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SBC 001 Introduction to Shipbuilding & Naval Architecture 1. Introduc tion to Naval Architecture Thomas C Gillmer 2. Anatomy of Ship HMS Victory 3. Ship Knowledge 4. Shipbuilding Technology J. H. Dixon 5. Ocean Ships Davis Hornsby SBC 002 Mathematics for Engineers - I Recommended by Subject teacher. SBC 003 Communication Practical Skills 1. English for Maritime Studies T N Blakey 2. Real Listening & Speaking Cambridge UP SBC 004 Engineering Drawing, Ship Geometry and Shipbuilding Drawing 1. Ships A Pictorial Drawing John H. La Dage 2. Mac Gibb Pictorial Drawing for Mar. Eng. Hugh Bak 3. Engineering Drawing for Manufacturers Team Tolly 4. Basic Engineering Drawing xxxxxx SBC 005 General Electricity & Electrical Systems in Ships 1. Practica l Marine Electrical Knowledge Dennis T Hall 2. Ship Electric Propulsion - xxxxxxx SBC 006 Naval Architecture 1. Principles of Naval Architecture vol 1-5, - Edward V Lewis. 2. Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability D. Vassalos 3. Why Do Ships Float Susan Markowitz SBC 007 Ship Construction 1. Ship Construction D J Eyres 2. Merchant Ship Construction Pursey 3. Modern Ship Construction Tylor 4. Construction of Marine and Offshore structure Ben C Gerwick SBC 008 Workshop Process and Ship Materials As Per Teacher SBC 009 Welding in Ship Structure 1. Basics of Welding xxxxxx 2. Fundamentals of Professional Welding 3. Underwater Welding of Offshore Platforms and Pipelines. 4. Fabrication and Welding Engineering Roger SBC 010 Labour & Health Safety 1. Pocket Guide to Safety 2. Technology and Safety of Marine Systems SBC 011 Shipbuilding Principles Planning Production & Assembly SBC 012 Fabrication: Preparation & Assembly SBC 013 Shipbuilding: Fitting out SBC 014 Mechanical Engineering Science SBC 015 Thermodynamics & Heat Engine SBC 016 Mathematics for Engineers - II Recommended by Subject teacher. SBC 017 Ship Structure - I SBC 018 Ship Theory: Statics SBC 019 Shipbuilding Principles Advanced Hull & Associated Technology SBC 020 Ship Propulsion & Resistance SBC 021 Ship Power Plant SBC 022 Ship Theory: Dynamics SBC 023 Applied Mechanics SBC 024 Ship Auxiliary Mechanics SBC 025 Ship Design - I SBC 026 Computer Application in Shipbuilding (CAD & CAM) SBC 027 Management of Enterprise SBC 028 Economics of Marine Transport SBC 029 Ship Motions & Maneuvering SBC 030 Maritime Law Including IMO, STCW & other related laws