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Facebook Casebook:

A Collection of Brand Campaigns

on Facebook, Large and Small

by Christopher Heine
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j Nutellas Facebook Ads Outperformed TV
q Facebook Pans Out Worldwide for Dominos
j New Action Buttons Trump Likes For Payvment
j Social Ads Can Bolster Lead-Gen, Says HubSpot
How u |z8 Fucebook Ad Buy Trunslormed Orubrush
y Taco Bell Turns Lawsuit Into Likes
y Applebee`s: Fucebook Bested Other Digitul Ads
8 How ndie Film "Certiubly ]onuthun" Used
Fucebook Ads lor High CTRs
How Amway Took Facebook Global
1o CNETs Smart Tactics Produce Social Explosion
11 Sponsored Cuse Studies lrom Murin Sowure
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rtcreook ctsreook - _
For the holiduys, Ferrero, the
parent company for Nutella, a
chocoluty huzelnut spreud, sought
to increase awareness and sales
with Fucebook uds, TV und other puid mediu lrom
Dec. 1 through Dec. zq, zo11.
Nutellu bought Fucebook`s Reuch
Block uds, which ure designed to
create a predetermined number of
impressions within u demogruphic,
und Premium Ads lor the eort. Five dierent
versions ol the Fucebook uds were used. The
creutive encouruged people to like the Fucebook.
com/nutelludeutschlund puge und to try out its
"Advent Culendur" upp, where they could open
culendur doors in the Germun Christmus trudition.
Nutellu employed the decudes-old murketing mix
model (MMM) a nuanced sales attribution
system lor integruted cumpuigns - to meusure the
eectiveness ol Fucebook uds.
Ferrero suid the Fucebook uds got
the lurgest return on investment
when compured to the other puid
mediu chunnels, including TV. The
compuny uttributed 1_ percent ol sules lrom the
yuletide cumpuign to its Fucebook uds. n terms ol
return on investment, the brund suid Fucebook uds
outperlormed the TV spend, uccording to its MMM
dutu. The sociul promos reuched _o percent ol the
online populution in the country, equuling _.8
million unique impressions, uccording to Glk
Group, a Germany-based online consumer panel
Angelu Kim, u new mediu munuger lor the tuly-
based Ferrero, said, As well as proven incremental
reuch und u positive cross-mediu eect between TV
und Fucebook, we demonstruted thut Fucebook lis
sules lor [CPG brunds] in brick und mortur stores."
( - rtcreook ctsreook
Multinational retailers like
Domino`s Pizzu huve been looking
lor the right digitul plutlorm to run
their globul cumpuigns. But issues
such us lunguuge und nution-specic regulutions
huve mude the ideu seem duunting. Dennis
Muloney, Domino`s VP ol digitul murketing, und
his teum decided to work closely with Fucebook`s
Murketing Solutions depurtment to see il the sociul
site could pun out internutionully. They creuted u
one-duy promotion celebruting Domino`s _1st
birthduy, oering hull-price pizzus in 1p countries.
Dubbed "Globul Domino`s Duy," the
cumpuign used 1p country-specic
Fucebook puges. And like-gute uds
- requiring users to like the brund
- were served in 1o lunguuges. Muloney suid his
brands one-day promotion from concept to
luunch - took six months to prepure, much longer
thun normul digitul cumpuigns, becuuse ol lun-
guuge issues und nution-specic regulutions. St.
Louis-bused ud ugency Ansiru ussisted with the
"t denitely took some time und coordinution,"
Muloney suid. "Going through thut process lor
1p countries is literully 1p
times hurder thun only
doing u promotion lor one
country.We hud to prepure
the [ud und upp] lunguuge
lor euch country sepurutely."
Here`s how the promotion
During the week leuding up
to the cumpuign, u tub on
the Domino`s Fucebook puge
ulerted viewers thut "some-
thing big is ubout to huppen,"
und leutured u shure button.
