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Cc bi lun mu ting Anh

Life in the city Bi mu Life in the city is full of activity. Early in the morning hundreds of people rush out of their homes in the manner ants do when their nest is broken. Soon the streets are full of traffic. Shops and offices open, students flock to their schools and the day's work begins. The city now throb with activity, and it is full of noise. Hundreds of sight-seers, tourists and others visit many places of interest in the city while businessmen from various parts of the world arrive to transact business. Then towards evening, the offices and day schools begin to close. Many of the shops too close. There is now a rush for buses and other means of transport. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to reach home. As a result of this rush, many accidents occur. One who has not been to the city before finds it hard to move about at this time. Soon, however, there is almost no activity in several parts of the city. These parts are usually the business centres. With the coming of night, another kind of actvity begins. The streets are now full of colorful lights. The air is cooler and life becomes more leisurely. People now seek entertainment. Many visit the cinemas, parks and clubs, while others remain indoors to watch television or listen to the radio. Some visit friends and relatives and some spend their time reading books and magazines. Those who are interested in politics discuss the latest political developments. At the same time, hundreds of crimes are committed. Thieves and robbers who wait for the coming of night become active, and misfortune descends upon many. For the greed of a few, many are killed, and some live in constant fear. To bring criminals to justice, the officers of the law are always on the move. Workers and others who seek advancement in their careers attend educational institutions which are open till late in the night. Hundreds of them sit for various examinations every year. The facilities and opportunities that the people in the city have to further their studies and increase their knowledge of human affairs are indeed many. As a result, the people of the city are usually better informed than those of the village, where even a newspaper is sometimes difficult to get. The city could, therefore, be described as a place of ceaseless activity. Here, the drama of life is enacted every day. Bi dch Cuc sng thnh th cuc sng thnh th rt nhn nhp. T t m sng hng trm ngi a ra khi nh nh n kin v t. Chng bao lu sau ng ph ng nght xe c. Cc ca hng v vn phng m ca. Hc sinh hi h cp sch n trng v mt ngy lm vic bt u. Gi y thnh ph hot ng nhn nhp v y p ting huyn no. Hng trm ngi ngon cnh, du khch v nhiu ngi khc ving thm nhng thng cnh ca thnh ph trong khi cc doanh nhn t nhiu ni trn th gii n traoi cng vic lm n. Tri v chiu, nhng vn phng v trng hc bt u ng ca. Nhiu ca hng cng ng ca. Lc ny din ra mt cuc x n xe but v cc phng tin vn chuyn khc. Dng nh mi ngi u vi v v nh. Kt qu ca v ny l nhiu tai nn xy ra. Nhng ai cha tng n thnh ph cm thy kh m i li vo gi ny. Tuy v khng bao lu sau mt s khu vc ca thnh ph nh ngng hot ng. Nhng ni ny thng l cc trung tm kinh doanh. m xung, mt hnh thc hot ng khc li bt u. ng ph trn ngp nh n mu. Bu khng kh du xung v cuc sng tr nn th th hn. Gi y ngi tm n nhng th vui gii tr. Nhiu ngi n rp chiu bng, cng vin v cu lc b, trong khi nhng ngi khc nh xem ti vi v nghe i pht thanh. C ngi i thm bn b v b con. C ngi dnh th gi c sch v tp ch. Nhng ngi quan tm n chnh tr bn lun v nhng s kin chnh tr nng hi. Cng trong thi gian ny, hng trm v trm cp din ra. Trm cp ch m xung hot ng, v vn ri p xung nhiu ngi. Ch v lng tham ca mt s t ngi m nhiu ngi s b git, v nhiu ngikhc phi sng trong cnh s hi trin min . a ti phm ra trc cng l, cc vin chc lut php lun lun sn sng hnh ng. Ngi lao ng v nhng ngi mun tin trin trn con ng cng danh s nghip ca mnh th tham gia cc lp hc ban m. Mi nm c hng trm ngi trong s h tham d vo nhiu k thi khc nhau. Cc phng tin v c hi dnh cho ngi dn thnh th m rng hc hi v gia tng kin thc nhn sinh thc s rt phong ph. Do ngi dn thnh ph lun nm bt thng tin nhanh hn ngi dn vng nng thn, ni m c khi ngay n mt t bo cng kh kim.

Tm li thnh th c th ni l ni ca nhng hot ng khng ngng ngh. Chnh ti y v kch cuc i ti din mi ngy. New words: 1. flock (v): l lt ko n, t tp, quy quanh 2 . throb (v): rn rng, ni rn ln, rung ng 3. sight-seer (n): ngi i tham quan 4. transact (v): thc hin, tin hnh; gii quyt 5. means of transport: phng tin vn chuyn 6. commit (v): phm phi 7. misfortune (n): ri ro, s bt hnh, iu khng may 8. descend upon (v): p xung bt ng, n bt ng 9. greed (n): tnh tham lam 10. to bring S.O to justice: em ai ra ta, truy t ai trc ta 11. on the move: di chuyn 12. facility (n): iu kin thun li, phng tin d dng New words: 1. race (n): chng tc, ging ngi 2. belief (n): tn ngng 3. composed (adj): gm c, bao gm 4. multi-racial (adj): a chng tc, nhiu chng tc 5. decade (n): thi k mi nm, thp k 6. absorb (v): hp thu 7. peculiarity (n): tnh cht ring, nt ring bit, nt c bit 8. in peace and harmony with: trong ha bnh v ho thun 9. promote (v): nng cao, xc tin, y mnh 10. as a whole: ni chung, ton b A visit to a famous city Bi mu A few months ago my father and I visited Singapore, one of the most famous cities in Asia. Bi dch Cch y vi thng, b ti v ti i tham quan Singapore, mt trong nhng thnh ph ni ting nht chu .

