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Imam Jafar al-Sadiqs

Book On Dream Interpretation

When a person dreams he/she sees symbols, it is these symbols that if correctly interpreted, can help tell what lies ahead for the person. Most symbols carry more than one meaning and to know the correct meaning, the dreamer will have to gather the different symbols in his dream like a puzzle.

The Eye
Seeing an eye in a dream could have one of five meanings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. High degree (or station) Tragedy Worries Sickness A long life

Water in a dream is interpreted to be one of five things: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. True faith Strength and power A difficult tribulation Drinking companionship Something that will be done by a ruler

Seeing legs in a dream means one of seven things: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Livelihood Long age Seeking Money Strength Travel A woman

The Sky
If you see the sky white, that means there is a Blessing for you and Fertility. If you see a green sky then it is Good that will come to you. If you see it yellow then it is Illness and Sickness. If you see it red then it is an omen of War and Bloodshed to come. And if it is black then it is a sign of Drought and Hardship. And if the sky is changing color then it means that in that place resides great Trials and Tribulations.

Thunder in a dream can mean five things: 1.

Torture and Punishment 2. Wisdom 3. Mercy 4. Clout 5. The Anger of a King Surah Noor

Whoever dreams of himself reciting Surah Noor, Allah fills his subconscious with the light of Faith.

For the Good it means Victory over their Enemies, and for the Bad people it means a Debt and Evil Sins.

The Sea
The Sea could represent one of six things in a dream: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A King A President A Scholar or Scientist Knowledge Money Something very big that has been on your mind

The Prophets
A dream of a Prophet is interpreted on 11 faces: It is (1) a mercy (2) a blessing (3) glory for the dreamer and (4) a highness in station. And it is a glad tidings of (5) state or nation (6) and your victory it is (7) strength (8) Happiness and a glad tidings of (9) strong people of the true Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuhap) (10) and it is a glad tiding of peace of that place (where the Prophet (pbuhap) was) (11) and whoever sees himself raising his voice on a Prophet or arguing or debating with him, know that he has added to his religion innovations.

Imam Hassan (a.s) and/or Imam Hussain (a.s)

Whoever saw Imam Hassan (a.s) and/or Imam Hussein (a.s) in a dream means that he is in touch with some of the senior companions. And the person will have peace of mind, and maybe that person will die as a martyr. And whoever sees Jafar al-Tayyar will go to Hajj.

Night and Day

Whoever sees themselves leaving the darkness of the night and entering into the light of the day will go from poverty to riches. And the day is light and the light is true guidance.

The Moon
The Moon can represent 17 things: 1. King 2. Vizier (senator) 3. Kings advisor 4. President 5. Noble man 6. Slave girl 7. Boy 8. Something false 9. A leader 10. A sinful scholar 11. A great man 12. A Father 13. A Son 14. A Wife 15. A Wifes consort 16. A Child 17. Greatness

The Mountains
Seeing a Mountain in a dream is a symbol of Ownership or Kingship, Victory, Leadership and finally meeting Rest.

Seeing Rain in a dream has 12 possible interpretations: (1) it is a Mercy (2) Blessing and (3) Cry for help (4) omen for an illness or (5) misfortune to come, (6) omen of coming War (7) Symbol for Bloodshed (8) Tribulations (9) Drought (10) Faith (11) Disbelief or (12) Lies.

Whoever sees himself in a dream eating vegetables will become ill; he will lose his money and will be burdened with grief.

The Eagle
Seeing an eagle can be interpreted on 7 fronts: (1) Honor for the dreamer (2) something the dreamer wants will come true. He will gain (3) Leadership, and (4) people will mention his name in a nice way, (5) he will raise in ranks and (6) the Eagle could be a confirmation in the dream or (7) a Warning .

Whoever comes to him a woman in his dream and he is frightened by her, it is a sign that he/she has not given her family (in need) any Zakaat (charity).

A key in a dream means that the dreamer shall open (overcome) some difficult matters, and will be freed of grief, if he is ill he shall be cured, he shall receive something he wanted, become strong in his faith, his needs taken care of, his duas answered and he will receive knowledge and understanding.

A knife in a dream is interpreted in 8 phases: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Could represent Proof Or a Child Glory Safety Brother Power The Conscience

And seeing the Blade is as seeing a knife.

