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Corporate Headquarters

2 Washington Street, Suite 701 New York, NY 10004 Phone: 212.635.2770 FAX: 212.504-2829

Coranet Supports Your Critical Networking Infrastructures Voice, Data and Video to Ensure Eective Communication with Your Sta and Customers. Whats more important than that?
Coranet is a national networking design, implementation, service and management provider. We assure industry-leading levels of reliability, performance and satisfaction for some of the nations most critical networking infrastructures. We combine the agility and passion for customer service of a small company, with the expertise and experience of a major provider. Our team takes an enthusiastic, exible approach to assuring your networks can support your business. Our experienced management team is available to customers 24/7 something unheard of in larger organizations. is ensures a high level of project engagement and highlights our strong commitment to customers. Our lean, at organizational structure empowers our employees to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful outcomeon the spot and without the need for multiple levels of approval. is means faster service delivery and fewer management and coordination headaches for you. Because we give our ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma-certied teams the freedom to provide excellent support, as well as ongoing training and certications with major technology vendors, they tend to stay with us for years and build trusted relationships with our clients. Post deployment, we work to continuously streamline and simplify your network infrastructure to reduce your costs and prepare you to meet future requirements. All this has helped us deliver more than 4,800 successful engagements for clients that include some of the countrys largest government agencies, nancial and higher education institutions, healthcare facilities and defense contractors. Among many such engagements, we manage the entire voice and data infrastructure, including voice over IP (VoIP) and data centers, for one of the countrys largest municipal governments. We provide network design, installation and support for all East Coast data and voice operations for one of the nations largest banks and regularly manage sensitive data and voice deployments on military bases on behalf of major defense contractors. Whether you need network design, installation or service, converged VoIP services, data center design and implementation or project management, let us show you the superior customer satisfaction a committed and exible team can deliver.

Regional Oces:
Northeast 277 Faireld Road Faireld, NJ 07004 Phone: 1-855-CORANET Mid-Atlantic 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 700 Washington, D.C. 20004 Phone: 202. 204.2507 Southwest 100 Crescent Court, 7th oor Dallas, TX 75201 Phone: 214. 459.3388 West 2880 Zanker Road, Suite 203 San Jose, California 95134 Phone: 408. 954.7380 South 2500 Regency Parkway Cary, NC 27511 Phone: 919. 654.6886 1914 J. N. Pease Place Charlotte, NC 28262 Phone: 704. 919.3424 1802 North Alafaya Trail Suite 127 Orlando, FL 32826 Phone: 407.992.4406

Coranet designs, installs, tests and maintains VoIP, Data, and Video Networks and Structured Cabling Systems for Customers with 40 to 40,000 users. Isnt that what youre looking for?
VoIP Convergence
When you deploy VoIP, you should expect cost savings in addition to unparalleled reliability. Coranet has accomplished both of these goals for educational, government, health care, nancial and media organizations serving 40 to 40,000 users.

Project Management
Networking projects can be delayed by anything from specication of the wrong networking cable to hidden defects in existing wiring. Quickly adjusting to such challenges can make the dierence between success and failure. Every Coranet project manager is trained and certied in best-in-class practices and equipped with automated tracking tools. Above all, they have the commitment and authority to adapt on-the-y to ensure every project is implemented on time and within budget. If our sta runs into an issue, they solve the problem rather than point ngers.

Data Networking
Whether you need local, wide-area, wired or wireless networks, Coranet has the proven expertise for even the most complex, multisite enterprises. .

Video Networking
You need high-quality and top performance when it comes to video networking. Coranet has built international IP backbone networks linking major nancial clients in the United States with locations overseas, as well as government H.323 (IP) voice and video networks with secure gateways to the PSTN and multisite video networks for large commercial clients from desktops to Telepresence rooms.

Installation and Maintenance Services

At Coranet, were proud to consistently exceed the installation, maintenance and technical service support requirements for products from manufacturers such as: Adtran, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, CommScope, Corning, Polycom and Radvision, among many others. And we stand behind you long after the installation to assure youre getting the maximum benets at the best value.

Structured Cabling Systems

To assure maximum reliability and performance in your infrastructure, you need cabling solutions engineered to EIA/TIA Standards. Coranet employs only BICSI certied design engineers and manufacturer-certied eld engineers who support you in every stage of structured highspeed copper and ber solutions.

At Coranet, we specialize in network design, implementation and service. But our passion is enabling your internal users and external customers to get the maximum benets from your data, voice, video and wireless networks. Contact us today to begin your trusted relationship with the provider that the biggest names in defense, education, nance, government and healthcare rely on for network infrastructure.