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AUG 2012

Geometry Class Expectations

1) Students are expected to participate appropriately in class at all times. You must be pro-active in this class and take responsibility for your progress through this course. This includes when you are absent due to participation in extracurricula activities. 2) You are expected to keep up with class notes, homework, and past tests and quizzes. If you need help organising your notes, please ask! 3) Absent Policy: If you are absent on any particular day, it is your responsibility to get the assignment and turn in the work on the day you return. If you miss a single day of a test or quiz, you will be expected to take the test or quiz on the first day back. If you miss several days for an unplanned absence (i.e. sickness), it is your responsibility to communicate with me via email or see me upon your return to arrange a suitable make up schedule. If you know you will be out of school prior to the day for whatever reason (field trip, athletic event, family trip, etc.), please notify me in advance. 4) If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask me for extra help. I can be found in Room B5. I am here to assist you! 5) MATH HELP CENTRE: - If you have difficulty at any stage, come to the Math Centre. The Math Help Centre operates on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:154:00pm. It is a resource available to you and should be used.

Ms Ange Molony

Mathematics Department Mission Statement We believe mathematics is vital to the development of an analytical, questioning mind. All students can discover and appreciate mathematical ideas and can learn to see them as their own. We offer an individualized program challenging students at all levels to develop mathematical curiosity and appropriate communication skills. Our foremost concerns are for young people to stretch to their fullest potential, become independent learners, be adept at using technology, and be confident in mathematical endeavors.

Course Outline The following topics will be covered: 1. 2. 3. 4. Geometric Structure Congruence Similarity Two and Three Dimensional Measurement


Text: Geometry (2008)

. Glencoe, McGraw-Hill. We will by

also be using Geogebra and/or Geometers Sketchpad.

Materials: Folder/notebook, TI-84 OR TIInspire 84 (non-CAS) calculator

This course has two aims. The first is to develop students intuition about geometric figures and their relationships through problems and activities that involve inductive reasoning. The second aim is to give students their first major exposure to formal proof, deductive logic, and the idea of a rigorous mathematical argument. These two major aims are complementary and work together to improve the students sophistication at solving both abstract and concrete problems.

AUG 2012

Geometry Grading
Academic Honesty: Graded students are capable of reason and self-discipline and therefore will be held accountable for their actions. The school attempts to instill in students a level of individual responsibility equal to the demands that will be placed on them in the future. The development of individual character, honour, and integrity is a fundamental goal of The Graded School. All lessons take place with the understanding that the students will present their own work. Presented assignments, tests, quizzes or homework that is not the work of the individual student will receive a grade of zero, and in accordance with the student handbook will be sent immediately to the Principal and due procedure will be followed. PROJECTS AND INVESTIGATIONS Projects are assignments that are less skill-based and more conceptualbased. Projects incorporate several concepts or even several units of concepts into a real-world hands-on assignment. Sometimes projects/investigations will be done under test conditions in a single lesson.

Grading Rules: Each semesters grades will be based on the following scale: Tests 50% Projects/Investigations 30% Homework 20% Tests will be announced approximately one week in advance. Quizzes will often be unannounced. Homework will be assigned and is expected to be completed.

In class, you will be working individually and in small groups on exercises and tasks set for you. It is important you use this time well and could save you time you need to spend on work outside class. Homework will be used to consolidate concepts taught in class. It is important you understand that while you may work collaboratively in class discussion, the write-up of an answer must be your own. Thus, you need to be able to discuss further any work you submit as your own. If you have difficulty with any homework task, it is your responsibility to ask for assistance I will be located in B5 or you can seek assistance in the Math Help Centre (B6).

Late Work Policy All homework is due at the beginning of class or it will receive zero credit. Any long-term assignment will be accepted 1 day late for 90% credit. Any long-term assignment will be accepted 2 days late for 80% credit. After 2 days, no credit may be earned. Those students who are absent on the due date must also submit the assignment (via email, driver, friend, etc.) by the due time; otherwise the late work policy applies.