Whoever sees in a dream that he has a garden with grape trees in them except that trees carried watermelons instead of grapes, it means that his wife is pregnant by someone else other than him. Meanwhile seeing black or white grapes means (1) Children (2) Knowledge (3) Farais (4) Money.

Burnt Fingers
Burn or burning your finger(s) in a dream means or predicts five things, (1) An Illness (2) Grief (3) Disputes (4) Hostility (5) Disagreements between him and his family and children.

Are all nightmares from Shaytan (Satan) (L.A)? Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (a.s) said: Dreams come in three forms: (1) A good dream and glad tiding from Allah (2) A nightmare and it is a warning from Satan the accursed (3) Confused dreams (with no meaning from your subconscious). And when the believer has a nightmare sometimes it is from Allah, for if the believer is doing something sinful and if Allah wanted well for him, he will show him something that will horrify him in his dreams. So he takes this dream as a sign to stop what he was doing of sins, and a true vision like this is part of the 70 parts of prophethood.

A Path or Road
A road or path in a dream represents five things: (1) The path of Religion, (2) A certain Desire, (3) A good Deed, (4) Blessing and (5) Rest.

A pen in a dream is interpreted on seven faces: (1) Wisdom (2) A Command (3) Knowledge (4) Dignification (5) Authority (6) Order in ones Life (7) Attaining ones desire.

A chair in a dream represents six things: (1) Justice (2) Dignity (3) Authority (4) Advancement (5) Raising in Position (6) Prestige.

The Jews
Seeing Jews in dreams means the appearance of something problematic and a pilgrimage will be made for you, and it is an omen of Strength in the Sunnah and Islamic Laws because the name Yahud (Jews) is derived from the word (Huda) which means guidance.

An Elephant in a dream represents 7 things: (1) A Non-Arab King (2) A Homosexual Male (3) A Certain Place (4) A Strong Mighty Man (5) An Envious Man (6) A Blood Drinker (7) War and Dispute.

Boats are representative of 8 things in dreams: (1) A Father (2) A Son (3) A Woman (4) Travelling (5) Happiness (6) Blessings (7) Livelihood (8) Riches.

Dreaming of winds means 9 things: (1) Glad Tiding or (2) Money (3) Death (4) Punishment (5) Murder (6) Sickness (7) Cure (8) Rest (9) Consumption.

Lightening represents the King or Rulers Stockist. It also represents an enemy and it is an admonition and mercy and represents the straight path.

Seeing fire in a dream means: (1) Tribulations and Trials (2) A Matter of Great Concern (3) Corruption (4) Divergence (5) Controversy (6) Foul Talk (7) Intention to Prevent (8) Anger of a Ruler (9) Punishment (10) Depletion or Consumption (11) Not Planning (12) Knowledge (13) Wisdom (14) Path to Guidance (i.e. Moses burning bush) (15) A Calamity (16) Terror (17) A Burning (18) A Ruler (19) An Oppressor (20) Plague (21) Pleurisy (22) Advice (23) Security (24) Unlawful Money (25) Sustenance (26) A Benefit

Seeing flowers in a dream means 6 things: (1) A Beautiful Boy (2) A Friend (3) A Man with low Mental Strength or Vigor who is untrustworthy (4) A Housemaid (5) A Handsome Young man and in regards to a woman dreaming this (6) it is an omen for a good marriage

A mirror could represent one of seven things: (1) A Woman (2) A Child (3) Fame and Glory (4) Losing Rulership or Power (5) A Friend and Partner (6) or the Dream is as it was, it is apparent.

The World
Seeing the World means 4 things: (1) an increase in position or ability (2) Fame (3) High Rank (4) Acceptance and Authority.

Whoever sees himself in a dream eating with a leopard or cheetah, sharing with them food, that is an indication that the dreamer will receive security and protection from an enemy and a benefit. And whoever sees a cheetah or leopard bite him, or injuring him then that mean that he will receive harm and enmity from an enemy, in the same amount as the injury (i.e. small wound-small troubles). And whoever sees in his home or dwelling place many leopards or cheetahs and they are yelling or growling in that place that means that great harm, tribulations and misfortunes will come from an enemy.

