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Brand Key

Trusted, Contemporary, Cheerful Lively

rand Essence Ketchup with 100%

Tiffany flagship brand of IFFCO 100% natural written on the pack

Natural goodness guaranteed under Tiffany Umbrella - Made from a00% natural ingredients - PET format with convince Value for money

Clear cut brand differentiation 100% natural which no other brand claims


- I love to get appreciated from my family members especially husbands - I buy & use those food brands which go well with my familys health and taste.

Competitors -Kimball, Rana, Heinz, Maggi, Knorr, Home,

Consumer Demographics 24 to 35 year old housewives, living in GCC belong to SEC A and B & having a small to medium family. Consumer Psychographic These housewives spend most of their time in taking care of their family. Their life revolves around their children and husband; satisfying their needs and pleasing them is their top priority.