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B. BIBLIOGRAPHY PREFACE For the compulsory training required for my course M. I have selected HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. During my training I have been associated with different areas of finance & accounts division of HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED & learned about how to bridge gap between theoretical knowledge & practical working . MANZURGARHI. 4 . H. section Head of finance & Accounts division --------------------. Mainly. Heinz Company is a well known player in FMCG category.Finance Officer & ----------------------.for sparing there valuable time for this purpose. J.A. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the factory authority for allowing me for this training . ALIGARH. Heinz India Limited is one of the American paradigms. It is certified by ISO – 9000. I have explored many other areas of finance & accounts division. It stands second in the world among food product companies next to nestle.• • • INVOICE YELLOW SLIP WHITE SLIP 61 62 62 63 W. I have experienced the automated accounting process and other efficient payment procedure.

5 . MANZOORGARHI ALIGARH. assistance and valuable suggestions throughout this project and report preparation. And for enlightening me about the subject of the project as well as for his continuous encouragement. who gave me their precious time. This project report is the culmination of the Six weeks project work undertaken by me at HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. I am thankful to -------------------------------------. I am heartly grateful to -----------------------------------------(Charted Accountant) for giving me the opportunity of working at HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. This project would not have been completed effectively without their participation.(Senior Assistant in H. without which this summer project wouldn’t have been success. Several people with whom I have interacted have contributed significantly to the successful completion of my summer project. Finally. I am very grateful to ---------------------------------------.R.) who willingly responded to my innumerable questions and whose contribution is invaluable. His moral support and continuous guidance has enabled me to carry out my work effectively.R) and ---------------------------. situations and persons integrate to provide the background for accomplishment of task.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT No task is a single man effort various factors.(Assisstent in Finance) for his support.(Assistant in H.

the company continues to deliver on its tradition as the “ Pure Food Company”.S. The world’s Favourite Ketchup. The company has more than 30. and a market capitalization of approximately $15 billion. Infant/Nutrition. with 150 brands holding number-one and number-two positions across five continents and more than 50 countries. TOP 15 BRANDS 6 . Heinz provides superior quality. taste and nutrition to people eating at home. Heinz is most international U.Johnson. at the office and “on-the-go”.-based food company.HEINZ AT A GLANCE The H. Meals and Snacks.Heinz Company is one of the world’s leading marketers and producers of nutritious foods in three categories : • • • Ketchup and Sauces. Under the leadership of chairman.000 employees worldwide and 11. with more than $10 billion in global sales as of Fiscal 2009.J. showcased by Heinz Ketchup. at restaurents.000 employees in the U.S. President and CEO William R. The company has a world-class portfolio of powerful brands.

woman and child on the planet. Heinz Company.-based food companies. Key Heinz markets are segmented as North American Consumer Products. is the most global of all U. headquartered in Pittsburgh. Famous for our iconic brands on five continents. nutritious and convenient foods for families in 200 countries around the world.S. we enjoy the number-one or number-two market position. it isn’t ketchup. with an unwavering emphasis on health and wellness.J. Asia Pacific and Rest of World. makes Heinz like no other company on earth. Pennsylvania. Our commitment to providing a variety of wholesome foods.” 7 . Foodservice. We sell 650 million bottles of Heinz ketchup every year and approximately two single-serve packets of ketchup for every man. Heinz is synonymous with ketchup. The First Name in Ketchup Throughout the world.S. In more than 50 of those countries. For millions of families the world over. U. “if it isn’t Heinz. Europe. Heinz provides delicious.HEINZ A World of Good Food The H.

Heinz is committed to enriching your family’s eating experience.500 employees of Heinz are hard at work. which comprise approximately 70% of our global sales. Heinz also markets an ever-expanding selection of other great tasting foods. Heinz in India provides taste and nutrition through globally trusted products like Heinz Tomato Ketchup and strong local products like Complan . Glucon-D.with extra growing power. whether you’re at home.. INRODUCTION OF HEINZ INDIA Heinz came to India in 1994 by taking over the Family Products Division of Glaxo with powerful brands such as Complan. Heinz India is fully integrated into the global Heinz operations employing high standards in quality at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Aligarh in the State of Uttar Pradesh. on any given continent. Our core products include ketchup. sauces. meals. dining out.. perfecting fresh ideas. Nycil and Sampriti. Nycil . Among them are our 15 Power Brands.creating new products. and infant/nutrition.The Good Food Company Beyond ketchup. In short. or “on the go!” Satisfying Tastes and Appetites Around the World At any given moment. 8 . and a great investment with tremendous growth potential. Glucon-D . and developing nutritious and innovative foods for today's families. snacks.the refreshing energy drink. the 32.Mahek bhara swaad. This manufacturing facility is HACCP certified and follows GFMP (Good Food Manufacturing Practices) to deliver nutritious and safe food products to our discerning consumers.the most effective prickly heat powder and Sampriti Ghee . a valued partner in the community. Heinz is a trusted name for consumers.

TASTE & NUTRITION.Heinz products synergize the three pillars of the Heinz tradition namely TRUST. to people everywhere”. Superior Tasting Food. iconic brands like Complan & Heinz and category leaders like Glucon D & Nycil are being nurtured with a combination of formulation and flavour upgradation.      Premier Values     Passion Risk tolerance Excellence Motivation 9 .” HEINZ VISION “The words Premier Food Company Offering Nutrition. packaging innovations and new positioning strategies with strong equity quotients. Be a company with a strong and motivated workforce. Adhering to standards. Satisfying customer’s needs. “Today. Delivering high quality products. To become renounced in commercial as well as social.

 Innovation . take accountability and balance the short.We embrace great ideas from everywhere and everyone and respect all individuals. creative solutions.  Integrity .We deliver on commitments.We define a compelling.   Innovation Empowerment Respect Chairman’s Four Imperative     Drive Profitable Growth Remove the clutter Squeeze the cost Measure & Recognize Performance. 10 . Heinz Worldwide: A Pure Food Company HEINZ VALUES  Team Building & Collaboration .and long-term. Results .We always tell the truth. sustainable future and create the path to achieve it.   Vision . act with the highest ethical standards and ensure that our products are of the highest quality.We spot consumer and customer needs and meet them with simple.

