PRODUCT INNOVATION 630:602:30 & :60 Prof.

Marc Kalan Rutgers University School of Business Course Syllabus – Spring 2012 Newark: New Brunswick: Office Hours: Tuesday 8:30-11:20 One Washington Park Rm 401 Tuesday 6:40-9:30 Beck 221 Newark T 11:30-12:30 (Rm 1086) New Brunswick M/W 3-5 (Levin 226 see Prof first) Or By Appointment

Contact:; Cell: 973.715.3800 (emergencies only please) Text: Required: The Product Manager’s Desk Reference by Steven Haines ISBN: 9780-07-159134-8 Optional: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni ISBN for the hard cover edition: 0-7879-6075-6. New Products Management by Crawford & DiBenedetto ISBN 978-007-340480-6 Everyone wants to introduce the next iPod, but what is the secret? How do best-inclass companies decide what to offer? How do they meet customer needs? How do they design the supply chain to produce high quality products and get to market quickly? How do they generate concepts, evaluate them and get the right people aligned and focused to define, develop and launch a successful product? What makes one product better than another in the eyes (and wallets) of the customers? Every function in a company must contribute to the success of product innovation. This class begins with the basics of Product Management and the skills needed to successfully manage a brand. Building upon this foundation the course covers practical hands-on/how-to as well as theory that will enable you and your organization to better manage or support the product innovation process whether the challenge is innovating upon an existing brand or focusing on the development of new products. Course Philosophy: The purpose of this course is to provide you with an Understanding and practical knowledge of Product Innovation from a classical product management perspective. No matter what your major or future career path, you should be able to apply much of what you learn in this class. The class format is primarily lecture, however, I HEAVILY ENCOURAGE CLASS DISCUSSION (No one should have to listen to me for 3 hours and I really do not want to talk all that time).


and stay for the entire class period 3) Be aware of any changes and updates made to the syllabus and/or assignments 4) Actively participate in class (ask questions. THERE IS TOO MUCH SPAM IN THE WORLD AND AS A RESULT I DO NOT OPEN EMAIL UNLESS I RECOGNIZE WHOM IT IS FROM (and I have over 250 students this term so please do not feel slighted if I don’t immediately recognize your name). as you would like them to be to you.I generally do not check on weekends (but there can be exceptions to this as well). I may ask you to hold a thought if I feel it will better fit in elsewhere or will be answered soonbut do ask questions. I want you to leave this course equipped with knowledge that you can utilize in the future. But please raise your hand before speaking and wait to be called upon.and please be courteous to Rutgers this is cause for failure – nuff said!!) 2 . Your participation is an important component in your grade. I come to class prepared and I expect you to do the same. so do not panic if I do not get back to you within 24 hours. Note: Side conversations are rude and not appreciated. However. I will do my best to include all relevant questions and comments as part of our discussion. In fact in this class we are all marketers and I will be asking you questions as though you are the marketing manager so be prepared to think as a marketer. contribute to the class discussion. review notes) 2) Attend class regularly.Learning is an interactive process and as consumers (and students) each of you should provide insight and examples drawn from your own experiences.sometimes I travel) . This is a requirement and your responsibility (and you will get much more out of class if you do this in advance). I want you to do well in this class. pay attention) 5) Ask me questions when you are unclear about a topic or want to explore an area in more detail 6) Have integrity! (Do not plagiarize your assignments or cheat on quizzes and/or tests! . on time. To improve the quality of class discussions and your comprehension of the material you must read the assigned chapters (and other material) prior to class. Your commitment in this class is apparent to me in the following ways: 1) Come to class prepared (completed assigned readings. you have to put forth the effort. Instructor’s Expectations of Students: I expect you to be committed to learning about Product Innovation and fulfilling course obligations. PUTTING RUTGERS IN THE SUBJECT LINE LETS ME KNOW YOUR EMAIL IS NOT SPAM. All EMAIL MUST HAVE YOUR NAME & RUTGERS PRODUCT INNOVATION IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Contacting me: Email: I try to check email each day Monday to Friday and will try and reply to any notes within 24 hours (but there may be times I don’t.

