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OUTLINE: 1. Values Formation a. Definition b. Nature of Values c. The Core Value of a Human Person d. Periods of Development of Value e.

Importance of Values 2. Self Awareness a. Definition b. Personality c. True Meaningful and Lasting Values d. Process of Valuing e. Basis of the Continuing Valuing Process and Self-Awareness Values Formation Definition >Etymologically, the word values comes from the Latin word valere, which means to measure the worth of something; >Values are the elements of life prevailing in any society. >Value is a principle or quality intrinsically valuable, important or desirable to you; >Values are personal. >Values are not inherent they are socially developed. Nature of Values Five explicit features of human values : 1. Values are beliefs linked inextricably to affect the persons emotion; 2. Values refer to desirable goals that motivate action; 3. Values transcend specific actions and situations; 4. Values serve as standards or criteria; 5. Values are ordered by importance relative to one another.

The Core Value of a Human Person The different dimension of a human person and related values: 1. Being physical(made of matter) 2. Being spiritual 3. Being rational 4. Being moral 5. Being social 6. Being economic 7. Being political Development of Values Periods of Development of Value according to Morris Massey: 1. The Imprint Period 2. The Modeling Period 3. the socialization period Importance of Values Living in agreement with ones values is fulfilling; Living in conflict with ones values is stressful and dissatisfying; Thats why it is so important to clearly understand your own personal code of values: your happiness depends upon not only knowing your values but living in accordance with them.

Self-Awareness Definition Self awareness is a way for us to explore and affirm our individual personalities, value systems and beliefs; We are all different in the way we react to things, learn, and synthesize information, and so it is helpful for our personal growth to occasionally spend time in self-reflection to gain a better insight into ourselves and maximize our strength and correct our weaknesses.

The self as a puzzle 1. How you see yourself? 2. How your mother see you? 3. How your father see you? 4. How you relate with your brother and sisters? 5. How you relate with your neighborhood? 6. How you perform and behave as a student? 7. What kind of friend are you? 8. . What kind of enemy are you? 9. What is your faith and religion?

10. . How do you perform your duty as a citizen? 11. How passionate are you with your bf or gf or papa? 12. . How kind are you to those who are sick and poor? 13. What kind of person are you? 14. What will you be in the future? Why self-awareness is important? Self awareness is important for us to have a better understanding of ourselves; Self-awareness is often a first step to our goal setting and values formation. Personality According to the American Psychological Association, personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving; What are the components of your personality we should be aware of? Here are some examples of the components you need to be aware of: 1. As a person you need to be aware of your: a. Religious beliefs, b. Political viewpoints,

c. Affirmation of your national and civic responsibility.

As a student you need to know: a. your preferred learning styles; and b. your natural academic ability. 3. As you go on in your life after graduation your aptitude for specific career fields; 4. Yet, one important component you need to evaluate is your personal values. Values d. True, Meaningful and Lasting Values Value your self Value compassion Values passion Value knowledge Value kindness Value time Value mentoring Value your country Value GOD above all things God is our shelter and salvation. Process of Valuing 1. Choose Freely 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. f. Choose from variety of options Choose after thoughtful consideration of Prize it Affirm it Act upon your choices all alternatives

Basis of the Continuing Valuing Process and Self-Awareness: