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Job Description

JOB TITLE: POLICE SERGEANT JOB CODE: 9929 POSITION TITLE: POLICE SERGEANT PAY SCHEDULE: NON-EXEMPT JOB SUMMARY Employees in this job are police officers, responsible for the enforcement of all traffic and criminal laws of the country, the protection of life and property, and the provision of related services to the public. REPORTING RELATIONSHIP

• • • Assists stranded. and remove road hazards. restrain spectators.JOB DUTIES • Roads of assigned area in order to enforce traffic laws. weapons. observe and inspect persons and property for possible illegal or hazardous activity or conditions and to respond to complaints. distressed. situations or requests from persons requiring assistance. suspects. JOB QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge. extent of injury to persons). damage to property. Skills.. and to identify situations requiring further investigation and action. prevent law violations. methods of entry and exit of a suspected criminal. disturbances or unusual events to direct traffic flow. administering first aid. Observes and inspects crime scenes to evaluate the crime (e. breath testing equipment. and Abilities . theft of property. radios Positions patrol vehicle at assigned roadblock locations in order to apprehend criminal suspects. • • • • • Operates various items of equipment used in road work such as radar speed measuring devices. witnesses.g. Appears on the scenes of accidents. or otherwise responding to their needs. or the effecting of an arrest. including the issuing of warnings or citations. Conducts investigations of alleged or suspected criminal activity in response to complaints received or information developed in the course of road patrol activities: Interviews complainants. or injured motorists by helping them giving directions or advice. and others who may have knowledge of a crime in order to obtain facts and information. and makes an initial determination of investigative actions to take. collects and preserves physical evidence. persons. • Observes the operation and condition of vehicles to ascertain compliance with laws and takes appropriate enforcement action in cases of law violation. buildings and surrounding areas to detect unusual conditions. Observes traffic. suspicious persons and activities. collect and preserve evidence.

Knowledge of criminal justice procedures employed in the prosecution and adjudication of alleged law violators. Ability to function as a member of a team. procedures. Ability to make accurate and objective observations and recall these observations as needed. Knowledge of investigation and law enforcement methods. . and make independent determinations of legality. Ability to stand for long periods. policies. Ability to operate a motor vehicle. Ability to operate equipment used in the work and to perform strenuous tasks requiring muscular strength and coordination and cardiovascular endurance.• • • Knowledge of country laws and their enforcement. Knowledge of self-defense techniques. Ability to communicate effectively. Ability to maintain composure during stressful situations. Ability to comply with laws. Ability to gather information under difficult circumstances. Ability to compile and remember a large quantity of written and non-written information. Ability to make and carry out decisions quickly. . regulations and policies related to the work. and orders of superior officers. rules. regulations. apply tests of law. Skill in the use of firearms and fire fighting equipment. and policies and the laws governing and prescribing the powers and authorities of a law enforcement officer. Knowledge of departmental official orders. Ability to remain alert and perceive details and changes in surroundings. rules. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Knowledge of lifesaving and first aid methods and techniques. Ability to read and apply complex written laws and procedures. procedures.

Ability to interview and interrogate suspects. Employees may be subject to transfer on a temporary or permanent basis anywhere in the country. including holidays. The job duties require an employee to be absent of any physical limitation which would impair effective performance in the Department. Some jobs require an employee to work in adversarial situations. Some jobs require an employee to work in a hostile environment. Ability to operate a police vehicle at high rates of speed in a pursuit situation. Physical Requirements • • The job duties require an employee to work under stressful conditions. Working Conditions • • • • • • • • Jobs are located in the Department of country Police. Education . Some jobs require an employee to be exposed to hazardous work environments. Ability to provide effective testimony in court. Some jobs require an employee to be exposed to inclement weather Employees may be required to work on a rotating shift. Ability to subdue and restrain individuals. Employees are required to be available for duty 24 hours a day. Ability to provide leadership to others.• • • • • • Ability to independently make decisions and take actions without the availability of supervision.

and department rules and regulations. and completion of the State Basic Training Academy or equivalent academy. Considerable knowledge of modern law enforcement principles. techniques. ordinances. Must be at least 22 years of age at the time of hiring.• • • • HSC or Bachelors equivalent. and equipment. possessing and carrying. procedures. Considerable knowledge of applicable laws. Absence of a criminal record. Extensive knowledge of City's geography. which would prohibit the applicant from receiving. Special Requirements • • • • Willingness to submit a thorough background investigation designed to measure the applicant's suitability for police work. . Must be a Bangladeshi citizen. Experience No specific type or amount is required.