Singapore, a small island, lies at the southern and of West Malaysia. A long and Singapore l mt hn o nh nm pha nam v thuc min trung ty narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town of Ma1aysia. Mt di t nh v hp ni lin Singapore vi Johore Bahru, West Malaysia. Singapore is now an independent. thnh ph cc nam ca vng Ty Malayxia. Singapore hin nay l mt quc gia c lp. The city of Singapore is extremely beautiful. It is well known for its centres of Thnh ph Singapore cc k dim l. N ni ting bi nhng trung tm

business and other activities. There are many places of interest such as the Tiger Balm Garden, the Botanical Gardens and Raffles Museum. There are also many important centres of learning such as the University of Singapore, Science Centre, the Nanyang University and the Polytechnic. Being a famous city, hundreds of people come every day from various parts of the world to do business or to enjoy the sights of the city. Singapore therefore has large and beautiful airports and its harbours are full of ships.

bun bn v cc hot ng khc. C nhiu thng cnh nh Vn Tiger Banh, vn sinh hc v vin Bo tng Raffles. Ngoi ra cn c nhiu trung tm nghin cu quan trng nh i hc tng hp Singapore, Trung tm khoa hc, i hc Nanyang v i hc Bch khoa. V l mt thnh ph ni ting nn hng ngy c hng trm ngi t cc nc khc nhau trn th gii n lm vic hay chim ngng cnh quan thnh ph. V th Singapore c nhng sn bay to v p, cn nhng hi cng ca n lc no cng tp np tu b. There are many night schools where people who cannot go to the day schools for C nhng lp hc ban m cho nhng ngi khng th n trng vo some reason or other can continue their studies. And, the government of Singapore ban ngy v mt l do no h tip tc hc tp. V hin nay chnh is still doing its best to make further improvements in the city for the benefit of the ph Singapore ang lm ht sc mnh ngy cng pht trin thnh people. ph v li ch cho ngi dn Singapore. Trong khi dng chn Singapore, hng ngy ti ra ph do chi vi b During my stay in Singapore, I went out every day with my father to see the v ngm nhn cnh vt thi v r p ca thnh ph. Mt ngy n ti beautiful and interesting places and things in the city. One day we went to the Tiger n vn Tiger Balm ni ti thy c vi bc tng ngi, nhiu loi Balm Garden where I saw several statues of people, animals and other strange th v nhng to vt l k c to tc v gn gi rt cng phu. Chng creature beautifully made and kept. The sea near this garden makes this a pleasant ti gn na ngy. place to visit. We spent almost half of the day at this place. Chng ti cng tham quan vin bo tng, ti thy hng trm th qu gi c gi gn cho cc hc gi v nhng ngi khc. Tht l mt Another day we visited the museum where I saw hundreds of curious things c hi hc tp khi c xem tt c cc vt ny. y c rt nhiu iu preserved for scholars and others. It was indeed an education to see all those things. hc hi n ni bt c ngi no n thm vin bo tng cng c There is so much to learn here that every visit by any person is sure to add to his thm kin thc cho mnh. knowledge. Ti cng i thm vi hi cng v thy nhng con tu ln th neo . Cnh tng tu b khuy ng trong ti c mun vt i dng i I also visited some of the harbours and saw the large ships anchored there. The vng quanh th gii. Cc hot ng bn cng tht s gy cho ti n sight of the ships aroused a desire in me to cross the oceans and go round the tng su sc. world. I was indeed deeply impressed by the activities at the harbour. Ri mi m ti u i quanh thnh ph ving thm nhng cng vin v thng cnh khc. V s nh n v dng xe c bt tn lm thnh ph Then every night, I went round the town and visited some of the parks and other rt sng ng. Ti cng n thm mt vi rp chiu bng. Tm li ti places of interest. The numerous sights and the constant stream of traffic kept the yu thch mi khonh khc ti sng ti thnh ph Singopore ni ting city alive. I visited a few of the cinemas as well. In short, I enjoyed every moment ny. of my stay in this famous city of Singapore New words: 1. places of interest: nhng ni ng ch , nhng ni th vi 2. strange creatures: nhng sinh vt l 3. curious (adj): ham hiu bit, t m, hiu k 4. anchor (v): b neo, th neo 5. arouse a desire: gi ln s khao kht

6. impress (v): gy n tng 7. numerous lights: nhiu nh n 8. scholar (n): thnh phn tr thc New words: 1. rustling noise (n): ting ng st sot, xo xc 2. in these green depths: trong su thm ca khu rng, trong cng thm ca khu rng 3. cautiously (adv): cn thn, thn trng 4. hush (n): s im lng 5. swirl (n): ch nc xoy, ch nc cun 6. howl (n): r (au n) 7. fill (v): lm trn ngp, lm y 8. terror (n): s kinh hong, ni khip s 9. merciless (adj): nhn tm, tn nhn 10. reptile (n) : loi b st 11. slake one's thirst : lm cho kht, gii kht 12. savagery (n) : s tn bo, s c c, hnh vi tn bo, hnh vi c c 13. 1urk (v) : ngm ngm, n np, np, trn

The value of libraries Bi mu A good library is an ocean of information, whose boundaries continue to extend with the endless contribution of the numerous streams of knowledge. Thus, it has a peculiar fascination for scholars, and all those whose thirst for knowledge is instable. The usefulness of libraries in the spread of knowledge has been proved through the years. The field of knowledge is so extensive and life is so brief that even the most avid reader can never expect to absorb it all. Those who have a love for knowledge, therefore, try to master only a small fraction of it. Even this requires reading of hundreds of books, cheap and expensive, new and old. But few people are able to buy all the books on the subject in which they wish to attain proficiency. It is therefore necessary for them to visit a good library, where they can read a great variety of books on the subject they love. Besides, many old and valuable books on certain subjects are found only in a good library. Even the original manuscript of an author, who died several years ago, can be found in it, sometimes. Today, men everywhere have discovered the benefits of learning. More and more books are being written to extend human knowledge and experience. Governments Bi dch Mt th vin ln l mt i dng ca thng tin m ranh gii ca n tip tc m rng vi s ng gp v tn nhng dng sui tri thc khng bao gi ngng li. V vy n c sc quyn r c bit i vi cc hc gi v nhng ngi kht khao chn tri kin thc. S hu dng ca th vin trong vic truyn b kin thc c Minh chng hng bao nm qua. Cnh ng ca tri thc th qu rng v cuc i th qu ngn cho nn ngay c nhng c gi tham lam nht cng ng bao gi mong rng s c c tt c. V th, nhng ngi yu mn tri thc ch nm vng mt phn no m thi. M ch th thi cng phi c hng trm quyn sch, r v t, mi v c. Nhng t ai c th mua tt c nhng quyn sch v chuyn mn m h mun thnh tho. V th h cn phi n th vin ni h c th c tht nhiu sch v ch yu thch. Hn na nhiu quyn sch qu gi ch c trong th vin. i khi c mt bn tho nguyn gc ca mt tc gi qua i cch y vi nm cng c th tm thy trong th vin.

