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Debriefing for ICICI Lombard: Amit Mukim: Family background? Education? How did you land up in IMT Nagpur?

Nagpur? Why do you think you are suitable for a sales job after a B.Tech? SIP Project? Any other project? Weaknesses? Hope you are ready to work in any location.

Abhinav Bhargav: Family background? Run me through your CV CV related qs Why did you do an MBA? SIP? Strenghts? Why should we take you? Are you ready to work anywhere? If I put you in Chennai, how will you manage the language part?

Jash Kantaria: Yourself? Family Background? Given a chance to do MBA again, what changes would you bring to the curriculum? Why MBA after B.E.?

Qualities required in a sales executive? SIP?

Aparna Sharma: Background? Why MBA after a science background? Your CV doesnt project that you are going to do sales, then how will you manage? Weaknesses? Are you open to locations?

Eeshaan Keswani: Family background? Strengths and weaknesses? Location? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? You dont seem grounded! You are very polished, what is the reason for the same? Since you can see the grey area, are you more risk taking? What if you change your job after 6 months? Retention. Discussion. SIP? Why BBA?

Janit Yadav: Family Background? Strengths and weaknesses? SIP?

Why Sales? Why IMT Nagpur? Positives and negatives of IMT Nagpur?

Ashish Kumar Srivastava: Family Background? SIP? What are the traits of a good leader? What did you learn from your SIP? Suppose 1 of your subordinates is not working, your boss wants to kick him out, how will you handle the situation? Your percentage has been slipping, Looks like you are not performing!

Janam Dave: Family Background? Why Finance and Marketing? Why Sales? Qualities in a leader? Who according to you is an ideal leader? Which was your dream company before you came to IMT? Which companies did you apply for?

Joyeta Pal: Why Sales? What is the different skill sets required for a sales job? Your key skills? Your areas of improvement?2 Location?

Pratyush Chaturvedi: How come people from almost the same area and people who have done their SIPs from TVS are coming in?

Family Background? Why Sales? And how do you feel that you make the cut? Strengths? Which profile would you prefer? Corporate selling or retail selling? Why? Did you know about ICICI Lombard before coming to IMT? What did you feel about ICICI Lombard as a lay man? Characteristics of ICICI as a brand? Reliance, Tata and ICICI have common products. Your order of preference and why? Location barrier? Any Preference?

Nishant Sharma: Yourself? Family Background? SIP? Strengths and weaknesses? Why were you silent in the GD? 3 Positives and 3 negatives of your college? Qs about project.

Padam Nabam Tiwari: Explanation of the name. Family Background? Social personality and a paradox. Key skills of a sales person? What are your best skills? Why more projects in Finance than Marketing? ATL v/s BTL?

Give me a situation where marketing is not required. Location barrier?

Harshit Dixit: SIP? Background in IT. So convince me for Sales. Strengths and weaknesses? Evaluate IMT Nagpur

Peeyush Gupta: About Yourself? SIP? Low score in 10th? Detailed SIP. Strengths and weaknesses? How many friends do you have? Best friend? His/her DOB? IT Background. Why sales?

Richa Agarwal: Graduation in Fashion, MBA in finance, and looking out for a sales job?? Explain. Location barrier? Corporate or retail selling?

RajKumar: Family Background? Sell Home Insurance to me. Give creative ideas. Open to location?

Pranav Gupta: SIP

Sell yourself 3 things about urself that we should hire u Hv u heard abt ICICI Lombard before coming for the interview?

Shashiraj: Seran: Run me through your CV. Yourself? Project? SIP? Why Hr? Why marketing from HR? Why MBA? Why do you feel you are the right person for sales job?

Ramendra Nath Choubey: Career different, you dont fit into sales? Core Strengths SIP? How did you make sales?

Rohit Mathur About yourself? Sales: Are you ok with sales? How can you justify that you can do sales? CV related Qs. Project.. Open to location?

Sushil Kumar: SIP?

Family Background? Why ICICI?

Piyush Nandan: Where are you from? Why ICICI Lombard? Location barrier? HR or Marketing? Knowledge, Attitude or Skills?? Which is the most important aspect?