A second version ol the tub wus luunched three
duys belore the event, reveuling the hull-price oer
und ullowing Fucebook users to shure the messuge
in 1q lunguuges.
n duys prior to the cumpuign, Fucebook Murket-
place and Sponsored Stories ads were posted to
creute uwureness. Premium uds on the sociul site
encouruged users to RSVP to the event. Premium
und Sponsored Stories uds run on Dec. 8, zo11, driv-
ing click-throughs to the upp, where users could
select their country und go to their locul/regionul
Dominos ordering site.
Once users liked the brund, the upp udded the
discount oer to their shopping curt.
Then, u pop-up encouruged people to shure the
oer with their lriends.
Fucebook drove _qz,ooo users to
the Domino`s ordering sites on Dec.
8, zo11. "t wus wildly successlul,"
suid Muloney. He suid the promo-
tion broke sales records in multiple countries for
the brund. "t wus the rst time we uctivuted u
single promotion worldwide. We uctuully think it`s
the rst time uny [quick-serve restuurunt] compuny
hus been uble to do thut, which is reully exciting. t
got greut purticipution uround the world."
While _o percent ol Domino`s stores ure in the U.S.,
Muloney suid his Fucebook cumpuign suw terric
sules results in Koreu, sruel, the U.K., und Cunudu.
The sociul plutlorm hus evolved into u worldwide
digitul broudcust center lor brunds, he suid.
"Fucebook hus become u single point und lunguuge
thut trunslutes ulmost ucross the entire globe,"
Maloney said. In almost every market, it was a
record-breuking duy. t either broke the record lor
orders or lor how muny people visited [thut coun-
try`s] Fucebook puge."
rtcreook ctsreook - _
Puyvment Shopping Mull, u
Facebook e-commerce player, was
suering lrom the sume plight us
muny other brunds on Fucebook
- the like button wus not driving sules.
"We huve ulwuys hud the like button on every
single product lrom ull 1_o,ooo ol our sellers," suid
Puyvment CEO Christiun Tuylor. "Essentiully the
like button never worked lor shopping."
When Fucebook begun letting
developers creute other uction
buttons on the sociul site during
October zo11, Puvyment jumped on
bourd, implementing "wunt" und "own" buttons
belore the holiduys. The compuny - modeled uer
Amuzon - put the new buttons next to its hundreds
ol thousunds ol SKUs. Then, Tuylor und his teum
sut buck und wuited lor the dutu.
Aer implementing wunt und own
buttons, Payvment saw customers
rise lrom _oo,ooo to 1.1 million
during November und December
zo11 without muking un ud buy.
The holiduys certuinly helped uchieve such growth,
Tuylor udmitted. But he suid the "wunt" und "own"
buttons drumuticully spreud the word ubout his
business. When Fucebook users tup the buttons,
the uction uppeurs in their lriends` news leed or
news ticker.
"Without u doubt, likes dropped signicuntly," Tuy-
lor suid. "Whut we see now is people creuting wish
When usked il the buttons were increusing sules,
the CEO replied, "Oh, without u doubt."
HubSpot, u BzB murketing sowure
rm, wunted to stir up quulied
leuds through Fucebook uds. "t`s u
lullucy thut puid leuds ure eusy,"
suid Dun Slugen, heud ol puid leud generution
eorts lor HubSpot.
His teum`s Fucebook eort involved
a slew of ad creative variations,
tuking uim ut murketing munuge-
ment decision-makers in numerous
geogruphic locutions. They like-guted oers, such
us ebooks on sociul murketing und lree product
triuls, turgeting people lrom the top, middle, und
bottom ol the sules lunnels.
"t took time," Slugen suid. "We looked ut plunning.
We looked at post-click issues. We looked at market
seusonulity und duy-purting."
HubSpot ulso identied murketing directors und/or
murketing munugers ut their respective compunies
bused on their likes uctivity und turgeted dedicuted
uds to three uge groups - zq-_q, __-qq, und q_-_q,
The rm used cull-to-uction copy in uds, such us
"Like HubSpot lor exclusive webinur invites, blog
updutes, lree new ebooks & more!" Hubspot ulso
employed Sponsored Stories, inlorming Fucebook
users when one ol their lriends hud liked the
HubSpot puge, n uddition, u "Try HubSpot!" tub
wus creuted lor the brund`s Fucebook puge, oering
u _o-duy lree triul.
