PLEASE FILL IN THIS FORM IN ENGLISH (DO NOT IGNORE the information noticed by (*) please) PERSONAL INFORMATION (*) FULL NAME: ARI SUGIHARTO Date of birth: 18 April 1984 Place of birth: Cianjur  Email:

Gender: Male Contact address: Nogotirto III Jl. Citarum B.5 Yogyakarta.

Mobile: 0888-2828-946

 Home phone: 0274-564-333

POSITION YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR: (*)  Mobile Game Programmer (PRG)  Game Designer (GD)  Game Tester (QA) WORK LOCATION (*)  Yogyakarta How do you know our job vacancies? From internet ( and When will you be ready to join us if you are employed? As soon as possible. Your expected salary (in USD): 250 USD WHY DO YOU CHOOSE GAMELOFT? (*) As far as my game playing experiences, Gameloft is one of the most shown label on the screen before the game starts. So I’m sure if Gameloft is one of the professional and bonafide game industry. WHY DO YOU APPLY FOR THAT POSITION? (*)  C++ Game Programmer (PRC)  2D Graphic Artist (Gfx2D)  3D Graphic Artist (Gfx3D)


English (*) Other:

Advanced  

FOREIGN LANGUAGES Intermediate Pre-intermediate    

Beginner  

Employment period July 2010 - June 2013

EMPLOYMENT RECORD (*) Company Last position Last salary Ministry of Youth Villagers IDR 1.250.000 and Education, assessment. per month. DIY. ACADEMIC RECORD (from high school) (*) Name of school Major SMAN 6 Yogyakarta Nature Science UGM ElectronicInstrumentation PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

Reason for leaving -

From year to year 1999 - 2002 2002 - 2009

Level High School S1

CSI. iPhone. smart phones. Partnership agreements with major licensors allow Gameloft to associate the strongest international brands with such games as Uno. Ferrari. iPod touch and iPad for which the number of units should exceed four billion in 2012. Spiderman and Sonic. DSiWare. As a pioneer in the new downloadable game console market. Shrek.From year to year Name of school Training program Level MANDATORY FOR PROGRAMMER CANDIDATES (*) HOW ARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS ABOUT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES/TECHNOLOGIES? Java J2ME C/C++ BREW Android Symbian iPhone OS Window Mobile OpenGL Expert          Good          Fair          Beginner          MANDATORY FOR GRAPHIC ARTIST / GAME DESIGNER CANDIDATES (*) PLEASE SELF-EVALUATE YOUR SKILLS AS FOLLOWS Expert Hand-drawing Photoshop 3D (3dsMax/Maya) Animation Other:      Good      Fair      Beginner      GAMING BACKGROUND Please list down the video games that you have played? This part is mandatory for GAME DESIGNER & PRODUCER candidates and optional for other candidates (*) PC MOBILE PS/PS2/PS3 XBOX/XBOX360 NGC/NDS/Wii Others What are your favorite games? What gaming magazines do you often visit/read (websites or newspapers)? OTHER INFORMATION Other skills: Hobbies: Thanks for your kind interest in Gameloft’s job vacancies. The company also has its own brand portfolio with . Gameloft is now positioned. Please send this form to: Gameloft is the worldwide leader in developing and publishing downloadable video games. Iron Man. Gameloft publishes games for WiiWare. after 10 years. Microsoft Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. The company designs games for mobile phones. as one of the most innovative companies in its field.indo@gameloft.

Asphalt and Cerebral Challenge. Bloomberg: GFT FP. Reuters: GLFT. Gameloft is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN: FR0000079600.established franchises such as Real Football. Gameloft has locations on all continents.500 developers. . distributes its games in 100 countries and has its own production studios with over 3.

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