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hartly before we sent this issue to the printers, the iPhone celebrated its fifth birthday: it was am the 29 June 2007 that the first Apple smartphone was held aloft by a beaming fanboy (beaming, perhaps, because he was looking forward to a long-awaited shower). In same ways it's hard to believe that the iPihone has only been around for five years. The device disrupted the telecoms and software industries so extensively that everything before that
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date now seems, as one reader puts it on page 6, "pre-modern". In five years, the iPhone has transformed om understanding of how technology can blend into and improve our clay-to-day lives. There have been four more Phone handsets since the!'], each one pushing the device closer to handheld perfection, but the parallel software evolution has been just as important. ilPhone OS as it was originally called) has contributed iOS (or as much

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to the progressing user experience as the showier hardware updates, bringing the App Store, Game Center, ilvlessaqe,

Newsstand. wireless syncing and the Notifications Center to
iDevice owners. And with Apple's newly announced iOS 6, your iPhone (and iPad) experience is about to leap forward once again. We explain the 30 reasons why you need iOS 6 on page 22. Elsewhere, we handle the most common and most headache-inducing iTunes problems on page 16: set Microsoft's new Surface tablet head-to-head against the iPad on

With iOS 6, your i Ph 0 n e and i Pad experience is set to leap forward again

page 30; and on [page 26, we explore the way the iPad is
helping those with autism spectrum conditions. Enjoy the issue. David Price

iPad & iPhone user 2012


iPhone and iPod world.. . to Smart Playlists • 22 30 REASONS YOU NEED iOS 6 Apple's upcoming mobile software update is set to transform your iPad and iPhone experience.- 10 NEWS All the hot headlines in your iPad.CONTENTS 16 26 iTLJNES HEADACHES SOLVED We tackle the most common and excruciating problems faced by iTunes users on both Mac and PC . ( . 4 Pad 8< iPholle User 2012 ._.from iTunes Match -:::::1 4ir~~"i_ :~:~. Here are its highlights. iPAD THERAPY The iPOldis proving a powerful tool in of the treatment 26 autism conditlons.

u~e Movie Genii. 30 Mjcmwit 31 Sennheiser RS 220 head'phones MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 headphones 32 Snugg 2 in 1 Stylus and Writing P·en Adonit JotPro_stylus 33 Lenco iPT-2.S Pro 37 Wunderkit TransFire XP Buzz Contacts GAMES: 38 NOVA 3 39 Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 The 7th Guest Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy 40 Total Wile Battles 41 Gatt Cow? Sonic The Hedgeho9 4 Episode II Uplink REGULARS 03 WELCOME 06 READERS' LETTERS 10 t:lf. 51Ullace \/5 Maple jPad HARDWARE.USI.. 46 Get the look winh iPhoto Effects From subtle colour shifts to hipsterish 48 Organise your snap5 in iPhoto filters Master the Flag and Favourite functions. 55 Discover hiddenfeatulres in iOS's built-in apps I 30 MICROSOFT SURFACE ~ch ~~~~~o~:~~ top? ou-r~ preview compares Microsoft's new Surface Secret capabilities in your everyday apps. and if you can find it.BUYERS GUIDE GADGETS 12 NEVIlSENTERTAINMENT 66 OPINION CHRIS BREEN Wad & iPhone user 2012 5 . maybe you. 54 Get free Wi-Fi on t~e !London Underground Use email or even FaceTime when 6() feet under. 26 iPAD THERAPY Communication specialists discuss the iPad'5 advantages and disadvantages as a t~erapeutic tool. 22 30 REASONS YOI J NEED iDS 6 From 3D maps to Siri on the iPad.::.i81S..s ieeture. Pass on your love of mobile technology. can read th. P "1- J.. 50 Create a floor plan with MagicPlaln A simple app that makes layouts 52 Create a child-friendly iPad iI breeze. He\ I-~ 44 Retouch images in iPhoto We tackle the dramatic effects in the Brushes menu.iPAD & iPHONE USER 16 26 iTUNES HEADACHES SOLVED If you have an iTunes problem.23speaker dock InCase Pro Slider iPhonecase APPS: 34 Bento 4 for iPad T\fpe on PDF Potty Time with Elmo 35 MotionX Sleep GiI. if no one else can help. from Passbook to Facebook here's why iOS 6 is the bee's knees.HEADLINES 14 ~EW 42 SUBSCRIBE! 56 I:IJI.

tI{I iPhone memories I I got the origina. Coined my own phrase: "You're never alone with an iPhone.u ering iPhon.uk or visit twitter.Ltibl"!l113¥'''I~Ph~I~. Where will it end? Nikes Air? Marlboros Light? to use it in public as people stared. A bit like Attorneys General. After all.lllop!:he all-conq. Reminisce at bjt lyIM. 'MacBook' is the noun and 'Pro' is Just an adiective.~[. I can still recall marvelling at its beauty.:. I queued up I Funny to think now. Finall:y some keyboard/case revfews . ~"J.tOI . but it seems Iike it's been around forever It changed the technology industry so much that I think of the past couple of decades in terms of 'pre-iPhone' and 'the modern era'. Loving the new look: much more 'Apple'. Yes. What a nightmare it was to updatel Now I've learned my lesson. relax a tad and let us in Andy Hoad A remote training 11 limited epp is a grellt idea. In the same way.:i Happy birthday.comiipadipholleuser STAR LEDER I Ihave Ibeen pondering for some time why Apple has still not opened up the iPad for remote access.. Security could be part of the reasoning behind that. Stephen Dorritt "frcIm~""'~t. which celebrated the mllestone on 29 June and invited readers to share their favourite iPhone memories.e4S iPHONE5 EXPOSED New look What do you think of the magazine's updated des. shouldn't itt be iPods touch. allowing you to modify iWork documents and so on using your Ma. I might just splash outon that Monty Python app. it would be the final nail in the coffi n for every oth er tablet manufacturer Imagine beingl able to use Ieamviewer or similar to remotely access iPads to update or control content or train users in the field. but for months I was almost embarrassed Just got the new issue 63 through the post.613w I read on your site that the iPhone has Just turned five. our art director. And tons of good stuff in the issue too. then sync them to the iPad. Morg!ana Creely Thank you both.igm? Write in and let us know Redesign thoughts I APPtESiORE Gl!iI1':IIIn"'ig." David Wraith These are just a couple of the U pdati ng disasters I remember when iOS 5 Came out. And it's just not business users who would welcome it.Email us at inbox@ipadiphoneuser. '" dq. iPhone! responses to our 'Happy 5th birthday.)r J' ••. for the hard work she put into the redesign.' I'~oj J 6 Pad 8< iPhone User 2012 . rather than IMacBook Pros. Andrew Brian How Apple w.l iPhone on the day it hit the UK.I' ljollXt'l ''iI ~lo:. Surely if Apple allowed business IT departments to remotely manage their companies' iPads. iPhone'· feature. Nowadays people look at you funny if you use amold Nokia Simon Jary iPhone memories II I splashed out on the iPhone 3G on release day.co. I suppose iCloud permits Redesign thoughts ][ degree of remote access.pity they're not available in Australia! But great mag. Come am Apple. Andy. The new issue looks qood. When iDS 6 is available I'm going to hang back for at Bacard is Breezer? 11'I. Chris! Just no. Slhe lives more than 160 miles away and her learning curve would have been much shorter if I had been able to guide her remotely. iPhones 4S and so on? Chris Kabir No. My 83-yearold mother bought an iPad as her first computer a few months ago. Now you're being plural It always struck me that the correct plural of MacBook Pro should be MacBooks Pro.Any more than that's probably a bit too 'open' for Apple's liking.FI INSIDER GUIDE GET STARTED WITH iPHOTO "'. and looked down on me as some sort of gadget freak/show-off. We're really pleased with IPad & IPhone User's new look and we'd like to take this opportun ity to than k Mandie Johnson.

96 Proleclyourbubble Insureandgo Black ~ompe!itor price" obtained online on 21/05/2012. Finance smart i5mart Finane. cover. The competitor procuct "elected is the clcsest match to i~mart Based on 6 month old iPhone 4S valued at ["Oll.99 £8. Limited is an appomted representative of idRisk AdviSOry Limited which is authorlseo and regulated by the Financial Services Authority .49 £6. (0"'.Company name iSmart Gold Cost £6. 1 5 than 30 days worldwide es accessories valued at £50.

11 tihe new features along. usually the first to do it right Turn to ~ comparison for our thoughts with the iPad. London UNITED.. UK 2012 8 Pad 8< iPhone User 2012 .co. I'm looking forward to trying out the whole suiite of updates. All the features in the world don't make it worth an entire day trying (I to update my iPad.uk RODWoodcock roil qrant@idg. iPhone..uk 0r go to it! In "slisZ8dO ADVERTISING Group ad manager 002007756 002007756 2832 2833 Senior sales executive Ja m es Poulson james poulson@idq. but it's To!: 020 7756 2&00 Pnntar: Wynd. listing'S or aovernsements. the publisher ZJlfly .co. Richard. which I bought PRODualON Head of dig ita I pro d u eli on Richard Bailey 0200 7756 2339 richard oailey@idg. step forwa rd. but did n't seem to mind when I said that I wasn't would have to think about it. 1 D ~ Boston goad. KINGDOM Richard Patience You're right. i056 the update is a real ir'ed & iPhone User ls publahed by I[)G.co.uk Simon Jal)' 'i@idgcouk Kit Gould classic Apple: take a simple idea passes and loyalty .comlipadip~olleLhspr Art d irector 002007756 2381 Productionedltor OlD 77562376 Games editor APPWQRLD APP Download the iPad & iPhone User app . I'll never understand Microsoft why Apple and is adored as a tech innovator monster.Appworld! Search for' A Ppworld' WEB For all the latest iPad. legally rfesp:onsibie for il) cermet be held arttclss.uk !witt er com/iW dip FACEBOOK h Oil el J)f:r assistant 2918 We're sure to Iike you if you. and wonderfully Beneath the Surface Everyone is mockirng Microsoft as usual! "}.w. UK.co.facebQok.boarding British get on board.co. which shows this approach works!) John Pritchard Purchase ledger clerk Accountant PUBLISHING Editor ill chief 0200 7756 2379 Publ lshlnq director Mark H attersl ey mark hattersley@idg. when a dispassionate view shows each has led the wave and its Surface tablet ("Copying. on my oriqinal over the sure and of iPhoto and the iPad 3 (I'm still iPad.. and a head-to-head No materiel may be reproduce-d in whole or pert without written pcrmlsslon. Siri on the iPad and the 3D flyover maps might get the oohs and aahs. provided enough companies .CQ. then losing a bunch of apps when it finished.k least a week so the servers have had to chance to calm down. but BiLlGates was talking up the tablet PC concept years before the iPad came along.uk Alec Meer games iood@idg. is vilified as a corporate IDGI IDG UK..co. A Ikindly young chap in a T-shirt showed chugging me a. but it was still annoying!) TClifton issue 63).co. You can rea d about in detail on page 22.hleioh mandie allsoop@idg co uk Mand ie Joh nson iohnson@idg. N\N 1 2 RA of innovation at different times.eilfOir:.and seamless cards on the smartphone make it consistent.1 002007756 David fri(e david orice@idq. It's makes a nice change to go into a shop and get enth usiastic service without the 'hard sell' FINANCE Financial (red it (0 director ntro IIer Chris Norma'n Dawn ette Gordon Ly" McNicol Pari! Shah (I went back a few days later and bouqht a new iPad..uk Six of the best iOS 6 looks li~e another strong software update. but for me Passbook is the most exciting." Group Ltd 01621 877 777 01895 433600 Surprises in Store After reading your feature about the services available in the Apple Store (Apple Store Insider Guide. for that matter.uk Tom How tom hOW@idg. Steve Rachman Apple isn't always the first. 90t them back in the end. I finally went along to my local branch and took a look. It Lau ra Me Ewan laura meewiln@idg.m DiWffiulion: ("mag Pr.uk Ashlei gh AlIsoP!l a:.co.1uk CIRCULATION & MARKETING Marketing Marketing manager executive Ash Patel ash [!<atel@idg.co.ipadiphoneLJse~. on the Surface tablet." copyrighlllDG. 'Like' us! www. The accessibility updates are impressive too.uk_ iPad TWinER Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation CONTACTS EDITORIIAL Editor 0020 7756 2867 Editori. n ag ing director easy to use. All male".JOIN IN WITH iPAD & iPHONE USER EMAIL Get in touch via email and get o:n our letters pagel iobj)~@ipadjphQnp'J5er.". \Nhlt~ ~ry ~~r~ i~ taken. and iPod touch ne\AIS www.co.uk 0200 7756 2861 0200 77562854 internet). Apple 0200 7756 28M M.

and offers many features.s.com Synology eamoe mar or S~ogy make ehar.h()r p!!'OOi::JC'l!.- .d! ccmfl8t1)1' namM am ltadomii:!lt'k.or rospecbvo hciidnrg ... please visit www.cirlCi2lliDn i!l!i'IIdproduct marks doscriptions al anytima lOr witnDul nclk. of SynQbgy Inc. • NotiYe Mac support with easy setup for Mac and AFP protocol • . videos" and m'eson enyiOS devices • Extended AirPrint Support • Live view IP'cameras direcHy on your iOS devices Macworld Awards 2012 ~ CClpyrtgflt ~ pmdu!:ls 2012 For more information.Backup data using Time Machine • DS411sllrm • S1reammusic remotely on Mac or OS devices with ilunes and AirPlay support • View photos.&!Ji'k. OL.o lnc._ - _.cc:t synortigy noroin IS too ro-giamrcd thOIi' trodcrnal1<. SyI'lOlogy Inc AlII righl mentioned resc"".• •• • • .I.svnoloav. available: • • • ••• opps. ~ • •• • DiskStatiion DS212j NAS Serve'r A Secure Personal Cloud for Your Mac's Data Synology DS212j is an affordable storage solution for your Mac environment which maximises your iOS devices with five free • • Also.=: .a1"O ptO#lnfllary or regrSilerod 'ltadom.s Synolcgy 01hef an..gos to i!lpc.

" Many argue that the iPhone of altered the mobile phone market has become a huge generator explained Strategy Analytics I nthe five years since it first hit the market back in June 2007. Apple has collected a cool £96bn in revenue thanks to the iPhone. June 2007 in the US. units worldwide. not be compatible October When the sixth Take five In just five years. but not 3G. commented Ezra Gottheil of "This raises the question. the iPhone has transformed the srnertphone market and Apple's bottom both line it's likely to offer 4G (which may wiith the UK standard). Experts Surface line of lQ. "if the Surface is going head to head with the iPad.iPhone celebrates five years of success Five years and five models later. and in the UK in November of that year. specs. analysts say. experts say A Pple has little to worry about from Microsoft's that Microsoft's tablet-related but we found tradltlon- breaking move to sell its own tablets. poses Ilittle threat to the iPad's market dominance.rth d ay at th e top of its game. This first iPhone offered The iPhone 3G came along on 11 July 2008. which has assessed the impact of Apple's smartphone. consumer would prefer Surface over Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets. the impact of the iPhone is assessed The figures come from Strategy Analytics. GSM and EDGE. The iPhone 4 appeared on 24 June 2010. completely "The iPhone portfolio cash and profit for Apple. The iPhone 3GS was released on 8 June 2009. and the iPhone 4S on14 iPhone launches this autumn. "A quarter of a bill ion iPhones have been shipped cumulatively worldwide in the first five years since launch." explained a. he said: to this for two and a half years. Apple is going to reinvent the phone. and a "breakthrough The iPhone was released on 29 GPRS. sutfldently Technology compelling it feels like a copycat that may lack reasons for bypassing the original. of three Today. Microsoft's Surface tablet 'no threat to the iPad' Price may prevent Surface from providing a genuine challenge to Apple. iPod with touch controls". lit starts out behind the liPad in critical component and most importantly." Business Research. specifically the display: The Surface will probably be too pricey. why not just buy an iPad?" 10 iPad & Phone User 2012 . and sold 250 million smartphone TheiPhone executive director Neil Mawston." Jobs described the iPhone as a combination devices: a "widescreen a "revolutionary internet communicator". mobile phone". certain parts of the enterprise world that require Windowswould convince us that an iPad. but Microsoft's Windows tablets could prove a winner among business users. " The first iPhone was unveiled by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the Macworld Expo in San portfolio has become a huge generator of cash and profit for Apple "I have been looking forward Francisco on 9 January 2007.6in tablets products may have a place in little in the presentation that have predicted "Microsoft's based solutions. In his keynote address. and Apple reach es its f ift h b i.

a search for the word 'traffic' would previously have found apps such as Traffic Rush because the search term is in the apps name. of The Wine Navigator. Developers have noticed changes to the search algorithm Apple's App Stores. developer for 'wine' brings up navigation for its offerings. Apple's search may now be able to detect the content accuisition of Chomp. the Apple Product of the Year Award meanwhile won went to the new Pad. the editors at Macworld and sift through and iPad & iPhone User sit down devices all the products released in the past 12 months to find and reward the absolute finest.ar.~ . and the iOS Accessory of the Year was won by HyperDrive's CloudFTP. brought together The Macworld of the computer the cream This year. which is an app search engine that topic of the app. the prize for best headphones. _II!!!I_' ---. which impressed us with its Retina display. Nik Software won the iOS Video and Photography image-editing app. four months in Developers report that App Store search change could be first step after Chomp acquisition A Pple could be improving after its acquisition of app search engine Chomp. We honour the best and brightest and software to grace our offices and test labs over the past year. Apple's allows users to search for what apps do.. Snapseed. a clever cloud storage solution. To find out who the rest of this: year's winners were. industry held on 21 June. and the iOS Business and Utility award went to LogMeln Pro. The award for best speakers was picked up by JBL for the OnBeat Xtreme." the firm said.--_00II -- App Store search improved its App Store search. developers reported that searching 'traffic' PawPaw. rather than just names and keywords.. rather than Just what they're called. Denon's AH-C360s.it was number appears at about number 11 before. iOS Entertainment and Lifestyle award went to Spotify for app award for its impressive iOS. have apps "Search 140 and says the charnge has caused negative consequences and Wine Navigator (below iBeer) .. visit bit.~_ . Now. The 130 best Mac and iOS products of the year We reveal the winners of this year's Macworld Awards E v~ry ye.ly/LoXJ6Z . For example. also supports this theory. This year's. strong battery life and fast internet speeds.NEWS -~ "". and check out our detailed reviews of each product. Awards.

ar Rice Barsoom in 1912. VIDEO. BOOKS & GAMES NEW MUSIC ON iTUNES Ch ris Brown FORTUNE Following several push backs. The sixth album from award-winning songwriter Joss Stone Contrast. Lianne La Havas IS YOUR LOVE BIG ENOUGH London-born nominated Lianne was iin the BBe's General FiaS£Q UNFAITHFULLY YOURS Two years after thei r debut album. is set for Misty Eye. Ibut that hasn't stopped Aiden releasing his debut album. General Fiasco are back. It sees seven pensioners embark on author also created the star of another popular Disney movie: Tarzan. first friends and fellow CIA agents FOR Foster and Tuck Hansen discover they're both dating the same woman. including the first single from the album. MOVIES. This Means War Reese Witherspoon. 12 iPad & Phone User 2012 . Chris Brown's fifth album is now set for a July release. which was released in April and peaked at number 27 in the Official UK Singles chart. 'Burn It Down'. Maynard's debut album. slinger If X Factor in 2010.THE BEST NEW MUSIC. Now the band is planning to add to that figure with its fifth album. release on 30 Ju Iy. a zoo on its land. Judi lDend\ Bill Nighy and Maggie on Edg. The series of books. is based Mee. Burroughs' published Foolish Things. on The family take challenge the Smith. has a cast full of famous faces. Living Things The album has 12 new tracks. a trip to lndia. based on the novel These John Carter Disney's live-action science fiction movie. of reopening the zoo to the public. We Bought A Zoo is about a family who move into an old house that happens to have John Carter. includes 11 cover songs. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy star in this spy-themed romantic best comedy in whidl memoir by Be~jamin The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel This British film. Unkin Park LIVING THINGS American rock band Linkin Park has sold more than 50 million albums since it formed in 1996. including. Sound of 2012 poll. Aiden Grimshaw MJSTYEYE He came ninth in The Joss Stone THE SOUL SESSIONS VOLUME Conor Maynard CONTRAST Cruelly dubbed the Briti5h Justi n Bieber.

also obstacles and jumping coins while avoiding over deep caverns.. ------- ~ . • 11'. You control collecting sees suspended lawyer Brave star Merida. to make a new version of the best-selling app. is seeking revenge against the people who betrayed her family when she was a little girl. app will set you back £1.Season 1 Emily.. There's B ritta Perry_ a new archery feature in this 69p version of the game for iPad. add a line of sight to your catapult Episodes ... the upcoming US comedy series Dis. .\ I'. The app is free to download. Book Crawler lets users keep track of what they've read. ~. Matt LeBlanc returns in the muchanticipated Book Crawler This app is perfect for book lovers. ' . It's an annotation tool that lets you make notes on web pages" screenshots. Sanctuary began life as a successful eight"webisode series. 'f' . .: i \~.Season 2 Best known as J'oey Tribbiani from to improve accuracy.. forts.. Raylan is trying to recover from a gunshot Skitch for iPad Skitch is a free app from popular developer Evernote. or write a note on a photograph for later reference.. the developers behind Temple Run. The game has 30 cardboard-themed levels and is available for iPad from the iTunes Store for £1. as Scotland-inspired Jeff enrol in a community colleqe and set up a study group in the hope of winning of the heart you run as far as you can through environments. ernails and more.. Power up and upgrade cannonballs powerful impacts._. I Hart of Dixie ~Season 1 Starring The OCs Rachel 8ilson.NEWSI U H 51 1<1 F PSI c. There are aliso "'- for a third season. what they plan to read. stickers and fi Iter effects avai lable for less subtle edits..'. _l..:_ ~. inJUry. This Brave. ip.Season 2 Pixar movie.. and gives useful recommendations to American second series comedy..-. of this hilarious British/ Justified . Friends.ney has teamed up with Imangi.Season 3' Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens is back in the rural. This new 3D fantasy game is available to download as a universal app for 69p. • :4~\ . was overseen by Doom's Dave laylor and designed by World of Warcraft's John Chaflant. It on a map to could be used to draw directions send to friends. her journey ~ . Band Together This artistic adventure puzzle game..(.among other things.99.': ." II·it .Season 4 Syfy's supernatural science fiction fantasy show follows Dr Magm and her team as they seek out the Abnormals to learn from them and protect them.. Hart of Dixie follows follows footsteps L~ Dr Zoe Hart on as she in her father's to become a surgeon. ~~ 5 H W TO TOP THREE NEW GAMES Temple Run: Brave To promote VIDEO ON THE iTUNES STORE Community . created by three students during their summer holidays._ _.' . coal-mining. -- sanctuary . towns of Eastern Kentucky help with the decision about what to read next The universal Aviary Aviary is an image editor for iPhone that aillows photographers to enhance and edit their photos. the star of this critically acclaimed American drama.'. Catapult King . but there are some 69p m-app purchases for the effects packs. and use special moves like Earth Shock to cause extra destruction. I " ':. j. T"'''' " cardiothoracic - Revenge .. The level-based game requires players to rescu:e princesses from dragons and various other baddies including 'Nasty K~i9lhts' for more by firing cannonba lis at castles. bridges and more.d '& iPhoneuser 2012 13 . I Ii t.. iP~or!e or iPod touch..49 from ilunes.

