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Morning Dew Montessori Grade School Department

Home Economics and Livelihood Education 4 Lesson # 1

Stage 1 Desired Results Students will practice good health habits everyday. Understandings Students will understand that: Doing things the right way will make you healthy and strong. Eating the right kind and right amount of food will make you fit and healthy Proper sleep and rest refresh your body. Students will know:

Essential Questions What are the ways that you can do to be healthy? Why should there be proper in take of food? What does proper sleep and rest do to our body? Students will be able to: Discuss desirable health habits to be developed by young boys and girls for general well-being Name different kinds of healthful food Know the importance of joining active sports and doing exercise at home and in school Stage 2 Assessment and Evidence Other Evidence Portray good health habits

Good health habits Eating the right kind of food Importance of rest and sleep Exercise

Performance Tasks Role play

Compose a jingle about a desirable health habit. (Oral Test) *Rubrics Composition-30% Related to the topic-30% Stage 3 Learning Plan Charades (Personal cleanliness)

Activity sheets: Good Health Habits Role play about good health habits

Morning Dew Montessori

Grade School Department

SY 2010 2011


FIRST QUARTER Tita Tina/ Tita Daisy

Name: _____________________CN:_____Section: ____________ Score: _______ A. Put a check () if the statement is right and a cross (x) if the statement is wrong.

1. Practicing good health habits contributes to good grooming. 2. A habit is a way of doing things after considering it and thinking about it seriously. 3. Proper sleep and rest make one pleasant and cheerful. 4. Growing children need about ten hours of sleep a day. 5. No food group is really more important than the other. 6. Brisk walking is bad for the health of young ten-year old children. 7. A stout person can work continuously for eight hours without resting. 8. Perspiration is a form of body waste. 9. Playing indoor games, such as chess, is a form of physical exercise. 10. Doing things the right way and regularly will make one healthy and happy.

Morning Dew Montessori

Grade School Department

Home Economics and Livelihood Education 4 Lesson # 2

Stage 1 Desired Results Students will take good care of their clothes, accessories to make them last longer. Understandings Students will understand that: Dressing properly contributes to grooming. Clothes and accessories should be valued and treasured. Repairing or mending clothes saves time, money and effort. Students will know: Different kinds of clothes Clothing care Simple Garments Repair Essential Questions

Why should you wear right kinds of clothes at the right time and right place? Why should we take care of our clothes and personal belongings? Why is it important to make simple clothing repairs?

Students will be able to: Give importance of learning basic hand sewing Know how to make simple running, basting, hemming stitches Enumerate ways of caring for clothes accessories and other personal articles Develop a habit of checking ones clothes and personal belonging for defects possible repairs Stage 2 Assessment and Evidence Other Evidence Stitches neatly done Tension of the stitches just right, not too loose not too tight

Performance Tasks Darning Replacing buttons

Background Research
I used a variety of pertinent resources.

Laboratory Work
I created a storyboard as an organizer and/or a

Scientific Observation

Cooperative Groups

Relating Concepts

Experimental Research

I was able to I actively communicate my participated with observations clearly other group

I connected I found something to concepts with other observe and clearly unit areas we have described my

I correctly cited all sources used.

summary for a lab project.

and concisely.


studied in class.

question. I gathered information that helped me understand what I am investigating. I chose a title for the project that allows others to know what it is about. I explained why I chose the topic that I did and what I need to do to answer my question. I stated what kinds of variables could effect my results. I made a hypothesis and worded it so it could be tested. I designed an experiment that will try to answer my question(s). I used appropriate equipment and techniques to perform my experiment. I performed the experiment and recorded the results. I summarized the results and then drew conclusions.

My observations I showed respect I showed an ability I wore safety glasses were appropriate in and support for to connect these throughout the number. fellow team concepts with larger I collected enough duration of the lab members. ethical issues. information to during all of the understand the main required times. Careful observation idea of the project. allowed me to I contributed both I connected these discover something I time and effort. concepts with other I cleaned all of the did not know before. issues of I used information glassware when I importance to our from electronic I listened to my was through with it. society or sources. I described in detail partner's ideas. community. the object(s) I was I picked up any mess instructed to observe. I utilized information that I created during I listened to my I connected these from scientific group's ideas. the lab. concepts with my journals. I was able to previous knowledge separate my opinion I provided ideas that in the area. I answered all lab from fact in what I I utilized information questions to the best observed. contributed to from textbooks in success of the of my understanding. My new knowledge class. project. allowed me to ask a I drew all items as higher-level I wore appropriate accurately as I could. I found recent Without my help, we question than I shoes for the lab. previously could materials so my could not have have. information is up to I labeled all items. completed this date. I reported any project. accidents to my I showed how this I described as many teacher, no matter I used only reliable physical properties I held both myself scientific lesson how minor I thought related to social resources. as I could find. and other group they were. issues outside of members accountable for high science. I used resources that I returned all lab quality work. had data to support materials and I showed how the the claims. equipment to where historical context of they belonged after this area relates to use. our present understanding of it. I followed the scientific method to do my project. I described how technological advances have changed our understanding of this topic.

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