" HEINZ INDIA BRANDS HEINZ KETCHUP  11 . the planet and our Company.Heinz India Private Limited Mission Statement "As the trusted leader in nutrition and wellness. Heinz – the original Pure Food Company – is dedicated to the sustainable health of people.


Quality Assurance Department 3. They are as follows:1. Distribution & Planning Department 7. There are many tube lights. Purchase Department 6. Production Department 2. moveable chairs. Safety Department FINANCE DEPARTMENT: . Retail Packing Unit 4. m and the entire area is divided into small wooden partition. The capacity of water cooler is 60ltr/hr. Milk Procurement Department 11. There are eleven departments in the campus. Factory Service Unit(FSU) 8. fans. Finance department 10. Engineering Department 9. Every separated area is allotted to every single employ.(Personal) Department 5.It is concerned with the accounts and budgets preparation.Total area covered by the building of department is appro. 500sq. its functions are: 13 . H.R. 24hrs chilled and pure water supply.

Statutory and audit compliance. Estimation of taxes – sales tax. Wages administration.P .This department is concerned with managing people and matters therewith. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: -This department is concerned with production of FMCG goods.• • • • • • • Fund management and budgetary control. Revenue budgeting and sending it to the main corporate office. Mandi-Samiti tax. excise duty. Training. PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT: . income tax. Their functions are: I: Processing area: • • To conduct the dairy activities effectively To dry up the skimmed milk for the preparation of COMPLAN. Purchase and expenses accounts control. II: R . Maintaining the record of temporary casual. Welfare activities: 14 . Variance analysis and information technology. promotion. service tax. contract.U: This unit is set up for the purpose of packaging the products. and job rotation. Maintaining the personal record. and apprentice workmen. Their functions are: • • • • Selection and Recruitment of employees.

In this committee there are 14 members. HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to: • Procurement .CANTEEN: Canteen is providing food on highly subsidies rate. 15 . REST ROOMS: -There are 4 rest rooms to facilitate the workers in the evening and nightshift both.M operation is the president of the sports club. It has different timing for lunch of management staff and workers and is situated in one building only. Lakhs per annum. Company`s own staff only runs canteen. production and Marketing of safe clean wholesome foods of high quality .As the name indicates quality is just not an accident . it is a collective work of intelligent people with a team of well trained and experienced people in quality assurance department. keeping focus on needs of customer by establishing and maintaining proper facilities necessary for controlled production consistency in a sanitary manner . The committee coordinates the activities of sports club members like annual sports. ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: . picnic tours. Company almost Bear a loss of Rs. so as to ensure that customers confidence is generated and maintained consistency. QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARMENT: . G. SPORTS CLUB: . • Establishing and Maintaining appropriate operating and monitoring procedure necessary for controlled production and every person is responsible for product integrity and safe guarding quality environment competent to carry out his responsibilities.Its main function are as follows: • To provide support to operation and maintenance of various equipment used in production process. Development . games. • To provide effluent treatment and pollution control.It caters approx 500 person daily. annual function of cultural programmes. Activities are also coordinated by members of canteen .

It has been divided into several zones.Its main functions are • • • • Collection of milk from the various collecting centers. Its main functions are – • Ensure storage of material under hygienic condition and meet good food manufacturing practice standards. STORAGE DEPARTMENT: . occupation health and environment standards establishing internal review procedures to ensure compliance of applicable laws and regulation. 16 . Its main functions are: - • • Maintenance of quality assurance department and lab equipments.• Achieving high safety. SAFETY DEPARTMENT: -For the purpose of providing safety and security to the company from various contingencies. Safe transportation of milk collecting centers to the company . MILK PROCURMENT UNIT: . Ensure safe unloading of stocks and no discrepancy with ledger balance. Asking for quotation and their evolution.This department is concern about management of inventory and control. To provide storage and refrigeration to the milk. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: -Its main functions are • • Material procurement. To conduct milk purity test. To conduct quality test of raw material and Packaging materials. • • Ensure compliance of ISO norms.

The working condition of the organization is obeying the FACTORY ACT1948. food facility etc. Companies own staff is engaged for security. Watch the working condition like water facility. At the time of any contingency. The company is also obeying the rule of U. Its aim to make safety and health working condition to the employees in the organization. Controlling and guarding the movement of guards at the gate. Their main functions are – • • • • • • • • Safety of employee and company` s property.Every department in the company has been equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid boxes.P state FACTORY ACT1950. the security officers appointed for different zoned & perform their responsibilities. PLANT FINANCE EFFICIENCY 17 . Security alert around the factory / boundary wall area.

R.Budgeting Planning Schedule Production/ Procurement (purchase) Request for Quotations Quotations P.O(Purchase order ) Materials Factory Stores PLANT ACCOUNTING G.N(Goods Receipts Note) Quality Assurance Department Plant Finance 18 .

Firstly.PLANT ACOUNTING Plant Accounting comprises two words that is PLANT and ACCOUNTING. In simple. PLANT mean a unit that is established in ALIGARH for manufacturing purpose. company. In simple Accounting is Book-keeping. transactions and events which are of a financial character and interpreting the results thereof. PLAN have so many meanings but here. Book-keeping is art as well as science of recording business transactions of an individual. PLANT ACCOUNTING is recording of information in monetary terms. According to American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ( AICPA). firm. classifying and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money. and other association of persons and institutions in a certain prescribed rules and regulations on the basis of some definite system for fulfillment of certain objects. in a manufacturing unit that is established in ALIGARH. 19 . corporation.:-Accounting is the art of recording .

