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A film being made in Warsaw, Bracka street Filmmaking (often referred to in an academic context as film production) is the process of making a film, from an initial story idea or commission, through scri ptwriting, shooting, editing, directing and distribution to an audience. Filmmak ing takes place all over the world in a huge range of economic, social, and poli tical contexts, and using a variety of technologies and techniques. Typically, i t involves a large number of people, and takes from a few months to several year s to complete, although it may take longer if there are production issues, and t he record for the longest production time for a major motion picture is The Thie f and the Cobbler's 28 years development.

Stages Film production occurs in five stages: • Development—The script is written and drafted into a workable blueprint for a film . • Pre-production—Preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and crew are hir ed, locations are selected, and sets are built. • Production—The raw elements for the finished film are recorded. • Post-Production—The film is edited; production sound (dialogue) is concurrently (b ut separately) edited, music tracks (and songs) are composed, performed and reco rded, if a film is sought to have a score; sound effects are designed and record ed; and any other computer-graphic 'visual' effects are digitally added, all sou nd elements are mixed into "stems" then the stems are mixed then married to pict ure and the film is fully completed ("locked"). • Sales and distribution—The film is screened for potential buyers (distributors), i s picked up by a distributor and reaches its cinema and/or home media audience. Development In this stage, the project's producer finds a story, which may come from a book, play, another film, a true story, original idea, etc. After identifying a theme or underlying message, the producer works with writers to prepare a synopsis. N ext they produce a step outline, which breaks the story down into one-paragraph scenes that concentrate on dramatic structure. Then, they prepare a treatment, a 25 to 30 page description of the story, its mood, and characters. This usually has little dialogue and stage direction, but often contains drawings that help v isualize key points. Another way is to produce a scriptment once a synopsis is p roduced. Next, a screenwriter writes a screenplay over a period of several months. The sc reenwriter may rewrite it several times to improve dramatization, clarity, struc ture, characters, dialogue, and overall style. However, producers often skip the previous steps and develop submitted screenplays which investors, studios, and other interested parties assess through a process called script coverage. A film distributor may be contacted at an early stage to assess the likely market and potential financial success of the film. Hollywood distributors adopt a hard-hea ded business approach and consider factors such as the film genre, the target au dience, the historical success of similar films, the actors who might appear in the film, and potential directors. All these factors imply a certain appeal of t he film to a possible audience and hence the number of "A.I.S." (or "Asses in Se ats") during the theatrical release. Not all films make a profit from the theatr ical release alone, so film companies take DVD sales and worldwide distribution rights into account. The producer and screenwriter prepare a film pitch, or treatment, and present it to potential financiers. If the pitch is successful, the film receives a "green light", meaning someone offers financial backing: typically a major film studio , film council, or independent investor. The parties involved negotiate a deal a

• The sound designer creates the aural conception of the film. This normally requires that actors audition. • The production manager manages the production budget and production schedule. • The composer creates new music for the film.dialogue. and the budget. while a low-budget. They record and mix the audio on set . More crew will be recruited a t this stage. For productions in the Western world this role is also known as either sound designer or supervising sound editor. • The casting director finds actors to fill the parts in the script. such as the property master. (usually not until post-production) • The production designer creates the visual conception of the film.. assistant director s. which makes production sets • The costume designer creates the clothing for the characters in the film working closely with the actors. creative decisions a nd acting of the film. The nature of the film. the video/film is created and shot. insurance is procured to protect against accide nts. each with different responsibilities. script supervisor. Most pictures are shot in the controllable environment of a studio sound stage but occasionally. DoA. Director. on behalf of the production office.typically for musicals.[2] • The production sound mixer is the head of the sound department during the produc tion stage of filmmaking. every step of actually creating the film is carefully designe d and planned. • The art director manages the art department. They work with the boom op erator. independent film may be made by a skeleton crew of eight or nine (or fewer). the film should have a clearly defined marketing strategy and target audience. Th ey also report. These are typical crew positions : • The director is primarily responsible for the storytelling.[5] working with the supervising sound editor. as well as other departments. • The director of photography (DoP) is the cinematographer who supervises the phot ography of the entire film • The director of audiography (DoA) is the audiographer who supervises the audiogr aphy of the entire film. outdoor sequences call for filming on location. Many Hollywood blockbusters emplo y a cast and crew of hundreds. stills photographer. • The storyboard artist creates visual images to help the director and production designer communicate their ideas to the production team. and First AD. Pre-production Main article: Pre-production In pre-production. Once all parties have met and the deal has been set. These are just the mo . picture editor. prese nce and sound effects in mono and ambience in stereo. • The assistant director (AD) manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the p roduction. On some productions the sound designer plays the role of a director of audiography. the film may proceed into the pre-production period. The production is storyboarded and visualized with the help of illustrator s and concept artists. For major productions. Some films also credit a fight choreographer. The production company is created and a production office establi shed.nd sign contracts. A production budget is drawn up to plan expenditures for the film. • The make up and hair designer works closely with the costume designer in additio n to create a certain look for a character. Production See also: Cinematography and Audiography In production. working with the art director. • The choreographer creates and coordinates the movement and dance . By this stage. The producer hires a crew. determine the size and type of crew used during filmmaking. and sound editors. DoP. There are several types of AD. among other tasks. to the studio executives or financiers of the film. • The location manager finds and manages film locations.

In the film work. electric and production design crews are typically a step ahead of the camera and sound departments: for efficiency's sake. the original camera negative is developed and telecined t o video for editing with computer editing software. When the entire film is in the can. A take is over when the director calls "cut!". the action is shot in as many takes as the dire ctor wishes. answered by "speed!" by the camera operator once the camera is recording. and the camera and sound crews rehearse with them and make final tweaks. The first job of the film editor is to build a rough cut taken from sequences (o r scenes) based on individual "takes" (shots). The purpose of the rough cut is t . and." and the crew will "strike. the director approves the next day's shooting schedule an d a daily progress report is sent to the production office." or disma ntle. The clapper. to thank all the cast and crew for their efforts. In the video workflow. the production office will be free to create any unique blend of roles to suit the various responsibilities possible during the p roduction of a film. the crew moves on to the next camera angle or "setup. an d review their work." When shooting is finished for the scene. other department heads. the original camera film is developed and copied to a one-ligh t workprint (positive) for editing with a mechanical editing machine. and announce "sound speed" when they are ready. and camera teams. Call sheets are distribute d to the cast and crew to tell them when and where to turn up the next shooting day. the actors are wardrobed in their costum es and attend the hair and make-up departments. The script supervisor will note any continuity issues and the sound and came ra teams log technical notes for the take on their respective report sheets. sound. A timecode is recorded onto video tape to locate the position of picture frames. If the director decides additional takes are required. and the production sound mixer will start their equipment. he calls "roll sound" (if the take involves sound). With workdays often lasting 14 or 18 hours in remote locations. An edge co de is recorded onto film to locate the position of picture frames. they are often set up in advance. sometimes. The grip. Finally. everyone!" Once everyone is ready to shoo t. the director. and camera and sound stop recordi ng. O nce satisfied. This includes the re port sheets from continuity. film production tends to create a team spirit. or in the com pletion of the production phase. t he AD will cue them ("action background!"). producer. The actors rehearse the script a nd blocking with the director. the film w orkflow is used by very few productions. The AD follows with "roll cam era". If the take involves extras or background action. Since the dev elopment of non-linear editing systems such as Avid or Final Cut Pro. the whole process repeats. and last is the director. it is customary for the production office to ar range a wrap party. dressing and lighting can take many hours or even days. Post-production Main article: Post-production Here the video/film is assembled by the video/film editor. and the other using a mixture of film and video. While the crew prepare their equipment. calls "marker!" and slaps it shut. they are already preparing the next one. Actors usually have their own separate call times. the assistant director declares a "wrap" or "moving on. A typical day's shooting begins with the crew arriving on the set/location by th eir call time. The modern use of vid eo in the filmmaking process has resulted in two workflow variants: one using en tirely film. telling th e actors "action!".st common roles in filmmaking. record a verbal slate of the take's informatio n. while a scene is being fil med. may gather to watch that day or yesterday's footage. Later on. At the end of the day. Most American productions follow a specific procedure: The assistant director calls "picture is up!" to inform everyone that a take is about to be recorded. Production sound is also sy nced up to the video picture frames during this process. the set for that scene. Since set cons truction. t he cast. called dailies." until the whole scene is "covered. and then "quiet. who is already in front of the camera with the clapperboard.

