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. TAFSIR BY AMINA ELAHI VERSES 31-41 Tell them, if you really love Allah, then follow me, follow the Prophet. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins and Allah is oft forgiving, most merciful We all claim to love Allah. Allah knows how much i love Him. Allah knows how much I adore Him. Talk is cheap. How do we prove our adoration? By amal upon the sunnah of the Prophet pbuh because he was the one being in mankind whom Allah says there is a beautiful example for you in the Prophet of Allah. That was the purpose of his being sent, so we could follow his actions. Now lets just think, how much do we know of the Prophet pbuh. How much has he changed our lives? How much does he affect our thinking, our speech? Our actions. Its something worthy, its something that we should think about because it proves how much we truly love Allah or dont love Allah. If were just saying we love Allah but we dont even know what the Prophet pbuhs sunnah was then its just a lie. And Allah says if you love Allah and follow the Prophet Allah will love you in return and forgive you your sins. What amazing bargain. And Allah is oft forgiving, most merciful. For such a one he is ghaffur-ur-rahim. Say O Muhammad pbuh obey Allah and the messenger. Nowadays what is the creed? Oh well we dont know which ahadith are authentic or not. Someone was telling me the other day Oh did you know Hadrat Abu Bakar burnt all the narrations of ahadith and then the hadith were written 200 years later, thats means they are not reliable. I dont know what her source of knowledge was but this is a very persuasive creed nowadays that oh we dont know the ahadith that are authentic so lets just stick to the Quran. Allah could have just said obey Allah, why did He say obey the messenger? The messenger pbuh has passed away, how can we obey him? By studying his sunnah, by following his sunnah and by conveying his sunnah. But if they turn away; they are still determined to carry on doing what they feel like doing Allah does not love the disbelievers, those who reject the sunnah. Allah chose Adam AS, Nuh AS, the family of Ibraheem AS and the family of Imran above the worlds. Prophets are honoured people, they are honourable people, they are people Allah has elevated. Offspring, one of the other and Allah is all hearer all knower. Now this surah tells us a little bit about Christian belief. So Allah tells us about the story of Maryam AS. And remember when the wife of Imran said O my Lord, I have vowed to you the child that is in my womb to be dedicated for your services so accept this from me. Look at her love for Allah. She is not say O you know Allah if you answer this prayer then ill think about dedicating this child of mine she is making this dedication out of pure love and adoration for Allah. Indeed you are the all hearing, all knowing. Then when she gave birth to her she said Oh my Lord I have given birth to a female child, and Allah knew better what she brought forth. Why does she exclaim out aloud Allah i have given birth to a girl. This was her relationship with Allah, her closeness to Allah, she is constantly talking to Allah,

constantly thinking about Allah, so when a girl is born, she is worried for a minute and Allah reassures her. And the male is not like the female. Not the other way around. Allah is honouring us women here. We need to highlight this ayah. That which this girl, Maryam AS had to do, no man could have done. And that which all good women can do by raising good children, and raising them and pure muslims, no man can do. And the man is not like the female. And still we say Islam discriminates against women. And i have named her Maryam and I seek refuge with you for her and for her offspring from shaytaan the outcast. This is a beautiful dua we should read for our children. So her Lord accepted her with a beautiful acceptance like Allah accepted Ibrahim and Ismail ASs dua when they were raising the kaba. Thats what they also prayed didnt they. Rabbana takabbal minna and see their magnificent acceptance? So here we find that Allah accepted this child. He made her grow in a good manner and put her under the care of Zachariyya. Every time Zachariyya entered the sanctuary to visit her he found her supplied with sustenance. He said O Maryam from where have you got this? She said this is from Allah. Indeed Allah provides sustenance from whom he wills without limit. At that moment Zachariyya invoked his Lord saying O my Lord grant me from you a good offspring, you are indeed the all hearer of duas. This is a beautiful dua to read during pregnancy. Now look at this; Zachariyya AS is an old man, his wife is barren. Hes a prophet of Allah, he still doesnt have any children but when he sees Maryam AS being provided rizq miraculously, again this hope arises within himself and he prays to Allah. Now look at the way he prays, he doesnt say Allah ive waited for so long and ive done so much for you and this is not fair. He says inna sami-ud-dua you do hear duas. This is the way w should make our duas. Remember the verse earlier in the quran when my slaves ask you about me, tell them i am near. And this is the way Zachariyya AS praised to his Lord. Then the angels called him while he was standing in prayer (in a praying place) saying Allah gives you good news of Yahya confirming the word from Allah. He will be noble, keeping away from relations with women and a prophet from among the righteous. See how Allah answers his dua. He said O my Lord, how can i have a son when i am very old and my wife is barren. Allah said thus Allah does what he wills. He said O my Lord make a sign for me. Allah said your sign is that you shall not speak to mankind for three days except with signals. And remember your Lord much and glorify Him in the afternoon and the morning. When do we remember Allah? Before our dua has been accepted. After it has been accepted we relax