Now. watching movies and so on. a hardback leather case for your new iPad or iPad 2 that transforms your tablet's appearance so iitwouldn't look out of place in the British Library The new case has the added feature of an interior support frame that can act as an adjustable stand for typing. novel way to protect your iPad way to protect your iPhone 14 iPad & Phone User 2012 . Twelve South has launched the new and improved BookBook Vol 2.THE BEST NEW KIT FOR YOUR iPAD & iPHONE BookBookVol 2 for iPad £6999 www_TINelvesouth_com You may have seen the original BookBook for iPad (bit. which we thought was already pretty cool. VERDICT:An improved version of this fun.ly/MGtJcB).

in conjunction with its cases.d '& iPhone user 2012 15 ._e_om VERDICT: These headphones could be a real boon for joggers and cyclists The NLUU ClickMate simply protects your iPhone.70 wwwiphonecazecom Caze clalms that the Zero 5 Ex isthe world's thinnest transparent iPhone case. The idea behind this technology.com DryCASEclaims its newest headphone offering will enable users to listen to music under water. a srna II Home button cover to keep pesky fin. BubCap £8.com These new Harman Kardon over-ear headphones are B luetooth-corn patibl e for wireless usewith an iPhone. Nuu ClickMate From£114. DryBUDS SPORT $39. is to let users hear traffic and warning sounds while jogging.70 WlNwaftershokv:om Aftershockz' 'bone conduction' headphones bring a new waly to listen to music.95 £12.. which delivers sound through the listener's cheekbones to the inner ear. A_ ca ble is included to enable users to listen to music with the headphones even if the battery is dead. for example. ip. preventinq accidents.co" uk VERDICT These BluetQoth headphones are perfect for music lovers ( AfterShokz headphones £12. If you love the design of the iPhone but want to protect it.gers at bay.U".99 (about £25) www drvcase. try BubCaps. AddOIlS include the PowerPlus battery pack. uk. this is worth a look.99 lAI\NW-aQnu. Its headphones sit in front of th e ear rather than in it. The built-in battery is charged via USB and the company claims they can last for up to 12 hou rs. To prevent this.harmankardon .NEWS GEAR GUIDE MULTI-FUN CTIONIAL: These iOS accessories can help you make the most out of your device Caze Zero 5 Ex Harman Kardon BT £219. Parents with young children might have noticed that kids love to press the Home button all iPadsand iPhones.99 ~cbubcap5. iPad or iPod touch..

iTunes Match and more BY KIRK McELHEARN 16 iPad & Phone User 2012 . we've got answers to your questions about iTunes.KS S.26 iTUNES HEADACHES SOLVED ILLUSTRATIONS BY Al.NNWALD --==-_ 26 iTUNES HEADACHES SOLVED Whether you're a pear Mac user.

and your playlists. I have four user accounts on my iMac. you can choose Show In Playlist from the contextual menu to see which playlists contain that track. Alternatively. You should quit iTunes before you conned and mount that drive. While in your music library. if you've been using iTunes for a long time) contains many subfolders.-. '" '" Is there a very qu kk and easy way to tell which iTunes tracks have DRM protection and which ones don't? Indeed there is . relaunch iTunes. Genius. and choose Open In New Window from the contextual menu that appears.d·& iPhoneuser 2012 17 . . Choose which of these folders you want to move..s should offer some clarity. if you sort by Kind by clicking on that heading in iTunes.~1'i . This works with the various libraries (except for the main music library). _ Umi\ (0 2" -eerns I Match only checked Item! Locked down A smart playlist lets you find your DRM-protected music live updl!llng 1 l----c:ince I OK.. Control-click or ri:ght-dick the item. this creates aliases.. the iTunes Store. The hard drive on my MacBook Pro is quickly filling up. AJter you've finished copying them.~..FEATURES iTUNES LIBRARIES MOVE YOUR LIBRARY AND OPEN MULTIPLE WINDOWS W orking. ip. From one.. Since playlists get synced. move the original folders to the Trash. you may want to open multiple windows How can I see whkh playJi5t or playlists (ontain a particular song? If you Control-click or right-click a track. These sol ution. many Depending on how you use iTunes and the size of your screen. . select the copied folders.... .. and then drag the fol'der to your ilunes Media folder.. you might want to create a playlist folder for each user and have tihem put their playl. 1o. Optionally.with a smart playlist ._-_.1IIo_1IIoj w ". and click OK). TV shows and other non-music items to an external drive? You can. It lets each user access all the music and create playlists.-~ . 1V shows andl more. press and hold Alt (on a PC) or 9€-Alt (on a Mac). type Protected AAC audio file and save the playlist..not just music. Can I move just my movies. which in turn contain movies. any content you add '10 your ilunes library for those folders goes to that drive. After that. you'll discover all your protected tracks grouped together. Start by going to the iTunes folder in the Music folder within your home folder. Tlhe iTunes Media folder (or iTunes Music folder. ana then copy them to the external drive. you can add the Kind column to iTunes' dlisplay (press Ctrl-J or ~-J. Is it possible to have more than one iTunes window open at a time? Yes.. What's the best way to let them all access my library and make playlists? This scenario is a good example of where i'lunes Match can be useful. On the external hard drive. select Ki nd. As long as the external drive is mounted.. [but also videos and books . Once it's mounted. Double-click almost any item in the ilunes source list (on the left) to open it in a separate window. with the iTunes interface and your library can be confusing at times. lin the text field.Just type Protected for the kind.. If you want to see all your files with DRM . __ . choose File> New Smart Playlist and set the first pop-up menu to Kind and the second '10 Contains.ists in that folder.

will that make the files match instead? iTunes Match doesn't match all the tracks it should.' Dcwnle>ad .000 non-purchased are incorrect. The onl:y ineligible tracks are those at bit rates of less than 96 kilobits per second (kbps) and files larg:er than 200MB. and iOS devices (up to total) am which you've enabled iTunes However... But your music-only available on your computers Many songs in my library are sold on the iTunes Store but have been uploaded rather than matched. you Apple's copies to replace your own poorly ripped MP3 files from a decade ago. Check the files by pressling Ctrl-I or 00-1 and lookinq on the contain podcasts. How can I get these songs onto my other devices? I. Will my playlists be available on other pes. However. fix those for you. or is there a download-all option somewhere? Just select the files you want to download and then Control-click the contextual downloads or right-click on from the selection and choose Download menu that appears. tracks in your iTunes library with those in Apple's catalogue upload a maximum can download you upload the ones it can't match (you can tracks). d Anwcrk t R. videos or music videos. Quick grab Download multiple tracks from iTunes Match via the iTunes contextual menu (I"a. AJ:Id.. And for the tracks iit does match. So even if you change tags on your affect whether iTunes won't • \ own this won't Also note that if you match songs whose tags A Pple's iTunes Match service compares the of 20 million songs. . found that many songs I bought from the iTunes Store turned out not to match. and all of them were uploaded.000 songs and just one music video). Sounds simple enough. NatUlrally. creating an acoustic fingerprint to match against its songs match. You can then access those songs via iTunes or your iOS devices whenever want. none of these were listed as ineligible. you but we've Do I have to download each song to my PC individlually by clicking on the iCloud symbol next to the song. and lets of 25. iTunes Match doesn't alter the songs in your library unless you choose to replace them.. be all the selected files. This your entire library.Getlnlc !!a.v. catalogue. too.o •• PI·. Will I lose this quality level if I use iTunes Match? Yes and no. iTunes Matcll ignores the tags and looks at the music alone. Match. Maes or iDS devices just as they are on my home computer? ilunes Match syncs and displays your playlists on all the computers lOin Match. 5u mmary tab of the Get Info wi:ndbw to see what types of files they are and their bit rates. indludes 1. Gn AI~um Artw . If iTunes has matched a lossless 'Sete:ulon Apply Scm field 18 iPad & Phone User 2012 .26 iTUNES HEADACHES SOLVED iTUNES MATCH WORK WITH APPLE/S f21.piI'ay NE::lCt In iTunes Add to . but not because of how you've tagged them. you're downloading prepared for the process to take a long time.ol'lal'lIU copv Delete tlnch eck I spent a lot of time adding CDsto my iTunes library in either WAVor Apple Lossless formats. If I change the titles' spellings to match Apple's.99-A-YEAR MUSIC SERVICE those playlists won't sync (even if a playlist playlists should be and iOS devices.ing rrU"" OJ OJ . and were no longer sold on the ifunes Store. if received dozens of questions about iTunes Here are some of the most common. So in your case. if you have playlists that A lot of my older downloads are protected AACfiles that are no longer available on the iTunes Store. there must be another reason...

white china had stocd.. I have more than 25. An hour of 256kbps 120MB. I'm sure that Apple is refining the If your data p!lan is limited...d '& iPhoneuser 2012 19 .yet the album isn't even sold in the iTunes Store example..lrned to Stephen and 'S·aid:. but still use your computer's i'lunes library when you listen via a stereo.. it seems that certain versions . iTunes Match sees those traciks as unfit for duty. them again using your original rips (you did keep backups.ly/liYLTbl. Store> Out of luck Files that are ineligible for iliunes Match . and then try matching. In some cases. And R05l!S . another computer from iTunes will be that track on And if you download Album bV .. an Phone. this information and iTunes periodically cheddnq is supposed to sync. Mulligan a. for new tracks in your library and 8 "iEmily 9 "My Foo. and many of those songs are indeed available on the iTunes Store.. In most cases. it will Unmatched similarly be 256kbps. although Match to download tracks to the computer able to sign up for iTunes Match.. takes up roughly Irs not clear whether Apple plans to provide a 'retry' option. you won't the music located in your library will sync. iTunes matched all but one track . music.000 songs. "'Thekey audio files that iTunes uploads get transcoded to a 256kbps AAC file first.. their 256kbps AAC files are fine for portable "'Two devices - taking into consideration such information. however.that's what you'll be downloading. you can still sync other iPod models diirectly I'm in the same boat..Uploaded ~ Mal!Ched "'Days Does this info sync wirelessly? In theory. you won't be able to download music while on the Tube. One (rather clumsy) solution is to select the tracks you don't want included and ci'i1ange their Media Kind to Voice Memo (Fiile > Geu Info> Options).. Apple even be ifunes. but again that doesn't affect your originals. Perhaps the best solution for now is to create a second Iibr ary just for iTunes Match purposes (bit. Matched . page 54) or you can get a 3G data signal...IJS 4 5 6 7 iPad back to your "Tiffany "Uke "L~rt~r ~ Matched . However. Willi be able to sync my iPod classic if I to iTunes Match? iTunes 105. I have many albums uploaded these match ing them. So you might want to use ilunes Matern to provide music to. prevent allow the matching others to sync without How can I an update by choosing Update iTunes Match from iTunes on your Mac or Pc.FEATURES track and you delete your master fil!e. Just look at the size of any of your music files . an older rernaster . you can use iTunes offers no way to exclude certain tracks .i. 6. Matched . Matched ip.'> Ineligible.. iTunes Match works only with computers (Macs and PCs running touches funning via of some songs and removing my library? and iOS devices (iPhones.say.• &Inel:iglble ..IUS & lneHglbl:e &'I .!. the excess songs from Unfortunately. the version you redownload 256kbps. How do you sync play counts played computer info from with your iTunes Match and lastturned on'? a ICOlJdSt. t!.display this iCloud icon and status limited storage space and the headphones you'll be listening through. for Odd matches For this Bi II Evans disc...Anisl a 1 2 ""Stalely "A "'He "'He "'Suck bowlof plump :Buck Mull'iga. you will use up a lot of data downloading and listening.... stood at the v'~"ge of t YOQ.llsh Heart 10" Nardis .like those with low bit rates . In general. If I switch listen to iTunes Match..won't match with a newer one" London Underground._'"Ineligible or an iOS device.. Network. to music stored in the cloud... where iTunes you use to sync the iPod classic. Matched Someone In Love To Evan Of Wine. lossless :3 4 S 6 7 downloading walked off quickly round the •. go to Settings on your iPhone and tap General> Turn off Cellular Data to make sure you don't accidentally use too much data..t once put on a.1 or later) subscribe No. men.!. iPads and iPod iDS 5. my music to myself And how up streaming can stream ilunes all the time? but iOS devices download iTunes it.lnel1iglble &I Ineligible 6) IneHglble :. For now the best thing to do is to delete the songs from iTunes Match. say. how can I while much to my music on my iPhone to gobble computers I'm on the Underground? data am I going First let's clarify Match content.if your library tips the scales. scraped round harshly.n ca. as you have done in the past Only as a workaround. While there's no guarantee this will work. or to put your iTunes Match library on a second computer.. has added But unless the Underground songs to match? Wi-Fi (see How to get free Wi-Fi on the Like you.. right?).0" 1 or later).l can force Kloud SL!. I've got lots of albums where just one or two tracks don't match. So althouqh you can listen to music on an iOS device while it's downloading. " Nlme -------~ rnetchinq algorithm.!.i. and I nope thinqs will -----'-- imp:rove over time. one or more 15 there songs instead a way to get of downloads the entire file. updates ilunes Match.

the artist. and set lists to field is to and lets you create smart playlists.a.l!W11 1!!i1il:!b-\CU •• . How do I delete album of songs? art from a group Select all the relevant files and press Ctrl-I or SC-I. There used to be a 'Has Artwork' in iTunes for smart get that now? playlists.va. ~lO 'Oil How can I make iTunes play the segued 50ngs tog. all the art .. 20 iPad & Phone User 2012 .. information Is there you find the music you want to listen but the comments to video files? a way to add more As odd as it sounds.l. C If you've already ripped the tracks. ". You're free to alter the tags. and click on the Options tab.~UJ. for any track: the name ~LlII:ll'.rII"!'l~IIojI.Z"P.• .i~. Mac owners can use the free Join Together to join them (dQ. .. the album and much more 'WihoI:. ~'ITJ!p... Op .800 characters. select the files you want to join and choose Join CD Tracks from ilunes' Advanced menu. There you'll find a Remember Playback Position option. Each time you sync. ilunes looks up the tag information online and adds it to your tracks.llij.1. This deletes. your best bet is to USe the Get Info windows approximately Lyrics tab. a way to save my place when to really long radio shows? ilunes Select the file from within iTunes. trnpl"Qm. 'Q~ voo. Be sure to read the instructions.JOIrtHl OU..~o!-~ O'iiunliLlJ Jru!tQI .. I'm track number or a genre. How do I Many of my songs segue into each other.7 Lion.ISCII 1'Md. choose File Store. Tick the box next to this well.no 6S{) & 89_ .1J:l4.tNII(o.t· !LMI1Qt~III. KMJ \4(DP'III:~ k(~~M. you can pi:ck up from that point on your portable device as well.h room for your needs.r:.. ADD CUSTOM TEXT TO TAGS AND JOIN TRACKS Create a smart playlist (File> New Smart Playlist) with Album Artwork pop-up in the fi rst To see which menu and Is True in the second to choose Is False.3:-141 N ~lIiIIII:.lbdloftJ.'ltU o. IU_I ~Itan WiIl'llUa1"~ 5orJ~ 1!I!Iiko o.)rCHno''W r. too small. even when shuffling? The best way is to join the tracks when you rip a CD. iTunes places a bracket next to the tracks that it will join when you click Import CD.lliIIlMfJI'iu' lL/lJU '16 PUi "'I'll J l.4!. r'anlJ~ fi.~t<lh.I!IIkJ5d'M. see which tracks have artwork. which Tags include such things as the name of a song or film. a should be more than enoug. A number of other ta. the option and click OK. option > Get Info or press: Ctrl-I/:l€-I. iH:hid~~I. What exactly are tags7 T agging files in your ifunes library helps I like to add personnel concert films. Yo~'11See an Artwork pane in the lower riqht corner of the resulting Get lnto window. I perform this manoeuvre often.." W.~utMi!.. and then click OK.t m•• 90 D..gs tell iTunes to do certain things.W . You're free to add pretty much all the in.even if there are multiple covers .lIliC~iT~~ NIi-NJ~!. Tag..1i99~ r.for the selected tracks. When you buy music from the information.u. such as skip files when you're playing music in shuffle mode.PO. The Summary pane of a track's Info window shows many of its tags. it comes tagged with aU the relevant And when you rip your own CDs. tracks haven't g. your current place gets synced as well.<. 140.ether.lI'II~ h!'ih:U"llIIihc lJ~ . you're it You can see many of the tags in the Summary pane of the Info window of the track.&:liftQd: Ul'll:2 .ot artwork..us-cri ts.. And album art gives you a visual reminder of what you're listening to. but if you sync that track to an iPod or iPhone. To combine segued tracks.com/ltunes). especially for live The Cure staples .formation Is there listening you want lin that tag. Tick the box next to Not only does iTunes remember where you left off. It holds 24. as some of its functions are limited under OS X 10.26 iTUNES HEADACHES SOLVED ALBUM ART AND TAGGIING DELETEART.bf" 5iP"!Ipl"~'I.