Independent filmmaking Main article: Independent film Filmmaking also takes place outside of the mainstream and is commonly called ind ependent filmmaking. press releases. All of the parts of the film are already in order and need not be moved. Next. while the means of production may be democratized. is done during this phase. tra ditional distribution. The sound mix combines dialogue. For all subsequent steps this effectively becomes t he master copy. The voice recordings are synchronised and the final sound mix is created by th e re-recording mixer. create and edit the sound and music. Linear editing uses the film as it is in a continuous strip. the edit decision list that describes the video-b ased answer print is used to edit the original color tape (OCT) and create a hig h quality color master tape. it also reduces wear-and-tear on the interpos itive print. Copying from the internegative is much simpler than copying from the interpositive directly because it is a one-light process. After the fine cut has been screened and approved by the director and pr oducer. Finally the film is previewed. Mos t films have a website. and other advertising materials are published and the film is advertised. Once the picture is locked. and film festival screenings. sound effects. non-linear editing is not subject to using the film in the order it is taped. In the video workflow. VHS. interv iews with the press. the pr ocess of shortening scenes by a few seconds. the means of produ ction have become more democratized. In the film workflow. and any feedback may result in further shooting or edits to the film. Conversely. ADR . Scenes can be moved around or even removed. One way is linear editing and the other is non-linear editing. The next step uses a film recorder to read the color master tape and copy each video frame directly to film to create the final theatrical relea se print. The distributor and the producti on company share profits. However. atmos. where the film is released to cinemas or. the editor creates a negative cut list (using edge code) or an edit decision list (u sing timecode) either manually or automatically. For all subsequent steps this effectively becomes the master copy. most independent filmmakers have relied on film . press preview screenings. or even frames. It is from th is that many copies of the final theatrical release print are made. The film plays at selected cinemas and the DVD typically is released a few months later. foleys and music. There are two ways that film can be put together. The film is duplicated as required for distribution to cinemas. VCD. Press kits. f ilm companies usually release a film with a launch party. Blu-ray) or direct download from a provider." meaning no further changes are made. the cut list that describes the film-based answer print is used to cut the original color negative (OCN) and create a color timed copy called the color master positive or interpositive print. Filmmakers can conceivably shoot and edit a film. financing. and marketing remain difficult to accomplish outside the traditional system. the film is passed into the hands of the postproduct ion supervising sound editor of the sound department to build up the sound track . The next step is to create a fine cut by getting all the shots to flow smoothly in a seamless story. Since the introduction of DV technology. 2. normally by the target audience. occasionally. In the past. The distribution rights for the film and DVD ar e also usually sold for worldwide distribution. The sound track and picture are combined together. Trimming. resulting in a low quality an swer print of the film. The director usually works with the editor to ensure the envisioned shots are selected. post ers. The next step is to create a on e-light copy called the color duplicate negative or internegative. to consumer media (DVD. walla. These edit lists identify the s ource and the picture frame of each shot in the fine cut.o select and order the best shots. Distribution and exhibition This is the final stage. and mix the final cut on a home comp uter. the picture is "locked. There are now two possible workflows to create the high quality release print depending on the recording medium: 1.

"jane jigar" from Robin Ghosh's "bin tere jeena nahi" were one way copied or inspired songs. 'Sainik'. But they were stuck with the B-grade films until they got three big films in the form of Ilaaka. Still their magical rendition made the tracks . independent filmmakers who fail to garner a traditional distribution deal now have the abili ty to reach global audiences Nadeem-Shravan Genres Movie Songs. music director. "Thu meri zindgi" f rom Tasavvur Khanum . But their forte was always melody. 'Dilwale' and 'Phool Aur Kaante'. oftentimes ad jacent to popular Hollywood titles. Andaaz(2003). However. Aashiqui ranks in the lot of the few films that have had a hit in each song. Raja H industani(1996). Hisaab Khoon Ka and Lashkar. SP Balasubramanyam. 'Raja'. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke(1993). Tum Sa Nahi Dekha(2004). Music career The association of Nadeem and Shravan dates back to 1972 when they met each othe r at a function. Raaz (2002). Abhijeet. 'Sadak'. Film Music Occupations Composer. Major Hi ndi playback singers such as Kumar Sanu. Sonu Nigam. With digital self distribution. Deewana(1992). 'Aaj raat chandni hai'(Kal ki awaaz). Their first Hindi film assignment was Maine Jeena Seekh Liya in 1981.festivals to get their films noticed and sold for distribution. They have composed all kinds of music. singer Years active 1981–present Nadeem-Shravan (sometimes credited as Nadeem Shravan) is a music director duo in the Bollywood film industry of India. They composed Soundtrack for many hit movies from Aashiqui(1990). be it fast-track. 'Adayein bhi hain'(Dil Hai Ki Man ta Nahin) 'Sochenge tumhe pyar'(Deewana). Nadeem Saifi and Shravan Rathod. Nadeem-Shravan are arguably the most successful music directors of the 1990s til l mid 2000s. 'Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin'. Pardes(1997). Sirf Tum(1999). Westerns and other charts (Example from Aashiqu i.Nadee m. Some hits include 'Sanson ki zaroorat'. Music Moghul Gulshan Kuma r gave them the break and the film saw the emergence of three superstars . in future would grow so popular to the extent that they were signed on by the b iggest banners in Bollywood. Saajan(1991). 'dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana'. Dilwale(1994). the music wasn't anything to be talked about. W hether it was 'Chehra kya dekhte ho'(Salaami). Udit Narayan. Rise to fame Aashiqui (1990) brought Nadeem-Shravan into limelight. 'ab tere bin jee l enge hum' and "Jaanejigar Jaaneman". Alka Yagnik. These Same B-grade film composers. Shravan and Kumar Sanu. Most of their compositions were inspir ed /copied from old time ghazal. The duo derives its name from the first n ames of its two principals. Kasoor(2001). they all had the distinct stamp of Nadeem Shravan. Barsaat(1995). Though the films were big. Dhadkan(2000). sentimental or dance nu mbers. "Dheere Dheere se" from Joyce Sims' "Come into my life" . As a result several companies have emerged to assist filmmakers in getting inde pendent movies seen and sold via mainstream internet marketplaces. They are known for their catchy songs that feature a strong rhythm (often accentuated by Latin percussion instruments) and great melodies. Anuradha Paudwal and many others have sung under t heir baton. The joy ride continued with 'Saajan'. Bewafaa(2005) and many others. 'nazar ke saa mane jigar ke paas'. the In ternet has allowed for relatively inexpensive distribution of independent films.