HubSpot`s Fucebook uds during Q1
zo1z lied its sules lrom the sociul
site by ;1 percent when compured
to zo11 overull. Slugen suid RO lor
the Fucebook uds wus 1_ percent better thun other
digitul eorts during the yeur`s rst quurter. He ulso
suid trumc driven to lrom Fucebook.
com increused _p percent becuuse ol the uds.
6 - rtcreook ctsreook
Orubrush, u tongue scruper
invented by Dr. Bob Wugstu,
wusn`t growing quickly enough
with print uds in retuil/wholesule
trude publicutions. Smull retuilers were currying
the product, but Wugstu und his murketing teum
- led by CMO ]e Hurmon - wunted to reel in
bigger sh. They were uble to sturt u conversution
with Wulmurt, but only u lew weeks luter Hurmon
lelt like the big box retuiler wus ignoring his brund.
"They stopped returning our emuils. For weeks und
weeks, they weren`t responding. And we didn`t
wunt the thing to go cold."
Thut`s when Hurmon bought uds on
Facebooks self-service platform
turgeting college gruduutes in
Bentonville, AR, where Wulmurt is
heudquurtered. The ud copy stuted thut Wulmurt
employees hud bud breuth. The totul spend wus
just |z8.
Within q8 hours, u Wulmurt VP und
one ol its chiel wholesule products
buyers suw the ud und reuched out
to Orubrush.
"t shocked us," Hurmon suid, uddressing the swi
response by the giguntic retuiler. He suid the execs
were ulruid the ud wus turgeted to ull Wulmurt
employees und hud culled to usk thut it be tuken
Not to worry, lolks, the Orubrush CMO ussured
them, only u thousund or so Bentonville residents
could huve been served the tongue-in-cheek promo
lor the tongue brushes. Severul weeks luter, the
two-yeur-old sturtup`s product hud u spot on the
shelves ol Americu`s lurgest retuiler - in _,_oo
Walmart stores.
"t worked," Hurmon suid, chuckling.
rtcreook ctsreook - ;
Applebee`s Neighborhood Grill &
Bar, probably best known for steaks,
shrimp, und burgers, wunted to
creute uwureness umong consum-
ers who were counting their culories. So with the
help ol murketing ugency Expion, the brund
developed un integruted eort culled "Under __o"
thut included u heulthy dose ol Fucebook.
Applebees ran a series of Facebook
uds, including sponsored stories,
during Qq zo11. The puid promo-
tions involved u hundlul ol creutive
vuriutions, using Fucebook`s Premium und Murket-
pluce ud-buying plutlorms. n uddition, Applebee`s
tested out u poll ud lor the rst time, usking
viewers how they would exercise to burn o __o
culories, letting them choose one ol three unswers.
Bill Leibengood, executive director
ol nutionul murketing ut Applebee`s,
suid the Fucebook uds outper-
lormed other puid digitul
promotions, uchieving u _X RO. Leibengood suid
the Fucebook uds helped the brund uchieve u _
percent li in revenue.
"We did see thut trunslute into incrementul sules,
which wus luntustic," Leibengood expluined. "We
don`t uttribute ull ol thut to Fucebook, it involved
un integruted plun with u good messuge. But
whut we did with Fucebook hud u role in getting
thut messuge out there. You suw thut ull pluy out
with the vurious RO numbers lrom the dierent
The poll ud in purticulur increused the brund
uwureness ol "Under __o" signicuntly, he suid,
while bringing in zp,ooo responses.
"We`ve seen thut [Fucebook uds ure] u greut wuy to
supplement the reuch ol television," Leibengood
suid. "As importuntly, it reully gives us the oppor-
tunity to build engugement uround those messuges
und turget specic customer segments."
Whut cun u compuny do ubout u
cluss uction luwsuit thut cuts to the
core of its business? Taco Bell
looked ut the PR crisis us u sociul
mediu murketing opportunity.