.. or use an external audio editor to alter the tr acks permanently. Save the smart playlist.. and the name of one of your desired playl'ists from the third. L:IJIgu_: Plot)' Off .. you can choose the overlap time for tracks ". "il"g' ilOnd. first select all the songs in the playlist. conned the thumb drive and then copy the music files into iTunes. so albums might not play in the correct order.d·& iPhoneuser 2012 21 .o.. you can aliter the start and stop times witihin the Get Info window's Options tab.~"ldon Show' clQs. with the playl'ist selected in the source Iist.lei. To import this playlist into iTunes on another computer. I listen to a lot of plays as audiobooks. Next. sinee the play count increases to 1 Note that you need to change the files' media kind to Music (select the files. 15 there a way to combine many small tracks into one 50 there are fewer tracks? I have recordings of all of Shakespeare's plays in my ilunes librery The easiest 'Ihing in this case is to create a smart playlist: for example.-td CaptiOdI"..and then cliick the Options tab and choose the Media Kind menu). and Plays Is 0. When you select this and choose a time in seconds.nc! CI1. Save this file on the thumb drive.tnj'I. it gets removed from the playlist. Next. The first is to drag the playlists you want to listen to on to the ilunes DJ icon in the source list: this adds their tracks to iTunes DJ. whiich will contain all the songs iin the selected pleylists. If you have specific songs with portions of silence in the tracks themselves. Click on the plus-sign button (+) to the right of that Iins and do the same th ing again. Choose File> New Smart Pllaylist. or set up a mix of dozens of artists._ E/lgli<h Crisscross If you use the Crossfade Songs option. make sure to select Match Any Of lhe Following Rules P laylists let you organise music in many ways. In the resulting window. fading from one to the next. all with a few clicks. Can I copy a playlist and the songs it contains from iTunes to a thumb drive? If you want to import that playlist into ilunes on another computer. Allbum Is The Tempest. Rather than listening to an album. Another way is to create a smart playlist that contains those multiple playlists.g: 'WlIten 'l'lrlllilbl' at the top of the window. The album name attached to the file would be the same each time. ilunes segues tracks. adding a different playlist. Can I combine several'favourites' playlists so they play together in iTunes? There are two ways to do this.Export Pilaylist. M*'W-Clhmlil' 1111N d grm II'I!'I!I. Before you dick OK to save the smart playlist.. . choose File> Library> Import Playlist and select the playlist file you exported earlier. you could add one version of a song to each playlist... As you play each track.. Is from the second. and then drag them to the thumb drive. But keep in mind ip. press Ctrl-l or :3€-I. lRepeat until you've added alii the playlists you want. choose Playlist from the first pop-up menu.FEATURES PLAYLISTS AND MORE CREATE HELPFUL PLAYLISTS TO LISTEN THE WAY YOU WANT that the track number will be whatever iit is for the master fil!e.!rd d. Ths playl~st will display in the iTunes source list. but it would appear in the playlist as though it were from the album for which you created the playlist. But if you created playlists for each of your albums..cJc ~'V 141166 Ril"!lil . Try turning on the Crossfade Songs option in iTunes' Playback preferences. Audlo w. with all the songs that you added. 'I!!!mndl lZ .g. Artist Is William Shakespeare. choose File> Library :>. Can I remove the breaks between songs? The tiny gap between tracks in iTunes can be really frustrating. yo u can choose yo ur f avo urite tre cks by on e artist.rOn . Is there any way to associate a single song file with multiple albums? You can't tag one song with multiple album tags.

10 REASONS YOU NEED IDS 6 YOU NEED • Apple's new operating system is due to arrive in September 30 REASONS and will introduce a raft of new BY MAR K HA TTE RSLEY features for IIPhone. 'f oI"Ii. iPad and Pod touch owners • _ .~.. 22 iPad & iPhone llser 2012 . Jane APPlese~ mOOJ~ .Io - ~" .

you'll be able to read posts in the Notification Centre (accessed by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen) you can also post directly from here. It also interacts with the new 3D mode in Maps. " turn mode. it now works more tiglhtly with iOS) .. which will enable you to access Siri on your phone by pushing a button on your car steering wheel. 5 Eyes Free There's a new feature that works with Siri called Eyes Free.. Clicking the 'i' button next to a Pin opens up a window with an address and contact information. 50 as you'd expect it looks pretty special. which renders 3D models of cities in real time: enabling you to pan. •••• '¢ 2 Yelp reviews One feature in Maps that's incredibly welcome provides reviews of businesses and other locarl information. This should make it easier to interact with Facebook on the iPhor1€ . ~I~ 4 Tum-by-turn navigation One area that Maps has taken a definite and undeniable turn for the better is with built-in turn-by-tum navigation (sat-nav) technology provided by TomTom.. A nice touch is that Siri can be used to create Facebook and Twitter posts.d·& iPhoneuser 2012 23 .FEATURES 1 Apple-designed Maps Apple Ihas completely replaced Google Maps with its own app The cartography has been designed by Apple. and then superimposed the images on to the 3D buildings. While Apple is typically coy about the technology used. but some enterprising company may be able to install a supporting button in current ones.. This means that once you've connected iDS to Facebook your Contacts will sync with Facebook. 4 Turn-by-turn navigation Pedestrian and driving instructions will be updated as you move around 7 Facebook notification Once Facebook is set up. 3 Flyover This stunning feature lets you rotate and zoom into 3D models of cities 8 Facebook contacts Perhaps the most useful Facebook-related feature is direct integration with the Contacts app. and developers will be able to use the SDK to let you share from apps directly. 1 Apple's Maps Google Maps is being replaced by Apple's own cartography app -I~. it'll also update on your iOS device (although this was included in the Facebook app. 6 Facebook Facebook is a central part of i05 (you set up the account and password in Settings). along with a nice rrotating satellite graphic Clicking on the Reviews tab enables you to see what other people think of the business This is all provided by the Yelp service. but integrates features thmughout iOS. these will change in your Contacts app ip. Like Twitter. the Maps app uses TomTom data to inform you of relevant traffic conditions. The button will be implemented by major car manufacturers (such as BMW and Audi) in new vehicles. This enables you to get pedestrian and driving instructions that update as you move around. So if a friend changes their email on Facebook. It looks amazirng. rotate arnd zoom around an extremely photorealistic 3D view of a city. In turn-by- 8 Facebook contacts If a friend's details are updated. it seems that the company has built 3D wireframes and flown aircratt over a city hom numerous angles. 3 Flyover The marquee feature in iOS 6 is the stunning Flyover view. this also works alongside the regular app that you download hom the App Store. although it appears to offer less detail than Google's mapping service (this may be because Apple's cartographers are still addingr detailed information). you cam also share photos and web pages directly to Facebook.

16 Do not disturb If you want some peace and quiet. and then receive Reminders when you arrive at that location (rather than just by specific times). but no sound will be made). you can choose from a set of three stock responses to send 20 Password Office docs You can now open password-protected office docs. restaurant". 13 Phone app: Remind with message It you can't take a phone call. but you may find it suits the 19 Add images to email There's a new way to insert photos or video in the Compose window. i:ncreasilligly. You can now tap tap the right the text to bring up the window. and will be able to provide detailed information different mentioned showed off baseball information. The settings are currently Notifications. about players and statistics. 18 VIP inbox iOS 6 introduces a second Mail inbox called VIP that displays messages in your main inbox from selectee! people (or groups). which will make life easier for those of us who have to view these (previously we could view them using an app lilke Docs. fourth 21 Apple Passbook Passbook is another new app that willi become a vital part of the iOS experience.30 REASONS YOU NEED iOS 6 II! ~ . . and when Do Not Disturb is activated. but one of the most important users is that there's now international for Siri to locate business information information. So you can now ask Siri for business me an Italian and get search results in Maps. then arrow twice (which moves to Quote Level.and third-generation iPad models run Siri. that it would Premier League. Scott Forstall and include the English 17 Do Not Disturb schedule You can also schedule Do Not Disturb. Once you've picked a photo or video clip. which will make it infinitel:y more practicall. 14 Phone app: Remind me when option. way" and "What's option "I'm on my "Custom" up?" A. a moon icon appears in bar. works in largely the same manner as the iPhone 4S. such as Home and Work.es. An Allow Calls Fmm setting enables exceptions for people or g:roups of people (the default is Favourites). While tbis is a small feature. this option will silence incoming calls and messages a message: "I'll call you later". lhere's turn the function the top for UK in on or off. such as "find which enables you to silence incoming to' support and messag. 15 Reminders You'll now be sent a reminder when you arrive at a specific location 11 Sid app launch Another new Siri feature (one that's working in the beta) is the ability to lau nch apps just by saying their name to Sirii. 16 Do Not Disturb Another neat new feature is Do Not Disturb. tnsert Photo or Video) and click this to sit-back nature of the iPad better than the make your choice from the Photos app. Only the second. receive any phone calls or alerts (messages will still arrive. When this is activated you won't Maps. it'll be inserted into the email iPhone.. 10 Siri sports and films Siri has also lesrnt about sport.2Go). You push up the Answer Call slider (in a similar manner to accessing the Camera from the Home Screen) to get to the responses 24 iPad & Phone User 2012 . card) when people purchase tickets for events or book into an airport (and get a boarding lets you type in your own text. you call IIOW ask Siri the reminder when you move from that place. With iOS 6 yOIJ will be able to set locations. I leave A nice touch is the Remind Me When I leave which uses location services to deliver 10 Sports and films If you want to keep up to date with the latest scores. 12 Siri on iPad Siri is now also available for the iPad: holdirng down the Home button brings up a Siri box It that pops up next to the Home button. the packed nature of iOS Home screens makes it a welcome one. These VIPs have a star next to them (you indicate who's a VIP using Mail messages or contacts). and loceted in the Here you can dick Schedule on use the From and To pickers to choose qui:et hours. So owners of the firstgeneration iPad are out of luck rnessaqe. calls a switch in Settings to 9 Siri business in the UK iOS 6 brings a number of improvements Siri. 15 Reminders app The Reminders app will have location services built in.

you can use Guided Access to draw circles around buttons inside apps you want to disable. 30 Photo comments and alerts 21 Apple Passbook This handy app will store all your electronic tickets and boarding passes You can now add comments to your Photos: when they're shared with other friends they'll g. 50 you can read them \N~thout hav[ng to reload the page. 29 Shared Photo Stream Photos ta ken on an iPhone can be viewed on another iOS device 22 Safari iCloud Safari makes use of iCloLUdSYlilcing to enable tabs open on one iOS device.d·& Phone user 2012 25 . It's not a marquee feature.I ~ X ....er circular button. Photo Stream works with iCloud.es to read later) has been available since iOS 5.. Passbook is an attempt to provide an integrated iOS solution that holds all of these in an Apple app... limiting the amount of interaction with an app. This will work incredibly well for users (mostly in the US) with 4G LTEconnections.r .r x x Ava i'able X = U ""vaif" ble ip. When installinq apps. 27 Apps and songs in Facebook Another neat Facebook feature is that you can now like and share appsend songs from the iTunes and App Store apps to Facebook. 24 Guided Access This is an interesting new Accessibilrty feature. This makes it easier to reinstall apps using the Purchased menu. These can then be accessed from the Home screen. you can see the loading bar inside Store itself. 29 Shared Photo Stream You can now share photos and albums from your Photo Stream with other iOS 6 users. Next and Previous track buttons have a dividing line between them and are more distinct.r X .. to [be quickly accessed on another. You can now scroll left and right across categories. primarily aimed at children with autism. You'll be able to select photos and share them with other iOS users. Clicking on the small iCloud icon in the menu [bar enables you to view all open web paqescn all your devices. rather than just Wi"Fi. What's more. greyish desiqn with grey buttons at the bottom (more in keeping with iTunes on the Mac). so clicking the Home button does not leave the epp. While it's a small feature it makes the Photos app much more sociable. or inside the app itself . and they'll appear inside their Photos app. orne new features. but will be incredibly useful to those who [ike to use VIP Mail Of nine R""dir"l9' l.. say. so pictures taken on an iPhone. will be displayed on another iDS device. 26 New App Store 80th the App Store and Music Store also have a new look and s.et alerts and notifications. So YOUI can present a barcode from your Passbook App and scan in at airports and events.FEATURES these are sent electronically. Once turned on (by triple-clicking the Home button) it locks the device to a single app.ist . and the S!lider controls have a larg. 23 Offline Reading Ust Reading List (a feature where you save interesting web pag. FaceTime on a regular basis. 25 New-look Music app The Music app now features a refreshed design with a lighter.I .r . but now it wi[[[ cache the pages. The Play. 28 3G FaceTime You'll now be able to use FaceTime video when connected via 3G.

• The iPad is proving a powerful tool in the treatment of autism conditions BY A ROSS • ___ P lenty has been written about the way the iPad opens up computing for those who have traditionally struggled with it. which was rather limiting. and those who have temporary speech impairment brought on by an illness. Fletcher-Watson adds: "A lot of evidence says that people with autism tend to have real strength when it comes to working with techology. they learn really well in a technological environment. however. But one of the areas where it's really making conditions." Sue Fletcher-Watson of Ediinburgh University. She is currently involved in 26 iPad & Phone User 2012 . people who says Dr waves is in helpiing those who struggle to communicate at all This includes those with autism-spectrum have had a stroke. such as sign languages. "I do think the iPad is revolutionary. were problematic in that the person you were with had to know it as well. symbols and gestures can be translated into speech that's easily understood by everyone." she says With the iPad." a project designing apps to help children with autism "Before the iPad. most of the communication communicating tools we had. An additional advantage is that the iPad has particular appeal for people with autism. such as the elderly.

FEATURES The iPad's simple."'------------ . some children can hold computer . [ ~. device.e..although back a bit at fi rst. predictive text-to-speech app menu !l!!Kty-.icated communication-aiding technologies apps and is that you can run a variety of different The website Apps for AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication.le to master more complex technoloqical systems. which makes speech therapy apps.=i==ii=j1Iiiit cornrrrunications. so you might have a picture of a crisp and people can't really make out what it's meant to be. difficulties and autisticMany communication all Gaining a voice Predictable is din irrtu itive. on it. These text-to-speech Stephen Hawking technologies have been around for a long time ..sL "Our app doesn't teach language it supports children's learning of and a finger when someone's pointing. so if the tools would have carted around flash th inqs up there's a predictive element. has been aimed a free app. so it's a little hard for them to learn that this is a screen they can touch.. The iPad is a accessible. you have a flexible platform where if one solution turns out not to work too well. the iPad is that you can have several There's an app for that One of the advantaqes of the iPad over ded.. sut with these apps.think at and his speech-generating at autistic children . FindIMe(Autism). communication to help children practice forming sounds or combinations Meanwhile." be the right platform: But she adds that it has to "It isn't for everybody. for for Yo<> F-:::. games and sounds particular of sounds. "With like Predictable (itun.ignificantly easier for people with serious communication difficulties." .. "Speech therapists find the iPad a fun and flexible tool for working therap.et these flash cards.net lists more than 200 tools for helping improve people's communication there are more on the picture-based in various ways.r=::. and a schedule to help them get through day in a structured way.-. With the iPad. • and can help them gain some independence. and ilunes App Store.. and the:n a social stories app." Such apps can make !:ife s.. yOLU can move on and try another. with dedicated apps. the user can feed in or point to what they want to say. This gives the user a record of what they've done. a a different with an autistic-spectrum condition you might have a communication the app to. Previously.ists would with children.::::::. Rachel Moore of The Ace Centre. It's an attractive a lot of people. you press the symbol for crisp and it says 'crisp'. You can also... and there are plenty to choose from.d·& iPhoneuser 2012 27 .it's available at explicitly: following i1llo. such as paying attention ip." explains Fletcher-Watson.help them say what they want to say." of role.." ~ cards. make a enormous mainstream it looks cool- app that's accessible and appropriate. find that convenient. and 10 speed Speech therapy Rebecca 8right is a director of Therapy Box. Apps that help develop speech often use systems. who can strugg. social skills..store whole phrases or sentences. but they can be hard to understand for people who aren't used to them. each fulfilling '·'50 for someone SIlo. says Rachel Moore. an that helps iderntify what would best support people's it can adds: "If you can find an difference.. responsive interface is also highly suited to young children. .:::::::wr=:U=." organisation ted-mologies are suitable on an iPad the therapist she enthuses. Social stories apps allow people to take a photo and write a brief text for each stage of an activity.and to a lesser extent the iPhone and iPod touch ." apps special ists have found it to be a flexi ble and tactile platform that lets them accomplish kinds of tasks with their charges.." Rachel Moore points out that one of the biggest advantages apps loaded. tools can be fearsomely "Young children seem to find it very intuitive . it's financially zx c it can be very motivating platform people to use. sfJlraac. books and photocopies.as a versatile tool for people with communication spectrum conditions.but such dedicated expensive. such as going to the shops or visiting a respite centre. with a simple picture-based @E_"".esJibf4LQ)._. Fletcher-Watson explains: "You can g. "There are several ways these text-to-speech systems can work. and the iPad will actually speak the words or phrases. and can be used to help them prepare for the next time they do that activity Recently Fletcher"Watson developing ibf4YX. and they don't work for everyone. if someone's literate and can spell out a message they can type it on the keyboard. She isn't alone in seizing on the potential of tbe iPad . because they've been told not to touch the T\/." she explains.

it's very easy for parents to go and get one and download working be very expensive . you get an animated sequence. They point at thinqs around the shop they want and you Rebecca Bright aqrees." Fletcher-Watson points out the app can help children with autism learn how to follow social cues. it can be a challeng.M support adaptable difficulties and appealing and with the the iPad can be a fantastically tool.althouqh iPad 'Not a magical solution' Speech and communication hugely complex to support. "There's a red uced-scale version on ilunes and we had about 4.1 be a lion. a little human being. and if you get five. The response has been pleasing.iPAD THERAPY Find Me(Autism) works as a two-stage "The buzz around the iPad can give people false expectations. says. available. the character is shopping. "In the first part there's a character. rig. and there are other things on the screen that we call distractors: 50 if he's in a jungle. Bright adds. Another potential drawback is that iPads everyone can be rather fragile . vou get a verbal trigger." Bright now have to touch the things they are pointing at. tool has been so great that there's a danger people that can help those with communication develop their skills and better with the wider world. "There are so many applications available that therapists up to date with the latest apps. "One of the is that because iPads are so easily an app ." polnt isn't the iPad but the individual: need to find the right technology suitable tor many children. We would say the starting you for them.e to grasp that they can be used for other purposes. and the right answer is to touch the person.which (an Touching app The Somantics app aims to stimulate interest through touch and gestu re input game. andl one single approach that works for everybody. "In the second part. this is much less of a problem. you get a little reward . As Rachel Moore points out." The sheer scale of the iPad app market poses an extra problem for therapists. drawbacks " she says. problems can be and there's no & iPhone User spoke to pointed out that with the right case. solution there wil. been articles in the media which talk about the iPad as treatment This hype needs to. If you do. But for the right individual. in the first need to work to keep she says. "While the iPad is it's not a magical for everyone." she says. the excitement around the iPad as a communication view it as a miracle solution. or a hippo. For some autistic people who are used to using their iPad to watch videos or listen to music. be balanced with the standard assessment and advice from trained speech and languag. communicate 28 iPad & Phone User 2012 .e therapists.000 downloads month.it's a token. Sometimes there have for various conditions.and then find out it isn't very well.

.... ... IiIII .._ _ __ ........ 111 .... 1I'IiII' .iI"III . • . -..HI • . .. ............ .._._ . .~'CP-. ..... per month" SAVE UP TO 80% ............._....._..... .... - .. '_'_IIIIIIIIIIIII" rJI ._ .... - ojIIIIIIIIIIIII ........ . ..