To know as to what amount is to be paid to a particular person or what amount is to be received from a certain person on a particular date. To have detailed information about capital employed in the business. To know about the progress or downfall of Business. 1956 as under this Act it is compulsory for the companies to maintain accounting record. To know the assets and liabilities of the Business at a particular date. 2-Other objects:• • • • • • • To know about the position of goods.OBJECTS OF PLANT ACCOUNTING 1-Main objects are:• • • • • To know profit or loss of Business for a certain period. To the case of the companies to comply the provisions of the Companies Act. To know the position of cash.Analysis & Interpretation 20 . 5. To make estimates for future. To satisfy the taxation authorities. To know about the errors and frauds of employee. To know the requirements of business at a particular time.

Final Accounts Manufacturing Account Trading Account Profit & Loss Account Balance sheet 5. Journal or its Subsidiary Books Purchase Book Sales Book Purchase Return Book Sale Return Book Bills Receivable book Bills Payable Book Cash Book Journal book 2. Trial Balance 4.ACCOUNTING PROCESS AT A GLANCE Transactions 1. Classification (Ledger) 3. Analysis & Interpretation 21 .

USERS OF PLANT ACCOUNTING INFORMATION Following chart indicates various types of users of Plant Accounting Information that utilize information in best manner:- USERS OF PLANT ACCOUNTING INFORMATION Internal user’s External users Proprietor Management Employees Investors Creditors Government Consumers Foreigners Research Scholars Other Persons 22 .

FUNCTIONS OF PLANT ACCOUNTING Following functions are given below: To Record Business Transactions To Indicate Earning Capacity And Financial Position To Satisfy Govt. i.e. Ltd. It is FMCG Company and the owner of this company is H.J.Heinz. Record of a Unit which is established in Aligarh and It is Heinz Pvt. 23 . Officers To Comply Legal Requirements To Assist Management To Protect Assets To Depict True And Fair Position        PLANT ACCOUNTING is a Book keeping.

FLOW CHART Planning Purchase Department Request for Quotation Purchase order Quotation Screening Material Received Quotation Finalization Checking by FSU Factory Store GRN in SAP by 103 movement GAN by Quality Assurance Department Material Passed / Approved Issue to Production Invoice Finance Department Bill Process and Others Payment to Vendor 24 .

Capital Expenditure Budget: . 3. Budget: . It forecast quantity of production in terms of item. needs and demand company purchase raw material. Sales Budget: . make budget. Purchase be purchased.  Planning is decided the future needs and demand.The budget forecasts the quantity & value of purchase required for production. Most of the planning relate to individual proposals According to this production required raw materials purchase with this following procedure: Make a list for required raw material with the help of indent. periods.PLANNING DEPARTMENT Planning & Control has become the primary function of management these days. values. It gives quantity-wise. areas etc. 4. areas etc.  Make target according demand of product in market the manager select the target. money-wise & period-wise information about the materials to 25 . items. 1. estimate required fund.The budget is based on sales budget.  After that they make a budget. 2. Check with shortage department.  Planning is a main department of any organization. Production Budget: . periods.The budget provides a guidance regarding the amount of capital that may required for procurement of capital assets during the budget period.  According to future plan.The budget of forecast total sales in terms of quantity.

If any disturbances that create a problem.  If any wrong details about payment procedure that create a delay in payment at a time. 2. Cash Budget: . required time limit.5. Than they are not fulfill all payments or time and property.It is a slip which contains required material list with other specification ---1. Purchase Requisition: . 26 . According to step by step they make a budget and make whole things and procedure in advance .  Less coordination with other department.  In all the condition if the company bearing loss.  If planning is not accurate about purchase of raw material. Purchase requisition should be clear Required product name Product quantity Product quality Time Terms & Conditions  And send it in purchase department Problem in Planning and Control Department: If the estimated product is more than requirement than they create a problem. forecasting etc.  No accurate/proper idea about inventory material in factory store. It states the estimation amount of cash payment receipt and the estimation of cash payment and the likely balance of cash in hand at the end of different period. 6.The budget is a forecast of cash position by time period for a specific duration of time.  And make final purchase requisition. 3. 5.  If the target is not accurate like demand is more and supply is less than that’s create a problem and company going in loss. 4.

If H.D send to engineering on behalf of the indent slip.O. which contains the required material with standard quality and quantity and time and make after singing of H.O. INDENT It is a slip.D not present than delay in signing. Writing problem. It the required material is not available in stores then they purchase department prepare indent Firstly we have to understand what is indent.D of concern department it complete. Misplacing in sending to planning department 27 .PREPARATION OF INDENT.O. Misprinting.If the requirement of goods is available in stores so they can received goods from factory stores. PURCHASE REQUISITION After issued the indent slip user send the indent in store and storehouse workers check the requirement of the user and issue the purchase requisition. Indent signed by H. PR. PO After planning in planning department purchase department’s duties and responsibility arise means purchase department forecast the demand of FMCG product and they check that material is available in stores or not . PROBLEMS IN PURCHASE DEPARTMENT:• • • • • Standard may be incorrect and wrong.


It contains – * Purchase order no * Vendor’s full name and address * Delivery address * Delivery time * Terms and conditions 29 . » Purchase department get quotation and then select it in following way» Purchase department may be negotiating with vendors on the basis of quotations. Quotation:-Quotation is a type or rate list of required material and make by the vendor’s according to standards of required material.) when they accept or get purchase requisition that they make a request for proposal Request for proposal: .Request for proposal is a slip which contains information about material quantity and required time for product. » When the vendor receipts this request for proposal than they send quotation .PURCHASE ORDER Purchase department raised a purchase order (P.4Parties ). This is making for vendor’s quotation and this is a pre stage for making purchase order. (3.O. » This request for proposal sends to specific vendors. » Then purchase department make a purchase order. “It is a Document which is made by purchase department and sends to selected vendor or vendors”.

P. system of Heinz India Private Limited. » Purchase department make its entry in S.* Standards * Product quantity * Product quality * Specified time * Product rate * Tax code/ rate * Made of payment * Payment credit period * Payment place * Transportation name and address * And many other information » All the fields are properly checked by purchase department and send to vendors by post.A. 30 .