When Subhash Ghai's 'Pardes' was released. he was also a victim of conspiracy falsely involved in a serious charge of conspiring to kill Gulshan Kumar. It has been said that they don't have muc h variety.. rec ord executive Gulshan Kumar (the boss of T-Series Music Company). The judge said there was inad equate evidence to prove the charges. But Nadeem Shravan wanted to prove to the whole w orld that they could be "conventionally different". despite the immense geographical distance between England and India. Tumsa Nahi Dekha. pop(My first day in America). Nadeem started his own perfumes and bag company.[3] Nadeem Saifi won the case Ultimately. Ek Rishta.. Plagiarism Nadeem-Shravan have been accused of committing plagiarism on several occasions. But subsequently their ha rd worked paid and they gave various hits in a row[2] Their songs are often contain jhankaar / Conga / Electronic drum fusion beats. For thi s they needed the support of a director whose script required all kinds of music and who could give them a free hand in composing. because there can't be anything better then this. The film had everything. Said Nadeem: "I love my India was not a mere song but it continues to convey my feelings for the country". yet having a hint of modernity woven around it. Qayamat. England. that they did not experiment too much. But they la ter split after Dosti. some of their popular Hindi film songs have been directly lifted from Pakistani singers. a case was filed against Shravan and company at the Ranchi Chi ef Judicial Magistrate Court for allegedly making off with crores of Rupees afte r floating bogus investment schemes Split and coming back together In 2005. Raaz. They have got the maximum hits with Kumar Sanu. Alka Yagnik. and many others. In mid 2002 Nadeem Saifi w as acquitted and cleared off charges and any Involvement in The Gulshan Kumar mu rder case by a court in the Indian city of Bombay. Rani Malik. Nadeem-Shravan made a come back of sorts with films like Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa. He was said to have paid an underworld Don for carrying out this task. if they chose to be. Nadeem Saifi was not only declared innocent. Andaaz. Dosti and Do Knot Disturb. Hasrat Jaipuri. the duo ran into negative publicity when Nadeem." [4][5] After being inactive for sometime. "In the findings given by the UK court which were confirmed by the House Of Lords. while on vacation in L ondon. and turned down the Indian Government's plea for review of the decision. T hey have insisted on sticking to lyricist Sameer (lyricist) and male singers Kum ar Sanu. When they arrived on the music scene .e. Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Anand Milind were at the top. In India.Nadeem Shravan have r eached their peak. Kasoor. Udit Narayan and female singer Alka Yagnik for most of their compositio ns (not all). he and Shravan continued to make music together. They have worked with lyricists l ike Anand Bakshi. Sonu Nigam. His passport was rev oked. Vinod Rathod and now.". Dil H ai Tumhaara. delivering the music that is traditionally Indian. T he House of Lords upheld the London High Court decision against the extradition in the 1997 murder case. Hum Hogaye Aapke. a noted music critic said: "Nadeem Shravan should stop composing m usic. he stayed back in England. But this is where their streng th lay i. itwofs has a list of 49 songs lifted by the duo[6] Shravan's involvement in multi-crore scam In December 2010. Barsaat. Another remarkable thing about their music was it was easy on the ears and did n ot take time to impress the listeners. The Gulshan Kumar murder case In 1997. U dit Narayan. Hungama. Anuradha Paudwal. by t he investigating police and arrest warrants were issued against him. melodious love songs(do dil mil r ahe hain).to elevate into another heights above the originals.. also in .. Bewafaa.. the duo split. Nadeem remained in the UK and. Qawwali(Nahin hon a tha) and the best of all (I Love my India). Faaiz Anwar. was named as the man behind the murder of his former mentor. and to avoid arrest. but their tuning seems to fit best with Sameer. pain(Ye dil Deewana).

and directors like Yash Chop ra. the actual success story of his career began in 1988 with the successful Bollywood movie Qayamat S e Qayamat Tak.Deewana • 1996 .Pardes • 2002 . Narayan studied at Kunauli Bazaar (Saharsa.[3] The film also brought actor Aami r Khan. he became one of the leading playback singe rs in the Indian film industry. Kalyanji-Anandji.Saajan • 1992 . Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.Raaz with 'shrikant ramesh vishwase • Udit Narayan Udit Narayan Born 1955 (age 54–55)[1] Origin Nepal Genres Playback singer Occupations Singer.[2] He was a recipient of the Padma Shri award in 2009. Ashutosh Gowariker and Karan Johar.Filmfare Best Music Director Award . Bihar). Vishal Bhardwaj. Shankar Mahadevan. where he passed his S. After eight years in that role . earning him a Filmfare Award. Nadeem-Shravan. India. However. Narayan has sung in 26 different lang uages. R. A.Star Screen Best Music Director Award . Udit Narayan began his career in Nepal singing for Kathmandu Radio Station as a staff artiste for Maithili and Nepali folk songs. Vishal-Shekhar. popularly known as Udit Narayan (Nepali: ercial Hindi.Filmfare Best Music Director Award . Nepali and Bangla language cinema. Him esh Reshammiya. Pritam Chakraborty. Mohammed Rafi. Urdu. Jagjit Singh. Dil T . Rahman. Telugu. and later obtained his intermediate from Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus (Ka thmandu). Also Shravan was disinterested in continuing with h is music. in which he got an oppo rtunity to sing with his inspiration. Kannada. when noted music director (composer) Rajesh Rosh an asked him to do a song for the Hindi film Unees Bees.Aashiqui • 1991 .Filmfare Best Music Director Award .Zee Cine Best Music Director .Raja Hindustani • 1996 . Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Laxmikant-Pyarelal. After th e success of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Anand-Milind. An other reason cited is probably the distance between the two. Indian Embassy offered him the chance to study classical music at a prestigiou s school in Bombay. • Career Udit Narayan Jha has stated that he was born in 1955 at his maternal grandparent s' home in a village called Baisi in the Supaul district of Bihar. actor Years active 1980–present ) is a playback singer Udit Narayan Jha. Jatin Lalit. Sindhi. now Supaul.Raja Hindustani • 1997 . Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan on a music scholarship. and instead focusing on his son's music careers & movie production. Bapp i Lahiri. Awards Nadeem-Shravan have won the several awards during the music career including fou r Filmfare Awards. Oriya. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. He moved to Bo mbay in 1978. Rajesh Roshan.[1] His father was Hare Krishna Jha and his mother was Bhuwaneshwari Devi. Anu Malik. Malayalam. He has worked with musicians like Rahul Dev Burman. actress Juhi Chawla and playback singer Alka Yagnik to stardom.Filmfare Best Music Director Award .C. He got his first break in 1980.volved in solo compositions. two Screen Awards and a Zee Cine Award for Best Muisc Directo r.L. Darr.Star Screen Best Music Director Award . television personality. Angika. Tamil. Assamese. Some of those fil ms include Lagaan. • 1990 .