0.048 x 1. The Surface has two 'UfeCam' cameras. 50 this can be added to. mind.3 mm Screen: 10.7irn. oft has announced two t.11 alb/gin Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.64GB 30 iPad & Phone User 2012 .5Wh . 32GB. it's a honed. with no expansion available via card slots.5Wh Storage: 32GB. 662g Thickness: 9.536 pixel multi-touch display Processor: dual-core Apple ASX Battery: 42. Screen: Microsoft hasn't given fulll details of the Surface's screen. It's expeded to hit the shelves in October SPECIFICATIONS MICROSOFT SURFACE Weight: 676g Thickness: 9. But the Surface has an appealing OS of its own. The iPad has 802. Microsoft has yet to offer a fiqure for the Surface's battery life. and only the Pro model is slated to get a fullHD display. Battery: On paper the iPad is ahead on battery capacity. Surface to air Microsoft's Surface tablet is physically similar to theiPad.ablet'> s that will enter the market in a few months' time. 32GB and 64GB. The iPad has a SMp rear-facing camera and a VGA-quality front-facing counterpart. The Surface remains an unknown quantity in this area. rated at 42.7in 2.and their features. of course.536 Retina display. The higher-end Surface Pro is a more distant prospect. 16GB.to the Suriace's 31 .iiPad and Surface . It's a powerful chip that makes tile Retina's blockbuster visuals a possibility. We are all fans of iOS. and manufactured by nvidia Storage: The iPacl comes in three storage options. O.5Wh Storage: 16GB. we've put together a simple comparison of the two devices . Connectivity: The Surface boasts USB 2.5Wh. to see how they match up. at 10. We do know irs larger than the iPad's.4 mm Screen: g.REVIEWS HARDWARE REVIEWS Microsoft Surface VS Apple iPad OUR HEAD-TO-HEAD BY CHRIS MARliN iUO. but Microsoft has not given any detaus of these.4mm: that's too minute a difference to be noticeable.3mm compared to 9. To see if Apple has much to worry about. The Surface is a bit heavier. MinoH!) Video and a 2x2 MIMO antenna for Wi-Fi.which translates to a battery life of 10 hours .6in rather than 9.048 x 1.6in ClearType HD display Processor: nvldia-made ARM chip Battery: 31. Cameras: 80th tablets have dual cameras. so we can assume that the Surface will have a significantly lower resolution than the iPad's 2. Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 designed for ARM processors: it includes the new touchfriendly Metro-style interface. as well as a limited version of the traditional Windows desktop for running lntemet Explorer and Microsoft Office. but we know its processor will also be ['AdDhll PITS APPLE AGAINST MICROSOFT IN THE BATILE OF THE TABLETS M ARM-based. but the tablet has a microSD card slot. userfriendly platform with a hlUge ecosystem of third-party apps. Microsoft hasn't mentioned Bluetooth connectivity. Good luck with that. 64GB NEW iPAD (3RD GEN) Weight: 652g. The Surface is marginally slimmer at 9. Mfcrosoft has opted for only 32G1Band 64GB models. Processor: The iPad has a~ Apple A5X dual-core processor based on the ARM Cortex A9 architecture with quad-core gJaphics. but uses the tile-based Windows 8 RT interface. Software: This could be the biggest difference between the tablets. but the ARM-based Surface will be taking on the iPad in the near future. Physical build: The two tablets are similar in terms of size and weight.

The first thing you'll notice is how they are to wear. priced at around £350 when shopping online.sionally the sound was a bit muddy around the edges. Matt Egan READ MORE: bit IWiEBITW ip. to connect three audio sources and switch between them. the fit was almost too good. features unit doubles dock for the and also includes their iPod or iPhone. The padded red cushions the earpieces sink into the contours of your lugs and the li:ght plastic headband top of your Bluetooth find your ear with your hand. Air-Fi but we think play. They do take a few hours to Using the on-ear buttons controls: a mu'ltifunction charqe. and. However. which means that you can quickly divert the audio from the headphones to an external speaker system.the RS 160s are unit will half the price . That's a lot of money. The RS 220 is the flagship of the range. MEElec VERDICT For a set of BI uetooth Bluetooth headphones headphones in this and price range" the Air-Fi AF32 on-ear stereo are comfortable offer g. There are also matching pass-through outputs In the dock The wireless transmitter doubles as a charging dock £349 S~nnhelse. call and end.but the extra input and output **** features built into the transmitter appeal to audiophiles and home cinema buffs who want to integrate the RS 220 into their home entertainment system. and RATING LIKES. battery life had them streaming. unlike plenty of other headphones pleasure to wear for a long time. CD-quality audio They're not portable. Leaving aside minor quibbles about hot ears not-quite-perfect claims the AF32s have a talk-time Product page ~ of more than 10 hours. though. the transmitter up as a charging headphones. And you can't beat the feature set or battery life. you can use these headphones. so irs a number of other useful There's one analogue allowing you and two digital inputs built into the transmitter. and the volume control. MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 GET SOLID AUDIO WITH THESE COMFY WIRELESS CANS A quality .There are only three button for power. producing a sound that is clear and detailed yet also rich and warm. we really like them. these things can be . The padded earpiecss comfortable.. Cliff Joseph READ MORE: bitlyJM8ScNI hours. a forward and back button. were a seal wirth our ear. used when there's no one else around. Our time usi rng the M EElectronics Air-~i AF32 principally for listening to and music however. Another strength is battery life. technology using RFthat allows take an alternative frequency - them to transmit uncompressed. in your for each source.d '& iPhoneuser 2012 31 .ood sound quality. podcasts suggests this is a fa ir rati ng.. MEE Heat up your ears with some wireless disco beats £70 MEElectronlcs • ~ a little and a run in if not steaming. head. Sound does leak out of the perforated earpieces. Bluetooth app~ly extra compression Sennheiser's radio never been the first choice for audiophdes to your music. MEE.RATING: ** *** = OUTSTANDING 1 **** REVIEWS = VERY GOOD 1 *** = GOOD I ** = FLAWED 1* = UNACCEPTABLE Sennheiser RS 220 IMPRESSIVE WIRELESS HEADPHONES WITH MULTIPLE INPUTS M any people like the convenience Bluetootfh wireless headphones of using with does To help justify the high price. comfortable t £70. If you Can AF32 Bluetooth you may be pleasantly surprised. Occa. ~ Solid sound qual ity • Comfortable to wear • Impressive battery life DISLIKES: • A bit bulky • Can be hot to wear **** is as simple as audio. In our tests pairing worked virtually seamlessly. stop. The pads formed a good we've tried. but they're a g. but for the price the AF32s produce very solid audio. bass and middle with clarity. • Expensive • Not portable RS range of headphones approach. Indeed.reat choice if you want to kick back and wallow favourite music at home. are very and the batteries will last for 6-8 so they're best VERDICT There are less expensive headphones provide comparable that qual ity . you may not expect the very best from the MEElectronics headphones. of course. and a listening time of at least 12. ~ • Product page btl fMW K 6 RATING LIKES: • Excellent sound quality • Multiple inputs and outputs DISLIKES. but the headphones sound great. and sound quality was really good for a Bluetooth headset: we could It's pick out treble. as our ears tended to overheat the gym all MEE. as they require a separate RF transmitter to be plugged into you r audio source.

we found it generally very responsive during: our tests. If you have an iPad. while firm enough to give the user good control. but its rubberised tip lacks the precision of more expensive alternatives such as the Adonit Jot Pro (below).99 Adonit • wwwadon.REVIEWS HARDWARE REVIEWS Snugg 2 in 1 Stylus & Writing Pen SMOOTH iPAD/iPHONE STYLUS WITH INK PEN FOR NOTES comes with a cap to help prevent absent-minded USersfrom accidentally snawling on their iPad with the wronq end. a small plastic disc with a metal insert attaches to a ball joint. Comfortable to use DISLIKES: . The ink pen on the opposite end of the stylus Take note The Snugg 2 in 1 is both a stylus and a traditional pen £9. Jim Martin READ MORE: bitlytKAP6Xo RATIING LIKES: ~ Offers great precision ~ Build quality . Build quality is top-notch. Ibut doesn't snap into place so it has a tendency to falloff The Snugg: has an easily replaceable cartridge. and is a pleasure to write with. designers and busy note takers. Use of a screen protector is recommended *** * IMX 61C 9 32 iPad& Phone User 2012 . And with the increasing popularity of drawing games such as Draw Something.. Ashleigh Allsopp READ MORE: bitlyfJHTxEn RATIING LIKES: **** . Instead. or writing. playing games. It pays to write and draw slowly.. A spokesman disputed that snatches are a problem. To tile point The Jot Pro's clear plastk disc offers precise control £24. It's lightweight and portable. which may break the disc if the cap is off. with an aluminium barrel and a rubber grip. there appears to be the potential for the disc to scratch your screen if it's not clean. Inexpensive .g 2 in 1 Sty:lus &_ Wlriting Pen (Quid be the ideal candidate to meet that need. and customer reviews are bitterly divided on the matter. The Snugg stylus is a bargain tool for amateur artists. It also has the added bonus of a traditional writing pen and headphone jack attachment for safekeeping. too. Ibut the Jot Pro is the only one that doesn't have a chubby rubber tip. paintinq. but they're W not stronq enough to hold it in place. Stylus lacks precision Adonit Jot Pro PRECISE STYLUS THAT SPIURNS THE CHUBBY RUBBIER TIP e've seen many different styluses for capacitive touchscreens. but heavy enough to make using the stylus feel as natural as writing with a conventional pen. The Snug. But at £9. We think a spare disc should be included. iOS users are finding: that they're missing a crucial accessory to improve their scribbling skills. but we think a few small marks appeared on our screen protector while using the stylus. Adoniit says the Jot Pro will 'cling' to the bezel magnets.. With the added ink pen and headphone jack attachment features. If you move the tablet or tilt it. The clear plastic means you can see what you're drawing. Worse. The Jot Pro is expensive. However. so might not be ideal for the more serious iPad illustrator The tip is suitably bouncy. we think you can't g. at press time Adonit was still recommending the use of <3 screen protector. The disc remains in contact with the screen up to around 45 degrees. but it's well made and comfortable to use..99 it's perfect for the average touchscreen device owner who wants to use it for drawinq. After usinq a rubber-tipped stylus.. A screw-on cap protects the disc when you're not using it and can be attached to the other end of the stylus when you are. though. as we found the stylus didn't always make continuous marks if we moved it too fast across the screen. the finger is the perfect input device for the iPad and Phone.tuk com Product pa!:le btl VERDICT Much more accurate than a rubber-tipped sty Ius. but certain apps call for something more accurate. it's still not perfect. the Jot Pro falls off..99 TheS~ugg·~ P~od\J(t pa~)e' ~ VERDICT For professional artists looking for a more advanced tool. Replaceablecartrioqe . Headphone jack attachment DISLIKES: . F or most purposes. taking notes and more. You don't get a spare disc and replacements cost £7. The cap can be positioned over the stylus end while writing on paper.o wrong. which allows you to write just as you would with a normal pen. it feels revolutionary to have the extra precision offered by the Jot Pro. Snugg's 2 in 1 Stylus & Wlriting Pen might not be the best choice.

Round the back is an SDIMMC card reader. *** * bit 1 IMX8 10 ~ Attractive • Feels solid DISLIKES: • No protective screen film • Attracts fingerprints ip. and the cushions also add some shock protection. should you decide to hide the remote down the side of the sofa or bed. The built-in FM radio with 10 station VERDICT The iPT-223 from Lenco is a good solution for anyone short on space. The edges of the Incase Pro Slider Case come up over the screen just a little. which helps protect your iPhone in case of a facedown faili. combining iPod dock and card reader with CD/DVD player and FM radio in one value-far-money package. The tower speaker system i. although it looks dated in comparison to some recent Apple-friendly speaker systems. then the Pro Slider case is one to consider. The black design. which is attractive and glossy. Everything on the iPhone works fine within the case. but has one unfcrtunate side effect: it shows flnqerprints. protective feel wiithout adding too much bulk.~ Produc t p"ge RATING LIKES: **** btl IYOMcCV • iPodliPhone compatible • Reasonably priced DISLIKES: ~ SIi 9 ht Iy dated looks ~ No USB drive The black design and blue backlit LCD looks dated InCase Pro Slider SIMPLE BUT SHARP-LOOKING iPHONE CASE ncases Pro Slider case for the iPhone 4/45 is a hard shell case with a rubberised bumper for overall protection.. T he i Pl-2 23 looks to both future and recent past. allthough the main functions are repeated on the tower itself. It comes in black or white. with silver buttons and band. Shock absorber Soft cush ions inside the case provide shock protection £29. while the volume buttons get ru bber pushthough overlays. However.REVIEWS Lenco iPT-223 TALL. particularly if you have a dock-cradle accessory that necessitates easy case removal. The bumper is matt and rubberised. but with a good range of features this particular tower speaker is one worth considering. Tlhe bottom part of the case 51 ides off for docking in any kind of dock-cradle accessory. yet has a neat enough footprint to sit Just about anywhere in the home. The camera cut-out is large enough to allow full use of the camera and flash.95 InCase·~ Product page VERDICT If you're looking for a simple but sharplooking case that offers decent protection without too much bulk. Karen Freeman READ MORE: bit III. A predsion cut-out along the bottom provides access to the dock-connector port and speaker. I A small opening at the top leaves full access to the headphone jack. there's no protective screen film induced. MID-QUALITY ONE-BOX SPEAKER DOC K presets and RDSfunction also performed well using the supplied wire antenna. so you'll need to purchase that separately if you want more screen protection. There's a cut-out for the Ringl Silent switch. while a rubberised button cover protects the SleepMiake button and keeps it fully operational. and the case has a solid. which improves gnip. and our review sample showed small signs of glue or similar bonding adhesive. and blue backlit LCD. or at least the black model we tested did. The finish is:good.d·& iPhoneuser 2012 33 . Scart output. The one-box option isn't ideal. but with different coloured bumpers .although the side speaker grills aren ''I a perfect fit. The iiPT-223 comes w~th a neat fully featured remote. The inside of the case has soft cushions to prevent the case from scratching your iPhone while you're fitting it in the case.ILoGmDs RATING LIKES. The case is made of a high-quality plastic. HDMI output and auxiliary input for any other portable audio players you might have around the house.. is unlikely to offend the eyes.sover three feet tall.lylNQZm2r £230 Len(O. Nick Spence READ MORE: bit. not too flimsy Or pl1asticky.

Users can customise these further... CilluMjU'" -" '''''''':''':'':Jlf~r. It all adds up to a pretty solid one-stop app for your potty-training needs.99 counteroart Type on PDF Pro) is a powerful app with sophisticated tools for using and creating Acrobat files. Bento (for Mac. Don't expect wall-to-wall Elmo. should make life easier for anyone needing to pull data together in one appealing package.. It enabl!es you to fill in or annotate existing PDFs. which can be tedious wirthout a~ external keyboard. pulling together a wide range of data in one attractive interface. Bento 4 for iPad should broaden that appeal further as you no longer need a copy of the Mac-only desktop version to take full advantage of the iPad app. Nick Spence READ MORE: bit.qL1lII1rIl\!.99) Ve(sloo' 400 fllemilhc(CO uk .. gaining a solid user base among both business professionals and more modest users. in which Elmo snows kids how to use the potty. which can restrict the types of data that are put into form fields and perform simple calculations. Built-in voice memo fu nctlon DISLIKES. DOWNLOAD: itun.esfisQ75b· READ MORE: bit. wipe.t'll!'''' aJ icc! Fallacies ~"'. YOUI can opt between Read & Play. Bento also lacks support for iCal Events. despite some quirks. . from knowing when it's time to go. £6.--. Attractive.. creatinq a library of information and fields suited to each task. PROJECTS. DOWrNLOAD: i1110eslisOZwo ** • READ MORE: bit. D(}w"lood~ RATIING LIKES: VERDICT FileMaker should be congratulated for an all-new Bento for iPad which is easier on the f£ye and the head. Philip Michaels 34 iPad & Phone User 2012 . EVENTS AND LISTS Pple-awned firm FileMaker has been refining database software for some years now.OJ For iPadonly 0 'For il'hone & iPod touch only ~ Forilll three devices IBento 4 for iPad ORGANISE CONTACTS.lylMshh06 **** intuitive ~ .llylNrKIz:. and Just Watch modes. more are available for free from the user-created Bento Templlate Exchange. to washing your hands afterwards. Potty Time with Elmo £1. iPhone and now newly revamped for iPad) has always been aimed at the latter. Jeff Merron While he may get top billing. Exosllsnt new features . Bento 4 shines with a look and feel that is intuitive and pleasing to the eye. VERSION: 12. recipes. ~ Cannon data can only be synced over the same Wi-Fi network. but what sets it apart is the inclusion of a simple proqrarnminq language that enables you to create custom PDFtemplates. fitness and simple 'to do' lists.logue in this app. interface . ~ Loss of fu II Ad'd ress BOQk and iCal integration ~ Data input can still be a chore . A L.lylMgHWIG Type on PDF(like its £6..REVIEWS APPS . making on-the-road updates tricky. Listen & Play..bk iiJQ"j . It comes with 40 new themes and 25 templates. U Appeol to the Mind Type on PDF £249* . and there's a sticker reward chart that lets parents track when their kids use the potty. That data still requires input. These cover a range of activities from small businesses to school study.. flush and wash their hands. Free of its shackles...0. but this app is useful for businesses because of the time it takes to set UIP forms and form fields properly. with potentially a much wider appeal than sibliing FileMaker.. A significant update which.99* * * * VtRSION: 1. and annotation options are limited. Sesame Street star Elmo only has a few lines of dia. What you do get isa rather pleasing story.99 (sale price £2. a narrator suppl ies the res'! of the story and even the songs are performed by a non-Elmo singer.2 •. Frustratingly if you are a Bento for Mac user. It doesn't allow you to directly import files from dloud sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Docs.

Each time you hit Liike or Dislike on a film. Tap the Edit Photos button to delete any unwanted images from the set and use the deck icon to change the frame rate. rennlksoft com Download ~ RATING LIKES. determines you've but if the monitor select existing images. To assist with your daytime activities. for example. H ere's the pitch. You can also use Gifture for editing and sharing individual images. help you work out what's causing sleep problems and make smarter choices in terms of food and activities. subject matter and style. • Peculiar recommendations • Strange to entire sequence you share a bed • Sharing options are limited • Filters must be applied • Can put strai n on battery life make films hard to lind A s the name suggests. Joel Mathis READ MORE: bitMMvh3DM ip. JANE THAN CITIZEN KANE 69p I) RATING LIKES. Better sti II.49 Version: 2 3 .I. This app compares the plots of films you like. then offers recommendations the formula with similar your Camera Roll or immediately accomplish Instagram navigation. ** to use cateqory dsosion. guide you on recorded walks and sound an alarm if you've been sitting down for too long.%yto use DISLIKES. Movie Genius. create and share animated M uch more than an lnstaqram Gifture allows you to GIFs from from wannabe. It's possible the recommendations get better the more films you ILike or Dislike. Joe . but other apps offer a wider filter selection and better sharing options. We found this made us feel relative:ly refreshed even when woken a full hour early. Rate enough movies andl the app will start highlighting we would films with a good score. This can a 'sleep efficiency' because of the app's similar layout and the camera icon and start shooting. 7am. unfortunately). Karissa READ MORE: biUy/ly3Jdl Bell users Saving Private Ryan based on an appreciation for Full Meta! Jacket. antiWar 1930 adaptation of All Quiet on the Western front. tap or wake. an unusual alarm clock is included. Joe: The Movie (o'""' es) (.I. MotionX Sleep is designed to give you a sensors w~11 When you good night's rest Place your iPhone on the bed. The conversion process takes only a few seconds. DISLIKES: • Less accu rate **** if ---- RATING LIKES: ** * * in seconds 11*1 I!I £1. You can set it for. offers fewer film categories to choose from but is otherwise similar Philip Michaels READ MORE: bitlvtMwzHS entered light sleep during the hour before that. users will feel at home To create an animation."'~ Ignorl! •• nll'Ol~1 R MotionX Sleep AIMS TO HELP YOU ENJOY A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP Version 30'~ Download rtun esilSz3st Gifture AN EASY WAY TO MAKE PHOTO ANIMATIONS fREE Version 1 02 • ~ Download ~ Movie Genius Pr. And this was far from the only howler. But are you willing to invest that time in an app as unreliable as this? The free version..the 19805 cartoon. say. it lets you this in just a few seconds. the app recommended G. scale and/or apply low-fi filters to the shots (you must apply these to the entire sequence. after which you can share your GIF wirth other Gifture or via Facebook and Twitter.d '& iPhone user 2012 35 . analytics show periods of light. MORE G. the app learns more about your preferences . Unfortunately needs a lot more fiddling from the boys in the lab coats. which is a nice option to include. But when we ticked the sombre. and heavy sleep and offer number.APPS G. it will wake you up at that 'optimal' time.er1l!1C<!le Ru GallIK! Dur'lbon: Gill"" PG 1987 96 mins ) 6 s. Then you move.o.. like Movie Genius Pro correctly guessed original shots. Finally. ~ Makes a real difference to sleep qua lity ~ Analytics-sharing option.I. and the motion monitor moderate your movements. MotionX Sleep really does do what it promises: it can help you move more and sleep better.in theory. can I~ II!I • Create an irnations ~ Straiqhtforward DISLIKES: • E. it can count your steps.

. II It I..-- .J AppStore ~'.. ·~II· . II.