For other materials tolerance is 2%. the rejected materials will lie entirely at supplier's risk and responsibility. Printing Cylinder Development. All goods delivered are subject to our inspection and approval before acceptance. without approval from Purchase Department. Materials received after the physical verification will be further subjected to Quality Inspection and the rejects on this account along with that rejected online while on packing will be intimated to the vendor for replacement or cost debited to the vendors account depending on the quantity of rejection. The supply quantities shall be strictly within the tolerance allowed and any quantity beyond this limit will not be accepted. The supplier will have to make its own arrangements to remove the rejected materials at its own expense either from the buyer's factory or from any other place of storage. Die & mould making. tolerance is ± 5%. INSPECTION & REJECTION: The goods shall be in accordance with the sample and/or satisfy our specifications fully. etc# 3. QUALITY. Replacement of such defective goods shall be dispatched with in 48 hours from the receipt of information of rejection. For Raw and Packing Materials. 2. Till they are not removed.TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PURCHASE ORDER 1. Prior approvals has to be taken in case of developmental works before commercial supply such as in Printing Plates making. QUANTITY: The supplier will be responsible for any shortage / pilferage / leakage at any point / time prior to receipt of goods by the buyer. 31 . and all goods rejected for inferior quality and/or failure to satisfy our specifications / samples / drawings will be returned at the supplier's expense.

32 . otherwise we will make alternate sourcing arrangement. quantity. ii. if any. If the reasons are found to be acceptable. along with the additional transportation costs will be debited to the vendor's account. DOCUMENTATION: Along with the consignment to the destination:a) Duplicate copy of the Excise Commercial Invoice / Gate pass cum Invoice depending on applicability of Excise Duty (Original invoice must be sent to person raising purchase order) b) Original copy of Challan mentioning the item. c) Certificate of Analysis is a must along with the consignment for the applicable material without which. the buyer shall have the rights to impose a penalty & 0. the consignment is liable for rejection. Goods must be securely packed to withstand all hazards up to the destination.O. 6. The buyer also reserves the right to make alternate sourcing and the cost differential. The net weight/length/numbers and batch number/item name should be marked clearly and conspicuously on each container / package iii. If the consignment cannot be delivered within the delivery date mentioned in this order.B deliveries the vendor will be responsible for transit worthy packaging of goods to eliminate any chance of pilferages 5. In case of Ex-Godown / F.5% per week on the total value of the ordered items. the vendor can inform the buyer in writing 15 days in advance of the scheduled delivery date quoting reasons for such delays. extension of delivery time will be granted. DELIVERY: In the event of delivery not being effected by due date mentioned in this order. PACKING: i. Buyer has the right to refuse acceptance of the material in case of delayed delivery.4. rate and Purchase Order no.

concerned tax authorities for any reason whatsoever.LR in case of Domestic vendors clearly mentioning the consignee / destination and the company name. STATUTORY & LEGALITY: Whenever the prices charged by you includes excise duties whether or not shown separately in the invoice you shall furnish a Gate Pass clearance invoice in support of such payment of any other permitted document in accordance with the excise law to enable us to claim set off of such amount under the Modvat CENVAT scheme wherever available or failure to furnish such document will entitle us to deduct the appropriate excise duty amount from your payment. you shall be liable to forthwith refund to us such amount of refund without our having to make any claim on you in this behalf. SECURITY: All designs / drawings / patterns / artworks etc provided by the buyer will remain sole property of the buyer and shall be maintained securely by the vendor and shall not be used for any other purpose than authorized by the buyer. e) Duplicate copy of the Road permit / Waybill duly endorsed by the sales tax authorities at the check post. JURISDICTION: Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of courts having jurisdiction over the area where the buyer's registered office is situated.d) RR/AWB. where ever road permits / waybills are applicable f) The equipments and spares are to be guaranteed / waranteed for the maximum period from the date or receipt and shall be replaced along with replacement cost in case of premature failure within the warrantee/guarantee period. In the event of your subsequently . These are to be returned to the vendor immediately on completion of the work without tampering. The materials to be supplied under this purchase order shall comply with all the local legislation and regulations. 7. 10. PENDING ORDERS: 33 . 9.obtaining a refund of the whole or any part of such taxes. 8. duties etc.

. which mainly looks after the hygiene delivery of goods INTO the factory is located. Godown and Other places in the factory. » To provide fumigation to the raw material and packed Products. 34 . Separate challans / invoices should be prepared for separate pending orders. which are mainly the food products. machines.Delivery challans/ invoices should be raised as per pending orders.U (Factory Service Units):ALL MATERIALS Factory EXAMINATION FACTORY SERVICE UNIT (FSU) NON INFESTED INFESTED CHAMBER INSIDE FACTORY NON INFESTED Heinz has a wide range of products. ROLE OF FSU F. Its functions are as follows: » Cleaning the production units. The Co.S.S. » Maintaining account for incoming and outgoing materials. » Pests control and infestation control.U. » Maintaining temperature for different goods. has F.

QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT:• It is a quality assurance department that checks specified quality of product. • If the product is up to mark with required quality than that check and give the code is -105. • And if reject than given code is 124 and product is returned back to vendor. » chamber is a place where infested material is made disinfested.» Examination of every material Truck or Vehicles carrying material is conducted by FSU according standard parameters to curb infestation. • Goods are accepted after only checking the of quality department. Material Factory receive note 103 Goods Received Acceptance Note 105 Finance 35 . • Any rejection in quality assured product is going on vendor and given code is 122.

keeping focus on needs of customer by establishing and maintaining proper facilities necessary for controlled production consistency in a sanitary manner . • Achieving high safety. so as to ensure that customers confidence is generated and maintained consistency. 36 . then the quality assurance department will prepare GAN . if the bulk quantity is according to specimen and the term and condition. After that information record is in Factory stores. Check invoice for quality department and factory receive note. production and Marketing of safe clean wholesome foods of high quality . Development . HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to: • Procurement . Its main functions are: - • Maintenance of quality assurance department and lab equipments. • Establishing and Maintaining appropriate operating and monitoring procedure necessary for controlled production and every person is responsible for product integrity and safe guarding quality environment competent to carry out his responsibilities. occupation health and environment standards establishing internal review procedures to ensure compliance of applicable laws and regulation. ROLE OF QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT When the material enter in the company firstly cleaned in FSU and then match the sample with bulk quantity by the Q/A department.