A gazelle in a dream represents 4 things: (1) A Woman (2) A Slave Girl (3) A Child (4) A benefit for the dreamer from women. So if you were to dream of a leopard attacking a gazelle, it could mean that an enemy will harm your wife.

A white duck represents money or a rich woman. And a black duck represents a slave girl.

Seeing eggs in a dream is interpreted on 9 faces: (1) A Child (2) Household (3) Money (4) Glory (5) Station or Rank (6) desiring something (7) Getting a Guarantee (8) Achieving a Goal (9) A Slave Girl.

Seeing ice in a dream means 6 things: (1) Wide Sustenance (2) Livelihood (3) Lots of Money (4) Prices Becoming Cheaper (5) An Army (6) An Illness if seen in a dream during the summer time.

Cold Weather
Cold weather in a dream represents five things: (1) A Misfortune (2) Conflict (3) An Army (4) Drought (5) Disease in Illness.

Seeing a lion in a dream means: (1) A Strong or Harsh Man (2) A Strong Enemy. Seeing mud in a dream in a cold environment or country is a worse and more difficult omen than seeing it in a hot country or environment

Clouds are an indication of 9 things: (1) Wisdom (2) Authority (3) Kingship (4) Mercy (5) Sexual abstinence (6) Punishment (7) Drought (8) Affliction (9) Trials and Tribulations.

A ring is interpreted on 8 phases: (1) A Child (2) Money (3) Authority (4) Livelihood (5) A Servant (6) Elevation of Status (7) Adornment (8) Working capital or Boss.

Seeing a Chinese person means 4 things: (1) A Woman (2) A Female Servant (3) A Slave Girl (4) A benefit will come to you in regards to women or from women.

Seeing a mouth or jaws in a dream means 7 things: (1) A Rank (2) A Safe Haven (3) A storage or safe (4) Knowledge (5) Overcoming matters (6) A Market (7) A veil or screen.

Stick or Staff
A stick or staff in a dream means 3 things: (1) A man with a majestic destiny or ability (2) Kingship and Authority (3) Strength.

A hand in a dream means: (1) Life style (2) Money (3) Presidency or Authority (4) A Child (5) Bravery and Avoiding unlawful acts and sins (6) Increases and Decreases.

Seeing a dog in a dream means 4 things: (1) An enemy (2) A Greedy King (3) A Servant with a bad action or attitude (4) An ignorant man.

The Kaabah
The Kaabah in a dream represents 5 things: (1) Caliph (2) A Great Imam (3) Faith (4) Islam (5) Safety for the believers. Whoever sees himself sitting in the sacred Haram of Mecca in a state of fear, he will be free of an oppressor and will be safe of his traps.

Seeing oneself praying or prayer in a dream means 7 things: (1) Safety (2) Happiness (3) Fame (4) High Rank (5) Happiness after hardship (6) Attaining a desire (7) A need will be taken care of.

Seeing oneself prostration or prostration means 5 thing: (1) Attaining a Desire (2) A Nation (3) Victory (4) Loyalty to Allahs commands in his saying O you who believe! Bow down, prostrate yourselves, and worship your Lord; and do good so that you may prosper.

Surah Ale Imran (Family of Imran)

Whoever sees himself in a dream reciting Surah Ale Imran, his religion and his words will be true and he will receive good in this life and the afterlife and he will be peerless as to his religion.

Surah Al Ahzab (The Sects)

Whoever sees himself in a dream reciting Surah Al Ahzab, that is an indication that they will receive support from Allah the Most High and they will continue to follow truth.

Whoever sees himself reciting reading Quran in a place that Quran shouldnt be read in means 4 things: (1) Peace (2) Riches (3) Reaching your purpose (4) and a proof, for the Quran is a proof for you or against you.

Surah Al Taubah (The Repentance)

Whoever sees himself in a dream reciting Surah Al Taubah will be loved and desired by the creatures of Allah and he will walk the path of good.

Surah Al Saff (The Row)

Whoever recites Surah Al Saff in his dream will die as a martyr.

Surah Al Hud (Prophet Eber)

Whoever sees himself reciting Surah Al Hud in a dream, it means he is walking down the correct path in regards to religion.

Note: This book is not the full dream interpretation book of Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s)