Class participation is not the same as class attendance and as such regular attendance alone will not guarantee you a good 3 .0. Attendance: Regular attendance is both expected and considered necessary for adequate completion of the course.99 A.99 D: 60:00 – 69. and suggestions Course Components: Mid-Term Final Exam Project/ Presentation Attendance & Class Participation TOTAL 20% 30% 30% 20% 100% A 93.99 C.0 . Tests will cover assigned reading. If you are not in class on the day the mid-term is given you will receive a grade of 0 on that test unless you have advised me in advance. and some short answer questions (but don’t count on it).100 B+ 87.99 F: 59. Attendance will be taken each class.79. When you leave Rutgers communication of your ideas.0 . exercises. questions. Participation: Part of your responsibility as a student is to ask questions or make (constructive) comments during class.99 Tests: We will have two tests during the term (a mid-term and a final).0-92. Taking each exam is your responsibility and a requirement of this course. If I do not cover material in the class lecture that is included in your text.99 B 83. thoughts and opinions will be how you will be evaluated.89. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The class will be informed and updated on the direction of the course Be prepared for class.86.90. fill in the blank.99 or below B.70.0-82.76.Students’ Expectations of the Instructor: Just as I have expectations for you. lectures.if you are ill contact me via cell phone.99 C 73.ESSAY MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO THINK AND COMMUNICATE BACK TO ME. class discussion and will include material from all topics covered up until the class session just before the test. beginning and ending on time Return assignments/tests back to you in a timely fashion Facilitate open discussions and encourage questions Be available to you when you have problems.0 . Your final exam will be cumulative.0 .99 C+ 77. so let’s start that process now.0 . videos.THE WORLD IS NOT REALLY MULTIPLE CHOICE OR TRUE/FALSE. If you know you will be “out of town” on the date of the mid-term or final advise me in advance and we’ll arrange an alternative method for you to take that exam. you are still responsible for it! The format of the test may include multiple choice. Do not wait until the night before the test to study! Start EARLY and study hard.72. I want you to know that I am also committed to your education.80. IN GENERAL I PREFER ESSAY AND THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD PLAN ON.

The collaboration must also be acknowledged in stating the authorship of the report. I do reserve the right to increase attendance and participation beyond the 20% allocated in the case of “very” borderline grades. without the consent of the professor. footnotes and other customary means of identifying sources. your future diploma…. but also for the other students in the class so SPEAK UP! If you do not participate in class you will receive a 0 for this class component. Plagiarism also includes submitting. If this occurs. Additionally. an assignment already tendered for academic credit in another course. article. Participating in class makes the class more enjoyable not only for you. Furthermore. notebook. Academic work produced through a cooperative (collaborative effort) of two or more students is permissible only upon the explicit consent of the professor. It is extremely important that you come to class fully prepared to participate and contribute to discussions. Academic Integrity In my experience. words. reading material (other than your textbook). All cell phones/beepers need to be turned off when you enter the classroom.BE HONEST!!! “Honesty is the best policy. Recent events in the business world (Enron. without proper credit through the use of quotation marks. video or other source. Twitter or Myspace. though this has never yet happened if I deem your classroom behavior to be overly disruptive I will ask you to leave the classroom. Tyco.”-Anonymous Classroom Conduct. or passing off as one’s own. I have encountered two types of problems with respect to academic integrity: plagiarism and collusion. checking Facebook. Plagiarism and cheating will come to haunt you (whether you get caught or not).YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE AND WILL RECEIVE AN ABSENCE FOR THE CLASS AND LOSS OF CREDIT FOR THE DAY. etc. when you are in class really be “in class”. Be proud of grade. Collusion is working together in preparing separate course assignments in ways not authorized by the instructor.participation grade. and playing games during class are also disruptive to classroom learning and ARE UNACCEPTABLE. material whether published or unpublished.” Unethical behavior is typically not a one-time occurrence—it is a pattern. Excessive talking/disruptive behavior is 4 . sleeping. the ideas. writings. I am very serious about this (ask around) so please.) attest to the importance of “doing the right thing. whether or not such actions are intentional or unintentional. you will receive an unexcused absence for that day. it is a reflection of your character. Madoff. text messaging. Reproduced below are excerpts which are worth sharing: Plagiarism is the copying from a book. programs and experiments of another. NO EXCEPTIONS! Furthermore. surfing the web.