• To conduct quality test of raw material and Packaging materials. GREEN SLIP: infestation.  PCI (Pest Control India) check the material to find out the consignment. Material is fumigated in quartine chamber .It shows the clearance of material from PCI. This slip is given when material is returned to the supplier due to  Now material reach to the factory store & factory store check all the document  As :    Excise Invoice. PROCESS OF WORKING IN FACTORY STORE OF HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED  Firstly Factory Store receives the material from the Gali house and match the material from Purchase order. Goods Carrier Note In Factory Stores material is unloaded in designated place /Godown : 37  . is infested or not an issue White /Red /Green slips. if infested : - WHITE SLIP. Form 38/ Form C & any Laves Form.

For supplier.  According to the nature of the material.  Factory stores make the GRN for :   Raw Material & Packaging material. If material`s quality is according to the purchase order and everything is ok . Factory store make 3 copies of GRN :    For Purchase department. In case of Raw & Packaging material . Quality Assurance Department does not check the goods i. the amount of rejected material is adjusted in other Acceptance Note) and make the entry of this in SAP and give a code to this entry in  consignment or makes Credit Note for supplier.  Factory Store checks the material `s quality at the time of receiving of Goods. Factory stores make GRN ( Goods Received Note ) and make the entry in SAP software and give a code to this entry in 103 movement. According to the quality of the material. For Self. General Consummerable goods. they make GAN (Goods  Factory stores .e.quality Assurance Department having a right to reject this and make the entry of rejection in SAP & give a code to this entry in124 movement.  In case of General Consummerable Goods.  If the quality of material is not according to our standard . Quality Assurance Department check the quality of the material :  105. after checking & receiving the material by If the material is according to our standard. 38 . In case of rejection. it is directly sent to the supplier..

 HEINZ INDIA` s store Dep.e. Foreman of dep. make the Material Requisition Slip and send to the factory stores. In this condition supplier is Creditor of the company. For Factory Stores. When it is not finished.  and make 4 copies of this:       HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED use FIFO (first in first out) method of pricing of material i. is issued first. company`s planning & stock control Department is  informed for the insurance survey before making GRN.It is note which is made for supplier to return the amount and in case of excess of material. For Purchase Dep. 39 . Any damage / Shortage is recorded in consignment. does all the transaction in MIGO. For Account Dep. In case of damage / Shortage. Material in excess of the capacity is returned to the supplier / has to be seggrated  for fault are diverted to the city / Godown.CREDIT NOTE: . which material is come first in stores. company make the Material return report For supplier. note is written on delivery  challen of the supplier and company is obtained a damage / shortage certificate from the transports / driver of the truck. from factory stores . other purchased material cannot issue..  If the material and other inventories send to other heads / dep. If the material is returned to the supplier .

Connectivity Problem. 40 .PROBLEM IN FACTORY STORES          Material comes according to lot size. Factory manager having limit but increase its limit size. Tax code problem. Data is not entering at the time of receiving of material. Improve the system efficiency of this system. Vendor name is misprint and unclear. SUGGESTION FOR FACTORY STORES     Material purchase after making Purchase order. Misprinting problem. Order quantities do not match with purchase order. Expenditure control procedure. Typing Problem. Make entry at the time of receiving.

5.P.P. It is based on standard costing. analysis and process).P. The company used its 40B version. 1.P. Online. SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND PROCESS (SAP) Heinz India Private Limited is a full computerized company. Warning system. Its monitored and controlled by head quarter in Mumbai. 4.A.. was developed I 2000 in Heinz India Private Limited. (System. Fast service. Easy track of all locations Losing paper work.A.A. 2. Aligarh. Advantage of S. 3. The company used very advance. 41 . Company makes accountability and responsibility and employees do their work very quickly.A.P. S. The using S. Easily handle. Application software. 6. name S.A. All the clerical work done through S.

42 .. Visibility. verification User Department Finance Department Goods Receivable Note (GRN) Goods Acceptance Note (GAN) Rejected Goods/Material SAP Entry 103 105 124 103: Material supplies by vendor to company is check for the quantity at the time of receiving of goods by stores department and makes goods receivable note (GRN) and make an entry in SAP system of the received material / assets and it provided a code in SAP as 103. SAP was developed in 2000 in Heinz India Private Limited. while Heinz India Private Limited is full-computerized company and it use SAP as recoding tool for all the information and data with specified SAP number.7. Aligarh. Stores Q. It is monitored and controlled by head quarter in Mumbai. 8. The Company used its 40B version.. Full data available. Example of SAP Entry: Material Eng. SAP as Recording Tool in the Company System Analysis and Process (SAP) is ERP software package. 9. Nothing is deleting only edit.

• WIP → Dr. MIRO is a transaction by which all the entries are to be made in the SAP. → → → Dr. Dr. department to check the quality of received goods according to the standard of the company and then makes a goods acceptance note (GAN) and makes an entry in SAP with code 105 and Rejected goods which has not standard quality has coded in SAP with 124. The Excise Credit also provided to the goods/material in SAP with 105 at the time of making GRN. Turbine) → Note:-In SAP System the entry pattern of accounting is done with the symbol of Negative (− and ) positive (+) for credit and debit respectively.105: After receiving the material it provided to Q.g. Transaction Pattern in MIRO is as follows: User/Engineering Department • WIP (work in progress) • GR/IR • Basic Excise Duty • Aligarh Cenvat Clearing ↓ Finance Department • GR/IR • Aligarh Cenvat Clearing • Vendor ↓ → → → → Dr. • Assets (e. Dr. it defined as follows:Credit (Cr.A. Final Stage (Ready to Use) Cr. Cr. Cr. ENTRY PATTERN OF ACCOUNTS IN THE COMPANY All the entries of accounts of the company are processed through MIRO. Cr.) → (− ) 43 .

or der In voice C re ation of se rvice specifications S ou rce determ ination V e ndor selec tion B id invitation process (iss ue o R FQ s f ) E nter/com pare quotation s ? = Invoice verifica tion S ervic e acceptance E ntry of services pe rform ed P urchas e orde r m onitoring P urc hase order © SA P AG 1999 44 .) → (+) S tep s in th e P rocurem ent o f E xtern al S ervices D e term ination ofre quire m e nts Kar l E instein D ate U ser depa rtm e nt P M P lant M aintena nce P S P roje ct S ys te m S M S ervice M anage m ent R FQ B an k tran sfe r 9.50 0 P a ym ent Pu r.Debit (Dr.


