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Stationary Concrete Pumps

For highest demands and economical solutions

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Robust machines for economical and intelligent concrete conveying


For the tough daily operation, stationary concrete pumps have to be powerful, unflagging, robust, undemanding and reliable. This applies to smaller construction sites where they render versatile service as inexpensive concrete pumps. In the case of large projects with extreme high-rise and long-distance conveying these machines also offer real power. Machines, concrete distributors, accessories and service, coupled with competent advice, make for a comprehensive and economical solution. Putzmeister stationary concrete pumps are based on technical pioneer achievements. They keep attaining new records in high-rise and long-distance conveying based on 50 years of experience in the development of pumps!

BP 2632-13 GB

High-rise conveying of concrete

The high-rise conveying of concrete makes very special demands on the concrete pump and the accessories. A high delivery pressure must be available but at the same time it must be possible to transport a certain volume through the delivery line. This of course calls for an appropriate engine performance. Reliable advances in the construction of the Burj Khalifa (Dubai/UAE), which is at 828 m the tallest building in the world, were secured by several powerful BSA 14000 SHP D super-high-pressure pumps used in conjunction with MX 284 and MX 32-4 stationary booms. 165,000 m3 of high-strength concrete was successfully pumped to a height of 606 m (world record) and then poured.

Another storey was concreted every three days no problem for the potent BSA 14000 stationary pump and its powerful placing booms. These machines are being successfully used in Dubai, as in many other high-rise construction sites around the world. Large project consulting Engineers from Putzmeister's Concrete Project Division will find the optimum solution for you from the various concrete conveying and distribution options. Their extensive know-how in machine technology and experience from numerous successful projects provide you with the necessary dependability.

BP 2632-13 GB

Long-distance conveying of concrete

For long-distance conveying the pump must be able to supply respectively high pressure to be able to transport the concrete reliably over extremely long distances to the point of placement. All line components are therefore tuned to an optimum flow of concrete. It was a Putzmeister concrete pump that achieved the world record in longdistance conveying at the French Le Refrain with 2015 metres. In operation was a BSA 14000 HP D which is one of the most powerful stationary concrete pumps available world-wide. It was equipped with delivery cylinders with 200 mm and a piston stroke of 2100 mm. As a control measure, pressure sensors recorded the hydraulic and concrete pressure during placement of the concrete. As it took the concrete almost 2 hours to reach its discharge point, a small BSA 1005 E was used as an in-line mixer (additional mixer) and located with the form-work if the conveying distance exceeded 1800 m. This improved the mix quality of the concrete and the concrete pump moved along constantly with the form-work. A diversion valve in front of the formwork made it possible to divert the concrete line, and to use it as a reverse line for the flushing water during cleaning. A BSA 2100 H E was available for the cleaning process and for the pumping of the cleaning water. A special pipe construction connected the two pumps to the delivery line which could therefore be quickly and thoroughly cleaned.

BSA 14000 BSA 2109

15 m
300 m


m 00

300 m 15 m 1700 m Pumping record 2015 m

BSA 1005

Putzmeister shut-off valve

BSA 14000 HP D 4 BP 2632-13 GB

Further possible applications

7 8

Shotcreting This shotcreting process is the trendsetting technology in modern tunnel construction. But Putzmeister concrete pumps also lead the way in securing slopes and pits, sealing and renovation work and in processing structural and steel fibre concrete. The compact stationary concrete pumps in particular, such as the P 715 or BSA 1003, are used in this context. Thanks to the quick switch-over S-transfer tube technology, the concrete can be sprayed smoothly and without interruption.
Tunnel formwork distributor TSV

Precast parts production Whether precast parts for large infrastructure projects have to be produced in temporary factories, or concrete pumps are being used as stationary plants on the factory floor, the BSA series with electric drive are perfectly suited to the job. From the mixing plant directly into a buffer storage unit which then (for example) continuously feeds a BSA 1408 E, stationary piston pumps are reliable in daily use for economically transporting concrete into the formworks. Filling bored piles When filling bored piles, it is often the case that many piles have to be installed over a large area. In this case, a flexible and independent concrete pump is essential for delivering the required concrete. Stationary concrete pumps on a crawler track are ideally suited for this. Additional special equipment such as the lateral pipe guide, a remote control and the integrated 700 l water tank make the pump the perfect partner when used in conjunction with drilling machines. Depending on requirements, Putzmeister provides pumps on a crawler track with 1000 mm and 1400 mm stroke.

