The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India; Part I - Vol I; Govt.

of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Department of Ayush; Page 12 - 14

6. Ardraka (Rz.)

Zingiberaceae); a herbaceous rhizomatous perennial, reaching up to 90 cm in height, widely cultivated in India. Rhizomes are dug in January-February, buds and roots are removed and washed well.
SYNONYMS Sanskrit Assamese Bengali English Gujrati Hindi Kannada Kashmiri Malayalam Marathi Oriya Punjabi Tamil Telugu Urdu : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Ka¶ubhadra, ᤴgavera -Ada Ginger Adu Adarakha Alla, Hasishunti -Inchi Ardrak, Ale -Adi, Adrak Injee, Allam, lakottai, Inji Allamu, Allam Adrak

ËRDRAKA (Rhizome) Ërdraka consists of fresh rhizome of Zingiber officinale Rosc. (Fam.

DESCRIPTION a) Macroscopic

Drug occurs as entire rhizome or in pieces, rhizome laterally compressed bearing flattish ovate, oblique branches on upper side, each having a depressed scar at its apex, pieces 5-15 cm long, 1.5-6.5 cm wide (usually 3-4 cm) and 1-1.5 cm thick, fracture, short with projecting fibres, transversely cut surface shows a wide central stele having numerous greyish cut ends of fibres and yellow secreting cells; odour, gingery; taste, pungent Rhizome - Shows a few layered, irregularly arranged, tangentially elongated, brown cells of outer cork and 6-12 rows of thin-walled, colourless, radially arranged cells of inner cork; secondary cortex consisting of hexagonal to polygonal, isodiametric, thin-walled, parenchymatous cells containing numerous circular to oval starch grains with striations and hilum at one end with clear concentric striations, measuring 5-25µ in

b) Microscopic

0. polygonal cells of parenchyma and group of fibres. measuring 5-25 µ in diameter. fibres septate with a few oblique pores on their walls.35 (light violet). greater number occurring in inner cortical region. Appendix 8 per cent.7 vessels. On spraying with Vanillin Sulphuric acid reagent & heating the plate for ten minutes at 110°C eight spots appear at Rf. 0.l6 (brownish violet).47 (light violet). elongated pits on their walls. vessels 2-5 in number. 0. Appendix 2. larger bundles consists of 2.63 (light violet).3. 0.92 (all yellow).L.92 (violet).69 (light violet).C. 2. small cells of sieve tube.76. 0. Appendix 90 per cent. free from starch. larger bundles found scattered throughout stele. Appendix 2 per cent.63.dia.03. Under U. fibrovascular bundles of two types.2.2. scalariforrn and spiral thickening. 13 .5 per cent. phloem. 0. 0.76 (violet) & 0.47. walls of oil cells suberised. reticulate and spiral vessels.2. Not more than Not more than Not more than Not less than Not less than Not more than 0.V.. numerous closed. CONSTITUENTS . isodiametric cells of parenchyma. Appendix 5 per cent. oleo-resin cells similar to those present in cortex. 2. 2. and sesquiterpene like zingiberene. pericycle single layered enclosing central stele.08. 0.08 (violet). 0. 0.69. filled with abundant starch grains. vessels showing reticulate. endodermis single layered. shows thin-walled parenchymatous cells.69 (all light yellow).2. Appendix 1 per cent.C. parenchyma and sheath of sclerenchyma. composed of xylem. of alcoholic extract of drug on Silica gel 'G' plate using Benzene: Ethyl acetate (9: 1) in visible light four spots are seen at Rf 0. 0.2.69 (grey). gingerosol in the oleo-resin. PURITY AND STRENGTH Foreign matter Total Ash Acid-insoluble ash Alcohol-soluble extractive Water-soluble extractive Moisture content T. 0.16.Volatile Oil containing Cineole zingiberol.4. single starch grains of varying shapes with eccentric hilum. 2.2. idioblasts containing large yellowish to brownish globules of oleo-resin.9 T.83 & 0. cortical fibro-vascular bundles scattered throughout cortical zone. 0. conjoint.7. IDENTITY. (366 nm) three fluorescent zones appear at Rf. stele consisting of thin-walled polygonal.35. bisobolene and sesqui phellandrene. 0. 0. 2.16 (blue). oleo-resin cells abundent.6.35. 0.L.63 (grey) & 0.13. 0. 0. septate fibres with oblique. On exposure to Iodine vapour eleven spots appear at Rf.16.63 & 0. collateral.2. 0. Powder -Light yellow. those arranged along pericycle in a definite ring are smaller in size and devoid of fibres. 0. 0.

Ën¡ha.PROPERTIES AND ACTION Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka Karma : : : : : Ka¶u Guru. IMPORTANT FORMULATIONS . V ¤Àaya. Rocana. 14 . Kaphahara.á£la. S¡rasvat¡riÀ¶a. áopha. DOSE . THERAPEUTIC USES . ÙikÀ¸a UÀ¸a Madhura D¢pana.2-3 ml of the drug in juice form with honey. RukÀa. H¤dya. Bhedana. V¡tahara. Vibandha. Ka¸tharoga.Ërdraka Kha¸·¡valeha. Svarya.

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