46 . Purchase order is a slip. this slip goes to planning department. He/she send a chalaan list with purchase4 order to wards vendor. which contains the whole description about quality.D.Makes an indent slips for requirement of product with full description of quality.O. quantity. After that this indent goes to H. Purchase department make a request for proposal and send to all different and specific vendor for quotation. Purchase requisitation goes to send purchase department. He/she may be negotiating on this rate list with vendors. quantity and standards. machine part etc.O. If margin of rates is hedge in vendor’s quotation than purchase manager ask to vendor for this difference. Planning department check the material in store and estimate the future requirement of product. the vendor sends the quotation – in quotation clearly mention the rates of every product with standard are present they also include tax rate and transportation rates of product.D. What is the difference in product with other? And after whole comparison he/she selects the quotation. He/she may be select 2 or 3 quotation with small quantity and part purchase of product and finally make a purchase order. Purchase manager select any quotation. of the same concern department and after accepting and signing by H. rate and time limit and also includes all taxes and extra charges of transportation. LTD Firstly the direct user of product.PAYMENT PROCEDURE IN HEINZ INDIA PVT. Make a purchase requisitation in which whole description of required product is present with stander quantity and specifically mention time limit. which is suitable as rate and standard by comparing in all quotation. According to company demand of product.

quality department check the  a right to reject and on acceptance of that goods and make a reject material entry in SAP system with the code of 124 Material Factory Store Goods receivable notes 103 Q. Department Goods acceptance notes 105 Finance department After that finance department manager/ person checks all entry. quality of product. 47 .  If the product is according to our standards than they make a goods acceptance notes (CAN) and make this entry in Heinz India Private Limited SAP system and gave a code is 105. Firstly goods check the product quantity at a time of receiving or goods and make goods receivable notes (GRM) and make an entry in SAP system of the product and gave a code to this entry is 103. In Heinz India Private Limited. Finance manager check all details tax and code. If the material is not up to mark of our standards than quality department having ■ : After checking and receiving of material /goods by factory store. Aligarh used a new technique of payment is electronic fund transfer or retail time gross settlement. which is done by purchase department. If all are correct and right then they clear bill for payment with the help of different modes and ways basically all raw material purchase by bill of exchange and other payment is done by cheque. factory store and quality assurance department with invoice.Vendor supplies goods towards a delivery place. A.

000 Upto Rs.should be signed by the functional head and the Managing Director.000 HO & Factory Over Rs.00. co-packer charges. 5.00. warehouse/ office rent. 25.000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs. Purchase of all services should be done from approved vendors and routed through the purchase department. 7. 5. 1.000 Upto Rs.50.or more.000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs. 5.000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs.000/. A purchase order should be raised for services of value Rs. 50.00.5000/. 5. Payment for services should be made by cheque only against original bill/ invoice / cash memo and supported by purchase order.00.00. Service Agreement/ Contracts whose total value exceeds Rs. Payment of cash for services received should preferably be avoided. 10.00. Any exceptions should be approved by the Vice President Finance and CFO.00.SERVICE BILLS • • • • • • Service expenses will include expenditure on freight . 5.00. repair & maintenance. 3.10. • The limits for authorization of purchase order of services areBranches Over Rs. Management Level Managing Director Vice President/ Director Vice President General Manager Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV 48 .000 Upto Rs.000 Upto Rs. 5. 1.50. 10. courier charges etc. professional fees.

authority limit over 50. 11.000 up to 50.000 advances payment. The concerned department should take appropriate follow –up action to settle the advance amount. 49 . 10.00. 000 Every quarter end list of pending advance should be prepared by the finance department and circulated at their respective location. No fresh advance should be given to the same vendor until previous advances have been settled and accounted for any acceptations solved by Financial Manager and Directors. 1. 2. Grade 1 9. Chain and financial controller besides authorized by appropriate levels of management as per applicable limits.ADVANCE PAYMENT • Fuel.000 up to 25. 3.000 upto10. Advance payment for availing cash discounting on purchases of coded raw and packing material and service should be paid as per instruction of procurement department . All such advance should ideally be adjusted in the same month in which they are should preferably be approved by the finance controller. 00. Managing director authority for over 50.00.with authority of planning manager and general manager.00. Vice president/Director 6.000 up to 5.00. MD 5. Vice president 7.The advance payment request prepared by the procurement Department Should be signed by General Manager-Supply . Sugar capital machinery.00. Management level 4. Spare etc . Generalmanager 8.

000 7. non-coded 5 lakh 5 lakh 30 lakh 15 lakh 7. Coded items include all ingredients.000 5.12. Intermediate products and fuels.00.000 Affiliate Purchase over 5.000 5 lakh 5 lakh 1 lakh 50 thousands.00. Director Vice president General president Grade 1 Grade II Grade III UP to 30 lakh 30 lakh 30 lakh 30 lakh 7.50.50. Non.D.000 over 30 lakh 30 lakh 30 lakh over Rs.30.00. Packing materials. 50.000 Affiliate purchase include finished product purchased for high sea sales. The authority limits for approval of purchase order is given below :Management level Coded item M.Coded itmes include all items other than ingredients and packaging materials 50 .