Tunnel concreting During tunnel construction, large amounts of concrete must be transported over great distances. The quickest and most economical solution is often provided only by Putzmeister concrete pumps, as the process requires a high delivery rate and reliability of all system components. Rail-mounted, hydraulic formwork distributors can be infinitely adjusted to the diameter of the tunnel. Flexible scissor pipes allow concreting sections of up to 12 m, without opening the pipeline.

Lightweight and low-wearing spray nozzles make it possible to apply up to 20 m3 concrete per hour BP 2632-13 GB

BSA 1412 DRF 5

Free Flow Hydraulics the decisive plus for pumping

When large amounts of concrete are pumped, large amounts of oil also flow in the hydraulic system. The Free Flow Hydraulics of the Putzmeister concrete pumps has considerable advantages: s The closed oil circuit in the FFH generates more performance with less energy consumption s Where valves would normally interrupt the flow of oil, the intelligent monitoring system of the Putzmeister pumps takes the oil to the drive cylinders without any loss

s As there are no complicated control blocks, unnecessary warming of the oil is avoided which is also servicefriendly s All the oil flows in the closed circuit from the pump to the drive cylinder. This means more performance and less waste of energy compared to the open system with buffer oil tank. s The reason why Putzmeister concrete pumps are so powerful and comfortable is that the transmission is perfectly adjusted: With the huge amount of hydraulic oil used, a big oil pump together with big drive cylinders are generating high performances in every situation.

As an example: For a BSA 1409 D with an output of 94 m3/h and 71 bar (rod side oil supply), 322 litres of oil flow in the closed FFH circuit within one minute (i = 1 : 4.9); with piston side and the same amount of oil 106 bar is attained (i = 1 : 3.3) in the concrete. For a BSA 2110 HP D with 102 m3/h and 150 bar, it is 756 l/min (i = 1 : 2.3); with piston side and the same amount of oil 220 bar pressure in the concrete is attained (i = 1 : 1.6). The Free Flow Hydraulics that has proven itself since 1981 brings more performance, lowers costs and guarantees a reliable, long-life operation.

The free-flow hydraulics is standard in all models, except BSA 1407 D

BP 2632-13 GB

EPS Ergonic Pump System ensuring perfect operation


The advantages of EPS at a glance: s Smooth pumping process s Less noise emission thanks to the silence function s Low wear s Low fuel consumption s Fully electronic control of the concrete pump s Fewer hydraulic components s Doubly protected control s Pressure and output restriction s Improved precision control of output

EPS (Ergonic Pump System) is integrated in all BSA of the new generation and has considerable advantages over conventional hydraulic controls: it regulates the concrete pump fully electronically and ensures that the pumping process runs perfectly.

The switch-over of the transfer tubes, for example, is adjusted to suit the consistency of concrete. This means that the concrete does not strike through the transfer tube, even if it is of a very soft consistency.

Pump data, such as delivery pressure, delivery rate, hydraulic pressure and many other signals, is actively and perfectly coordinated. This is not really possible with conventional hydraulic control systems.


EGD (Ergonic Graphic Display) provides a full overview

Simple control and increased operational safety The pump operator can display important information about the machine centrally on the EGD (Ergonic Graphic Display). The individual parameters for the machine can be set here. The doubly-protected electronic and hydraulic control system means that the machine can continue to be operated in emergency operation in most cases if a malfunction occurs. The display is easy to operate using three keys and a rotary selection knob.
BP 2632-13 GB 7

The S-tube ideal for placing difficult concrete and highly wear resistant

Minimal mass forces and very quiet operation with quick switch-over this is what distinguishes the S-tube. The ideal transfer tube for stationary concrete pumps.