and individuals throughout the world are, therefore, opening more and more libraries to enable people to read as many books as possible. Libraries have been opened even in the remotest regions of the earth, so that people who are unable to buy books from the towns can still gain access to the various sources of knowledge. Mobile libraries serve the people in various parts of the earth. The importance of libraries, however, is felt most acutely by students in schools and universities, where most students are engaged in deep studies. The number of books that a student has to study, especially at a university, is so large that unless he comes from a rich family, he can hardly buy them all. Besides, many of the books may not be available in the book-shops within his reach. It is therefore to his advantage to visit a good library. Some people even have then own private libraries in which they spend their leisure, reading the books that they have collected over the years and drive great intellectual benefit and pleasure. In short, libraries have contributed so much to the extension of knowledge that they have become almost indispensable to all literate men.

Ngy nay, con ngi khp ni pht hin ra li ch ca vic hc tp. Ngy cng c nhiu cun sch c vit m rng kin thc v kinh nghim con ngi. V th cc chnh ph v c nhn trn th gii khng ngng m nhng th vin gip ngi ta c cng nhiu sch cng tt. Th vin cng xut hin ti ngay c nhng vng xa xi nht ca tri t nhng ai khng th mua sch t thnh ph vn c th tip thu nhng ngun kin thc a dng. Nhng th vin di ng phc v ngi c sch mi ni trn th gii. Tuy nhin tm quan trng ca th vin l d thy nht sinh vin, hc sinh cc trng ph thng v i hc, ni m phn ln hc sinh lun bn rn nghin cu. Con s nhng quyn sch m mt sinh vin phi nghin cu c bit trng i hc l kh ln n ni gn nh khng th mua ht c, tr khi gia cnh ca anh ta ht sc giu c. Hn na, nhiu quyn sch c th khng c sn trong hiu sch anh ta mua. V vy n th vin rt l tin li. Mt s ngi c th vin ring khi nhn ri c nhng quyn sch h su tp hng bao nm tri v mang v nim vui v ngun tri thc. Tm li, th vin ng gp rt nhiu trong vic m mang kin thc n ni n tr nn khng th thiu c i vi tt c con ngi.

New words: 1. fascination (n): s thi min; s m hoc, s quyn r 2. instable (adj): khng n nh 3. avid (adj): khao kht, thm kht, thm thung 4. fraction (n): phn nh, ming nh 5. to attain proficiency (v): tr nn thnh tho, gii giang 6. manuscript (n): bn vit tay 7. acutely (adv): su sc 8. intellectual (adj): (thuc) tr tu 9. to drive great intellectual benefit: theo ui li ch tri thc ln 10. indispensable (adj): tuyt i cn thit, khng th thiu c 11. literate men (n): nhng ngi c hc

New words: 1. recklessness (n): tnh thiu thn trng, tnh khinh sut, tnh liu lnh 2. to be about to: nh lm g ngay, sp lm g 3. in question: c ni n, c bn n 4. resume (v): bt u li, li tip tc (sau khi ngh, dng) 5. overtake - overtook - overtaken (v): vt qua 6. ditch (n): rnh, mng 7. extricate (v): g, g thot, gii thot 8. occupant (n): ngi s hu, ngi s dng 9. heart-rending (adj): au lng, no lng 10. piteous (adj): thm thng, ng thng hi

Discuss the part that money plays in our lives Bi mu Money plays an important part in our lives. In several aspects, it is the most important thing in life. It is therefore much sought after. Without money we could not buy our food, clothes and all the other things that we need to live comfortably. We require money to travel, to buy medicine when we are ill and also to pay for the services rendered to us by others. In truth, money is almost indispensable to our survival. Most of our activities are therefore directed towards earning as much money as possible. We use money not only to meet the basic needs of life but also to pay for our own advancement. We use it for education which helps us to live a better life. Thousands of students are unable to attend school or continue their studies for want of money. Lack of money also causes great hardship and sorrow in hundreds of families. Thousands of people are dying everyday throughout the world because they are not able to pay their doctors fee or because they cannot buy nutritious food. As money is so important, many crimes are committed everyday in all parts or the world to gain possession of it. Some are driven by hunger and desperation to steal, rob, and even kill to get at least what they require to keep body and soul together. Others commit the most serious

Bi dch Tin gi vai tr quan trng trong i sng chng ta. Trn mt vi phng din no , tin l quan trng nht trong cuc sng. V vy ngi ta chy theo tin. Khng c tin chng ra khng th mua thc phm, o qun v tt c nhng vt dng cn thit cho mt cuc sng tin nghi. Chng ta cn tin i li mua thuc khi au m v tr cho nhng dch v m ngi khc lm cho chng ta. Ni cho ng, tin hu nh khng th thiu vi s tn ti ca chng ta. Phn ln cc hot ng ca chng ta v th hng ti vic kim ra cng nhiu tin cng tt. Chng ta dng tin bc khng ch tha mn nhng nhu cu ti thiu trong cuc sng m cn nng cp cuc sng ca mnh. Chng ta dng tin trong gio dc c cuc sng tt hn. Hng ngn hc sinh khng th n trng hay tip tc hc tp ch v thiu tin. Vic thiu tin gy ra kh khn v nhng ni lo ln cho hng trm gia nh. Trn th gii hng ngn ngi ang cht dn v h khng c tin n bc s hay v h khng c tin mua thc phm giu cht dinh dng. V tin quan trng nh th nn hng ngy trn th gii din ra rt nhiu v phm php ginh ly quyn s hu tin. C ngi in khng v i kht v tuyt vng phi i n cp, n trm v ngay c git ngi t nht gi cho phn hn v phn xc ca h khng phi la nhau. C ngi phm nhng ti c