The app lets you do two things that aren't easily done from tile Phone's that things work quite rarely. Wunderkit will be nearly perfect. and our process is: fiddle with things until they work. We've spent hours with it. Until then. a language-translation app. and the app will use Google Translate to convert your message into that Ilanguag:e and translate their messages for native apps. BUiZZ Contacts makes the process easier and taster Joel Mathis put down your iPhone and organise tasks and protects hom your desktop compute". TransFire XP's hallmark featu re is its. Joel Mathis losing messages. Those realities? Well. Facebook or Yahoo. On those occasions when the app isn't locking up and refusing to respond. the app asks if you primarily call. reality? The enabling you to T he first problem with TransFire XP. The second problem is and text .d·& iPhone user 2012 37 . awkward interface • L05es message5 * I~ 11*1 I!I RATING LIKES. The translation but is wrapped unusable. When you do so. USing it. unattractive works. And it's better than many competing the realities of the workplace. ~ C reate group contacts ~ Attach files to emails DISLIKES: • Can't 5end photo> in group text • Limited phone options ** * * I!I W underkit is a free iPhone aop that makes it easy to create projects apps at recognising and schedule tasks. Twitter or your iPhone's contact list as participants in the 'workspaces' you create for projects. it's merely quite good.. inside an app that's and prone to becomes more attractive allways: it was repeatedly conned The app mostly works well. with no au tocorrect • Unattractive. ~ TransFire XP AVOID THIS UNATTRACTIVE TRANSLATION APP fREE Version 236' Download ~ Buzz Contacts MAKES IT EASY TO SEND EMAILS AND TEXTS IN BULK £1. is that it's B UZZ Contacts takes. BUll Contacts uses your phone's native Contacts app as its foundation. you can send ernails or texts by touching the group's name.mail iPhone's basic functions terribly obtuse. but not with Facebook while we were invites. two of your .. most of us rarely work alone. for which it uses the publicly available Google Translate engine. or any other autocorrection. and colleagues didn't receive their workspace If those bugs can be fixed. for one. rilrst. the app to use. But for most people who want to communicate with groups. And for people who use their phone to' make voice callis there's not much here the iPhone doesn't offer. email or text that person. and TransFire lists your online friends for those networks.APPS Wunderkit PRODUCTIVITY TOOL THAT FACES WORKPLACE REALITIES FREE Version 102'~ Download~ . There doesn't appear to be a method for sending out photos in a group text. Secondly: it lets you attach photos and files to your emails. By not confininq your task management you The tiny text entry at the start of a '10 a single device. unable to always field doesn't use native iOS behaviours like auto capitalisation sentence. Once the group is made. You can specify which language each individual prefers. ~ Collaborative app ~ Cloud-based service DISLIKES: • Issue connecting! to Facebook • Workspace invites not always received *** RATING LIKES: • Nice concept for an app Wish it worked DISLIKES: • D iffi cu It to use.and does them better. Lex Friedman READ MORE: biUy/JwvKrt READ MORE: biUW!lJrYhOo READ MORE: bLtlvtMceZBK ip.. it allows you to creilte contact groups so that you can easily email or text in bulk. ability to translate messages. though. Another workplace service is cloud-based. you sign into Google. So Wunderkit lets you invite colleagues from Facebook. It's easv to create groups and import the people you want into that group.49 VersIon: 1 2'~ Download ~ ~ RATING LIKES.

N. we found clipping. painless process. aliso has an ancient space ship to explore" and "our on Earth before being sent the to retrieve several artefacts throughout galaxy. N. On the plus side. BUT FEELS UNINSPIRED L ike many of Gameloft's titles. a welcome launchers and resembles a knock -off carnival prize version are obvious - reprieve from the ofa major console title: in this case. terrible level characters. weapons and achievements alternative make this a real campaign. updates games quite quickly. a clunky enterprise on the iPhone and iPad. Halo. character development Thankfully. you'll be There's 3 will improve as the protagonist. And the many modes. 3 Firing grenades.O.O. On an iPhone 4. iimportant And while the comparisons faceless space marine with a blue female AI sidekick. open. but the current build is a mess. There's a shortage of cinematic moments. of the shooter genre and not appreciate Tille nods to Halo seem to what people actually enJOYabout them. usual stiff affair of most iOS shooters.REVIEWS GAMES . for example space marine Kal Wardi~ back in action as crash-lands 'go as far as "look.O.O. Gameloft and wide-open largely nails the are nowhere to be found here. design and forgettable as embittered . mines.A. he core game aspects. you'll have seen it all before: there aren't many breaks i~ the constant slogging through backtrack sel-f hallway after sel-f hallway looking for a key.Gameloft is still reason to believe that N. N.V. Even if you haven't played the other games in the series..OVA. But there were some serious technical issues. nne iiPad version has its t pro bl ems.99 VerSion 1 0 1 fiiI ~ ~ Download RATING UKE5: ** * mode l1!. unexplained enemies spawning lag. also has an ancient space and "our blue female AI Halo's Ileveis ship to explore" blue female AI sidekick is just as sassy. doors that wouldn't deaths and on top of dialogue that failed to trigger. V. Moviing and shooting but the auto-am function VERDICT In between the cliched dialogue.01 for iPadonly 'for iPllone & iPod touch only For all three devices £4.V. boss fig hts and Ibreaks in the repetitious gunplay. 3 sees world-weary. sarcastic the player. Unfortunately. The save system is essential because you'll have to replay certain segments simply because the mission-critical event never occurred.. setting up a multiplayer account and g.A. " .3 THIRD VERSION OF FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER GETS IMPROVED CONTROLS.A.OVA. missile rifles is fluid. with the iron sight makes it a breeze to quickly dispatch enemies.. The nods to Halo seem to go as far as "look. alien enemies and allies . control scheme.don't appear on the newest modell. to the single-player sidekick is just as sassy.V. G rap h' eff e ct s uc that you see on other iPadsbillowing smoke. Chris Holt READ MORE: bit Iy:tl iPI SW 38 iPad & Phone User 2012 .oing online is a relatively simple.too.A.Gameloft seems to take the first-person N. only to and db it all again after mowiing down a new crop of the same enemy types.u~ • Ea5y to co mtrol • Multiplayer DISLIKES: • Forgettable characters • Lilg on Phone 4 version • Play feel's too repetitive N.

As you work your way through each level. but Air Supremacy is an uncommonly tough nut to crack. one of the first draft of high-end 3D games made with the new iPad in mind.99 Version' 1 2 1 ~I!fm LIKES. Great multiplayer DISLIKES. Somewhat ip. and while there's no question this will appeal most to a younger audience. th is haunted house adventure was responsible for flogging CD-ROM drives to a generation of PC gamers who'd never seen so much liveaction video on their monitors.99 VERSION:7. Alec Meer READ MORE: bit IWNcjsAd RATING . The shiny metal fighter jets are a treat to behold.. £2.GAMIES Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 VERSION: U • DOWNLOAD: jilin esvSl3X!'. it's a struggle to see The 7th GUest as anything but a nostalgic curio in its fairly token conversion to iOS. Superb **** graphics & controls characterless . Alec Meer Air Supremacy TOWER. then at least a semi-skimmed one. but it coaxes great things out of even a first-gen iPad. But with that video suffering from the twin indignities of low resolution and cheesily lowbudget acting. On the upside. opening up more characters and a wider range of skills and abilities..ht sim for mobile. David Bradforth Oh dear . there's much here for all to enjoy. Air Supr@macy'sa visual treat too. THIS IS GHOST RIDER REQUESTING A FLY-BY Sky Gamblers: R eceived wisdom is that iOS games have to be accessible.not a pair of mirror shades or food-based nookie scene in sight. tilt controls or a full-on onscreen HUD for the more dedicated simhead.this one-time technical tour de force has not weathered well. This is a bold attempt to make if not a full-fat flig.d·& iPhone user 2012 39 .. READ MORE: bil.2 • DOWNLOAD: in"...ly/luAgKU READ MORIE:bitlylOxGl'5Z * Based on the final three books (or four films) of the Potter series. alas. e. so you don't need to worry about learning how to land or remembering which button activates the radar. But you can't get away with simply aiming in a bogey's general dlirection and holding down fire. fiiI Download l~ VERDICT It's too hardcore for the more casual iOS gamer. It's a I!essstupid Top Gun.. this iDS port is dark and dingy right from the start. which isn't far off console stendard. as Harry is hunted down by Deatih Eaters.iis. essentially . you'll come across Lego coins. Back in the early 19905. the B-movie fare manages to offer a few laughout-loud funny moments. learning spells with which you can battle enemies. mix potions and affect the surroundmqs. But not intentionally. Wizard Snatchers and Lord voldsmort: although the fact everything is made of Lego makes it a little more lighthearted.3Jw. . but this is a hugely impressive and surprisinqly complicated action flight sirn that rivals its console equivalents. By and large this is a confused mess of irritating puzzles and schlocky effeots that's about as a scary as a grumpy squirrel. Dementors. £3. The real game awaits in the form of the impressively high-speed and unforgiving multiplayer mode.99 *** The 7th Guest £2.. This is an action game first and foremost. Multiple control sets offer a wildly different experience depending am how you want to approach A'ir Supremacy: simple touchsteering. It's a deeply immersive game with plenty of freedom to investigate the world.

edition has surprisingly battles and turnwith its PC cousin. speed. however. which is a . iif you're meatier than after something flinging If you're after something meatier than the average tower defence game or bird-flinging spectacular. it feels quite stilted. the labyrinthine strategy of Total War to mobile this is a solid but not remarkable effort. you set down liimited In a cartoonishly temples within it tries to pair what's ultimately a highly tactical game of strict rules with a cheery. £2.er and a tiny battle will play itself out These battles offer the strongest tie with the big. I SHRUNK THE EPIC HISTORICAL STRATEGY GAME O ver the past decade. spectacular. gather nearby resources and spend them on troops such as monks.gainst which. there's a micropayment with which you can shortcut such as faster building times and strong.ing. scissors system sees you trying" to work out which units are most effective a. is. That said. medieval Europe and ancient Rome. cavalry and samurai. to improvements Inevitably. Given that the vast of that's down to the interface. this entirely fits the bill structures such as Ilumber mills. revisi'rting the Shogunate theme of the most recent PC title. Awkward interface HONEY. paper.OJ For iPad only 0 'For iPllone & iPod touch only ~ For QIIthree device. Alec Meer READ MORE: bitlylMRguSc this makes a which hexes can be used for what 40 iPad & Phone User 2012 . toonish appearance.especially in terms of placing about where it's hugely unforgiving majority of iOS strategy tends to be about as deep as a Eurovision runner-up. the Total War name has become synonymous with historical settings such as Then there's the fad that there's no real way to discern what the outcome of a Ibattle your is likely to be until sorneones been chopped into little pieces or you've memorised units' capabilities. an enemy. but even if this is a bit cheaty at least it's not intrusively presented. refreshing chenqe. this entirely frts the bill. they'll go for him If they encounter the average tower defence game or birdstore.ger Total Wars: a sort of rock.REVIEWS GAMES .. 2D Japan. is that You'll spend minutely a little too long darting back observing the front lines and The essential problem strategy on PC. barracks and an inconveniently space.~ RATING LIKES: *** • Cheerfull graphics • Escalating strategy • Refresh ing setting DLSlIKES: • Confusing bu ilding rest ri ction s • Irksom e m ierot ra n sact io ns . map have been dispensed This touchscreen little in common based kingdom on building The epic real-time outdoor with in favour of qjuickie skirmishes that focus rather than direct army control. You can leave these guys to defend your holdings 0" tell them to march forwards. Part units. VERDICT For a first pass at bring.99 VerSion WINW 12 totalwar torn Iii) ~ Dow"lo"d. lest you be wiped out with horrifying The trouble bit awkward buildings. exploring feudal Japan.. and forth between building new stuff. Now mere it is on iOS.

01 • DOWNLOAD: ** itun. C haracterful an imations .Fiendishpuzzles . If you have Episode 1 and II you'll unlock ani additional episode . Uplink offers far more than even the spangliest graphics ever could simply by dint of immersion. Tails helps Sonic reach heights he can't otherwise get: to. and the two together can perform various attacks.which sees the evill Dr Eggman constructing a fiendish Death Egg . Even 11 years on. Tails is an integral part of the game..IWKiHMIS VERSION: 1. into graceful loops which take out all the enemies. The guitar sample you'll hear a thousand times Sonic the Hedgehog £4. push it out of your mind and take this b:rave little bovine on its own terms . Yes.Alec Meer READ MORE: bit. but a clutch of canny animations improve the charm immensely And as for the avian shadow cast over it. you fire rockets at aliens hovering in the orbit of assorted planets. Episode II plays just as a Sonic game should.Episode Metal .lylLMU47J RATING LIKES.. you'll either love Tails or hate him but he's useful in gett~ng through to the end of each stage. and intuitive one-finger controls. and can either be controlled by your iOS device or across a network by a friend. and it's managed to retain its tension and strange drama over a decade later. B... cows. WiHn just a drag to aim.. **** . unravelling a wider conspiracy and gradually upgrading your raft of hacking tools offers a taut. it's unavoidably similar to Angry Birds Space. Alec Meer ip. Rarely showing more than a blue map populated by nodes which can be hacked into with simple but precise actions.GAMIES Got Cow? FAMILIAR-LOOKING BUT CHARMING GRAVITY PlJIZZLER R ather unfortunately launching within weeks of A. It's also a one-man project rather than the multi-milliondollar Ravia endeavour With only the loosest of plots . No paid levels DISLIKES: . but by and large it's more irnaqinative and experimental with its puzzles. it remains a true original. the cow/alien setup perhaps feels a little light of touch. introducing new elements which increase in complexity and generally ask a little more of its players...es/isz.plays much like other Sonic the Hedgehog games for iOS. paranoid few hours..lfNI61Cm Episode 111. The complication in reaching a solution is the planets' gravitational field.it's straiqht into a familiar iDS gamirng structure.ite-sized levels with star ratings for how efficiently you complete them. ideally taking them all auf in one fell swoop.99* * * * * 4 Episode II Uplink £2 99 * * . VERDICT Although it's a concept which makes instant sense. you fily a cowshaped spaceship to wipe out sa'id aliens .. Trying not to be caught remotely invading banks. Got Cow? had in fact been in development long before the ill-tempered avians left Earth for a similar gravity-bothering set of puzzles..3S2 • READ MORE: bit h.which explains how Metal Sonic came back to life. if you're successful.to stop aliens from kidnapping.ngry Birds Space.d·& iPhone user 2012 41 . David Bradforth Now here's an old PC game that's entirely well-suited to Pad 2001 hacking sim Uplink was the hereld of an (eventuall new age of independently made video games. both onscreen and accelerometer-based controls. government offices and global corps. which pulls your rockets either off -course or. VERSION: 1. offering.00 • DOWNLOA!D: itIJo esfjs23kC • READ MORE: bil.

ukli_paduser/iu64 s c OR GO TO: jPad 8< iPhone User 2012 . iPad and iPod touch. o. the best new accessories and the smartest advice forgetti ng the most from your iPhone.. Every issue is packed with reviews of the latest apps and how they work. ubscription .Whenever you pick up a copy of iPad & [Phone User. ["4" 42 01858 438 867 AND QUOTE iu64 www .. you can be sure that you're getting the sharpest possible insight into the world of Apple's gadgets.

ovmseas rill us fIIo "'.!J9 e'lrol'y SI:'.ukiipaduser/iu64 Subscribe now for £3 TERMS • J11~ Q or call 01858438 867 and quote iu64 a CONomONS • SUb::iuibm5i can r.~·d Ihis ::.subscription.II ·f·>'~ IRSB 438 9Ii I and QUI'JIO rri:$fOltl~~(J r m.loo issues il ""lI ~. shop price.a. II~I 8PliliDs nilVI' II~ W:l <JQbil Sf' b$. yOOi accouur • No ohai!l. rr" 11Ir1~QI lunds wdlhe taken flOl'.• Subscribe and save ££££5 Our best offer to date • Priority delivery to your door • Never miss an issue 3 ISSUES. After you receive the initial three issues for just £3.. saving 44% off the normal. "'"001 ..:." "'~ il.$ • ASUDsuiplirJl] sieus wrlh Ih'J nr. if'hone User 2012 43 .Iua r ~I ruflJlld !:Wl . ".xl avai~hlc ISSU.rioors ~i rn Icc(tiw.uuSGriplion UiIlll} Iwn "1')l~h'1llh" Ihird issue.1 ills 0 I ~f~I ~ <3 dilio1'(::'! (fr~hil 011 nr only jPad 8. your subscription willi continue at the discounted rate of £19 .lilY \'I<)~!.citiBI. We're sure you'll continue to love the maqazme. 6s!I(=S h£1j ""ma.1191 • DII. FOR £3 DO YOU WANT THE NEXT THREE ISSUES OF iPAD & iPHONE USER FOR JUST £37 Of course you do.11mn wfl'll giwt Yf. i I IU=5111IH]C: issues f(u f3 • AIIOI thosu ssuos.co. suesotbns will Ul'" I"V . 9 every 9 six issues. www.r l1Jll • I".' S I"IlI1l". but if you're not completely satisfied you can cancel your subscription up to two weeks after receivinq your third issue and no further funds will be taken. ll-. And that's only the beginning.

pa. when used with care and restraint. which appears to be heaven-sent for removing unwanted elements. tappinq the brush icon brings up the full Brushes palette . ~re working out? ~ndo the mOlge by using the Eraser tool to pa lnt over the undesirable effects. this is a powerfull toolset which.eto. allows you to bring out the very best in your photos. the Repair brush. on to specific areas of your photos.each brush enables you to paint a sop histicated effect on to areas of your image.iredly su c. we found iits results were patchy and sometimes verged on the bizarre. aa VITAL INFO B rushes. sharpen picture perfect. limiting the effect to a specific igure or (I rea of your photograph.tOOlkit. uching . tlhe results quickly look artificial and it becomes obvious that an image has been doctored. pinch to zoom in. It won't let you introduce new elements. edges or pick out details to get your photography We like Brushes best when used at a fairly low intensity: we've found that when they are turned up to maximum strength. O. allOW. to.imiting an effect Switching on 'Detect ~dges' here will help keep your brushwork precise. ts. YO.d. It also has to be said that some effects are more effective than others:: although the Red-i:ye brush is straightforward and self-explanatory.Retouch images in iPhoto Paint effects on to your photos with the Brushes tool BY A ROSS Zoom in For detailed work. whether they are arty images or casual snapshots 44 iPad & iPhone User 2012 . iP. but instead it enables you to deepen shadows.ffe. Similarly. Still. then use a two-fingered swipe to move around l. h to's r. • Brush strokes From the home screen. the image. Damage limitation ~ot happy with how some of you r elifects . it led to visible blurs on the photos. is far from fail-safe: when used for larger areas.int e.

a handy way of keeping track of what you've done in each brush: if you're in thie Desaturate brush. dot will appear above it in the Brushes effect by double-tapping on the dot. In this image. You can turn off all YOUirbrush strokes with a particular this is useful for tracking the impact of various tools. but works best when used on here. fading the background small areas away from the focal area of the photo. There's also an option for alPP!lying effects to the whole image . a distracting to make the most important stand out with the Saturate and Desatulra. palette. We found this very precise double-tap ip. it will show all the areas you have painted with that brush. Meanwhile. While fiddly to master. but the the ballerina and the backstage key areas of the ballerina using existing lighting. 5 Red alert The Show Brush Strokes option in 6 Show your brushwork iI As you use each the cog icon is.HOW TO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: BRUSH UP ON YOUR PHOTO EDITING 1 The magic fix The Repair brush enables you to 2 Ramp up the collour You should ruse colour elements of your image remove elements from your image: iPhoto uses the surrounding foreground. eliminate the bright vertical stripe..e brushes. that are in focus.d& iPhoneuser 2012 45 . building Here. pixels to guess what should replace it. rescue blurry or out-of-focus it's useful for picking out details. while figures using Desaturate. far example. we've picked out the central model by painting saturation on to her face and chest. brush. These brushes only heighten Soften brush smooths out areas of an image . we've used it to lessen wrinkles up the shadows with the Darken brush and then highlighting so Darken won't Lighten.~ere on the curtain. so flower has been removed from the Irs useful. 3 In the shadows contrast between area. we've heightened the 4 In focus and won't The Sharpen tool helps to correct errors photos.. It's one of the more subtle brushes.

