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Winitsuksa School


Under the Patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri

Get Ready for GAT (2) & O-NET


RTU & BLG Programs

By Aj. T.Vee, Aj. Rose, Aj. Toon, Aj. Gung and Aj.


Complete the following sentences with a word derived from the one between brackets. 1. German cars are known for their .... .(to rely) 2. We look forward to receiving your price ..... (to quote) 3. Payment will be effected on . of the goods. (to receive)

Foreign Language Department

4. A five per cent discount for regular customers is not really.... . (to accept) 5. We are looking for a candidate with real ...capacities. (to manage) 6. Let me introduce you to Helen, the management ... (to assist) 7. It's tough being an .. these days. The questions interviewers ask! (to apply) 8. I could hit myself. I made the same mistake twice in. . (to succeed) 9.Meeting other people, for me, is a basic... . (to need) 10.I usually have a sore head after a night of ... drinking and smoking. (to exceed) 11.They must have forgotten to add the . to this letter. (to enclose) 12.Check if there is a ..... fee. (to cancel) 13....must be filed within 5 working days. (to complain - plural noun) 14.If your terms are .., we may consider placing regular orders. (to satisfy) 15.Could you send us 10 .... brochures for distribution among our staff? (to add) 16.In the past three months I have been working as a.... . (to train) 17.That rule is not .. in this case (apply) 18. English is a .. easy language for us to learn. (compare) 19.Dont tell anyone. This is .. (confide) 20.Librarians spend a lot of time their books (class) 21.Despite his ., Stevie Wonder managed to become a top pop singer. (able) 22. In wartime there are often .... of food. (short) 23.See Mr Baker. This matter is his .. (response). 24.The company got more than 20 (complain) 25.What .. do you need for this job? (qualify) 26.It is ... to take credit for other peoples ideas. (moral) 27.The pavement was ... due to the thin layer of ice that had formed. (slip) 28.The price is 5, excluding ... and packing. (post) 29.I spent my ..... in the country. (child) 30.People who smoke .... their children to do likewise. (courage)


Word Formation 1.reliability 2.quotation 3.receipt 4.acceptable 5.managerial 6.assistant 7.applicant 8.succession 9.necessity 10.excessive 11.enclosures 12.cancellation 13.complaints 14.satisfactory 15.additional 16.trainee 17. .applicable 18.comparatively 19..confidential 20.classifying 21. disability 22.shortages 23.responsibility 24.complaints 25.qualifications 26.immoral 27.slippery 28.postage 39.childhood 30.disencourage

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