crimes out of sheer greed for money. Such people cause much trouble and unpleasantness in society, and to bring them to justice, large sums of money are spent by every government. Today, millions of dollars are being spent by the various governments in the world for the betterment of the people. Numerous schools and hospitals are being built, and hundreds of acres or land are being cultivated to produce more food for the growing population of the world. As a result, the world is gradually becoming a better place to live in. At the same time, however, much money is being wasted in producing deadly weapons of war. Countries which have more money than the others have become more powerful by strengthening their armed forces. This has led to rivalries among the powerful nations, and several parts of the world are in turmoil. All this shows what an important part money plays in human affairs. New words: 1. play an important part: ng mt vai tr quan trng 2. in several aspects: xt trn mt vi kha cnh 3. render (v): render a service: gip 4. in truth: tht s, tht ra 5. survival (n): s sng cn, s tn ti 6. not only... but also... khng nhng... m cn... 7. be unable to: khng th 8. 1ack of : thiu 9. hardship: s gian kh, s th thch gay go 10. at least: t nht 11. sheer (adj): ch l 12. at the same time: cng lc 13. in turmoil: trong tnh trng ri lon, hn n 14. affairs (n): cng vic, cuc sng Science and its effects Bi mu One of the most striking features of the present century is the progress of science and its effects on almost every aspect of social life. Building on the foundation laid by the predecessors, the scientists of

nghim trng nht n gin ch v tham tin. Nhng ngi nh vy gy ra rt nhiu phin toi v kh chu trong x hi v a h ra trc cng l, mi mt quc gia phi b ra nhng mn tin rt ln. Ngy nay, nhiu quc gia ang b ra hng triu la ci thin i sng nhn dn. Nhiu trng hc v bnh vin ang c xy dng. Hng trm mnh t ang c trng trt sn xut ra nhiu thc phm cho dn s ang gia tng trn th gii. V vy th gii dn dn tr thnh mt ni c ng tt hn. Tuy nhin cng lc , rt nhiu tin b hoang ph sn xut nhng v kh git ngi trong chin tranh. Nhng quc gia nhiu tin hn tr nn hng mnh hn bng cch tng cng lc lng v trang ca h. iu ny lm cc cng quc i n th ch v nhiu ni trn th gii ang trong tnh trng ri lon. Tt c nhng iu ni ln rng tin quan trng nh th no trong cuc sng con ngi.

Bi dch Mt trong nhng c im ni bt nht trong th k hin nay l s tin b ca khoa hc v nh hng ca n trn hu nh mi mt ca cuc sng x hi. Xy dng trn nn tng ca nhng ngi i trc, cc nh khoa hc ngy nay ang tin

today are carrying their investigation into ever-widening fields of knowledge.

hnh nghin cu nhng lnh vc kin thc ln cha tng c.

Nn vn minh hin i ph thuc phn ln vo cc nh khoa hc v nh pht minh. Modern civilization depends largely on the scientist and inventor. We Cuc sng chng ta ph thuc vo cc bc s trong vic tm kim nguyn nhn v depend on the doctor who seeks the cause and cure of disease, the cch cha bnh, vo cc nh ho hc phn tch thc phm v lm sch ngun nc chemist who analyses our food and purifies our water, the ung, vo cc nh cn trng hc chin u vi cc loi cn trng gy hi, vo k entomologist who wages war on the insect pests, the engineer who s chinh phc thi gian v khng gian v rt nhiu nhng chuyn gia khc gp conquers time and space, and a host of other specialists who aid in the phn vo s pht trin ca nng nghip v cng nghip. development of agriculture and industry. S tin b ca khoa hc v k thut lm cho cc nc khc nhau trn th gii The advance of science and technology has brought the different parts xch li gn nhau hn bao gi ht. Chng ta c th n nhng vng t xa xi of the world into closer touch with one another than ever before. We trong mt thi gian rt ngn. Chng ta c th lin lc vi nhng ngi xa qua are able to reach distant lands within a very short time. We are also phng tin in thoi v my v tuyn. Vic pht minh ra my in gip chng ta able to communicate with people far away by means of the telephone c sch, bo v con ngi nhng t nc khc. and the wireless. The invention of the printing machine has made it possible for us to learn from books and newspapers about people in Tht vy tnh t m v ti tho vt ca con ngi l nguyn nhn ca ngun pht other lands. minh bn vng to ra thi i vn minh ca chng ta ngy Indeed, man's curiosity and resourcefulness have been responsible for the steady stream of inventions that have created our civilization. Tuy nhin, bn cnh khoa hc cng c nhng nh hng tai hi. Thi i vn minh my mc ca chng ta l nguyn nhn ca v s tai nn v nhng s i u v cng nghip gia cc quc gia. Hng ngy hng trm ngi ang hp hi v cc thng tch trm trng. Hn na nhp tt bt ca cuc sng hin i gy nn s ri lon thn kinh ang ngy cng lan rng. Bn cnh , chnh khoa hc gip con ngi t c quyn kim sot thin nhin, nhng cng chnh khoa hc gip con ngi to ra cng nhiu v kh git ngi trong chin tranh. Ngy cng nhiu quc gia cnh tranh vi nhau sn xut ra trang thit bi chin tranh. Nhng trong nhng trng hp ny li lm khng thuc v khoa hc m thuc v con ngi s dng sai lm nhng pht minh khoa hc.

At the same time, however, there have been harmful effects. Our machine civilization is responsible for numerous accidents and industrial rivalries among nations. Everyday hundreds of people are dying from serious wounds and injuries. Further, the rapid tempo of modern life results in wide-spread nervous disorder. Moreover, science, which has helped man to secure control over nature, has also made it possible for him to develop more deadly weapons or war. More and more countries are competing with one another in the production of war material. But in these instances the fault lies not Khoa hc c cng nhn v lc lng tri thc then cht ca k nguyn hin i with science, but rather with mans intention to misuse the discoveries ngy nay. of science. Science is admittedly the dominating intellectual force of the modern age. New words: 1. striking (adj): ni bt, thu ht s ch , thu ht s quan tm, ng ch , gy n tng 2. foundation (n): nn tng, nn mng