And while the options don't approach the sophistication of what you can achieve with Photoshop. or adorable toy town-seeming effects. But Effects isn't all about mimicking the photographic tropes of bygone run-of- eras: there are also options that offer real potential for transforming the-mill photographs modifications. You can also mimic the effect of analogue photography grain. Fan options Tapping the hinge of the 'swatch' when you're in a particular elfect returns you to the fulll fan of options. VITAL INFO Y OU could say the Effects palette is Photo's equivalent of the dressinghipster-ish styles that are tilt-shift by adding up box: a cursory rummage reveals options for creating arty blackand-white looks. 46 iPad & iPhone User 2012 . Effects are incredibly simple and quick to apply. those Lomography-inspired so popular with Instagram aficionados. there's enough choice here to give even quite demanding amateur photographers the power to jazz up their photos Best of all. • Swatch shop Iou ch the sp ark 1'1 icon on the maim screen to access iPhotto's selection of Effects swatch es. -----' Remove an effect by hitting or tap and hold the button to reinstate the effect you've just removed. into something far more striking through subtle colour And the results you'll find here will give anythinq you can find in the Color Balance palette a run for its money. or take things truly retro with viqnettes.Get the look with iPhoto Effects Apply subtle colour shifts or go all-out with hiipsterish filters in the Effects palette BY A ROSS Reinstate an effect 'Undo'.

a film-qrain points. ranging from small colour adjustments to alii-out paint effects that mimic media . unusual results. The 4 Selected highlights the brightest The Aura palette takes one type of black and white..although the latter is painting. but in purple. oil paint or watercolour effects. green or beig:e. and work best on more pop-art than dainty watercolour Wad & iPhone user 2012 47 . 5 Beyond retro Next comes the Vintage swatch. retro film 6 The arty bits The easiest way to explain the iPhoto offers a smalll palette of convincing on some of the retro iPhone photography photos with wide colour ranges.e: the Warm & Cool swatch is your destination this. colours in the palette and allows you Black & White palette offers an impressive selection of options at various exposures. Pressilnglthe colour wheel icon brings in subtle colours from your image . replacing it with shades of a particular colour. Artistic panel might be that it gets steadily more abstract as you move to the right. swatch! changes shifts the photo's tonal range. while easing the rest of the image towards monochrome On the right type of picture this is brilliant tor creating moody.HOW TO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: THE STYLING SUITE 1 Blowing hot and cold Even a simple shift 2 A shady world The Duotone option strips in the tonal palette of your photos can radically chimg.this works best on photos with a wide range of colours . with none of the naff fake scratches you get apps: These range from the subtle to the garish. Dragging for experimenting with your finger left and right along the out the colour range from your image. Think sepia.or turn them all the way down. and a sepia effect to dial them riqht up . 3 Shades of grey You might think there's only but you'd be wrong. while the buttons to the rig'ht add old-school vignette effect for 'classic photo' effects.e the feel of an imag.

hiding them from your Camera Roll album. The downside is that this quickly leads to a large and unwieldy photo collection.this stashes those lumpen first-try at once. groups shots. Hidden feature Possibly the most GrQUp shot useful tsaturs of It you want to make changes to a number at photos helpfully alii is Hide . the Flagrtool the m toget her. taking many hundreds of photos rather than carefully pondering every shot. drop-down Photo icon Flagged or Favou riled images gain icons in the scrollbar. alongside t he tool b ox that denotes whether has a photograph been edited. Switch between and Hidden photograph. but iPhoto distinguishes itself by being so slick and speedy.although if you can master them they'll make organising your photos even easier as your image collection grows. The Flag and Favourites options are a stripped-down album-creation way of sorting the wheat from the digital chaff. with the good photos languishing alongside their more ordinary siblings. Handy as the Flag and Favourites features are. while the Journals feature offers more traditional features and social tools. This very simplicity means you're more likely to actually use them. they are not entirely intuitive: while the basics are easy enough. Any useful photo app offers you ways to sort your images in some way. 48 iPad & iPnone User 2012 .Get your iPhotos organised Mastering iPhoto's rapid album-creating features will save you a great deal of time BY A ROSS Change viewing Flagged. view your Edited in this menu. some of the more advanced tricks are a little more fiddly . VITAL INFO D igital photography is brilliant: it allows you to snap away to your heart's content.

Press and hold the flag icon and then press Last 7 Days or Last 24 Hours. ip. then pick the first and last pictures to see don't want.that's the photo library your iPad came with . similar photos? Tap an image in the photo scroll bar. tapping images is to tap the cog Tap a series of photos or again to desel!eC1those you press Range. creatinq albums. 5 What's missing? iPhoto has a glaring omission: iPhoto. then select several images before tapping 'Add To' to finally name and create an album. We use Flags before retouching them and saving only the perfect ones into Favourites. isn't nearly as intuitive as it should be. on individual Pinch to zoom and swipe to pan around photos for really detailed comparisons. way of pulling up multiple icon. 6 Create an album Given this rather that even despite iPhoto's own home screen being the album menu. 3 Multiple view Having trouble choosing between 4 The easier way Another. unnecessary hassle. In the home screen. and then tap and hold a second photo to see the two side-by-side. Flags and Favourites is that you can flag your most photos. irs doubly unfortunate in Photos.d& iPhoneuser 2012 49 . there's no way to create albums within Instead. then Select Multiple. you must create albums in the Photos app . Tap Done to see your photos side-by-side. less touch-sensitive.and they will automatically import into iPhoto.HOW TO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: THE HOT LIST 1 The top shots When you Flag images or save even Apple is 2 Planting a flag recently imported One key difference between them as Favourites they are added to the appropriate albums on your home screen. tap the arrow in the top right. Tap Flag or Favourite to mark all the images. pressing Done when you're finished. a series of shots. vague on the difference between the two. Tap Choose and select photos in tile scroll bar to flag multiple images.. although for marking images worth editing.

either by using the camera or starting with one 01 th e room te m pi ates. VITAL INFO T raditio_n_aIIY.Create an accurate floor plan The best-laid plans: floor layouts are a breeze with MagicPlan BY ROB BEAniE Edit your rooms Tap amy of the rooms twice to open the editing view and add extras like furn iture. progr_ams that are sUPP_ ossd to let you cre_-cate_floor 5 Plan_ quickly and easily are touted at consumers. but then insist on using the technical language of those who are familiar with computer-aided 50 design. 50 iPad & iPhone User 2012 . Not MagicPlan. Tap the icon next to it to move or rotate a single room. Get a room! liap here to add a new room. There's bags of features here (including the ability to download plans as PDFsor AutoCAD-friendly DXF files) but in this tutorial we'll explain how to capture a simple room witlh a door. windows and so on. calibrate it accurately and then add a second room. you can measure the real room witlh a tape measure (a one-time task) and produce an accurate calibration that will result in a proper floor plan. Move/rotate rooms Tap the left icon to rotate an enti re floor. a clever free app that makes use of your iPhone or iPard'scamera to create a digital picture of a room (or an entire floor or a whole house) by capturing the corners and other important elements such as doors. produce a plan. Bin it With a room selected. tap the waste bi n icon to re move it from the pia n. then putting them all together to form an approximate plan After that.

.02-UK '!:' 111:08 1 Ma in menu Download and install the free 2 Your first corner Commercial location. tap a it and use the roller to adjust the IMagicPlan will use as. 3 Hidden corners Stand in 1he same spot and 4 Doing doors A.. To complete the room. choose a floor and pick a name.. Stand where you can see all the room's corners... ~ .1_. room you 've just planned.the basis for alii future the Assembly screen either by capturing Now you can add new roams on the same floor from them as before or by using.2-UK 3G 15:45 ~ l. ip. When you come to a door.-------. usually when you select a new feature to try)..d·& iPhoneuser 2012 51 . grab of the 5 Calibrate your measurements 6 Add more rooms then tap Save to confirm Finished? Tap Done and the calibration. walls. turn the iPhone on its side. Can't see the actual corner? Position the pointer where you think it is and then move the camera around slightly until all the overlaid graphics worked 'Cancel rotate your way round the room. walll to highlight dimensions.~------~-~----------~~~ Set . and whether Select Residential or to let the app use your MagicPlan app from the iTunes Store (itun..O. tap it again and Ihit Done. return to the first corner. then return to the home Select your plan.gain. stand in the same spot and rotate to the next corner. but this time tap the [loor icon. one of the presets shown here. I m Next. Calibrate r------. turn green . Then from the main menu tap the New Planl icon. then move across the bottom of the door and tap it again. position the green pointer on the first carner and tap the icon on the right. a tape measure and measure the dimensions screen and tap Calibration. The first "lime it loads.to indicate that the app has out the angles for you . which plans. position the pointer in the same way.and then tap again. throughout the Tap New Floor.HOW TO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER nl .. Hit Set and repeat for the remaining. it'll playa short overview tutorial (these videos play intermittently process.es/isZ4Gd).

You can allow app and media downloads based on their rating S2 iPad & iPnone User 2012 . That way.Configuring a child-friendly iPad Your old iPad can be a great gift for a child . Choose to confiqure "the iOS offers broad options to switch off Safari. it's becoming iincreasingly common to find multiple iPads in a home. Next select that iPad in ilunes' Source list. some of which may be inappropriate for children. and some of them are being passed on to children. So what can you do to make such an iPad useful (and safe) for your child? These steps are a good place to start W iPad as new. and in the Summary tab. and you'll end up with a device that's essentially as it was when you took it from the box.ly/MpKuIR). but you can also deal with cbtaininq. iTunes will download and install the latest version of iOS. not only will you know exactly what's on their iPad. Older children will want an iTunes account of their own. YouTube. and then back it up (because you may want to restore that data to a new tablet). That way. organising and configuring apps. If you go down this route. STEP 2: PLAN A SYNCING STRATEGY If you have a young child.if you take the time to set up the device carefuilly VITAL INFO ith three generations of iPads now available. rather than simply the ones you've decided are 'good for them'. click on Restore.ly/HV'{llllfi. iTunes and Ping.if you set it up properly BY CHRISTOPHER BREEN World of wonder Apps SUJch Vectorpark's as Windosill help make the iPad a great device for children . If you let them set one up. their apps are tied to their account and they won't have access to yours. they'll eppreciate having the independence to download the apps and media they want. it's imperative you remove all YOLndata from it Hook up your iPad to the computer you normally sync it with. you'll also want to create a separate account for them on your computer (for advice on this. as well as obtain an Apple ID for their use (which we address at bit. try How to Share One Mac with Your Family at bit. you should take responsibility for obtaining apps on their behalf and syncing the i Pad through YOLur wn o iTunes account. STEP 1: REMOVE YOUR STUFF When giving an iPad to another person.

and deny in-app purchases. although they have no way of confirming the owner's actual ag:e. If you don't switch on parental controls. Your advice should be similar to that for a traveller in a new city . tor example. w..'1><110" G ilnd be!ow e.. switch off Movie rati ngs Netflix offers parental controls. iOS 5 lets you impose restrictions on location and accounts. 12 and over.1e I: Poda I... multiplayer games.. I 1\101.~ fMlHY'Ina bt!o .!IM""I . Also.parents may not want an app to tell the world where their child is..restricting movies to U and PG ratings. . ) Know your limits STEP 6: THE TALK Whenever you consider giving a child access to technology. tap General. A good rule of thumb is to switch on location for apps that tell the user about the world around them Maps. they keep the adults in the family from watching more mature content until you modify those settings. 0:1..13 o ill d 'btllWl o Un. as ow. your child will have access to any movies or TV shows available via Nettlixs Watch Instantly service or within your strsaminu queue.m. but they apply to everyone's content ip. of course. sit down with them. and choose some appropriate apps... iOS 5 allows you to impose restrictions on apps. and adding friends within Game Center. they'll first needl to enter that code. YouTube.PG . as restrictions if they're enabled. You'll be prompted to enter and confirm a four-digit passccde..d& iPhoneuser 2012 53 . switch restrictions On and toggle the Insltall:ing Apps option to Off. And. (Of.You Chang~e Parental Control PIHf\l!l. you can obtain a free one from a source such as Gmail or Yahoo. launch Settings on the iPad.. Tap Location in the Restrictions pane and then disable location information by toggling the Location Services switch to Off. asserting your right as a parent to check up on your child and warning of the dangers of giving out personal details on the internet The approach should be age-appropriiate. STEP 5: CHOOSE APPS FOR THE iPAD If you'd like complete control over whiich apps your child can install on the iPad. your have no way of limiting tile addresses your child can receive email from or send email to' on the device. end then tap Restrictiol"1s. tua.. Although you can create profiles for different members of your family. To enable restrictions. and apps to ages. .o... For this reason. You don't want to terrify younger chilcren with visions of internet bogeymen. Both services ask that the owner of the email address be at least 13 years old."".Select El"1ableRestrictions at the top of the screen.rnlllilr!! UUQ .'u. you should sit down and chat to them. This prevents your child from installing apps.Od!l<!o! 10 vow _ ()mr. Netflix applies parental controls globally.Find My Friends or a Twitter or Facebook client.tclllnll. you can only modify parental controk on Netflix's website. Additionally. This talk should address the importance of settinq limits on iPad use.. iTunes and Ping.. Tlhe same applies to i(loud email accounts You can set up basic filters on the iCioud website. you should be completely sure that your child can handle the responsibility that comes with an email account (and is willing to tell you if they are receiving inappropriate messages). locations..tlll ) PG ) ~pp. But you may want to turn it off for an app that broadcasts the iPad '5 position . for instance. When you've finished...I"". once you switch on parental controls.. la.nd ~. nor should you overprotect a teenager. You. If anyone tries to change your settings.. ero . but they can't prevent the sending of mail to your child's iCloud email account. Or you can choose to tum off location for the specific apps listed below that switch . Unwanted email can be a problem with i05 devices because.. OJISC".l ( SettIng cantroiA allOW you . Keep an eye on the Netflix app It's a terrific resource for streaming movies to your child's iPad.nlly Ju"lo.get the lay of the land. Gmail and Yahoo allow you to create limited whitelists of senders the recipient should always receive messages from. botng . It> blot!:. and accounts STEP 4: CONFIGURE EMAIL If your child hasn't got an email address. M.. but its restrictions are tricky to manage. you can allow app and media downloads based on their rating . R . flI>slrlcllO"5 OFF A11'oW' O1anga: Actoun1:1 Uliled Slole.- o C a 1'(... for instance . QUIUD * 5uggR"jan..HOWTO STEP 3: CONFIGURE RESTRICTIONS i offers broad options to switch off Safari. 12. unlike with X's parental controls. but offers no way to block senders who aren't on the list.. and to disable the albilirtyto install and delete apps.. learn about the dangers and opportunities and have a good time.

Get free Vvi-Fi on the London Underground
Stay in the loop when you're 60 feet under
he internet VITAL INFO has gone underground. of London's to This

summer Virgiin is supplying, free web access on the platforms Tube train network, offer it as a paid-for and will continue service afterwards.

Connecting to the service is easy enough. easy to get online. It's with a web-based fast It's interestinq that it has a much faster perhaps Virgin upload speed than download; We started at King's Cross with an iPhone 4S and it was surprisingly an open Wii-Fii connection

portal - you simply need to enter your email address and check the terms and conditions. Once online, you are initially taken to a Virg,jn Media and TFL portal with news and transport-related all Wi-Fi-related filtering information. But you can browse freely and use (as far as we can telll) services. There's a content system in place, however, so you have the

Media wants to ensure that people can send outgoing, emails and messages accurately. .As well as the usual phone tasks - email, Twitter, web browsing, news from the and downloading app - we also


managed to send an iMessage, place a FaceTime call and use the BBC iPlayer app. You'll find this makes an underground journey a heck of a lot more fun than it normally is.

can't access porn on the underground. Exactly how many platforms service isn't quite clear. The first two are supposed to be King's Cross and Warren Street, but we also tested the journey on the Victoria line and got connections at and there

It's important to note that the service only and not works inside the stations themselves, seem to work throughout

Saving Face (above right)
We were able to conduct a problem-free conversation FaceTime from King's

Oxford Circus, Ellston and Victoria. Vi:rgiin is activating, new lines at the moment with 120 in total eventually. should be 80 stations up and running soon,

on the moving train. However, the service did all of both King's (ross and Euston. so it'll be good for waiting, for trains as well as the underground. When you're on a moving train you should be able to connect to. the platform stop, althouqh connection connection at every

Cross Tube platform

The connection

is fast

The connection connection a whopping

we got was good; very good, and

you may find the speed the

in fact. We used Speedtest net to measure the and got 6.71 Mbps download 11.S7Mbps upload connection, It's fair to note that we were one of the few people in the station using the system (it had only just been turnedl on) and how fast a connection you get du ring rush hour when it's in full swing will be more telling, but for now it's pretty darn

makes an issue. The trains move is made Just as the train pulls out, make a connection in time. is a

enough to sustain streaming via the 8BC's iPlayer service

quickly and in many instances the Wi-Fi or it simply won't connection) contentious

Placing Wi-Fi (as well as cellular on the trains themselves issue (as is the Wi-Fi in the only.

stations themselves), with secunty concerns being a factor. So for now it's platforms The great news is that the service is free all summer, and after the Olympics, Virgin Media


be providing

a paid-for

service or offering

it in conjunction

with other Virgin packages.

There are no specifics yet, but we imagine it'll be free or sold at a discount for Virgin broadband or mobile customers.


iPad & iPnone User 2012


Discover the hidden features In iOS's built-in apps
From Cllock to Weather, you may have overlooked these capabilities



probably built-in

mastered your i:OS apps such as


at the bottom-right

corner to get to


your list of memos. If you want to trim the recording, tap the right arrow to g.et to the tap the Info screen and then tap Trim Memo. Once you're happy with your recording, Share button, and then Email. the recording on your Mac or Rename Download

Camera and Safari But other apps on your iOS device

that come preloaded

include features you may not have discovered.

You'll already know that the Clock app can show you the current time in countries around the world, utilitarian schedule alarms, set timers But despite its and work as a stopwatch,

Pc. It will sport the .m4a extension. Double-click

the file to so that it instead ends with .m4r. your new .m4r file or drag it on will now recoqnise which you can in turn sync to ilunes. and the software it as a nnqtons. back to your iPhone.

focus, the app has a secret feature

up its virtual sleeves: you can use it as a sleep timer for your music (or a video). If you choose Stop Playin9, the tiimer silences your iPhone, instead of rin9in9 out, once time's up. If you want to fall asleep to the musical strains of your iPhone, launch the Clock app and tap on the Timer tab. Underneath the dials for setting the hours and minutes for your timer to run, tap on the When Timer Ends button. Normally, you'd use that control to choose which of the iPhone's many sounds should ring out when your timer reaches zero. But scroll past all the sound effects, and you'll find the Stop Playing, option. Witlh this selected, your iDS device will stop whatever music or video is currently plaYling, when the timer runs out.

The Stocks app is another one that offers an alternative view when you rotate it into landscape mode. You'll see a wider chart of stock price over time, and you can ad~ust tile charts range anywhere from one day up to two years. Tap and hold on the chart in that view, and you can drag your finger to see exact stock prices on specific dates. Swipe across the entire chart, and you'll advance to the next stock on your list

Rirng in the changes
Trim your memo as necessary, and then email


to yourself

for the quick extension trick that converts your recording into a rinqtone

Tap on the Weather app's interface, and for the And don't you'll expose an hourly breakdown rest of the current day's forecast conditions app actually in Notification

forget you can swipe on the current weather

A surprising number of iPhone users don't realise that the built-in Calculator more advanced functions,

Center to show the

five-day forecast instead.

offers a scientific calculator, too. To access simply rotate your iPhone from portrait to landscape mode.

You can use the Voice Memo app to make short recordings for yourself, but. you can aliso use it to create custom ring;tones, with relatively little effort. And remember, you can use your ringtones besides incoming rinqtone. for other audio alerts phone calls.


Fire up the app and record your new Once you've finished creatinq your email it to yourself. Tap the list masterpiece,

Take stock
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ip.,d·& Phone user 2012




ere at iPad & iPhone User we make it our business to bring you the finest gadgets the world has to offer. In our Hit List you'll find our picks of the best stuff,

updated each month with the most favourably reviewed kit. Hit List starts with Apple's devices themselves: on this page

we look at the current iPad and iPhone lime-ups, and the iPods are rated overleaf. Later you'll find the accessories most worth your hard-earned cash, from audio gear to cases, keyboards and stands. And finally we round up the best apps and Qlames from the iTunes Store. Only the best buys make it into Hit List

iPad (third-generation)
INow with an amazing Retina display
WI-Fl' WI-FI £399 (16GB), £479 (32GB). £559 (64GB) £659 (64GB)

improvement, the package feature



+ 4G £499 (16GB), £579 (32GB),

largely the same,

RATING LIKES: .. Retina d ispl ay • 5-mega pixe I ca m era • Dictation feature .. FaceTim~ integration • Improved graphics • A 5 X clliP: vi deo-mi rrori 119 • Same launch price as iPad 2 DISLIKES: .. Some third-ria rty a Pp5 nat yet optimised lor Retina display (apps that am will take up more space) • 4G not available in the UK .. Battery takes longer to charge

By far the most important i:sthe g,7in Retina display, and its 2048x 1536 resolution images.

results in pin-sharp Ph otos reveal deta iIs
there before, an

that weren't

and watchinq
To power comes with


movie is

just like Ihilving iI home cinema: in you IF lap, the screen,

Apple has added its A5X chip, which
It also earners that's better than that of Siri didn't feature initially

blows aways other ilny other tablet,

iOS devices in graphics processing.