His breakthrough role finally came in the musical drama Disco Dancer (1982) whic h was a huge success and remains a cult favorite to this day. Oriya and Bhojpuri pictures. born . In his heyday during the 1980s. (July 2009) Mithun Chakraborty Born Gauranga Chakraborty June 16. Devdas. • Film career Mithun Chakraborty made his film debut in the 1976 Mrinal Sen directed film Mrig aya for which he won the coveted National Film Award for Best Actor. He owns the Monarch Group. Akshay Kumar and young Shahid Kapoor. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. and Veer Zaara. India Other names Mithunda Occupation Actor Years active 1976–present Spouse Yogeeta Bali (1982–present) Mithun Chakraborty (Bengali: Miṭhun Chôkroborti. After his d ebut he played some supporting roles in films such as Do Anjaane (1976) and Phoo l Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (1977) which did not gain him any recognition. even though doing so posed a grave risk to his own life. Kolkata. For re st of his life. Hindi: ree-time National Film Award-winning Indian film actor. but tragedy struck his family when his only brother got accidentally electrocuted a nd killed in a freak accident. which he later left and joined Mumbai films. This film and othe . Mohabbatein. search This article needs additional citations for verification. After that he attended and graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. West Bengal to a Bengali Hind u family. Mithun Chakraborty made his acting debut with the arthouse drama Mriga ya (1976). Unsourced materi al may be challenged and removed. He was educated at the renowned Scottish Church College in Kolkata.[1] 8 External links • Early life and education Mithun Chakraborty was born in Jorabagan. He was initially associated wit h naxalities in West Bengal. Chakraborty has appeared in more than 250 Hindi films. He has also sung hit song s for actors like Aamir Khan. from where h e earned his graduate degree in chemistry (BSc). social activist and entr epreneur. Kal Ho Naa Ho. Mithun Chakraborty was a staunch Naxalite before entering the film industry. for which he won his first National Film Award for Best Actor. West Bengal. H e credits his own success in part to being able to sing for the top actors. He s hot into prominence in the late 1970s with the low budget Ravikant Nagaich direc ted spy film Surakshaa (1979) and the early 1980s with leading roles in hit film s such as Hum Paanch (1980) and Wardaat (1981) (a sequel to Surakshaa). He returned to his family and left the Naxalite f old. particularly recognized for his role of street dancer Jimmy in the 198 2 cult hit. which has interes ts in the hospitality sector. Narayan has been hailed as the screen voice of Shahrukh Khan. he had earned a huge fan following as a "dancing star" and went on to establish himself as one of the most popular and leading actors of India. 1950 (1950-06-16) (age 60) Kolkata. the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation. • Mithun Chakraborty From Wikipedia.Sunny Deol. as well as a number of Be ngali.o Pagal Hai. Swades. his family had continuous threat from naxalities. Disco Dancer.

starring with the real-life mother-daughter pair of Apa rna Sen and Konkona Sen Sharma. Boxe r (1984).Chal Chalein was appreciated by critics for its bold theme. Chakraborty worked with some of the biggest actresses of his time and Bollywood in general. His latest releas e Baabarr has done well in northern Single screens[citation needed]. He also got accolades for Goutam Ghose's Gud ia in 1999. W aqt Ki Awaaz (1988). His performances in Mrigaya. there was a lull in Mithun's appearances in mainstream Bengali movies. Pyaar Jhukta Nahin (1985). Rekha. After the move to Bombay. for his awesome portrayal of Ramakrishna Paramhans a. his movie Zor Lagaa Ke. as well as in real istic or arthouse movies. while shifting his focus from mainstream Hindi cinema and to low-budget movies. where his trained acting has resulted in him getting q uite a few awards and accolades. he was acclaimed for his performance in Kalpana Lazmi's Chingari (2005). plus fi lms like . Watan Ke Rakhwale (1987) Commando (1988). Padmini Kolhapure.. Kalpurush and Titli were widely appreciated and won him National Film Awards and nominatio ns. His movie Heroes was an above average box office success. won him rave reviews. Guru (1989). and his comic performance was pr aised in Don Muthu Swami. Chakraborty starred in a number of successful romantic and family dramas during the 1980s. These films remain his most comme rcially successful films to date. but he continued to appear in arthouse movies like em inent director Buddhadeb Dasgupta's Tahader Katha in 1992 which got him the seco nd National Award in 1993. In 2007 he starred in Mani Ratnam's hit fil m Guru for which he received much critical praise. Swarg Se Sunder (1986).r musical films such as Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki (1984) and Dance Dance (1987) showcased him as a talented dancer. though a commercial failure. Mithun Cha kraborty had 9 releases in 2008 including Bengali and Bhojpuri films. Troyee. although it was not a success. His upcoming films are Zindagi Tere Naam. and Pyaar Ka Mandir (1988). the Fatakeshto series of popular enter . where Chakraborty has a cult-followi ng even today. alon g with Salman Khan. Jagir (1984). Chakraborty achieved not only commercial success but also tremendous critical ac claim. He won two Filmfare awards: The Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in the 1990 film Agneepath. Swami Vivekananda. this time fo r the Best Supporting Actor . In 2009. Mithunda's latest release Veer. These movies were mainly produced to cater to the audiences of Madhya Pradesh and Bengal. Guru was the second commercia lly successful film after Lucky: No Time for Love since his comeback. In the mid '90s he took a break from Mumbai and relocated to Ooty where he set u p his hotel business under 'Monarch' brand name. Chakraborty made a comeback to the mainstream Hindi film industry in 2005 with t he film Elaan. and his popularity as a star in mainstream Hindi movies.Raakh.[2] He was widely recognized as an action hero in hit films like Wanted (1983). and Kannada flick Manikya. Ooty in Tamil Nadu and in Darjeeling and Kolkata i n West Bengal.Haiya! won multiple International awards. such as Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye (1983). Parallel to his Bollywood career. A third National Award followed in 1995. He was considered a "One Man Industry" for a decade as he starred in over 80 films over ten years. including Zeenat Aman. He also appeared in Rituparno Ghosh's critically and commercially ap preciated Titli in 2002. in G V Iyer's Swami Vivekananda. Jaal (1986). Mithun Chakraborty had chalked up an array of successful and not-so-successful films in his native Bengali. and the Filmfare Best Villain Award for his performance in Jallad. He was praised for his performances in films includi ng Pyaar Ka Mandir (1988) and Mujrim (1989). from 1994 to 19 99. His Phir Ka bhi with Dimple Kapadia had a very successful premiere through direct to home (D TH) in September 2009 and won as many as six awards in as many categories at the Los Angeles Reel Awards-2009. He operates hotels under 'Monar ch' brand name in Mudhumalai. made in 1982 with Debashree Roy and Ani l Chatterjee.[3] Mithunda's latest releases Soham Shah directed Luck wit h Sunjay Dutt took a decent opening and settled as Average earner[citation neede d]. He paid more tax than anyone else in the country. Rati Agnihotri. Recently. Tahader Katha. was a big success. Sridevi and Mad huri Dixit.. After a few supporting roles in fi lms such as Lucky: No Time for Love (2005). Mujrim (1989) and Dushman (1990).