3. predecessor (n): ngi i trc, ngi tin nhim 4. depend on (v): ph thuc vo 5. analyse (v): phn tch 6. purify (v): lm sch, lc trong, tinh ch 7. communicate with (v): lin lc vi, giao thip vi 8. invention (n): s pht minh, s sng ch 9. curiosity (n): s ham tm hiu, tr t m, tnh hiu k 10. harmful (adi): gy tai hi, c hi 11. compete (v): ua tranh, ganh ua, cnh tranh 12. intention (n): nh, mc ch The most important day in my life Bi mu The most important day in my life was the day when my parents decided to send me to school. I was then about seven years old. I had been playing with the children living around my house for some years. I had no thought of ever going to school. I enjoyed playing to catch fish from the shallow streams near by. Sometimes we went to the forest to catch birds and squirrels, and I had always thought that life would continue to be the same for me. But, one day, to my great sorrow, my parents suddenly announced that I was no longer to play about and that I was to go to a school. Words can hardly describe how sad I felt at the thought of having to go to a school. I had often heard that school teachers were very strict and cruel. I had also been told that there were many difficult subjects to learn in school and I could not bear the thought of being compelled to learn them. But everything had been decided for me and I had no choice but to go to school. Soon after I was admitted to school, however, I discovered to my great joy that learning in school was a pleasure. I began to learn about the people and other wonderful things spread throughout the world. The teachers were very kind and friendly and they often told many interesting stories. The subjects that they taught were also very interesting as a result of all this, I began to take a keen interest in my lessons and I no longer wanted to waste my time playing about. Bi dch Ngy quan trng nht trong i ti l ngy ba m ti quyt nh gi ti n trng. Lc ti ln by. Ti rong chi vi nm vi cc tr em quanh nh. Ti cha bao gi ngh n vic i hc. Ti thch chi cu c trong con sui cn nc gn . i khi chng ti vo lng bt chim v sc v ti lun ngh rng cuc i s mi nh th. Th nhng vo mt ngy n, tht bun cho ti, cha m ti bt ng tuyn b rng ti khng c rong chi na m phi n trng. Khng c t no din t ni bun ca ti khi phi i hc. Ti thng nghe rng cc thy gio trng rt nghim khc v d tn. Ti cng nghe ni rng c nhiu mn hc rt kh trng v ti khng ti no chu c ngh rng mnh b buc phi hc chng. Nhng mi vic nh sn cho ti. Ti khng cn s la chn no khc ngoi vic n trng. Tuy nhin, chng bao lu sau khi ng thun i hc, ti vui sng thy rng i hc tht l th v. Ti bt u hc v con ngi v nhng iu k diu khc ang din ra trn khp th gii. Cc thy gio rt tt bng v thn thin, h thng k nhiu cu chuyn l th. V th ti bt u yu thch cc bi hc v khng cn mun ph thi gian rong chi na. Gi y ti ln hn v l mt hc sinh trung hc ang hc ngy cng nhiu v th gii xung quanh chng ra. Nhng kin thc ti thu lm c lm phong ph tr c ti v ti hiu bit nhiu hn v cc vn ca nhn loi. Ti cng c th ni ting Anh lu lot, v ti bit rng kin thc ting Anh ca

Today, I am older and I am in a secondary school, learning more and more about the world around us. The knowledge that I have gained has enriched my mind and I have a better understanding of human problems. I am also able to speak the English language with some ease, and I know that my knowledge of English will prove of great value in all my future activities. I also know that if I can pass all my examinations, I will some day occupy an important position in some profession. I might even become a minister in the government of my country or a well-known person in some way. Therefore, when I now think of the day when my parents arrived at the decision to send me to school, I am filled with love for them. That was indeed the most important day in my life, a day which has changed the whole course of my life. New words: 1. squirrel (n): con sc 2. as a result: do, v 3. ease (n): s d dng, s thoi mi 4. minister (n): B trng The subject I consider most important Bi mu Of all the subjects that I study in school, I think that English is the most important subject. It is mainly through the English language that we gain access to the various sources of knowledge. English is a language which is spoken and understood by many people in most countries of the world. It is, in fact, the most important means of communication among the vanous countries of the wodd. Knowledge of new discoveries and inventions in one country is transmitted to other countries through English for the benefit of the world. In this way English helps to spread knowledge and progress. It is true, however, that in the modern age, the study of Science and Mathematics too should be considered very important. Science has conferred many benefits in man. But it requires little thought to realise that scientific principles cannot be understood well without a good knowledge of a language. And, though other languages such as German

ti s c ch trong cuc sng tng lai ca mnh. Ti cng bit rng nu ti tt c cc k thi, mt ngy no ti s gi mt v tr quan trng trong mt ngnh ngh no . Bit u thm ch ti s tr mt b trng trong chnh quyn nh nc hay mt nhn vt ni ting trong mt lnh vc no . V th ngh v ci ngy ba m quyt nh gi ti n hc ng, trong ti trn ngp yu thng. thc s l ngy ng nh nht trong cuc i ti l ngy thay i ton b cuc i ti.

Bi dch Trong tt c cc mn ti hc trng, ti ngh rng ting Anh l quan trng nht. Ch yu nh thng qua ting Anh m chng ta c th tip cn nhiu ngun kin thc a dng. Ting Anh l ngn ng c ni v hiu bit rt nhiu ngi ang sng ti phn ln cc quc gia trn th gii. Trn thc t ting Anh l phng tin giao tip quan trng nht gia nhiu quc gia khc nhau trn th gii. Kin thc v nhng pht minh v khm ph mi trong mt nc c truyn sang cc nc khc thng qua ting Anh mang li li ch cho cng ng th gii. Bng cch ny ting Anh gp phn truyn b kin thc v s tin b. Tuy nhin, hon ton ng khi cho rng trong k nguyn hin i, vic nghin cu Khoa hc v Ton cng nn c xem trng. Khoa hc ban cho loi ngi nhiu ch li. Nhng khng cn suy ngh cng nhn thy rng ngi ta khng th hiu bit cc nguyn l khoa hc m khng c kin thc v ngn ng. V mc d cc ngn ng khc nh ting c v ting Nga cng quan

