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"The Hypnotic Selling Secrets Revealed"

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Iirst, Whut is Hypnotic Writing?
Hpnotic Writin Is u Iorm oI wukIng Lrunce.
A wukIng Lrunce Is u _concenLruLIon_ oI _uLLenLIon_.
AnyLIIng you do wIIcI mukes your reuders reucL becuuse oI _MENTA_ _MAGES_
you pIunL In LIeIr mInds Is _HYPNOTC_ _WRTNG_.
Joe VILuIe`s personuI deIInILIon oI Hpnotic Writin:
"Hgpnotic Writing is intentionollg using uords to guide people into o
_focused_ _mentol_ _stote_ where they ure inclined to boy yoor
prodoct or service.
Hpnotic Writin ucIIeves LIIs sLuLe by LIe correcL use oI _words_ Lo creuLe _menLuI_
_experIences_. n oLIer words, you geL peopIe so interested In your websILe, or emuII, or
suIes IeLLer, LIuL clmost nothin else mctters. ..
.und II you do LIIs rIgIL, your HypnoLIc WrILIng wIII Ieud your reuders Lo _TAKE_

Where did Joe Vitule leurn Hypnotic Writing?
Joe IIrsL Ieurned Iow Lo wrILe IypnoLIcuIIy Irom Lwo unusuuI sources.
IrsL, Ie reud some proIIIIc uuLIors sucI us:
Juck ondon
_Murk_ _TwuIn_
SIIrIey Juckson
_MIILon_ _ErIckson_
Second, Ie reud suIes IeLLers by: _RoberL_ _CoIIIer_, _Bruce_ _BurLon_, und
JoIn CupIes.

The Iormolu Ior Murketing Soccess:
1. TIe _ST_ (or LIe _LruIIIc_)
z. TIe _OER_ (or LIe _deuI_)
. TIe _COPY_ (or LIe Hpnotic Writin)
OuL oI LIe LIree, _COPY_ Is LIe EAST ImporLunL.

The Greut "Intimucy Secret
TIIs secreL Is one oI LIe greutest keys Lo HypnoLIc WrILIng becuuse peopIe _buy_
_Irom_ _peopIe_ _LIey_ _IIke_.
WIen you wrILe In _your_ _own_ _sLyIe_ und uIIow your _personuIILy_ Lo come LIrougI,
peopIe wIII IeeI u sense oI intimcc wILI you. RupporL Is buIIL und suIes Iuppen.
Cuse Stody Ixumple To Be Covered on the LIVI Truining:[stut[MPIN.html

The , MOST hypnotic books oI ull time ure:
1. The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier.

z. The Art of Readable Writing by Rudolf Flesch

. Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills by Donald Moine and
Kenneth Lloyd.

q. How to Write a Good Advertisement: A Short Course in Copywriting by Victor Schwab.

. Million Dollar Mailings by Denison Hatch.

6. Covert Hypnosis by Kevin Hogan.

;. How to Write Letters that Sell: Winning Techniques for Achieving Sales through Direct
Mail by Christian Godefroy and Dominique Glocheux.

Whut does hypnosis huve to do with writing copy?
UndersLundIng HypnosIs IeIps you undersLund LIe _mInd_ _oI_ _your_ _reuder_.

TIe IIrsL sLep In wrILIng IypnoLIcuIIy Is Lo undersLund LIe mInd oI your reuder. TIeIr mInd
Is ubsorbed wILI ILs own concerns. n order Ior you Lo muke conLucL, yoo HAVI TO
enter their mind Irom _where_ _it_ _ulreudy_ _is_.
Side note: umous CopywrILer RoberL CoIIIer suId you Iuve Lo _meeL_ LIe reuder wIere
LIeIr _LIougILs_ uIreudy ure. You cun do LIIs wILI u _IeudIIne_ LIuL speuks Lo LIeIr
probIems, or Lo LIeIr dreums.

You need Lo begIn your IeLLer wIere your prospecL uIreudy Is In IIs or Ier Ieud. TIIs wIII
buIId _rupporL_ wILI your reuder.

, Proven Wuys to Write u HIGHLY IIIective Hypnotic Heudline:
Pleuse visit this link LRING the LIVI Webcust Truining ONLY:[heudlines to get this inIormution.
{Yes, yoo most uttend live to get this inIormution doe to the sensitivity
oI it, sorry there cun be no exceptions).