born September 23. Numerous sources claim that Mithun Chakraborty had a relationship with actress S ridevi from 1986 to 1987. who made his debut in the 2008 film Jimmy.[1] He won the Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for 5 consecutive years. • Career In 1987. Sanu started off singing Jagjit Singh's film songs. Usha Khanna etc.Music Director. music director and singer Jagjit Singh offered Sanu the chance to sing in the Hindi film Aandhiyan. India Genres Playback singing Occupations Instruments Tabla Singer. He trained Sanu as a singer and tabla player. 1957 (1957-09-23) (age 53) Kolkata. Mithun Chakraborty a nd Sridevi were believed to have been secretly married and that the union was la ter annulled. and that Sridevi ended the relationship when she found out that he had not divorced his first wife.R K Raz dan. Mithun Chakraborty was also the co-owner of Royal Bengal Tigers. Pt. Sanu began performing publicly in 1979.tainers have been widely successful in West Bengal. Sanu then relocated to Mumbai. Yogeeta Bali. An d Mithun's other two children Namashi Chakraborty and Dishani Chakraborty are st ill into their studies. He modeled his singing style after f amous Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar.Film Producer Years active 1984–present Kumar Sanu (alias Kedarnath Bhattacharya (Bengali: ). Kalyanji-Anandji suggested that he change his name from Kedar Nath Bhattacharya to Kumar Sanu because of the pr evalent caste/region-based favoritism in Bollywood and to give him wider appeal outside of a strictly Bengali audience. • Personal life Mithun Chakraborty is married to former Indian actress Yogeeta Bali and has four children. His secon d son.Actor. he collaborated aga in with Dasgupta for the critically acclaimed Kaalpurush. three sons and one adopted daughter. 1 ading Indian playback singer of Bollywood. Kalyanji Anandji. • Contents • Early life Kumar Sanu's father Pashupati Bhattacharjee was an accomplished vocalist and com poser. Hridayanath Mangeshkar. and went on to work with com posers of the like of Naushad. In 2008. one of India's highest civilian honours. • Sports Mithun Chakraborty has also been involved in promotion of Football in his native Bengal. with Rahul Bose and Sa meera Reddy. The eldest son. The Bengal Football Academy is his brainchild and Mithun raised the nec essary funds for the launch of this academy. After getting a degree in c ommerce from Calcutta University. . He is a recipient of the Padma Shri a ward. Mimoh Chakrabort y is an actor in Bollywood.Later he developed his own singing style. singin g at shows and restaurants around Calcutta. Rimoh Chakraborty played Mithun's younger version the film Phir Kabhi. Ravindra Jain.[5] • Kumar Sanu Kumar Sanu Also known as Kedarnath Bhattacharya Born September 23. where Kalyanji-Anand ji gave him chance to sing in the film Jaadugar. a cricket team of the Indian Cricket League.

Sanu has also worked with A. Dil Wale (1994). His sty le of singing was greatly influenced by the legendary Kishore Kumar. Baaz igar (1993). The music di rectors Nadeem-Shravan got Sanu to sing all but one of the songs. His most recent hit songs include Humraaz. Indian Babu. This gave him a wider appeal wi th the masses and he did not remain restricted to the Bengali mass. Yeh Dil Aapka Huwa (Pakistan).D. Dil Ka Kya Qusoor(1992). in the form of the film Aashiqui. a reality sho w based on the bringing together of a singing gharana (family of singers) he sha res judging duties with fellow singer Udit Narayan. Anand-Milind. composed by Saikat Shankar and the song is written by Abhishek Brothers. Ismail Dar bar. Kalyanji Anandji.Sadak (1991) . Ishq Vishk. Jatin-Lalit. Anu Malik. Utthaan.Sanu's breakthrough came in 1990. Kumar Sanu graduated in commerce from Calcutta University and then started givin g public performances at small shows and restaurants in Calcutta itself. and Jatin Pandit of the famo us music duo Jatin-Lalit. The hit songs from Aashiqui included Sanson ki zaroorat hai jai se. He won the first of his record five consecutive Filmfare awards as Best Male Playback Singer. it is ruthless. Tu meri zindagi hain. Sanu gained ov ernight success. Sanu was also in the panel of judges on Sony TV for Waar Parriwar. dheere se meri zindagi mein aana. Damini: Lightning (1993). Rahman in Milgayee Milgayee from Kabhi na Kabhi. Burman. Laxmikant Pyarelal. Some of their collaborations includ e songs in movies like Aashiqi(1990). The talented music directors Nadeem . Shr eeman Aashique (1993).[2][u nreliable source?] He also choreographed for a movie called Betaj Badshah in 1994 SECOND SITE • Kumar Sanu Kumar Sanu is one of the most popular playback singers of Bollywood. Naushad. he was one of the judges with Bollyw ood music composer Shantanu Moitra and veteran playback singer Usha Mangeshkar o n Zee Bangla TV in a music reality show called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa . Jeet (1996) Pardes (1997). He badly wa nted to become a playback singer but the competition in the Indian film is more than just fierce.Vishwa Sera. He was then asked to adopt a different name that was much more ac ceptable due to caste/region preferences. among oth ers. Hungama released a new single Lamhaa Ho Tum on Valentine's Day 2010 by Kumar San u. It took several years and a lot of struggle be fore Kumar Sanu was noticed by the great Jagjit Singh. Jaane jigar jaaneman. Kumar Sanu came to Bombay when Kalyanji . In a career spanning two decades he has sung with numerous successful composers to name R. Pashupati Bhattacharjee was a renowned classical singer an d composer who noticed his son's talent at a very young age. Sanu is often credited with having one of the best voices among playback singers in India. Agni Sakshi (1996) Raja Hindustani (1996). Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin (1991). came in the year 1990 with the movie "Aashiqui". and 1942: A Love Story (1994). At the same time. Thus. he started to work under the nam e Kumar Sanu instead of Kedernath Bhattacharjee.Kal Ki Awaz (1992). Dil Ka Rishta. Qayamat. His next Filmfare Awards came for songs in the movies Saajan (1991). He was born on 23rd September. He offered Kumar Sanu a c hance to sing in the Hindi film Aandhiyan. Deewana (1992). He broke a Guinness World R ecord by singing 28 songs in a single day in 1993. Nazar ke saamne. Sanu often collaborated with Nadeem-Shravan. Karz. R.Shravan gave him all but one song of the m . Deewana (1992). His father. which are 28. When he was still v ery young. Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum and Dheere. Hungama and Footpath.Anandji offered him to sing for the mo vie "Jadugar". Salami (1993). He holds th e Guinness Book world record for recording the maximum number of songs in a day. H e has also turned his trade at making music for Indian films and also recently a s a producer for a new Bollywood film. his father trained him to sing classical music and play the tabla. Andaaz. His real ach ievement however. Gi ven here is a small biography which captures the life history of Kumar Sanu. Saajan (1991). 1957 and was named Kedernath Bhatt acharjee.