BP 2632-13 GB

Superior in operation s The S-transfer tube masters the most difficult pumpable concrete such as viscous hydro concrete, mixes made up of crushed quartz, granite or basalt with a spread of F1 340 mm (1 slump) and a grain size of up to 63 mm. s The low-lying agitator that is driven on both sides keeps the mix homogeneous and guides the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings without sucking in air. This results in a high filling rate, a continuous flow of concrete and a high delivery performance. s The automatic ring optimally seals the system. This prevents the bleeding out of concrete fines and effectively reduces the danger of blockages. s The large-volume piston pumps with 1400 mm or 2100 mm contribute to quiet pumping and trouble-free guiding of the end hose.

Superior with regard to maintenance and service s The automatic ring compensates for wear. s All parts of the S-tube are easy to change: The hopper remains mounted when the few wear parts require replacement. s Hydraulic and switch-over cylinders are outside the concreting area and remain clean. The delivery pistons are centrally lubricated for a safer and longer service life. s The concrete hopper extension can be folded open for easy servicing (standard for HP machines and P 715).

Superior with regard to quality s The S-tube that is manufactured out of thick-walled special cast steel is designed for difficult, abrasive concrete. The automatic ring results in an even wearing of parts and therefore prolongs service life. s The large stroke volume reduces the number of strokes and thus also the wear. s The hard-chrome layer of the delivery cylinders assures a long service life of the pistons and the cylinders, and protects against corrosion. s The non-contacting end-position impulse switch of the pump cylinder is wear-proof. s Wear-intensive areas are especially protected by the chroming, face welding or hardened inserts.



s The optimised hopper shape reduces concrete settlement and residual concrete. The hopper is easy to clean: residual concrete is simply emptied via a cleaning valve. The line is cleaned by conveying a sponge ball in a reverse pumping mode. s Truck-mixers have optimum access due to the minimum projection of the reduction elbow. Feeding the pump using several truck mixers overlapping does not pose any problems.


5D 01 2


The thick-walled S-tube for difficult concrete and high delivery pressures

High-quality wear components ensure the machines have a long service life

BP 2632-13 GB

World-record technology is a part of all Putzmeister concrete pumps

The BSA series the right concrete pump for every application: s up to 571 kW drive with water cooling* s up to 200 m3/h concrete output* s up to 320 bar concrete pressure* * BSA 14000 SHP D Superior with regard to maintenance and service s Quick changing of the pistons due to water box being open at top and bottom easily accessible water discharge cock and automatic Piston Pull System (for all HP machines) s Large interior providing good accessibility to all operating and maintenance points s Mini-gauge connections for quick trouble-shooting s All the essential points of lubrication in the hopper area can be quickly supplied via central lubrication with progressive distributors s Smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning s All operating data displayed by Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD) Superior with regard to operation s All essential operating elements are easily accessible and ergonomically concentrated in one place s Hot exhaust is guided forewards and reduces the waste heat in the operating area s An electric performance control automatically controls the relationship between pressure and delivery volume so that no manual adjustment is required when the maximum output capacity is reached (standard as from 2100 mm stroke) s A hand winch with lifting force up to 3 tonnes for set-up developed from site experience (as from BSA 2100 mm) s Easily accessible connections for water (C-connection) and spray nozzle s Divided hinged doors protect against rain and sun and against hot and rotating machine parts and provide free access for easy maintenance.

Superior in operation s Can be used under extreme tropical conditions thanks to optimum air flow with pressure ventilation s Operation with closed hinged doors for minimum noise emission s Switch-over from rod to piston-side operation is very simple s External gate-valve connection is standard (as from 1400 mm stroke) s Diagonal outriggers increase the support surface and improve the stability under load s Eyelets for additional tight clamping of the machine, e.g. by turnbuckles (as from 2100 mm stroke)

Superior with regard to quality s Minimum indoor temperature and low noise level with an enclosed machine

Performance diagram BSA 14000 HP D


BP 2632-13 GB

Performance and pressure adapted to every situation


The surface ratio between the delivery piston (green in the diagram) and the hydraulic piston (red) determines the hydraulic transmission ratio. The output and concrete pressure depend upon this ratio. With rod side pressurisation of the hydraulic system the transmission is greater compared to the piston side pressurisation. This means a higher delivery performance but a lower concrete pressure. With piston side pressurisation a higher concrete pressure is attained with lower delivery performance.
Rod side

High pressure oil Shuttle oil Conrete pressure Low-pressure oil

Piston side


A2 A1 Piston side = high concrete pressure low delivery performance i= A3 A1

As an example BSA 2110 HP D:

