with a huge splash into the water, I resurface to see that Caleb has gotten Sierra onto his jet ski and is checking her for injuries- conveniently being able to put his hands all over her body. I grimace and swim towards my Jet Ski, climb on and start the engine, and then hold my hand out to Sierra- who hops onto the back behind me. Be careful Harry. Caleb tells me, I nod then head back to the dock. This whole day has been a constant competition between Caleb and I, but the guy is so dang athletic I cant keep up.

We play football- he has a better arm, we go Jet Skiing- I through my freaking girlfriend off, we go swimming- he wins the race, the only thing I KNOW Im better than him at is singing, and Im eager to show him that. Before I know it, Sierras telling me its time for worship so we all go to the big field on the camp ground where we sit in a circle. I notice several girls around Sierras age giving her weird looks then looking at me shockingly. Wanting to have a little fun and smile and wave at them, and they all start to squeal and laugh, obviously knowing who I am. Harry. Do you think you can start us off dear? one of the worship ladies asks me. I look around at the expectant faces, even though Im not really religious I nod and look over at the song book that Sierras holding up for me. I start to sing and then everyone joins in, Sierra takes my hand and squeezes it softly before going back to singing. I look to my right and see a girl staring right at me, I give her a weird look and turn back to Sierra and look at how perfect she looks- her hair is falling in waves around her face, her lips moving slightly, her eyes are half closed. I suddenly have an overwhelming of wanting to kiss those lips. As soon as worship ended I jump up and pull Sierra with me to the dock, where we sit on the bench there. Its now dark and I pull her down next to me and bring my lips down to meet hers, kissing hungrily. She sighs- Harry- she tries to say but when I move my mouth to her neck she stops talking and relaxes into the kiss. After several minutes of focusing on her neck she impatiently pulls my head back up to her lips. I let her take control and she deepens the kiss, her tongue brushes mine and I let out a small groan. I move my hands down her back to her butt, and then I pull her on top of me so that shes straddling me, she puts her hands on my chest and continues the kiss. Although Im extremely aroused, a thought of Sierra laughing with Caleb this morning pushes its way into my mind, and wont leave. I pull away and look at Sierra, whose now frowning. Harry, whats wrong? she asks me. Whats up with you and Caleb? I ask her. She looks confused- Caleb? Weve been friends since we were 4, practically brother and sister. Dont worry about him Harry. She says as she looks me straight in the face, letting me know shes serious. I relax and pull her to me once more, connecting our mouths in a searing kiss, holding her face with my hands. She pulls my shirt over my head and starts to explore my body, sending a tingle down my spine to my, uh, groin. Do you want to go skinny dipping? She asks in a husky tone. I nod quickly as she stands up, and starts to take off her clothes. I look away and take off my own clothes, slightly disappointed Sierra didnt take them off for me. I hear a slash and see a pile of Sierras clothes sitting on the dock, dear lord help me. I jump into the water and walk to where sierras sitting in the water- covering herself. I intertwine my fingers with hers and pull her up against me, letting my eyes look at her perfect body, and then kiss her softly on the lips. I love you. I whisper to her. I love you too Harry. She says back softly, leaning her head on my chest. *Courtneys POV* I wake up early, four days after Sierra and Harry left to go camping. I get out of bed and walk to the kitchen, noticing two things- 1) I know longer feel sick and 2) Niall is laying on my couch

wearing only his boxers. I stop dead in my tracts then run into the bathroom to brush my teeth for a good 5 minutes. When I come out I see Niall in the kitchen drinking apple juice, leaning against the fridge. Still in only his boxers. I clear my throat. Hey Niall. How are you? I manage to get out. He smirks at me, clearly sensing the effect hes having on me. He starts to walk towards me- Im great thanks. He says as he gives me a once over. I look down also and curse myself, just realizing I was wearing black silky shorts with a matching top. Before I can say anything he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me towards him, looking into my eyes. He puts his first finger under my chin and tilts my head up then presses his lips to mine softly, brushing them against mine. He pulls away, looks down at me then moves his gaze back to my lips before bringing his lips to mine again. He backs me up against the wall and puts his hands on either side of my face, leaning towards me slightly. Impatiently I pull him closer by the hem of his boxers, and by now our bodies are so close together you couldnt get a piece of paper between us. Niall kisses me one more time before backing up away from me. Seeing my disappointed expression he laughs; Wait. I am your entertainment this morning. He says with a wink. He turns on Climax by Usher and starts to move his hips in time to the music. I bite my lips, watching as he moves his entire body and starts to do mini thrusts to the beat. He starts walking slowly towards me then motions for me to come closer by bending his pointer finger. I obey, and walk until Im right in front of him. Hes still moving his hips to the music. Dance with me. He growls. With that, he closes the space between us and we start to sway to the music, skin on skin, Niall still moving his hips, only now theyre moving against my own. I close my eyes and let the music take over my body. It was like a scene from Dirty Dancing so intimate, and oh so sexy. Niall leans me back and holds me around the waist, kissing my neck softly. I stand up straight again and kiss him, putting my fingers through his silky soft blonde hair. Without stopping the kiss he picks my up and carries me to the bed where he puts me down then climbs on top of me, leaning on his elbow. I look into his beautiful blue eyes one more time before pulling his head towards mine once more and kissing him deeply, sending chills through my entire body. I slowly move my hands up and down his back, satisfied with the groan that Im rewarded with. I roll us over so that Im on top and my lips find their way to his neck, then I move then down to his collarbone, leaving soft kisses on his skin as I go, making my way down his chest, kissing around his belly then continue downward. As I reach the hem of his boxers I pause and look up at his eyes, he looks down at me and puts his hands in my hair, obviously wanting me to continue. Wanting to make him wait for it I move my lips back to his, our tongues brushing against each other. Niall sits up against the bed frame and moves his hands to the bottom of my shirt, I give a little nod and with that, he pulls it up over my head, unclips my bra and lets both fall onto the floor. I feel his eyes on my body and I look away, blushing.

Youre absolutely perfect. He whispers in wonder. I smile then straddle him, pressing my body against his. He moans loudly and moves his hands to my bum, which sends a shiver of want through my body. I sigh as he puts his lips to mine, softly biting my lower lip, sucking slightly. I let his tongue slide into my mouth and my hands move down his chest and tug at his boxers, which he slips off- revealing the object of my wanting. I also slip off my shorts and underwear, which gets a sharp intake of breath from Niall. After we finish exploring each other I can tell Niall is eager to continue. Are you sure? he asks softly from behind me before going on. I nod; Yes Im sure. I love you Niall. I whisper, leaning back to kiss him. I love you too Court. He says before giving me the best night of my life.

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