She started her career in 1990 with Telugu films making her debut in Bobbili R aja. He was under medication a fter which he sang chosen songs. Kumar Sanu proved himself with this opportunity and the songs too k the entire nation by rage. Divya was 14 and a 1/2 at that time. He gave interviews on how he found his perfect Radha after scouring the whole of India for her. India Died April 5. Everyone hummed the songs that were touted as that year's biggest hits. who lived in the building next to hers and asked about Divya. h e had sung for hundreds of films in different languages. Baazigar. She married Sajid Nadiadwala in May 1992. However. where she earned accolades for performing the so ng Saat Samundar Paar.April 5. but he'd never be able to find another Radha"[citation needed]. He won five Filmfare awards for five consecutive years and by the end of 1990. 1974 .a world record for a newcomer. Deewana. Kirti changed her name from Divya to Radha. till Nandu Tolani offered her Gunahon K a Devta around mid 1988. Some of his p opular songs are given below.The investigation into the c ircumstances of her death was closed in 1998. And th . He cut down on singing and branched out. Kirti quoted in March 1989 i n Showtime Magazine "I told Dalip that he could take any girl. She appeared in more than 14 Hindi films between 1992 and 1993 . Kirti Kumar. With her parents permission . Kumar Sanu became a star and also won his first Filmfare aw ard as the Best Male Playback singer. he was diagnosed with throat cancer. 1993 (aged 19) Mumbai. Kirti went personally to meet Dalip Shanka r and managed to release Divya from their contract. He followed her to her residence a nd then called up director Nandu Tolani. Some movies that are worth the m ention are Saajan.ovie Aashiqui. and the exact nature of her death still remains a mystery. • Divya Bharti Divya Bharti Born 25 February 1974 Mumbai. • Radha Ka Sangam Episode The next thing the Bhartis knew was that Kirti Kumar was eager to sign up Divya for Radha Ka Sangam opposite Govinda. giving public performances and also acting in Bengali and Hindi serials. Divya learned via a friend that Dalip Shankar wanted a new girl oppos ite Aamir Khan in Aatank Hi Aatank and Rudra Avtaar. Govinda's brother n oticed the charming Divya at a video library. Meanwhile. India Occupation Actress Years active 1990-1993 Spouse Sajid Nadiadwala (1992-1993) Divya Bharti (February 25. and 1942: A Love Story. Producer Kirti launched her with much fanfare. during the pri me of his career. During those times. Her face resembl ed those days' superstar Sridevi and so got noticed by many directors and produc ers. she signed up both films. At first her parents were hesitant. • Career • Early Struggle 1988 Divya was in the ninth grade when she began to get film offers. After several other hits in the South. He began recording for many more films and achieved much success with more and more hits. Her career was cut short by her tragic death in April 1993 at the age of 19. 1993) was an Indian Bollywood Actress . she entered Hindi films with 'Vishwa tma' in 1992 as her debut film. Sh e had just turned nineteen in February of that year.

On the evening of her return. Film actor Dharamendra gave the mahurat shot. They all raved about her but no one signed her up. Dharma Kshetram and Assembly Rowdy o pposite superstars of Telugu cinema including Chiranjeevi. . Without single release so far. Vishwatma did do well however the film's success didn't come close to that of Tridev and the film was declared an average grosser. Rajiv was making the sequel to h is Blockbuster film Tridev. She wanted to make it big in Mumbai. In box-office rating. Even a tem ple had been built in her name. Bobbili Raja released in the summer of 1990 became a colossal h it. that w as not what Divya was looking for. In 1991 Divya gav e back-to-back hits including Rowdy Alludu. Meanwhile. Ramanaidu landed up at Di vya's doorstep. He offered Divya . for his big budget film Prem. Divya "Radha" Bharti was out of the film aft er being groomed for two years and replaced by Juhi Chawla. Divya signed 14 films. Various Magazines wrote different things behind the dropout. I said no but mu mmy said yes. who was to direct the film. Kirt i couldn't tolerate that. Notably. she daringly walked into Rajiv Rai's office with h er portfolio. left the project. Soon Divya was left for long outdo or shooting in Nairobi. onl y Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi were getting those kinds of price. others said "Lawrence D'souza. which was picturized with Div ya. she was forced to sit idle. As a result. became a hit and even today the audience remembers Divya in that song. Fortunat ely. As Divya quoted in the Nov 1991 "Movie" magazine.en before the first shot was taken. she had earned a name for being wild and crazy. There were rumors th at her childish reputation had preceded her. And the same day signed the film. the film's most popular song "Saat Samundar Paar". She was s creen-tested by big names Boney Kapoor. The film was produced by Trimurti Films Pvt. the producer of Bobbili Raja approached her for his upcoming project. Shekhar Kapoor and Subha sh Ghai. With more hits. Bobbili Raja. "I didn't want to go. Then Kirti decided to take over the film. the film became a super-hit and I became a superstar". Ltd. he had to drop Divya bec ause he felt he could not handle a newcomer". is one of the biggest and olde st film production. Immediately. Balakrishna and Mohan Babu. In magazines.1993 When Divya heard that Rajiv Rai was on the lookout for a new face for his film V ishwatma opposite Sunny Deol. jealous. Imagine. Some said "Kirti became over-possessive about her".1992 After being dropped out of so many Big Projects. By then. film offers started pouring up in Divya's lap. Divya got depressed and left Mu mbai. she became a big name in Telugu cinema. Eight days later. 2 January 1992 was a big day for Divya. Her price. But. Others wrote it was Divya's immaturity that made her d rop out of the film[citation needed]. and she was a goddess there. • Re-struggle And that was the green signal for other film makers to enter the fray. Since she was already out of school. She had captured the south by storm. Th e move paid off. Shabnam Kapoor. They wanted Divya to fly down the same night. she figured next only to the indomitable Vijayshan ti. according to an insider. • Rise to Stardom in Telugu Cinema 1990 . which was a big amount in 1991. Being new to direction. By the time Divya came back. She didn't want to disappoint her Telugu audience and she cut down to do one movie per year. t hey would not accept her back. D. Divya was out and Tabu was signed in. She had many reasons for wanting the fil m to be successful. Boney Kapoor s igned up Divya. One of the biggest producers of Telugu cinema. • Rise to Stardom in Bollywood 1992 . the reject ions had affected fifteen year old Divya. other magazines wrote that Divya w as having an affair with Govinda[citation needed] and the smitten. In Bollywood. Later Su bhash Ghai too called her for Saudagar opposite Aamir Khan and 20 days later she was out and he signed up Manisha Koirala and Vivek Mushran. And she was back with fresh determination. Vishwatma was launched in the late 1990 with grand mahurat. In fact. had touched a whopping 25 Lakhs per film and 1 lakh per each additional day (If shooting postponed south producers were paying 15 lakhs for 15 days) . she was known as the Sridevi of Telugu films. a telugu film opposite Daggubat i Venkatesh. In north India. The reasons each sid e gave for the fall-out were different. Divya got a Tamil Film and Rajiv Rai approached her fo r Vishwatma.

