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Annual General Meeting 2012

The Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 29th July 2012 has been hailed one of the best and most enjoyable in the history of British Taekwondo. With clubs from around Great Britain representing the overwhelming majority of ordinary members, the day proceeded in a most enjoyable and professional manner. As well as Council Members Adrian Tranter, Bill Darlington, Neil Guest, Graham Preece, Mark Threlfall and Ian Lennox being present, the following post holders within British Taekwondo were also on hand to make significant a contribution: Ieda Yell Kevin Hornsey Gary Hall Chris Codling Derek Sumner Jim Lewsley Jim Kennedy Zahid Salim Executive Board Independent Chair National Olympic Committee officer Performance Director Chief Referee Poomsae Committee Chair BT and Taekwondo Scotland Health and Safety Taekwondo Scotland Executive Committee Taekwondo Scotland Executive Committee

Significant milestones were achieved, with the Memorandum and Articles of Association being unanimously adopted. Election matters saw Tom Stammer being unanimously voted on as Trustee, along with the unanimous re-election of Johnny Martin also as Trustee. The highlight definitely came at the Awards section of the agenda, where the following were recognised for their outstanding contributions to WTF Taekwondo here in the United Kingdom: Individuals Master Graham Preece Master Gary Sykes Master Michael King Peter Adamsons Siva Renganathan David Carmichael Platinum Award Gold Award Gold Award Gold Award Gold Award Bronze Award


Koryo Taekwondo Gold Award Livingwell Taekwondo Gold Award British Taekwondo South Gold Award

Following the meeting and with the permission of those present, there was a presentation of the various programmes through the Sport England funding and their current status. Everyone agreed that the programmes are very worthwhile and are eagerly awaited.

President Adrian Tranter commented The Council wishes to thank everyone who made the time and effort to participate and positively contribute to a highly successful day. The achievements of British Taekwondo during the last 12 months have been nothing short of exceptional. That is down to the hard work of everyone, from the Council, Executive and sub-committees, to the thriving and vibrant clubs throughout Great Britain. We are growing fast and it was a pleasure to be able to report on such an outstanding and memorable year. It was also pleasing to give an update on the various development programmes such as club development and coach education. We are succeeding because we respect each other, we work as a team and we treat each other like a family. It is an exciting time for us all, especially ahead of the London Olympics. I am proud to be able to make such a positive statement to our membership and look forward with great energy and motivation for the year ahead. Minutes of the meeting will be posted in due course.