This is described in a separate handout. Implementation: Development. analytical approaches to concept generation (disruptive technologies). I will not accept late work. supply chain. You need to use correct spelling (that’s what spell check is for. times new roman font 3. market research. how they work (commitment. product protocol/requirements. design. Open innovation (the antidote to NIH – not invented here syndrome). Double space your work 4. You can only submit typed work 2. Use complete sentences and paragraphs 5. 1. Cross functional teams. Planning: Environmental be sure to read what you’ve written as well) and grammar! 6. deciding what not to do). Use correct citation (APA or MLA form). forecasting. 5 . business case analysis. strategic launch. The best way to be ready to implement the theories discussed is to discuss and practice. In addition to the books listed above we will utilize outside articles introducing updates. concept testing. market testing Other Key Issues: Working with an advisory team. Use 12. funding. Your participation grade can be dramatically impacted by your classroom conduct. Why they matter. Leadership and Influence. Staple your work 8. positioning. opportunity identification. This includes electronic sources. value propositions. conflict) and who should participate/ lead. 7. Broad topics covered will include: Product Management Basics: Master planning. You must turn in your project assignment during the class period and date noted in the course schedule or as assigned during class. Use one inch margins on all sides Students with Disabilities: Students who need special accommodations should contact me ASAP. concept analysis and evaluation (feasibility – in house resources/cross company collaboration.not only VERY disrespectful to me. challenges and questions for us to consider. Decision Making. This is a very hands on class – you will work in groups to develop a funding request and plan to develop a new product. killing projects and speed. I am happy to make appropriate accommodations for you (within school guidelines) but I can only react to what I know. Basic Finance.but spell check is not perfect. product use testing. but also to your fellow classmates. strategic alignment. There will be a major project required for this course which will be done in teams (assigned by the professor). Term Project.

quality management. • Examine the roles and impacts of the marketing and supply chain functions on the various stages of a product innovation. Proposed Course Syllabus Class Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1/ 17 1/24 1/31 2/7 2/14 2/21 2/28 3/6 3/13 3/20 3/27 Topic Assignments / PreReading Cps 1 & 2 Other Intro/Product Management Leadership/Cross Cps 3 & 4 Functional Teams Decision Making/ Finance Cps 5 & 6 Industry & Competition Customer Needs & Forecasting Strategic Product Planning Feasibility & the concept phase Mid Term Spring Break. • Be familiar with the organizational problems associated with championing. • Begin developing the skills needed to understand.Go out and have some fun!! Feasibility. analyze and manage the emergence of innovative product opportunities within the highly competitive business environment. Defining the Product The Business Case & The Marketing Plan (note: this should be a review section of material learned in Marketing For Decision Making) Product Development Oversight and Orchestrating the Launch Catch-up.The objectives of this course are to enable students to: • Understand the problems and risks associated with product innovation. working with supply chain partners. fast development cycle times and other issues necessary to new product strategy. Review (bring your questions) Cps 7 Cps 8 & 9 Cp 10 Term Project Presented Term Project Teams formed Project Companies chosen Project Concepts due Mod 3 intro & Cp 11 Cps 12 & 13 Cps 14 & 15 11 12 4/3 4/10 Cps 16 & 17 In Class project finalization time 6 . recognize. project teams.

we meet either early in the morning (Newark) or in the evening (NB) which for most is either before or after a long day’s work. Written reports due Final Exam Mandatory Attendance Mandatory Attendance Note: This syllabus is tentative and may be altered/revised by the instructor during the term.In Class: Oral Presentations. One final note. You are welcomed to bring drinks and/or snacks to either class (I will). MHK 1-2012 7 . Just please be as quiet as possible as you enjoy them.11 12 4/17 4/24 Projects Due.

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