She wanted to marry and put an end t o all these controversies. Then on 20 May 1992. Divya met Sajid Nadiadwala in 1990 at Filmcity. Divya was shooting with Govinda Ahuja on t he sets of Shola Aur Shabnam. "T his will flop and people will ask me to quit".Seven days later. her performance in the film was much appreciated by critics. Sajid's Ve rsova residence. Divya fell to her death off her husband's 5-storey Versova apartment building. Divya got married to Sajid in the presence of her hairdress er Sandhya. • Personal life Barely 16. Hema Malini's Dil Aashna Hai released. Divya's musical bonanzas Dil Ka Kya Kasoor released. Although. And many predicted that she was poised to hit the number one slot not very far. In fact. I have to begun my climb all over again. She converted to Islam and took on a new name "Sana". Then Pehlaj Nihlani's Shola Aur Shabnam came along. "Stardust" an "Filmfare" putnher at the 3rd position actress by the bases of price. Divya wan ted to announce that we were married but I kept telling her to wait for a while. who later went on to become Bollywood superstar and an icon of Indian Cin ema. (Stardust. when man y actress included Madhoo in Phool aur Kaante and Chandni in Sanam Bewafa super hit films didn't made them star. In retrospect. A bout 500 people attended the funeral of then youngest heroine of the silver scre . Surprisingly. The very next day she was tense because her name was being linked with all heroes. when Sajid dropped by the sets to Meet his friend Govinda. " I wanted to prove myself. but the circumstances of her death still remain a mystery. By t he end of the year. It was Govinda who introduced Sajid to Divya. Tulsi 2 in Mumbai. with big hits under her belt. As Sajid quotes in Movie June 1993 issue "Somewhere around 15 January 1992 Divya told me that she wanted to get married. I'm positive that one day succe ss will be mine". But that never happened. By the end of 1993. where she held her own against veteran Rishi Kapoor and the debutant Shahrukh Khan. even when other now-well known newcomers was i ntroducing to showbiz). Not only did it present Divya in a noble character. I wish I hadn't. Divya collapsed debut made a magazine headline. but also gave big boost to Govinda's career and launched David Dhawan as established director. Around that time. in which Divya played a bar dancer. Filmfare magazines started including Diyva in the list of 1992 top ten best ac tress performances. Divya's flops made her star. Soon . it became a routine for the unit to see Sajid on sets everyday. And. With the super success of Deewana. Divya defended her self by quoted. Her body was released on 7 April 1993 and the funeral took place the same day. The film proved a box office hit and Divya was riding high again. Four Months later. It was su pposed to establish her as popular heroine but opened to empty theaters. Thus Divya too was deleted from the ranks of the promising newcomers for a while. Her produ cers would have panicked. she would sigh. Police closed the investigation into her death in 1998. In September. But. the hairdresser's husband and a kazi at Tulsi apartments. People expect me to have a relationship with everyone . who searches for her birth mother. Suddenly. As Sajid quotes "We kept the marriage a secret because her career was at stake. Her performance in Deewana was highly appreciated . she would complain. I've fallen flat on my face. suicide and even murder. Divya got rid of her promising newcomer status and entered the A-list. her film s were hits. Although the film was a box-of fice failure. Divya's other films Balwaan with another debutant Sunil Shet ty and Jaan Se Pyaara with Govinda released and did well at the box office. Every time she saw the rushes of her films. including the possibility of acci dental death. Raj Kanwar's love story Deewana became the biggest hit of 199 2. There were numerous speculations by the media regarding Divya's sudden demise. No w. she would have completed all her assignments. the film failed to impress an audience . popularit y and position right after Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi.'Movie' magazines such as "Movie". Divya's dress designer is believed to hav e been present at the apartment at the time of death but the unfortunate event c ould not be avoided. I wish we had told the truth. Yet. No one expected film to bomb so badly. March 1992). Divya had become the hottest property in showbiz. • Death Around midnight 5 April 1993.

Yash Chopra. Laadla. Divya's two final completed films. offered condolences to the bereaved family members at t heir residence. Urmila Matondkar. Somy Ali. Andolan. Vikas Anand. her roles were recast. • Filmography Year Title Co-Star Language Box Office 1990 Nila Penne Anand Tamil Flop 1990 Bobbili Raja Venkatesh Telugu SuperHit 1992 Rowdy Alludu Chiranjeevi Telugu SuperHit 1992 Dharma Kshetram Balakrishna Telugu SuperHit 1992 Assembly Rowdy Mohan Babu Telugu SuperHit 1992 Vishwatma Sunny Deol Hindi Average 1992 Shola Aur Shabnam Govinda Hindi SuperHit 1992 Dil Ka Kya Kasoor Prithvi Hindi Average 1992 Jaan Se Pyaara Govinda Hindi Hit 1992 Deewana Rishi Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan Hindi SuperHit 1992 Balwaan Sunil Shetty Hindi Hit . Manisha Koirala and Asha Parekh. Javed Khan. Sangeeta Bijlani. Ram Mohan. The investigation into the circumstances of Bharti's death was closed in 1998 wi thout any definite verdict. Babita. Venkatesh . She was scheduled to star in movies including Mohra. Shahrukh Khan. Govinda. Rang and Shatranj. These films in addition to several films produced by her husband Saj id Nadiadwala were dedicated to her memory. including Anil Kapoor. Aruna Irani. The fi lm was to be released in 1993 had Divya completed the movie but it was eventuall y released in 1994. Divya had almo st completed 80% of Laadla before her death but the entire movie was redone with Sridevi. Kamal Sadanah. includi ng Hema Malini. Shola Aur Shabnam.en. Shilpa Shirodkar .Kartavya and Vijaypath before her death. Raza Murad. Sonu Walia. Angrakshak . A large number of film personalities. Jimm y Nirula. Karisma Kapoor. Nitin Manmohan and Pehlaj Nehlani. Saif Ali Khan. Tabu. Raj Kanwar. were released months after her death. maker of her first hit. The footage of her performance that she had completed was seen in a sp ecial television programme which compared her performance with Sridevi's. Raj Babbar. Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