Pressurisation Output Pressure Transmission i=1: Stroke/min rod side 102 m3/h 150 bar 2.3 28 piston side 76 m3/h 220 bar 1.6 19 A2 A1

Rod side =

low concrete pressure high delivery performance i= A3 A2

Designed for all climate zones Regardless of whether your stationary concrete pump BSA is used in the cold of Alaska or in the heat of the Arabian peninsula, all models can be used in a temperature range from -17 C to +46 C some models can even be used at +56 C. Thanks to optimal air flow the doors can always remain closed during operation. This improves both the working conditions of the pump operator as well as the noise level of the construction site environment.


Warm air escapes through the front

BP 2632-13 GB


Useful details at a glance




Durable, weather-resistant and corrosionresistant GRP hood series on all BSA models except BSA 1407 D and 14000 series. Easily removed for maintenance purposes.

The soot particle filter ist optional for all diesel versions of the new BSA generations. It is already compulsory in Switzerland, parts of Austria, the Benelux countries and Italy.

Practical hinged doors for free access during service





Good accessibility for all maintenance works

Freely accessible water connection

Simple connection of the remote control cable


BP 2632-13 GB



Quick switching-over of the hydraulic system from rod side to piston side operation

Minimum operating noise thanks to fully soundproofed containers (optional)


As an option, Putzmeister stationary concrete pumps can be equipped with various chassis. From skid frames to crawler tracks, or even chassis that are approved for road travel at up to 80 km/h.




Mini-testing points for quick diagnosis (all BSAs of the new generation)

EPS Ergonic Pump System Electronic control system for the concrete pump

With the radio remote control (optional), the current machine data can be called up via the display. The output regulation is scaled to the set maximum output.

BP 2632-13 GB


Product range everyday, special and world-record breaking machines

BSA 700 and BSA 1000 series The compact and quiet multi-purpose concrete pumps. Ideal also for shotcreting and conveying of fine (700) or normal concrete (1000)
32 33

Output up to Concrete pressure up to Drive Delivery cylinder Piston stroke

P 715 TD 20 m3/h 70 bar 34 kW (Diesel) 150 mm 700 mm

BSA 1005 D 53 m3/h 70 bar 56 kW (Diesel) 180 mm 1000 mm

BSA 1005 E 49 m3/h 70 bar 45 kW (Electric) 180 mm 1000 mm

BSA 1400 series The reliable all-round concrete pumps for average requirements



Output up to Concrete pressure up to Drive Delivery cylinder Piston stroke


BSA 1405 E 55 m3/h 106 bar 75 kW (Electric) 200 mm 1400 mm

BSA 1407 D 71 m3/h 106 bar 115 kW (Diesel) 200 mm 1400 mm

BSA 1408 E 79 m3/h 106 bar 110 kW (Electric) 200 mm 1400 mm

BSA 1409 D 94 m3/h 106 bar 140 kW (Diesel) 200 mm 1400 mm

BP 2632-13 GB

BSA 2100 H / 2100 HP series The world-record setting long stroke concrete pumps with high performance


Output up to Concrete pressure up to Drive Delivery cylinder Piston stroke

BSA 2109 H D (E) 95 m3/h (85 m3/h) 152 bar 200 kW (Diesel) 160 kW (Electric) 200 mm 2100 mm

BSA 2110 HP D 102 m3/h 220 bar 330 kW (Diesel) 200 mm 2100 mm

BSA 2107 HP E 71 m3/h 220 bar 200 kW (Electric) (Option 250 kW) 200 mm 2100 mm

BSA 14000 HP series The most powerful concrete pump with almost limitless performance


Output up to Concrete pressure up to Drive Delivery cylinder Piston stroke

BP 2632-13 GB

BSA 14000 HP D 200 m3/h 250 bar* 470 kW (Option 571 kW) 180 / 200 / 280 mm 2100 mm

BSA 14000 HP E 95 m3/h 220 bar 320 kW (Electric) 200 mm 2100 mm

BSA 14000 SHP D 71 m3/h 250 bar* 470 kW (Option 571 kW) 180 mm 2100 mm

* higher pressures on request from Concrete Project Division

The right power for pumping

With the concrete pressure performance nomograph you can determine the amount of power required to drive your concrete pump for any given conveying task.