5-megapixel and while

th ird-ceneration


he runaway

success of the original iPild and the iPad 2 (which is still on sale at a reduced price) meant the model had iI lot to live up to, (It's just called but you may


the move

to iPad as some expected, in the mean time, The for millions

iOS 6 will correct that omission will prove a boon iPad is just that - an update

{see page 10) and the dictation

the iPad, confusingly,


it referred

to as the


new iPad or the third-gen

iPad in certain cirdes.) As with to focus on a few areas of

of users, It's not smaller or lighter, but it's got screen and a much better camera.




a remarkable

iPad 2
Reduced in price and a decent alternative to the new iPad
WI-FI £329 (16GB) WI-FI

+ 3G. £429 (16GB)

RATING LIKES: .. flO cheaper tha n new iPad • Fast and user-friendly • 3G model means you're not paying extra for 4G, which is not yet available in the UK ~ Still a stunning device DISLIKES: .. Now only available in 15G B capacity • Camera is poor, especially com pa red to the new i Pad • No Relina ciisplay

access the internet
that made the and watching
iI whole

and all your favourite interaction The popular.

apps with the kind of flnqer



SHeen makes it ideal



books is on terms, between

video, and gaming

new level. The new tPild's A5X platform

chip gives it an edge in gamiilg but this is still a powerful The two biggest differences

this and the third-pen iPad are the screen and the camera The display here looks sharp, briqht and clear - right


ew Apple fans are going to spare a thought h urnble old iPad

for the


until the


you read some text but is likely to i ncrsase ;3'> at the extra detail. new iPad,>, but if you






has hit the shops

on the new iPad's Retina display. The diff,ere,nce in non-text environment'> developers is less marked, take advantage

(exc@pt possibly the odd well-meaninq by the change sparkling, in naming convention}. tablet we all-conquering

granny confused But this is the same a few month'> just why

ago, and it's had

no slashed

loved just

The price is now £70 below the equivalent it's, 16GB or nothing. watch

off its price tag too. understand ,>witching on, it @nables you to

all but the lowest storaqs versions have been discontinued: This is liksly to filii up quickly films and play games.

A quick go on the iPad 2 and you'll it proved so popular Instantly


iPad: & Phone User 2012

Speecly . It's destined to be hugely popular. If you have a third-generation iPod touch and lack an iPhone.. Finally.. This is an extremely versatile device: media player.. Excellent g a me. the voice-recognition 'assistant' Siri is both intriguing and fun. a gr-eat camera. too. . which packs in four times as many pixels as older models. .. for example.. pocket productivity tool. I-ligh-('@solution R@tinadisplay . Slrvl·free £499 (16GB). and offered a free 'Bumper' case to all iPhone 4 owners. handh e ld recorder and FaceTime video phone. Camera features are fine for Face Time but otherwise poor Price cut iOS 5 pre-insta lled device . and the price cut makes this the perfect time to buy orne. cheaper alternative From free to £429 (8GB only). th e new dictation feature could also be a huge reason to upgrade. so if you share Apple's obsession with thin. Sam@smart design as iPhone 4 .. this is a very good I -- RATING 4GB LIKES: DISUIKES: . The T This older iPhone remains a solid. Lacks the compass and G PS functicnality ot the iPhone . Having two cores doesn't necessarily mean the iPhone 45 ls twice as fast. It's hard to imagine what more Apple could do to tempt you. 5M P cernera wit h LED fla shad 1-1 D video record in g . stills camera. The iPhone 45 has speed.ady deservedly popular: there~entt announcement of a price cut. The 4$'. iPad: .. while the A4 chip means that it's incredibly fast.. All the controversy was a shame. The iPhon~ 4's design is such that all the antennae are On the outside of the unit. is astonishingly good-looking. seeing a jump in spec from 5Mp to 8Mp. Vastly improved battery life . because Apple did so much right on the iPhone 4.. The Phone 4 saw most of the major qripes about older versions A addressed . • Antenna attenuation lssues are esi gn flaw • Not as quick as iPhone 4 S over 3G and 3GS ~ Optimised for iOS 4 software II eyes will now be on the iiPhone 45. but the iPhone 4now reduced in both storaqe capacity and price. milch ine . you seriously affect your siqnal.rUR p G HIT LIST iPhone 4S Fast. Apple admitted to the issue. cool voicerecognition features. which allows us to more easily forgive thei r less-thanpristine images and movies. Speaker is pretty weak ..!ill. to an appealinq £429 SIM-fr~e for 8GB . Despite the camera. and the HD video cameraso good it was partially to blame for the demise of Flip Video. lettinq you catch shots you would have missed. Plus the iPod touch is about half a. and some brand-new voice-commend technologies with trem e n do us pote ntial.. camera.' weakllesses. irs also significantly faster.that realisation has never been closer. he iPhone 45 is more of a good thing: it takes the successful look of the iPhone 4 and tosses ina dual-core processor for dramatically improved speed. too. intemet communication have been holdi ng out for a device th is close to the iPhone without t~~ incumbent data plan and two-year commitment .it can multitask (kind of) and has a camera that's A price cut makes a fine thing even finer 3GB [Hi9. If you cover up the gap between the antennas on the left-hand sid~ with your hand. This is still an accomplished piece of kit. gamin91 machine. F<lcelime capabilities may tempt you to upgrade. Battery Iite. 64GB 02 ~. thick as the iPhone 4.. an upgraded camera.rernai ns an option. and you can talk to it PrI(e depends on mobile contract. this model'. the iPod touch is impressive indeed. it offers some major steps forward from the 4. depending on your chosen price plan ~ RATING 4GB LIKES: DISLlK~S: reaLly rather good instead of woefully bad. i.& iPhone User :W 12 57 . . is a vast improvement on older models. camcorder. dual-core processor ls one generation more advanced £ 599 (32GB) £699 (64GB) ~ . The Retina display. Despite having 0' name that implies only an incremental upgrade. While its two cameras fail to produce results as good as the iPhone 4S. .. but rather spoils the device's coollook.. A case fix~s the issue.ceTime video calling . 32GB £249. a white version and lOS 5 pre. Ibut our benchmarking tests made it clear that the 4$'s upgraded processor provides a large speed boost.. Lack of noticeable aesthetic upgrades may rut off some iPh0r1@4 owners from upgrading than the A4 processor that powered the Phone 4 and the original iPad. great at photos and gaming. And if you're without an Phone or iPod touch and ~ T he iPod touch was alre. And if you struq g Ie with typi n g om yo uri Phone.!ill_ device. But there's a caveat.. Fa.msta IIed ca n on II' a dd ten that.. definitely better. RATING 4GB LIKES: DISLIKES: Fast Terrific camera Great at gaming. Retina display I> I> . they do make Face'Iirne possible. and should grow in usefulness as Apple continues to tweak what is still iI beta featur-e. and the same industrial design that was introduced in the iPhone 4.

the CX S50 Style II.HIT LIST Klipsch Image S4i Company: Shure 5E315 £90 Company: RAiliNG ***** Klipsch • www.uk. READ MORE AT bit. Th is is especially striking. the AHC560R C05ts £70. but they deliver in terms of audio quality They also come.uk. • STAR BUY Moulds can be done at your local Boots.ldipscttco.-----.£100 Phonak is best known for making stylish hearing . but they deliver the kind of sound that can cost a [at more. (The secret is to waggle them in like earpluqs. They're desiqned witlh a small arm that's tilted forward help the cable a little tricky to put in at fnrsl.sennuei"er. A cracking set of earphones.iven the price . and . READ MORE AT bit_[y/KDlrl L cancellation usually costs a lot more than £75.0 headphones comfortably in the E'. W\M>\I .etymot[c.gcompany has now brought its expertise to the headphone market. The sound qua Iity is a [tii ost as good '----==-----=---_.uk.and we found them ex 550 Style II new noise- Shure . a serious HATING **** Panasonic • www. -' investment too. READ MORE AT bit. ** WWI'\I. in a very clean. You also get full iPod or iPhone control thanks to an in-I ine RATING * * .[yILaBuTB Shure SE215 Company: Sennheiser £100 . thick bass punch to boot.----.> a are strong choice . which makes for a comfortable fit.£80.uk RATlING**. READ MORE AT bitlyILPOyBE 58 Pad & Phone User 2012 . READ MORE AT bit. A high frequency range result.) Once we'd mastered this.www. Shure.. we w>er~able to enjoy exceptionally rich sound qual ity. ti [I provid es exce [lent RATING '* * * '* * E'lymotic • ~. can be quite pricey However. with a neutral balance and great detail.£70 Etymotic HF2 Company: RATllNG**.RATING***** The Shure SE215s are base d on an inverted design .ly/LOYjyr headphones without stepping up to custommade models.denon.*** Denon is [known for its h igh-qua![ity audio system" but its earphone.th ey incorporate no iseca nee! [ing eireuitry.co.SllUle. although the higher frequencies can get a bit shrill at high volumes.co.** Sermheisers isolatinq headphones are a styllsh and sturdy set. costs an extra £90.£75 Panasonic's RP-HC55s are u nusual for in-ear h sad phon eS . READ MORE AT bit. but thsewardwinnin. [y!KSNyXr "'STAR BUY stay in place and the Denon AH-C560R Company': Denon . but worth it for the quality and comfort.3r.3: .noise '--_-L. if at a premium price point. They're.co. which doubles up as a button for answering and hanging up calls on the Phone..co. g.Sound-wise.the HF2s might be at the top end of most budgets.1NW'N. Th i.com • £99 A phenomenalset of earphones .balanced and detailed. with monstrous.u~.uk.co. Audio qual ity is qu ite good. Etymotic has also !!!!!!!~~""""~IIi.audeoworld_com. dear sound with rich echoing bass and detailed higher frequencies.lids. READ MORE AT bit 11'/KoyOMI . mlssinq only some bass impact and the superior amount of detail found in the best offerings Onl the market. The Klipsch 54is are an in -e ar set of head phon es that offer exceptional sound quality.!!!"'" quality.shure. lncludes ill rnic for rnakinq and taking calls.the cable runs over the top of your ear . Pricey.oanasonic.www.J as the design. with sets of audio filters that you can fit to the headphones to create a certain type of sound..[y/JRSOKZ teamed up with hearing experts AC 5 to after a custom eartip service. Company: Sennhei"er. £50 The SE315'$ design and ergonomics are as good as it gets for in-ear canal "'STAR BUY remote control. READ MORE AT bit [l'iKoA9[ l' Audee PFE 122 Company: Panasonic RP-HC55 Company: RATlING **** Phonak .

and doesn't READ MORE AT bit 1)'IIBlIKHD READ MORE AT bit 1)lIKD6B7 iP~d: & iPhone U>ef 2012 59 . the design make it worth checking out. Don't expect to use the clear audio and large this a.ly/JrgRkw On Ai r Wi reless Company: JBL • urk. Sin thick. but overall.oqitech's S315i is and attractive portable a streamlined speaker system.(om. th is is the first system we've seen of quality sound.J got the money.co!]l . and AirPlay support.RATNG **** We'd like to see Ai~Play ry Iife Ion qer The LunaS is a good mid- batte range speaker system.>about the size. Sound 53 log itech com • *** * * £65 Company: Robe'rts Radio • WlNw.com • RATING • £250 JBL's AirPlay~enabled * * . and display give it. the valves externally glowing mounted. It system is a step up from the Pod/Phone speaker doc ks that p reced radio ed h ub is a cia" looks great. remote control.11.ly!Hn~xU. before the sound signal goes through the main amp. It IUseS the warm fuzzy so und of valve amplification as a preamp.lylLB9XK4 number of mini-apps for posting to and Facebook and for ched:ing the weather. is a bit of an oversight.harmankardon. bass (an be a bit 0.) READ MORE AT bit lybQnov7 porta bi Iity ls imp ressive. The unit's bulk is a factor to portability. ~ touchscreen it an edge over every !!!I other audio streaminq interface device we've offers a tested. The smoothly curved unit book.ediJier~intemational. STAR BUY light and compact you're travelling. Edifier • WM'II. qlas tube. __ -"="I"""~~"". although offer Wi-Fi capabilities Sound is good.Jogi(3.. L_ _j gives it an functionality edge over less expensive while t~e £179 price tag ensures that it's a lot more affordable than luxu ry brands costing £2S0 or more. but there'. READ MORE AT bit ly/IRIIX9H READ MORE AT bit. Valve80 Company: Go + Play Micro £293 designed RATING ** ** Logic3 ~. However.bang~oILJf5en. enough which paperback about its glossy 1. It also has when it comes to look both modern and retro. ** * Somehow managing Pod amp is a hybrid va Ive and trans isto r system.com. a standard iPod!iPhone speaker system. but of a proper' Beolit 12 is great and the inclusion is very good. pretty expensive.WM\I. DAB radio and wire less internet stream ing act. but if you've It's pricey that offers this combination portability READ MORE ATbit. RATING Sensia £330 ** *** Company: Pure • ~. no black shell and sturdy it'.(Qm • £599 • RATING Edifier lu naS Encore *** * Company. It'.. This strikingly Company: Harman Kardon • uK. the massively loud. and it's also pretty the sound qual ity and so there are three expensive at £230.* * Thi. the Go + Play Micro from Kardon Harman is an attractive speaker system with excellent sound. Itt creates a lovely sound. for playing. with _J i.robertsradio. and L_ **** A lovely iPod ail-in-one stereo system that offers a CD player as well as DAB and [FM radio.com • £230 • RATING . {We've even seen it on Amazon for a ternptinq £120. READ MORE AT bit 1]11P4l6G Twitter S315i Company: Loqitech • RATING WWIN. on the outside. to slip in a bag when features The sound is clear and classy. ______ '" part of a larger entertainment system as the only audio output is the headphone port. At £280.pure.£179 . READ MORE AT bit..uk • £280 • RATING l. AirPlay sub-woofer models. The Sound 53 looks great and tssls like proper quality. It's mot than tour hours. The touchscreen also It also works a.rUR p G HIT LIST Beolit 12 Company' 'Bang & Olufsen .co. 01 a . and has an alarm clock.jbl.

~ look and feel that ooze.. which ~ resemble a crayon.-----------. RATlING**** Just Mobile has won a sign ficant number of design awards.giantsparrows . iPad's LED soreen . ***** Company: The Cosmonaut is a RATING ** ** * CygneH • ukcyqnetlmm • £14. and offers extra grip. Indeed.. lts a simple.£15 RATING . nd READ MORE AT bit. qual ity. a swipe card for removing bubbles and a mkrofibre cloth.iust-trnobiJe. we and easy to put on and take off. READ MORE AT httD:l/bit.. £20 Barely There Company: RATING **** Case-Mate . With . Ideally suited to more creative pastimes such as drawing and painting. the Iinscribe is a good a11-'rOu er.case·mate. This is an excellent choice for iPad users 100kin g to qst crea tive. it can also be used as a traditional pen That said. You're compromising on looks and slimness. game playing.\MIINII. READ MORE AT bit 1)II'IKx911R AluPen Company: Just Mobile.studioneaLcom . though. With more than 60 colours design. £14 The Barely There is a super-thin shell that fits Ii ke a glove. RATlING**** Th is is a simple. Once uploaded. The case doesn't hinder the phone's functionality either. it'.ly/Kplsrn WI'V'N. coveri ng the back and sides of your Phone 4 or 4S and protectinq it from scratches and bumps. READ MORE AT bitlvlzhu7E8 Inscribe Stylus company: Incipio .'#WW. for both work and play opt iam.te. It does. nononsense iPad styl us that has it good feel and b ui ld. d esp ite con cer ns over its __ ~ • STAR BUY size arid shape. READ MORE AT biUyfLPaviD hard. It has a larqe library of designs on it.SIMobile' • WVV"Wiust-mobile~com • £35 RATING The AluPen Pro Irom Just Mobile nicks a lot of **** Case-Mate • www~cas"'-ma. It's an appealingly easy process.ul:. READ MORE AT biUy/JKvMMT were impressed.. and <It a price that's likely to put ott the casual buyer.co.www. and there's a neat corrugated screen protector that (an be retracted into a slot in the back when you're us~ng the touchscreen.__ __J own image. It ships with an adhesive-film screen protector. lit also prod uces consistent results on all Apple handheld devices in a ranqe of activities including note taking.HIT LIST Cosmonaut Company: Studio Neat .uk • £20 RATING Giant Sparrows is a com pa ny th at let.ly!K05Wg9 £1'5 Giant Sparrows Company: Giant Sparrows • \OMW. ** * you create your own customised iPhone case. N icel y the nib is a soft and spongy type that responds well to the weighted.(O. a combination that won't appeal to all.ly!KktTWO AluPen Pro Company: TANK CompallY: RAnNGi **** J'u. polycarbonate shell protects from impacts and drops. READ MORE AT hit ly!AjA5\1H 60 Pad & Phone User 2012 . and the AluPen makes it easy to see why.co. READ MORE AT bit.uk. you can upload your U!! .com.myincipio. however. lbut if nothing appeal. and textures to choose from. also come with a Pelikan ballpoint refill. a spare rubber nib and a leather case. you're sure to find a rendition to fit your tastes. you can move it around to suit the case's shape before saving your desiqn. TPU-gel cese: soft (yet fi rm) nove 1-100 ng styl us ki wh i ch does a precise job of mark-making on your iOS device.95 The FlexiGel strikes a great balance between protection and thickness. £33 Looking for an iPl"none case that will stand up to 'Some serious pun ishment? The Tank's boxss. drawing and painting. the Cosmonaut a Iso proves an excellent all-rounder. website.w:. While not the most striking of iOS styluses.(om.

and has a non-slip rubber base to keep it steady 011 your work surface.I!~~~.CQ. LUXA2 • """""""'... feels stu rdy and offers protection from the wet Mudwildelements..ly/KT5Ura • STAR BUY coverinq the sides and back.WMV. with a solid circular base and arrow- * ** * * 11" * * The powerrnonkeyexplorer stores up power for topping up your gadget> on the road . It allows you to prop the iPad upriqht. or lay it almost flat.ly/KprBnJ Power Skin Company: Power skin. indeed anywhere where you're likely to be away from a power source. the sleeve is like a conventional hard case.i zes.~1 Hoverlsar is aarm The II malleable metal • £75 flATING ** * ** Company' Mophie • www..:=~=== * * * * 11: with a damp at one device holds a larqe amount of charge. festivals.maveller • w. RATING . READ MORE AT bit...com • £41 Company: Pow". volume buttons and camera free.ly!LL4HgJ LUXA2 H6 Compa ny. so you can easily move it from room to room. trs on th e ot chea pest sta nd 0 nth e market. You first run down the iPhone's battery. READ MORE AT bit..s can be adjusted separately so they can grip tablets of d itte rent .99 r. but the flexible design means it's suitable for both work and play. but leaving the screen. and the phone starts to charge. It should give you a good 24-hOllr stint without charging. at home and away.ly/KDRZst Chef Stand and Stylus Company: Belkin . READ MORE AT bit. 9S RATING The multi-legged H6 is Air Voltage Oi Chargers these two product combine to form a convenient method of charging your iPhone. ** * * **** www. READ MORE AT bit.<1 9 reat cotton for anyone who is frustrated with having to charge up their iPhon@ all tihe time. READ MORE AT bit.vw.co m • £39..comluk • f25 (from Amazoll) RATING We [iks to use our iPad in the kitchen with n.yexplorer.. A tta eh inQi the clamp to an object. A ball joint behind the Pad enhances flexibility.lylM243rh shaped supporting bracket. vid<>osand graphics. The hover your device at any angle or heig'ht you require. READ MORE AT bit.----------. If you're driven to despair by running out of juice when alii you want is to zone out with your Pod.----------..belkirn. 1. RATING powermonkey-explorer www. allowing the user to rotate and tilt the device. Place the sleeved Phone on the mat. RATING ***** We like the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro. READ MORE AT bitlyIM26ha9 iPad& Phone User 2012 61 .gear:zap..but iits mai n draw is its clamshell solar panel. READ MORE AT bit.com • f55 RATING The UpStimd is a real looker... get yourself one of these. cipe .lweiye50ulttCOm Juice Pack Powerstation Pro • £104.I£50 This iPhone case incorporates an external battery lrs .HIT LIST HoverBar Company' Twelve South . all made of gleaming aluminium that co mp Iements the i~ad beautifully. The stand is a bit on bulky side.. then flic.powermonk".www. unlike any other iPad stand we·V€ seen.uk..k a switch when irs depleted to use ths Power Skin's battery.l PP'. ~.mm .. but the aluminium desiqn is surprisinqly lightweight.mophie. lyIH 1 jNTB UpStand Company: Just Mobile.101 I''"'9''I'''I''P . ly!z8G U81 . Perfect for those outdoor camping trips or vslts to end and an iPad mount at the other. sech as amiMac lets yOU! _1""l"''''I''''I _ . The chunky stylus lets you tap tlhe screen without getting sticky fingermarks on it.just-mobile. and Belkin's clever Chef Stand is ideal for that.powerskin. Those spidery leg.