ramesh Telugu Flop 1993 Dil Hi To Hai Jackie Shroff Hindi Hit 1993 Kshatriya Sanjay Dutt Hindi Average 1993 Rang Kamal Sadanah Hindi Hit 1993 Shatranj Jackie Shroff Hindi Average Awards Filmfare Award Preceded by Raveena Tandon for Patthar Ke Phool Lux New Face for Deewana 1992 Succeeded by Mamta Kulkarni for Hindi Movie • Incomplete films\ Made with other Actresses Year Of release Title Co-Star Replacements Box-office 1993 Dhandewala Ajay Devgan Karisma Kapoor Average 1994 Mohra Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty Raveena Tandon SuperHit 1994 Laadla Anil Kapoor Sridevi Hit .1992 Dushman Zamaana Armaan Kohli Hindi flop 1992 Dil Aashna Hai Shahrukh Khan Hindi Average 1992 Geet Hindi Average 1992 Chittamma Mogudu Mohan babu Telugu Flop 1993 Tholi Muddhu Prashanth Telugu Hit 1993 Naa Ille Naa Swargam krishna .

19 77. Yasin Malik renounced violence after he was released fr om jail and from then he and the organisation he heads gave call for peaceful me thods to come to a settlement on the Kashmir Conflict. In 1994. Yasin Malik originally came to prominence as a Militant Area Commander under the chief commander of Ishfaq Wani of JKLF[4] who was killed in an encounter wi th Indian army. for which he held secret meetings with Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh[2 ]. The organisation. Pakistan and in 1987 in Indian-administered Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir) which shows it essential foreign origin. He spent almost 6 years of his life in jail and in interrogatio ns. In 1 982 branches were established in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. UK on May 29. The J ammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). is a Kashmiri nationalist organization founded in Birmingham. He started his movement[3] for separation of Jammu & Kashmir from secular Ind ia as an Islamic Nation of Darul Islam while silent on freedom of Pakistan-admin istered Kashmir. the chairman for other faction is Farooq Siddiqi (Farooq Papa). Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front split[1] in two after the senior leaders of the party disagreed with his policy of dealing K ashmir issue on bilateral level with India on the basis as was done in Nagaland. He supports the return of Kashmiri Hindus back to the valley[5] • Personal life . founded by Amanullah Khan and Maqbool Bhat .1994 Vijaypath Ajay Devgan Tabu Hit 1995 Andolan Govinda Mamta Kulkarni Average 1995 Kartavya Sanjay Kapoor Juhi Chawla Flop 1995 Angrakshak Sunny Deol Pooja Bhatt Flop 1995 Hulchul Ajay Devgan Kajol Below Average 1995 Kanyadaan Rishi Kapoor Manisha Koirala Stuck 1993 Do Kadam Salman Khan Movie never made 1993 Parinaam Akshay Kumar Movie Never Made 1993 Chal Pe Chal Jackie Shroff Movie Never Made 1993 Bajrangl Sunny Deol Movie Never Made • Yasin Malik ) is the chairman of one of the two factions of Jammu Kashmir Yasin Malik (Hindi: ion Front. and also in several countries of Europe. Within a couple of years branches were established in several cities and tow ns of the UK. USA and Middle East.

He is influenced with the visions of struggle of Che Guevara. he has sought to moderate the militant attitudes of fellow party workers.A.Yasin has studied only up to 5th standard but claims that most of the studies h e has done are self studies done in various jails. Enj. Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mishal. were killed during encounter wit h security forces. 2002 under the POTA. Yet despite this. Soon after his r elease. In 1987. to this day. This journey was to create an atmosphere f or anti-Indian agitations among public which lasted for one year and during it. Some of his prominent party workers include Adv. Yasin Malik and his colleagues visited about 3500 towns and villages of Kashmir. • Militancy A well known freedom fighter. Prime Minister of India and oth er world leaders. His father was a Government Bus Driver. Yasin Malik was arrested in October 1999 by Indian Authorities under the Public Safety Act and was again arrested on March 26.S public and garner support for the cause of Kashmiri struggle. Even since his release in 1994 he has been arrested numerous times by Government and had six attempts made on his life by other terrorists. asked Kashmiri Pandit migrants to return to their homes in the Kashmir valley . Showkat Ahmed Bakhshi and Mohammed Hussain Khan Alta f etc. Ghulam Rasool Dar. is the daughter of Rehana Hussain. Malik was released on grounds of ill. an acronym formed of the first letters of t heir first names. chief of the Muslim Leag ue (women’s wing). Meanwhile th e years of imprisonment have left him frail. He was detai ned for almost a year. Yasin Malik and Javid Mir were caught and imprisoned until 19 94. Ashfaq Majid Wani (The JKLF Chief). Javid Mir and Yasin Mali k met to form the famous HAJY group. He is married to t he famous artist Mishal Malik. Yasin Malik has Shaheed Maqbool Bhat. Yasin Malik has admitted to killing many people in cluding 4 Indian Airforce Personnel. Noor Mohammed Kalwal. It was during this period that the four core activist member of the JKLF. Hamid Sheikh. taken to an inter rogation centre for twenty days and then imprisoned for a year under the Public Safety Act. He loves poetry of Allama Iqb al and writings of Imam Gazali. Two members of the HAJY Group Hamid and Hussain Malik. He has st uck. Her father. In 2007 Yasin Malik and his party launched a \campaign known a s Safar-i-Azadi (Journey to Freedom). he announced a unilateral cease-fire on the part of his party. He undertook campaigns t o educate the U. the late M. Stone pelting and sporadic attacks by Muslim majority of Kashmir of security fo rces have increased hence forth. In January 2010. Yasin Malik met Mushaal during one of his tours t o Pakistan two years ago. he was arrested.Yasin Malik was born in 1968 in a modest Kashmir household of Maisuma Bazar in t he centre of Srinagar. was an internationally renowned Pakistani economist. Bashir Butt. In recent times Yasin has had one to one meetings with Pr esident of Pakistan. In that year. Yasin Malik recently completed two lengthy visits to the United States for health reasons. Jinnah & Yaser Arafat as his ideals . driving through t he toughest routes of the world between Srinagar and Laddakh. a graduate from the London School of Econ omics and an artist. to his commitment of reverting to a non-violent struggle.

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