Caution: Please use this nomogram for dimensioning with normal pumping concrete. The use of concrete additives (plasticising admixtures) may heavily distort the result in the lower right quadrant.

Example: 40 m3/h concrete with a spread of 40 cm (6 cm slump) are to be pumped through a delivery line with 125 mm over a distance of 300 m and a height of 80 m. Draw a horizontal line from 40 m3/h to 125 mm line diameter, from here a vertical line downwards to the spread 40 cm and from there a horizontal line to the left to the delivery distance of 300 m. Now you can read perpendicularly above on the red axis the delivery pressure required. For a conveying height of 80 m, 20 bar are added to the 64 bar from the delivery distance (refer to formula). This results in a total delivery pressure of 84 bar. At the point where the vertical line from the 84 bar and the horizontal one from 40 m3/h intersect the curve shown in field D you can read the power of the pump: 132 kW.



Motor output N (KW) p (bar) Q (m3/h) L (m) 10-6 bar h ) Consistency coefficient b ( m Spread a (cm) 50 44 40 38 36 34 b 1,18 1,57 2,02 2,65 3,80 6,14 High-rise pumping: Add 1 bar per 4 m of height

pQ 25 16 Q L p= b D3

Motor output

Delivery line diameter

Flow rate

Pipe length

Consistency spread / slump dimension


BP 2632-13 GB

Putzmeister delivery lines and accessories


The economical conveying of concrete does not only make great demands on the concrete pump but also on delivery lines and accessories. Putzmeister offers the right delivery line systems in an optimum quality for every job. Along with subsidiaries and branches in over 150 countries all over the world, Putzmeister guarantees competent service: Spare parts stock in situ that is orientated to the machine stock, an optimum logistic chain and professional service out of one hand.

Standard components for delivery lines are available as a rule from the store




Two-layer wall-thickness measuring unit

Cleaning connection for cleaning the delivery line with air or water

Cleaning accessories from left to right: sponge cleaning plugs, sponge cubes, sponge balls, cleaning plugs 44

Mechanical distributor RV 13 for easy placing of concrete (also available with 10 m, 12 m or 15 m horizontal reach)

With shut-off valves and distribution valves, complex pipeline systems with PM delivery lines can be laid easily

BP 2632-13 GB


Putzmeister Services
Transparency of costs and high availability worldwide

The aim is to reduce costs, whether for a scheduled service or during ongoing operation of your machine. Whenever you need help and advice, we are there for you in over 150 countries worldwide, providing a professional and reliable service. s Putzmeister can deliver tested, guaranteed original parts direct to your door, 24 hours a day. s Exactly the right parts for your requirements: Delivery line systems and accessories in the Eco, Key and Proline quality categories. All parts represent value for money in terms of service life and purchase price. s Using the appropriate Putzmeister accessories extends the service spectrum of your machine. s A selection of parts can also be ordered online from our Internet shop. For information on spare parts, please contact: For technical questions, please contact:

s 24-hour emergency service in Germany, which is soon to be extended throughout Europe and beyond s Ergonic Tele Service (ETS) enables remote reading and transmission of status and diagnostic data to our own workshop or a PM service partner via mobile data communication. s Full service contracts, covering all maintenance work and spare parts calculated per cubic metre pumped s Service packages made up of individual maintenance and inspection tasks s Manufacturers inspection in accordance with the requirements of the VDMA (German Association of Machine and Plant Engineering) s Expert, customised training courses and seminars run by the Putzmeister Academy in our own modern training academy or at the customer site ( s Expert consultation for large projects, e.g. in the areas of concreting logistics, concreting processes and concrete technology



Supervision and parameterization of status data using Ergonic Tele Service (ETS)

Tested Putzmeister quality parts


BP 2632-13 GB





Electronic list of spare parts, for your convenience

Most advanced training modules

Individual training on site and in the PM Academy

BP 2632-10 GB


You can find more information on all our stationary concrete pumps in the following brochures: Delivery lines and accessories Stationary booms PM 2300 BP 2059

You can find site reports in the current editions of the Putzmeister Post. Please write to to request your copy.

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