and Russian are important in the world of Science, it is English that plays the most important role in spreading scientific knowledge. There is in fact no branch of study that has not been communicated in English. The original writings of great scientists, economists, philosophers, psychologists and others who did not speak and write the English language have all been translated into English. Therefore, one who has a good knowledge of English has access to all the sources of information. Further, as the English language is used by people of different lands and cultures, it has become very rich. It contains so many words, ideas and thoughts that a good knowledge of English enriches the mind and enables one to express oneself well. It also helps one to think better and to understand the people of other lands. It is for all these reasons that I consider English the most important subject in school. New words: 1. various (adj): khc nhau, thuc v nhiu loi, a dng 2. transmit (v): truyn i (qua cc phng tin thng tin i chng) 3. progress (n): s tin b, s pht trin 4. confer (v): trao tng, bn bc, hi , hi kin 5. role (n): chc nng, vai tr 6. philosopher (n): nh trit hc, trit gia 7. psychologist (n): nh tm l hc

trng trong gii khoa hc, nhng chnh ting Anh chim gi vai tr quan trng nht trong vic truyn b kin thc khoa hc. Tht vy khng c ngnh nghin cu no m khng lin quan n ting Anh. Tt c nhng cng trnh nghin cu nguyn bn ca cc nh khoa hc, kinh t hc, trit hc, tm l hc v i u c dch sang ting Anh. V th nhng ai hiu bit v ting Anh c th tip cn c mi ngun thng tin. Hn na v c s dng bi nhiu ngi ca nhiu t nc v nn vn ha khc nhau, ting Anh tr nn rt phong ph. N bao gm rt nhiu t ng, kin v t tng, cho nn mt s hiu bit su sc v ting Anh s lm phong ph tr tu v gip ta din t tng ca mnh tt hn. N cng gip ta suy ngh tt hn v hiu bit v con ngi ca nhng t nc khc. Vi tt c nhng l do ny ti cho rng ting Anh l mn hc quan trng nht trng.

New words: 1. incident (n): bin c 2. indelible (adj): khng th ty sch, khng th gt sch 3. vivid (adj): sng ng, mnh m 4. all of a sudden: bt thnh lnh; mt cch bt ng 5. confused (adj): bi ri, lng tng 6. notorious (adj): kht ting, c ting xu 7. owing to (adj): do, v, bi v 8. rivalry (n): s knh ch, s ganh ua 9. remoteness (n): s xa xi, ho lnh 10. ablaze (adj): rc chy, bc chy 11. lethal weapons (n): v kh cht ngi 12. discretion was the better part of valour: liu lnh ng ch th mi ng liu lnh 13. frantic (adj): in cung, in r 14. desperate (adj): tuyt vng, liu mng, liu lnh

15. conclude (v): kt lun 16. disgusted (adj): chn ght, phn n The value of music in the happiness of man Bi mu Music has always been a source of happiness to all men on the earth. From their primitive days, men's love of music has led them to make instruments of all descriptions to produce beautiful music for their enjoyment and happiness. Without music the world would indeed be a very dull place to live in. Even nature is full of music. There is music in the movements of the winds, the sea, as well as the trees; there is music in the calls of the birds, flies and insects and also in the night of the birds and animals. It is from all these things that men have learnt to appreciate the value of music. The same things have also taught men how to produce music from the simplest of things such as sticks, bamboos, and animal horns. Men make many kinds of flutes with bamboos which produce beautiful music.

Bi dch m nhc lun lun l ngun hnh phc cho mi ngi trn tri t ny. T thu ban s, lng say m m nhc khin con ngi sng to nhng nhc c loi to ra m iu tuyt vi mang li thch th v hnh phc cho mnh. Khng c m nhc th gii thc s tr thnh ni c ng bun t. Ngay c thin nhin cng trn y m nhc. C ting du dng trong nhng chuyn ng ca gi, ca bin c cng nh ca cy xanh. C m iu ro rt trong ting ht ca chim chc, ting vo ve ca rui mui v cn trng cng nh m thanh trong ting v cnh bay i hay chy nhy ca chim v th rng. T con ngi bit cm nhn gi tr ca m nhc. Cng chnh nhng m thanh gip con ngi to ra m nhc t nhng dng c th s nht nh gy, tre v sng ng vt. Con ngi ch to ra nhiu loi so bng tre pht ra nhng m thanh du dng. Kh m ph nhn rng nhc rt quan trng ti hnh phc con ngi. m nhc xoa du ni bun ca con ngi v lm h trn y nim vui. l l do ti sao m nhc c s dng trong bnh vin khch l tinh thn bnh nhn.

That music is very important for men's happiness is hard to deny. Music removes men's depression and fills them with gladness. It is for this reason that music is played even in hospitals to cheer up the sick V m nhc c th lm cho con ngi hnh phc, n gp phn quan trng cho s people. thnh cng ca cn ngi trong cuc sng. Mt ngi hnh phc l mt ngi lm vic tt v sing nng. Anh ta lm vic gia mi ngi v lun c mi ngi As music has the capacity to make men happy, it contributes greatly yu mn. Ngi ta thch kt bn vi anh ta, thch thu anh ta lm mi cng vic. V to men's success in life. A happy man is a good and hard worker. He th cuc sng ca anh ta lun sung sng v thnh cng. works happily among people and arns the good-will or all around. People like to associate with him and to employ him in all kinds of Tm li m nhc c gi tr to ln trong hnh phc con ngi. work. Thus, he leads a happy and successful life. The value of music in the happiness of man is therefore great. New words: 1. instrument (n): nhc c 2. appreciate (v): nh gi ng, nh gi cao, hiu r gi tr, thng thc 3. flute (n): ng so 4. capacity (n): c kh nng 5. associate (v): kt giao, giao thip