The Secrets Joe Vitule Hus Kept Lnder Lock
und Key His Intire LiIe:

1. on't do the _WRITING_.

WIen you sIL down Lo wrILe, don`L Iuve Loo mucI oI un Ideu wIuL you wIII wrILe.
You sIouId Iuve un intention, yes, buL noL u IormuIuLed pIun. Type us IusL us you
cun, letting yoor _onconscioos_ _mind_ direct whut Ilows.

Your unconscIous mInd conLuIns LIe unswers Lo vIrLuuIIy uII our quesLIons, so by
wrILIng In LIIs munner you ure ubIe Lo Iuve IL do uII LIe work.

Once you`ve dumped everyLIIng ouL on puper or InLo your compuLer, you cun LIen
go buck und _edIL_ IuLer.

z. _iulogoe_ in yoor mind.

You sIouId ImugIne you ure speukIng Lo someone. TeII LIem wIuL you ure wrILIng
ubouL, und Lry Lo guess wIuL LIeIr _quesLIons_ ure und _unswer_ LIem us you wrILe
your copy.

. Plog in _hypnotic_ lungouge.

SImpIy, Luke wIuL you Iuve wrILLen und Iook Ior pIuces Lo repIuce u pIruse wILI u
_IypnoLIc_ _sLuLemenL_.

My secret ueopon Ior un eusy Lo uccess IIsL oI IypnoLIc words, pIruses,
communds eLc. Is LIe HypnoLIc WrILer`s SwIpe IIe. personuIIy use IL every duy.

How Cun u "Reminder" Help or Hort Yoor Sules?
Let's unulyze u conversution:
SIorL sLorIes conLuIn eIemenLs--usuuIIy specIIIc words-LIuL trier memorIes In peopIe.
WIen LeII you ubouL my experIence oI IuvIng IuncI Loduy, und menLIon LIuL un uLLrucLIve
young bIonde-IuIred womun wuILed on me und seemed Lo IIIrL wILI me, um seLLIng you up
Lo drIIL oII, menLuIIy, Irom LIe conversuLIon.
TIe word IuncI mIgIL remInd you LIuL you Iuven`L euLen yeL, und now you`re LIInkIng
ubouL Iood. Or my menLIon oI LIe uLLrucLIve young womun mIgIL remInd you oI sex, und
suddenIy your mInd Is oII In u nuugILy pIuce.
AguIn sLorIes conLuIn _LrIggers_. ScIunk cuIIs LIem RemInders. TIese LrIggers ure
remInders oI prevIous _LIougILs_ und wIII cuuse peopIe Lo menLuIIy drIIL InLo un
_Imugery_ _experIence_ LIuL MAY or MAY NOT serve yoo.
So Lo beneIIL Irom LIIs pIenomenon, muke peopIe LIInk ubouL you und your producL In u
_posILIve_ wuy. Keep peopIe Iocused on wIuL LIey geL Irom your producL, und do it with
u story thut will remind them oI their "_wunts_.

Whut ure the two best wuys to motivute people?

1. __PAN__

z. __PEASURE__

How To Creute Hypnotic Stories
WIuL you wunL Lo do Is remember u Lrue sLory LIuL Iuppened us u resuIL oI someone usIng
your producL or servIce. L needs Lo be Lrue so LIe TC doesn`L jump on you, IL`s eusIer Lo
wrILe, und so you cun spreud IonesLy, noL IIes.
Cuse Stody Ixumple TIuL WIII Be Covered on LIe VE WebcusL:[bpt.html
WIen you sImpIy suy, or sLuLe my producL works or my producL Is greuL, your reuders
ure mucI more IIkeIy Lo _dIsmIss_ _LIe_ _LIougIL_.
However, wIen someone eIse _proves_ LIuL sLuLemenL uithout ucLuuIIy suyIng IL, LIrougI
u _cupLIvuLIng_ _sLory_, LIe messuge goes dIrecLIy InLo peopIe`s _onconscioos_
_mind_ (rIgIL pusL LIeIr menLuI rudur).

The g Secret Luws oI Hypnotic Persousion ure:
(Irom )

z. _CHOCE_

. _EGO_



The New Lltimute Hypnotic Iormolu:

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