and a shop for upgrades.co. . the game is stunninq in its scale. Infinity Blade i ' . avoidi ng the hazards. II keeps and expands I!J~ * *** * ---=-~ Aquaria Company': Semi Secret Software N. you in andsoundtr and the beautiful design ack keep you hooked. You play Claude.I. lncoboto is as finely crafted an adventure as the App Store offers. Yo·u play Barry Steakfries. £4.o. £199 . a . READ MORE AT bit.uk • £4...99 This hugely entertaining. On 1'1the occasional obtuse puzzle lets it down. READ MORE AT hit lylG\It\NSd ~STAR BillY 62 Pad & Phone User 2012 . has all of the addictive qualities present in the PC/console versions and features a cheat mode allowing quick progression to later level>. READ MORE AT bit IWI beS5K Jetpack Joyride Company: Halfbrick • wwwhalfbrickcom RAnNGi 9mm • Free CompallY: RATlN.. third-person shooter keep you coming back for more.. Ro G ksta r Games unleashed GTA 3 00 the iPad and Phone. . But the extras are the real pull. Max Payne is a third-person shooter. with different vehicles to try READ MORE AT bit l)tfoladO( is very much a case of 'shoot first. and somehow making perfect sense of the absurd co ncept of be i n g followed around by a friendly sum..99 With it.ly!740jzi gyroscope>._.ci:laiIente[tainmentgmup.' A se ri es of one-on" one battles witlh giant ' ~ ...fluHe[tl]ind_com RATING Effortlessly charming. 2 doesn't break new ground in terms of plot for an FPS.~/\f .cotl] • £4. the AI believable andl the controls capable. But it takes advantage of Phone 4'. as if it were a window into the game's reality. hu man warfare and various interqalactic mysteries. explore her underwater world and discover her past. timing.. The qraphics are superb and you're forced to approach the fight> more imaginatively. allowing you to look around by just moving your phone. ask questions once the bad guys are dead' . READ MORE AT bit. but Aquaria draws. READ MORE AT bit 11'/lIQ 1 5111 • STAR BIlJY ..... READ MORE AT bit Ildl '" d p" **** Company: Rockstar Games anniversary of its release.. steals a machine-gunpowered jetpack and takes Higlit_ As you run along.iylvL3xWO Max Payne Mobile Company: Infinity Blade II Rockstar Games.."' . STAR BIlJY - READ MORE AT bit..V.www...2 Company: RATING ** ** * Garneloft • l"IWW.gameloft.99 RATING • ---r.VA.com FlAlilNG As fans of the series wi II know. and the controls are conveniently placed. lit remains true to its original. There are also numerous firearms to choose from. I ~ ". and this mobile version is.The graphics are superb and the dialogue is hi larious. monsters fought using V .ly/LE7rST ~STAR BUY al most everyth in9 th at was great about its predecessor. ca ref u lIy esca Iat ing.G ***** Jetpack Joyride is an addictive game that will ***** Gameloft • wwwqameloftcoLik.49 • """""". It '551 ow to start and the controls can be a little awkward at times. you collect coins to buy accessories. " .-:riminal working his way up through criminal organisations. who breaks into a top-secret lab.rockstarqames.D. N.HIT LIST Grand Theft Auto 3 Company: Fluttermmd • £2. The city iis huge. Controversial subject matter aside.. one of the best games to hit the App ** *** Company: Chair • wWN.~ qestu res and perfect : . 9m m offers optional gyroscope-based controls. Store.A. --- . by far. story of alien- merrnaid-l ike creature.

go. with the task of preventinq the hero es / rom stea ling yo ur hard-earned treasure.L. which vary depending on the stage you're playing. If your ball lands in the bucket that drifts back and forth. READ MORE AT bit.E.99 The aim of this hig:hly addictive game is to Occasionally you have to collect objects in order. . For addsd fun.D.cI paths towards them.wINW_segaco_uk. learn Polish.lylLbmhS8 game.. there's a Replay option. Asteroids: Gunner paogea>all. you're tryi ng to get food over and around obstacles to their intended recipients.J~_~~_ . and its catchy soundtrack might even help you.ly!HOJbvH w. but this time .camalso challenqe a human opponent via Wi-Fi o:r Blustooth.Ld[eams.pl. * ** .69p At its core.wvwv.D.tinyheroes. Besid~s the single-player mode. W.IWN62Wnc Brick People Company: Sega.atali. You need to blow up clusters of asteroids: the left onscreen joypad controls movement. If you have the slightest interest in word games. you need to direct water from street lev~1storm drains to Swampy the all iqator's shower. make su re you own this. plus a trophy room for all your achievements. Free Asteroids: Gunner is a 21st century revisit of the popular arcade classic.7IIT~~1 RATING * * ** Infinite Dreams . you stack bricks to help the Brick People. you get a free ball. your job i5 to protect a set of crystals from the jelly invaders who travel pred eter m in ed create looking interface and some lovely ambient sounds. You need to dig a path through the dirt to gu ide the water to the pipe. Irs addictive and a pleasure for the senses.com • Free Tiny Heroes is similar to Plants VS. and looks good.. by placinq jelly towers with a variety of weapons. weapons and traps at your disposal. you .1'I'V\I\'J.. READ MORE AT bit. lt's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into this "STAR BUY water and the pipe is a larqe "mount of earth cluttered with objects.E..49/£1_99 Company: RATING **** RATING In each stage of this bizarre gam~. while avoiding sewer dead ends.com. get to out-of-reach food ***** PopCap • wwwrpopcap_com • r t . You simply drag back your finger tofling object past the intervening structu res. The original premise is qiven a tacelitt with elegant graphic'> and responsive controls. or build specific shapes. Company' Jelly Defense Company' RATING ** ** * Ayopa Games • we Ldergame.ly/ArEtvt an Tiny Heroes Company: Slrnutronks Where's My Water? • vlMIw. Zombies.L..R. READ MORE AT bit lylKOllsGb hit <IIIthe orange pegsGreen pegs give you power ups.rather refreshingly . You.HIT LIST W. while the right pad fires. READ MORE AT hit 1¥h7sGWo Monkey Bongo Company.com .99 In this retreshinq take on the tower defence genre. 69p RATING 'I<: In Monkey Bongo.E. But there are numerous twists as you proqress a great- F"-A~.69p In this game. Peggie HD f1 . and there are plenty of barricades. READ MORE AT bit. READ MORE AT bit. £ 1.you're Company: RATING *** ** RATING **** D~sney • disney. control a battalion of helpful monkeys who wanrt to fling bananas at their hungry toucan RATING * ** * Pangea Software.R is a word search: you words of four or more letters by swapping nearby letters..E.com. READ MORE AT bitiy/JrLlOd • STAR BUY iPad& iPhone User 2012 63 . Company'Mari ca. Standinq between the the bad guy. READ MORE AT bit I]rIl pHHGE friends.<:om. Jelly Defense is addictive and entertaini no.

·www. notes..69p Equally useful for business or creative efforts. and there'.0 ***** Facebook • www. Select a categ. Free iBooks 2 does a superb job of getting out of your way as you read normal eBooks.lJkiDlaces.ory and the app displays nearby with their distance and direction. irs nothing less than a gift to iOS users.ve been two improvements. you can now print to an AirPrint-enabled printer. wwwJil€ma~er. by optimised eBooks' tendency to crash. it can export data to half a dozen file formats lncludlnq Excel.HIT LIST FileMaker Go 12 Company: iTunes U Company: RAiliNG """ . READ MORE AT bit I]dvVillIlY that it does the work of up to four other apps. but it was worth the wait Cornbininq the mobile perks of the iPhone app with tihe scope of the desktop service. Facebook's iPad app is a happy medium.ly/MfZw3!J peop leo utsid e th e education system too.www.uk. and it has appeal for' prececessor. Notability offers word-processlnq you. have generally done a * * '* * * Ginger Labs . massive file sizes and lack of iPhone support.Fr* We found it hard to imaqine how Garaqefsand could work on any iOS device except the Pad. Irom your Facebook and Twiner feeds to major publications. video and presentations. this iPad notetaking. alonq It also shows sometimes it READ MORE use method of sea rch ing your Phone lor nearby pubs.ly/wAovjJ . Facebook Free CompallY: RATING **** I . bookshops and oth er types of b usi ness. but that's par for ths course with Fa(ebook.com• Free it took long to results. READ MORE AT bit.STAR BUY Th i5 ex perien CE: is marred. With free access to course materials..STAR BUY straightforward good job 01 transferrinq it to the Phone. It has the potential to change cIassroorns everywh ere..apple.. audio. . but takes you to the Maps app instead. READ MORE AT bit. READ MORE AT bit.qooqle.. the desiqners . ***** FireMa~er.!!IZ:. easy-to- . can record audio while you're taking.iy/GYFp4K Google Places Company: Google . students and lecturers.co.com/uk. them on am integrated map.. READ MORE AT hit lylHsQCsl ~STAR BUY 64 Pad & Phone User 2012 . Free Desiqned to work with FileMaker Pro 12 desktop software. It's now RATING '* * * '* Apple .comluk.. AT bitr. a handwritinq mode that's great for notes. READ MORE AT bit.qingerlabs.apple. While it lacts like its RATING * * ** * Apple .S•• ~ lt's astonishinq Facsbcok '.ly!JKZyRs develop an iPad-Iriendly <lPP.com. and while it works best on the larger device. there ha..com • Free Company: GI * * '* * * Flipboard FIipboard displays corrte nt from aII sorts of sources.www.lyfydz5xg GarageBand Company': RATiING Notability Company: RATING * * '* * * Apple . Secondly.t. however. this app allows you to run FlileMaker databases on your tablet.(Om/uk. Free The iTunes U app Ihas clear pu rpose for pupils and teachers. STAR BUY .~. offering is so chock -I uII 01 fe atu res . the app's handling of optimised eBooks is undeniably impressive. SOI1Tl@ users will gripe about chanqes to the layout.apple. Fir'.f<lcebook.~. RAnNGi ... And when it works.lylwKQ22g Flipboard Company: RATiING Apbcmi iBooks 2 • ~jl ipboard. available on the iPhone as weill as the Pad They've also added Cover Storie" which assemble> the best stories across all your sources. READ MORE AT bit.!< ~ -- This app is a customisable.(O. There one also enough improvements to ensure that this remains a must-have app lor musicians everywhere. CSV and HTML.

h adjusts the quality of your picture depending and gives Sky subscribers their favourite on your connection another speed. RAT[NG Avid Studio Apple. and then stuck app line-up. which which SMS. fJ~~~~~ir.y controls so you (an to and parental controls lock down settinqs so you r kids can't hide from you.. makiing is easy to use.lylKbMSTw READ MORE AT bit.sky. It the iPad. application READ MORE AT bit. A fine effort. Sky Go brings live streams of all the Sky and 11 send messaqes to other Sports channels (depending.mi.com.colJ)}luik.99 Avid Studio may not be as elegant as iMovie for iOS.com Cleartune ..WINW. you'll be able transfe r aII your" work may well be a dincher to to invest in.99 The beauty of iPhoto for iO$ is that.rw.apple. There's no limit on the number sent. that users of the desktop version will desktop. READ MORE AT bitlyfK\!GdX7 iPad:& Phone User 2012 65 .WI Avid .feetu * * * * *' Company' ••• RATING 'Ie"'"** "!!!!IIIII. [t does not match the Mac program feat u re.bilcm. way of watching iMessage. STAR BUY instructed.. READ MORE AT bit..99 RATING ***** Holy Book of Days is a magnificent . and it's also great for app stacking: we used Percolator addition to edit a photo.49 III Clearturie provides a convenient method of tuninq whatever instrument works built-in by you app that of takes full advantage up with o·f use.com. it into [mage Blender. Find My Friends is bri Iliant.HIT LIST Monty Python: The Holy Book of Days Company: Melcher Media . 1t'5 gives it one up on the iOS so you can stay in touch with TV.ly/Hchoc2. at its core. then this is a great addition background .com • £2.com. Free WhatsApp Messenger Company: RATING * ** * ~ ~ * * "* * 'Ie Wl"latsApp . no matter smartphone they use.comfuk. Tr..£2. READ MORE AT bitly!znzct5 READ MORE AT biUy!KRhckW iPhoto Company.avid. play when As with an electronic tuner.very easy to lea rn and use. [t costs nothinq. If you own Avid for your re. It even syncs the Blu-ray DVD Holy Grail to [provide information Python.e friends too.49 app Company: RATING This sinqls-purpose makes it possible to **** Johan Andersson . irs i~hoto by different means . they'll know where you are and vice versa. but ii••• • from the iPad to it. .WMV.. Image Blender is an easyto-use photo I 111. images or video clips.11 'hide' from your followers. • STAR BUY _________ watching. are and everythinq clearly labelled too. but it's incredibly simple to use. the needle is If you have any interest shows how far off key you. if a little light on features.. which when deciding which its overall functionality is so sim ilar.5 Image Blender Company: RATING Find My Friends £1. WhatsApp mobile incurring lets you 69p - - .~~~ •••• ***** Birtcount • 'MVW. If app that does its job.jhndme. you. phones without a charge like an that can be Sky Movies channels on your su bscri ption) to you r i as cross-platform 5-exdllsiv. This simple tool makes a great to any Phonsoqraphers's READ MORE AT bit. £2. and you can attac device. . note you.uk • Free On the face of it.for .wwwJwlybookofdays. instantly recognise the apps conventions. device qettinq the rnic on your iOS to 'listen' to the about the scene you're in Monty to your app library.wI"l1mapp. Launch combine two images into one seamless photo. **** Apple • wwwaDplecomj.Chromatic Tuner Company' RATING • £2:. www.lylze4niv READ MORE AT bitlylHElShOX Sky Go Company: RATING BSkyB .!iliIrWIo'Ii!~I''''''' it and invirte your friends or family to install it and sign up for the service using their Apple they 'follow' IDs. [t works well too.v(/ww.Iyl1 amNa. There a~e privac.

ested that she try to pick out some songs. and show some enthusiasm tor what the device Can teach you. "Where did you learn that?" I sounded it out. Sure enough were Venus." I the app my I pulled out my iPhone. her that free is good. We learned about the goddess Pele and the islands' oriqin while visiting a volcano. okay. looking at are those?" the clear night sky Seeing three brig ht objects lined up. location. 18 hours ill thing . the birds and the islands. Thanks to iStopMotion Her monthly download iTunes allowance (itun. I was playing it in Magic Piano and WHAT HASN'T CHANGED Can too much technoloqy spoil a child? Of course. a teacher could have taught piece. planets. So we signed her up for lessons.es/ has taught ibxzxi). too much discipline or too little sl'eeiP. writes Christopher Breen I n this month's How To section. Rather it's to pay attention Throwing and an iPad full of games bit. I also expect a few will insist that exposing a child to an iPad will lead to a machine-dependent We can all agree that spending day glued to anyone But in my daughter's future devoid of fresh air and human interaction. I showed her ill few things on the piano and s~gg.1 IOURVsh iPAD & iPHON E SECRETS FOR FAMILY LIFE bit. and it seems to be going. I wanted to give my daughter more choice about when (or if) she would begin to explore music. EXPLORATION RELATED LINKS THE OTHER POINT OF VIEW: WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BUY YOUR CHILD AN iPAD Having taken piano lessons since the age of four. Yes. and it's not sunscreen or chocolatefish. or an online game . They haven't met my daughter. the the iPhone.lv/KNWsH6 at a child and leaving them to their own devices iis no more helpful than plantinq them in front of a TV all day Sit down with your child and use thet iPad as a tooll that teaches and entertains. wh ich helped her sketch things that someone else could identify. In the app. Its display mirrored use that iPad as a tool that teaches as well as entertains Because she has a good ear. It helped instill the confidence to her head and then to her fingers. As can too many sweets. but our trip. but let's see. Mars and Saturn. she asked: "W~at Magic Piano (i.a social network case at least.GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY Sceptics claim that iPads are bad for children. could translate what she heard from her ears I saw the same thing happen with Draw Somethi ng (itun. that iDS devices have enhanced IDENTIFICATION When we were on holiday in Hawaii. That experiment confirmed she has the knack. It's the sky. e. "Oh. my daughter and I were Sitting outside. I asked. my daughter to get the general topogra. I write about an old iPad for a child how to configure (see page 52) While I hope most readers will react positively to that story. we've tried our hands at animation." she replied. But Magic Piano taught what she needed to do without her the her much of 'teaching' that she before us in the night sky. we used the iPhone to identify fish we saw while snorkelling and birds we heard while hiking.tuo. fired up and pointed the phone at the three what we saw they Star Walk (itun. we tapped on Saturn to learn about its rings.1 IMn LtO iPAD APP5 TO KEEP THE KIDS ENTERTAINED bit.phy its rhythm and the distance between was able notes.s/ibX2Js). which has led mer to a fair number of dassic books. She may not be up on The Hunger made the lessons stick.is the sign of a problem. She could have learned some of that without having that tedmolcqy moments" with us in "teachable her.:-esLibX2JS) is a free app that lets you play tunes on a virtual keyboard. From Magic Piano. of the song: Sit down with your child and "Probably answered. I heard her picking out the familiar tune of Beethoven's Fur Elise. she could then transfer what she'd learned to the piano. 66 iPad & Phone User 2012 . but she's read Conan Doyle and Verne. But the answer isn't to deny a child technology. Games. On the same trip. One day. It also lets you pick selections from a songbook and learn to play them as part of a game. I'd argue her life.es/ibX2DJi. Ask my daughter covered macadamia what she recalls from nuts.gave objects. participate.

'iPad 3IiPad 2. Red.Pad 3f1Pad 2 Leather N1 Case iPad 3liPad 2 Skin 'lIi' . Smart Changeable Case folds to create a range of stand options Close it and !he iPad automatically goes to sleep "'---.Variolls Colours Case .S.) u industries GGMM TN ·iPad Is a trademark qf Apple Inc. am.Available in BlaCk.4Sl4 nOllnciudell . Light Blue.. and regis. MacBook Air and accessories online or call 42 7 Quantity discounts and logo printing available to the retail/trade ~ email uson sale. Denim . scan QR coda lor mere offers ..www. iPhone 48/4. .c.y looki.available IIJp~ .See the website for other designs . provide valae for Please visit our website for tne latest designs ar money offers N High Quality Micmfibre in 5 colours e andretall outlets • As the UK representative for GGMM we are aetivel. iPhOne. @t epa "e.Wine Red"Blac'l< orBrown wittJ Smart Gover ..cases only. High quality products that.teredln theU. Open it and the iPad instantly wakes up Maw iPad 3/iPad 2 Flexl-Fold Smart Gases .Pad 3liPad 2 leather in a wide range of colours Cases with 81uetooth Ke'yboard . iPhone 4Sf4 Leather Cases View our complete range of high quality' cases for NewiPad 31iPad 2.Denim look MacBook Air Gases . Pink and Mustard Yellow ..ng forresellers .6. G iPad 3/iPad 2 Genuine Smart Case .t.Harlequin Leather or Black.! other counlrles.

400mAh I 15. Ole Ailtf~tr""""""'- en ragfdantd . +. anywhere + E.600mAh) or recharge the iPhone® 7 times (11 times for 15.TS Charge 2 USB devices (even 2 new iPads) at the same time. (13 hours for 15.ASY TO RECHARGE Built-in retractable wall plugs.2 H'IGH POWER USB POR.comlhyoermac see HyperJulce Plug 6 more batteries for your Macbook" 61Devices at H'{PERSHOP.600mAh BATTERY Don't be fooled by its diminutive size.COM • 2012 sa:-Lho Carp:in::rtion.The only USB chorqer that gives you MORE + 10.600mAh).IPiOd a IPt'lQM _rbo1 AppIo. Chorge it up and toke it anywhere Follow Us On: HYPER l:I n GET MORE @hypermac facebook. This baby con extend the newiPad* by 9 extra hours.

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