The advantages and disadvantages of the cinema Bi mu The influence that the cinema exerts on the minds of those who visit it is at once beneficial and harmful. Today, there is a cinema in almost every town. The cinema provides so much entertainment that few people fail to visit it. One of the reasons for the popularity of the cinema is that, it entertains all types of people, young and old, literate and illiterate. Because it is so popular, it must exercise some influence on those whom it attracts. The films shown in the cinema are often very instructive and informative. Almost every film shows something about the activities and customs of the people in other lands. By seeing such films, one learns a lot about human activities. One also gains a better understanding of people of the world. Further, some films show the battles that were fought in the past. They also sometimes show very vividly how man has struggled through the centuries to remove discomfort from his life. In this way, some films have given many people an insight into the past. Even illiterate people have benefited from such films. What they cannot acquire from books owing to their inability to read, they can acquire from films. School students, too, often benefit from a visit to the cinema. What they see and hear in the cinema makes a better impression on their minds than only the spoken words or their teachers. For example, a teacher of history can hardly describe a battle scene to his students as vividly as a film does. For all these reasons, the cinema is often regarded as an important means of spreading knowledge. It must be admitted, however, that some films have exerted an evil influence on many people. Films which show the activities of criminals have encouraged many youths to commit acts or crime. Other films, too, such as those dealing with sex and other natural weaknesses of man, have corrupted the morals of many people. As a result, the governments of many countries have been compelled to interfere in the display and production of certain films. Yet, the cinema continues to retain its popularity. Bi dch Nhng nh hng m rp chiu phim tc ng n t tng ca cc khn gi n xem va c li cng va c hi. Ngy nay hu nh thnh ph, th trn no cng c rp chiu bng. Rp chiu bng mang li s gii tr to ln n ni khng my ai cha tng n rp xem phim. Mt trong nhng l do lm cho rp chiu bng c a thch l v y l phng tin gii tr ca mi ngi dn, d gi hay tr, tr thc hay tht hc. V phim nh kh ph bin, n c tc ng n nhng ngi thch xem phim. Nhng b phim c chiu rp thng c tnh cht truyn b kin thc v thng tin. Hu nh mi b phim u k chuyn v nhng sinh hot, phong tc ca con ngi nhng x s khc. Bng cch xem phim, ngi ta hc c rt nhiu v sinh hot con ngi. Ngi ta cng c th hiu nhiu hn v cc dn tc trn th gii. Hn na, c nhng phim k v cc cuc chin tranh trong qu kh. Nhiu b phim k li mt cch rt sinh ng cuc u tranh ca con ngi qua hng th k ci thin i sng ca mnh. Bng cch ny phim nh cho con ngi ci nhn su sc v qu kh. Ngay c ngi hc cng thu c nhiu li ch khi xem cc phim ny. H c th xem phim nm bt c nhng iu m h khng c c trong sch v m ch. Hc sinh, sinh vin cng hc c nhiu iu b ch sau khi xem phim. Tt c nhng iu h nghe v thy trong phim c n tng su m trong tr tng ca h hn bt k bi ging no ca gio vin. Chng hn mt gio vin lch s hu nh khng th miu t cho hc sinh quang cnh trn nh sinh ng nh phim nh. V th phim nh c xem l mt phng tin quan trng truyn b kin thc. Tuy nhin phi tha nhn rng phim nh gy ra nh hng ti li cho nhiu ngi. Nhng b phim v cc hot ng ti phm khuyn khch nhiu thanh nin phm php. Nhng b phim khc v tnh dc v bn nng yu ui ca con ngi lm suy i o c ca kh nhiu ngi. V vy chnh quyn ca nhiu nc buc phi can thip vo vic sn xut v trnh chiu phim nh. D vy, rp chiu phim vn tip tc duy tr c tnh i chng ca mnh.

New words: 1. entertainment (n): s gii tr, s tiu khin 2. entertain (v): phc v 3. literate (adj): c hc, bit c bit vit illiterate (adj): m ch tht hc 4. struggle (v): u tranh 5. acquire (v): c, ginh c, thu c 6. regard (v): coi nh, xem nh 7. commit (v): phm php, can phm vo 8. weakness (n): im yu, khuyt im, li 9. corrupt (v): lm bng hoi, lm cho i bi 10. morals (n): o c, c hnh, phm hnh Describe some of the interesting places in your country Bi mu Though my country is small, yet there are many places of interest spread throughout the country. In the southern most part of the country, where the state of Johore lies, there are some very interesting and beautiful places. In Kota Tinggi, for example, there are beautiful waterfalls which are visited by many people everyday. Then, there is Johore Lama, a place of great historical interest. In Johore Bahru, there is a beautiful beach which is visited daily by several people who love the sea. In Batu Pahat, another town in Johore, is Minyak Buku, an interesting place on the coast. Bi dch D ch l mt quc gia nh b nhng trn khp t nc ti c rt nhiu thng cnh. vng cc nam ca t nc, ni c tiu bang Johore, c rt nhiu cnh sc p v th v. Kota Tinggi chng hn c nhng thc nc tuyt vi m hng ngy c rt nhiu du khch n chim ngng. Sau l Johore Lama, mt thng cnh lch s ni ting. Johore Bahru c mt bi bin p m nhiu ngi yu bin thng gh n mi ngy. Batu Pahat, mt th trn khc ca Johore, c Minyak Buku, mt phong cnh l th vng duyn hi.

V pha bc chng ta n Malacca, th trn c xa nht m ngi chu u As we go towards the north, we arrive at Malacca, the oldest town that the chim ng ti Malaya trc y. C th thy trn cc to nh y du n su Europeans occupied in Malaya in the past. The influences of the Portuguese m ca ngi B o Nha v H Lan. and the Dutch can still be seen in many of the buildings there. Xa hn v pha bc l cng Dickson ni ting vi nhng bi bin p. Further north lies Port Dickson which is well known for its beautiful beaches. Kuala Lumpur th Malayxia c nhiu thng cnh nh hang ng Batu, vn th v vin bo tng. Ngay chnh thnh ph ny cng l mt ni th v In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, there are many places of interest cho du khch tham quan. such as Batu Caves, the zoo and the museum. The city itself is an interesting place to visit. Mt th trn xinh p khc l Penang, to lc trn mt hn o. Vng bin quanh o gip cho Penang tr thnh thnh ph p nht ca t nc. Another beautiful town is Penang, situated on an island. The sea around it makes it the most beautiful town in the country. Cui cng l nhng cnh ng la vng cc bc ca t nc, to nn cnh quan p mt v hp dn. Ti vng bin pha ng ca t nc cng c mt

Finally, the paddy ficlds in the northern most parts of the country are also vi th trn xinh p nh Kuantan v Kuala Trengalu. Tt c nhng thng cnh very beautiful and interesting to look at. On the east coast of the country too ny tht s lm cho t nc chng ti tr thnh mt vng t tuyt vi sinh there are some beautiful towns such as Kuantan and Kuala Trenganu. All sng. these places have indeed made my country an interesting place to live in. New words: 1. waterfall (n): thc nc 2. occupy (v): chim, chim lnh, chim c 3. situate (v): nm, xy dng 4. paddy field (n): rung la, cnh ng, nng la