CONSEQUENCE OF DELAY IN PAYMENT • Less trust of vendors • Stop production • Delay in supply product • Take more cost • Old and good vendor do not want to retain a business relations • Less in good will in market • Mostly work done on goodwill o Advanced payment o Credit product o Any mishappening o Good relation o Negotiation in price of production o Profit making effect • Vendors do not want to supply product they want advance payment 51 .

date. INVOICE: 52 .. if they require material is not present POINTS RELATED WITH PAYMENT SYSTEM • Check the entry in S. by purchase department factory store and quality assurance department • • Match with invoice which given by vendor with goods Check details like tax code. purchase order no. address. • If the payment amount is less than purchase order amount than finance manager for payment of this invoice. vendor name delivery address. originality of invoice. • And if the invoice payment amount is more than purchase order amount than finance manager does not allow for payment of this invoice.• Money block in advance payment • More working capital requirement • May be delay in payment and delay in supply and goods and this stage production will be stopped.A.P. • Individually and properly check all the entry by finance manager in detail before clearing a payment.

Delivery date c. Purchase order no. i. It should be original 2. It is a slip which contains the const/ rate invoice is a type of bill and send by the vendor/ supplier.It is a legal document for any company. It is important for payment and other work. Rate e. photocopy or duplicate • If not having any one of them element which is shown above. j. Its characteristic are 1. It should having proper elements a. And other terms and condition 4. Company name. Send by the vendor when they place goods 3. PROBLEM IN INVOICE FOR DELAY IN PAYMENT • If invoice is not original. g. Specified product name. Vendor Name f. All the entry is correct and clearly mention. • If payment rate is more than purchase order rate 53 . b. Transportation name and address h. Include all taxes k. Purchase date d. Delivery place.

• If having any incorrect entry DEPARTMENT RELATED WITH PAYMENT SYSTEM Engineering/ User Department ↓ Planning Department ↓ Purchase Department 54 .

generally payment through at PAR Cheque.↓ Factory Store ↓ Quality Verification Department ↓ Finance Department ↓ Payment MODE OF PAYMENTS • After verify the invoice /bill the finance manger has right to make payment with different mode of payment. 20000/-. • According to Income Tax Act under section 40(a) (3) the payment through the cash of not more than Rs. 55 .

Cash payment is avoided in Heinz But still used @2% o In less amount o Urgent payment  Cheque: 56 .O. NEFT RTGS  Cash: • • • Cash payment means direct payment in monitory terms.PAYMENT Traditional Modern CASH CHEQUE B.E.

or the holder or the banker 57 . special or restricted In case of not negotiable crossing the title of the transferee can be better than of transferor • A cheque may be crossed by the drawer. the Cheque is said to be crossed • • • The payment of a crossed Cheque can be obtained only through another banker The crossing may be general.• • Cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and payable on demand (see 6 of negotiable instrument) It is species of a bill of exchange with two additional qualifications o It is always drawn on a specified banker o It is always payable on demand • • • 90% payment is done by Cheque in Heinz India Private Limited (Aligarh unit) Crossing of Cheque: When a Cheque bears across its face two parallel transverse line.

 Bill of Exchange:
A bill of exchange is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, signed by the maker, directing a certain person to pay a certain sum of money only to, or to order of a certain person or to the bearer of the instrument (Section 5 of negotiable instrument). Parties to a bill: There are three parties to a bill of exchange 1.Drawer 2.Drawee 3.Payee

Drawer: A person who gives the order to pay or who makes the bill is called the drawer.

• • • •

Drawee: The person who directed to pay is called the drawee. Acceptor: When the drawee accepts the bill, he is called acceptor Payee: the person to wqhom the payment is to be made is called the payee Bearer: When the payee name is in a bill is a fictitious or non existing person, the bill is treated as a payable to bearer

In some cases, the drawer and the payee, or when a principal draws and the drawee may be one and the person.

• • •

The drawer of the payee who is in possession of the bill is called the holder. The holder must present the bill to the drawee for his acceptance. Indorser: When the holder indorses the bill, note or cheque to another he is called the indorser.

Indorsee: The person to whom the bill note of cheque is indorsed is called indorse 58

Essential element: o It must be in writing o It must contain an order to pay o It must be unconditional o It requires three parties - drawee, drawee, payee o It must be signed by the drawer o The sum payable must certain o It must contain an order to pay money o The formalities relating to number date place and consideration, through usually found in bills are not essential in law

A bill as originally drawn cannot be made payable to bearer on demand.

• Normal format of bill of exchange.

Rs 5,000

Bombay June 10/2007

Three months after date pay to Ram or order the sum of five thousand rupee, for value received To Sham 235, Subash Stamp Delhi -110006
 . EFT(Electronic fund Transfer):

Accepted Sham


It is a modern technique by which money send one bank to another bank with the help of internet in a short period of time.     This technique is implemented by Heinz India PVT.LTD. It is a easy and secured way of transferring money. Less time consuming. In this way we send the information of payment to bank and bank transfer the money in vendor’s account directly.

• It is same like EFT but having a small difference is that – it is used when the company’s bank and vendor’s bank both are different ,then a reputed bank make as a mediator in between two bank and help in transferring money this process is called RTGS. • Company make payment all over India by the help of this new technology.


Cash report, providing a comparison of actual developments with forecasts figure; are helpful in controlling and revision of cash forecast on a continue basis. Several types of cash report may be prepared. The importance ones are:  Daily Cash Report: The daily cash report shows the opening balance, receipts, payment and the closing balance on a daily basis.