What career would you like to choose after leaving school Bi mu Today, it is not easy to choose a career. Hundreds of students pass various examinations every year and compete with one another for positions in the various professions which are not so many as there are applicants. I would, however, like to choose teaching as my career. Teaching is an interesting career for several reasons. As a teacher I can learn many things, especially if I teach to an udder-secondary school. If I teach History or English, for example, I have to read many books to make my teaching lessons more interesting to my pupils. Thus, I can acquire more knowledge of the subjects that I teach than what I can learn from the class text books. It is indeed a fact that a teacher learns a lot from the class text books; but that is hardly enough to make the teacher's lessons interesting to pupils. A good teacher must therefore read many other books. Again, as a teacher, I have to speak well so that my pupils will be able to understand my instructions well. In this way I can improve my powers of expression. Even my pronunciation of words will improve to great extent. Further, as a teacher, I shall have enough leisure to read and prepare for various examinations. It is possible today to sit for many important examinations by studying entirely at home. Thus, I can acquire important qualifications. Finally, as a teacher I will be respected as an educated person. People will assume that I have certain qualifications and show their regard for me and the Bi dch Ngy nay, chn ngh l mt iu chng d dng. Hng trm sinh vin tri qua nhiu k thi mi nm v tranh ua vi nhau ginh ch trong nhiu ngnh ngh khc nhau m s lng t i hn nhiu so vi s ng c vin. Cn ti, ti mun tr thnh mt thy gio. C nhiu l do cho rng dy hc l mt ngh th v. Lm gio vin ti c th hc hi c nhiu iu, c bit nu ti dy mt trng trung hc ph thng. Nu ti dy Lch s hay Anh vn chng hn, ti phi c nhiu sch bi ging tr nn th v hn i vi hc sinh. Nh vy ti s tip thu c nhiu kin thc v cc ti mnh ang dy hn l nhng g c th c qua sch gio khoa lp. Qu thc khng th ph nhn rng mt gio vin hc c rt nhiu iu t sch gio khoa; nhng nh th vn cha lm cho bi hc hp dn vi hc sinh. Mt gio vin gii phi c nhiu quyn sch khc na. Tng t, lm mt gio vin gii ti phi c kh nng din t tt hc sinh c th hiu c nhng ch dn ca mnh. Bng cch ny ti c th pht trin kh nng din t ca mnh. Ngay c cch pht m ca ti cng s tt hn nhiu. Hn na, nu l mt gio vin ti s c thi gian rnh ri c sch v n luyn cho nhiu k thi khc nhau. Ngy nay chng ta c th hon ton t hc nh n luyn cho nhiu k thi quan trng. Nh vy ti c th c nhng bng cp quan trong.

opinions that I express. Thus, I shall be able to live a happy

Cui cng, khi lm gio vin ti s c knh trng nh mt ngi tr thc. Mi ngi s cng nhn rng ti c nng lc, h s coi trng ti cng nh nhng kin ti a ra. Nh vy cuc sng ca ti s rt hnh phc.

New words: 1. career (n): ngh nghip, s nghip 2. applicant (n): ngi xin vic 3. upper-secondary school: trng trung hc, ph thng, cp ba 4. pronunciation (n): s pht m, cch pht m 5. leisure (n): thi gian nhn ri 7. entirely (adv): hon ton, ton vn, trn vn 7. qualification (n): kh nng chuyn mn, trnh chuyn mn, tiu chun chuyn mn, vn bng, hc v 8. respect (v): knh trng, tn trng 9. assume (v): cho rng, tha nh

NEW WORDS: 1. tendency (n): xu hng, khuynh hng 2. engage (v): tham gia vo 3. hardship (n): s th thch gay go; s gian kh 4. numerous (adj): nhiu, ng o 5. frustration (n): tm trng tht vng, tm trng v mng, s lm tht bi, s lm hng 6. welfare (n): hnh phc, s thnh vng 7. provocation (n): s khiu khch 8. well-trained (n): c gio dc tt 9. expenditure (n): chi ph, ph tn 10. utmost (adj): mc sng

A strange happening The mysteries of nature have always fascinated the human mind, and many of them remain unsolved for a long time. The story that I am about to relate concerns a mysterious relationship between a baby boy and a snake somewhere in Malaysia. I was indeed intrigued when I read a report in a newspaper sometime ago that a snake had suddenly appeared in a room, with the birth of a child and that it had attempted to show some relationship with the child. I could hardly believe it. The report added that the mother or the child was finally convinced that there was indeed some relationship between her child and the snake and she allowed the snake complete freedom to play and live with the child. To make sure that the report was true, I made up my mind to visit the house where this unnatural relationship between a reptile and a human being was established.

Then, one morning, my brothers, sisters and I arrived at the house, not very far from ours. As we enter the house we were greatly surprised to find a baby boy and a large snake playing with each other mirthfully. Soon, the mother of the child appeared and narrated the events that led to the snake and the child to live together. It seems that the snake was found lying near the baby just a few hours after the baby was born. A man was called in to kill the snake; but every time the man struck at it with the stick that he brought, the child cried with pain. The man then tried to take the snake out of the room, but again the child began to cry. The child's mother then realised that there was some mysterious relationship between the snake and her child. She ordered the man to stop molesting the reptile, and to the surprise of all those who had arrived on the scene, the child stopped crying. The snake then returned to the child without attempting to harm anyone. Since then the snake has been fed by the mother of the child, and the snake and the child have been living together as brothers. To see this strange occurrence, many people from all parts of the country come everyday. It is said that the snake, by its touch, has cured many sick people; but the mystery remains unsolved. NEW WORDS: 1. fascinate (v): m hoc, quyn r, lm m 2. intrigue (v): hp dn, gi thch th, kch thch t m 3. convince (adj): tin chc, on chc 4. reptile (n): loi b st 5. mirthfully (adv): vui, vui v 6. narrate (v): k li, thut li 7. bitterly (adv): mt cch au n, quyt lit, cay ng, chua cht 8. molest (v): quy ry, quy nhiu, lm phin