 Daily Treasure Report:

 Arrangements may be made with suppliers to set due dates of their bills to match with the company’s period of peak receipt. The actual are compared with budget figures and variance is calculated. This helps in consolidating funds at the head office. reducing productive bank balance at the regional office and investing fund more effectively.  Monthly Cash Report: This report has shown the actual cash receipts and payment on a monthly basis. Hence the trading or transaction cost will 61 .  Control of Payables: By a proper control of payables a firm can conserve its cash recourses. Payables and their disbursement may be centralized.An amplification of the daily cash report. it has to sale its marketable securities more frequently than if it holds a large cash balance. This involves the following— Payment should be made only as and hence they fall due. marketing file securities debtors and creditors.  Monitoring Collection and Receivable: To enhance the efficiency of cash management.  Promoting Billing: Often there is time lag between the dispatch of goods and provisions of service and the sending of bills. By preparing and sending the bill promptly a firm can ensure easier remittance. the daily treasury provides a comprehensive picture of changes in cash.    Optimal Cash Balance: If a firm maintains small cash balance. collection and disbursements must be properly monitored.

v. Every document relating to the payment of cash needs the official authorization of the account executives. These funds may be deployed in variety of ways. which can produce highly volatile returns. we find out various reasons for delay in payment – i. REASONS FOR DELAY IN PAYMENT After analysis of plant accounting. At one end of the spectrum is the term deposit in a bank.  Option For Investing Surplus Funds: A company often has surplus funds for short periods of time before they are required for capital expenditure.trend to diminish if the cost balance becomes large. virtually a risk free investment. Absentism of employees Holidays Supplied goods are not approved by the quality assurance department at a right time System failure Supplier does not give proper document Sudden increase in the price of material during the course of transaction During the period of account closing 62 .  Cash management In The Company: This Company follows the centralized management of cash. at the other end of the bank. at the other end of the spectrum is the investment in equity shares. repayment. ii. However. vi. virtually a risk free investment. the opportunity costs balance increases. iv. lone. or some other purpose. iii. vii.

x. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Assign another employee during the absenteeism of a regular employee. Laying at flexible policies according to the market condition. xi. 3. Train employee relating to payment system. 10. 9. Minimize the paper work. 8. Minimize the account closing period. Choosing suppliers. ix. Maintain the adequate cash balance. Non availability of adequate cash Work load Shortage of staff Misprinting and typing problem Non-following of the payment procedure Wrong entry in tax code. 7. Instructing the suppliers for sending the proper document while placing the order. 63 . xiii. which are having goodwill in the market. xii. Company should laid such a policy strictly which ensure the payment on due date. 2. 4.viii. delivery in purchase order and in invoice. Conducting the special seminar for main supplier. 5. 6.

21. 13. 15. I have thoroughly examined all the aspects regarding payment system and have drawn following conclusion: 1. Company invest his extra money in stock exchange and other place as for their need and demand—short term as well as long term investment or complete payment on discount rate of bills. 18. production etc. Department is better coordinated with each other. It has solid financial position.11. 16. 17. Everyone gets benefit to see and send its quotations. Product sale is also handover in Aligarh unit may be the use of on line trading and traditionally. Purchase order is send by the internet. salary. 20. Electronic fund transfer does payment and real time gross statement than it should fast rather than cheque and bill of exchange and transportation cost will be reduced. CONCLUSION The Heinz India private limited is one of the leading food companies in the world. payment of taxes. The company consists of latest technology to maintain best quality. Request for proposal is on web page of Heinz India Private Limited. I have observed that the company (Heinz) effectively utilized the fund efficient operations of manufacturing that include all commercial activities like purchase of raw material. 12. Better coordination among the entire department related to payment system. Try to modify the software. Company should launch the internal website for its Indian branch which should include detailed information about Aligarh branch as well as other production unit. 64 . 19. Company gets more quotations and having different rates for more choice for selection to select a perfect quotation. 14.

4.2. is a very good software programme and it makes payment system very easy and save the time. The company is maintained proper records showing full particulars. P. FORMAT OF INVOICE 65 . S. The company has kept proper book of accounts as required by law. 7. The entire employee related to payment system is well trained. A. Company gave full government tax and other duty with complete honesty. 5. 3. Some time paper work makes a problem and it is also reasons for delay in payment. including qualitative details and situation for fixed assets. 6.


by transporter M/s……………………………………….. ALIGARH M/s…………….Dispatched by Truck No……………………………………….. Has been checked and found O.…… ……………………………………………by Truck No……………………. Signature Date: Please note that material…………………………………….XX Truck/Material Clearance Slip Heinz India From: PEST CONTROL UNIT..received from BIBLIOGRAPHY 67 . ALIGARH To : FACTORY STORES.K Extraneous material…………………………… Transshipment Yes/No.White slip FS-F-XX Rev No.

in www.• Company Records & Manual. • Data from the Past Records of the Company. 68 .co Date Particular L. Amount • Other Web Sites: www. • Accounting Standards (AS 6 and AS10) • Company Web sites: Amount

00 Dr.00 546612.00 Dr.00 Dr.00 Dr.00 1613.00 806.00 Dr. 1091816.00 404000.Cess A/c To GRIR A/c To CVAT A/c (Being Goods receive in factory) GRIR A/c CVAT A/c To Vender A/c (Being entry create liability of vender) Vender A/c To Bank A/c (Being payment to vender) Buyer A/c To F.00 808.08/05/08 08/05/08 23/5/08 15/05/05 15/05/08 1705/08 17/05/08 Inventory A/c BED A/c Education Cess A/c S. 1091816.00 404000.00 1613.00 808.00 69 . A/c To CVAT Payable A/c To Edu.00 80696.00 41612. Dr.00 108700.E.00 505000. Cess Payable A/c To S. Edu. Dr. Edu.00 1091816. Cess Payable A/c S.00 41504. Cess Payable A/c To BED A/c To Edu. 546612. 505000. Cess A/c To PLA A/c (Being transfer the tax amount in their account) PLA A/c To Bank A/c (Being Total Dr. 505000. Cess Payable A/c (Being goods sold to the buyer) Bank A/c To Buyer A/c (Being Amount received by buyer) CVAT Payable A/c Edu.00 Dr.00 41612. 80696.00 404.00 546612. Cess A/c To S. 41504.00 404.G. Edu. Dr. Dr.00 41504. Dr.00 806. Dr.

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