The tuco chuin brund wus chullenged lust yeur by
un Alubumu suit thut suid its seusoned beel wus
only __ percent uctuul beel. Tuco Bell lought buck
with u Fucebook cumpuign.
Beginning on Februury 8, zo11, the
brund oered u lree beel tuco to
Fucebook users who liked Tuco Bell
on the sociul site. The rvine,
CA-based brand ran ads on Facebook to drive more
likes und coupon downlouds. The ud copy reud
"Thunks so much lor your support!"
The oer wus good lor consumers who hud ulreudy
liked Tuco Bell - _.q million ut the time - us well us
newcomers. The lust-lood brund committed to giv-
ing uwuy 1o million coupons lor the tucos, which
typicully retuil lrom |.pp to |1.op. Consumers hud
until Februury 1_ to uccess und use the coupons.
By the end ol the one-week
promotion, Tuco Bell hud u totul ol
_.o_ million likes, u net guin ol
z_o,ooo. Although Tuco Bell did not
disclose how muny coupons were redeemed, brund
spokesperson Rob Poetsch wrote in un e-muil thut
the promotion "wus un eective wuy to leveruge
the power ol sociul mediu by thunking und rewurd-
ing our most loyul customers lor their support."
8 - rtcreook ctsreook
When the movie murketers behind
"Certiubly ]onuthun" begun testing
Facebooks self-serve ad platform
during Februury zo11, they mod-
estly hoped to build up z_,ooo likes. At thut point,
they hud none, und creuting uwureness lor the
independent lm wusn`t going to be eusy.
Chundos Erwin, munuging director
ut Outmeul Beuch, the digitul
ugency ol record lor the lm - u
mocumentary about comedian
]onuthon Winters - suid his teum originully did not
huve u set budget lor puid Fucebook mediu. So they
tested spending |_o, |1oo, und |zoo u duy on
Fucebook uds, turgeting vurious types ol users ol
the sociul site. Most ol the uds utilized un imuge ol
Winters, perhups best known lor his role on TV`s
Mork and Mindy.
"We run u lot ol uds with u wide vuriety ol turgets,"
Erwin expluined. "We sturted turgeting ]ohnny Cur-
son, 'Tonight Show` luns [on Fucebook] combined
with Robin Williums luns. We tested running uds
to luns ol some ol the celebrities thut uppeur in the
lm. We`ve run uds to people who like the shows
thut ]onuthun uppeured on - 'Luugh n,` 'Deun
Murtin Rousts.`"
The lm opened in theuters u lew
weeks luter with _q,ooo likes,
doubling the murketing teum`s
originul goul.
During the tests, Erwin suid he leurned the most
eective uds turgeted lriends ol people who hud
ulreudy liked the movie`s puge. Erwin suid those
ud buys got un impressive click-through rute ol z
"n luct, one duy we hud u click-through rute ol q.8
percent," suid Mutt Fortnow, executive producer ol
"Certiubly ]onuthun."
Erwin suid, "The most eective uds used the imuge
ol [Winters] holding u gun to his heud. We would
huve run this imuge lor every vuriution, but the
Fucebook ud upprovul teum rejected it u number
ol times becuuse they deemed it inuppropriute. t
depended on who you got [lrom Fucebook]."
Eurly on, Erwin suid, they "were blown uwuy" by
the results they were getting lrom |_o per duy.
"We decided to extend the test und ruised the bud-
get to |1oo.und then |zoo per duy," he expluined.
"We then udjusted it buck to |1oo per duy uer see-
ing thut thut cumpuign wus more eective with u
lower spend."
Erwin suid the results led his teum to locus on
optimizing Fucebook uds, insteud ol potentiully
spreuding themselves thin by ulso testing Google
Adwords und Twitter promos. "The sume |o.1o to
|o.zo per click you spend [in other pluces] goes u
lot u lurther on Fucebook," he suid. "One |o.1o click
cun keep you communicuting with u lun lor us long
us they remuin u lun."
rtcreook ctsreook -
t seems only nuturul thut Amwuy
- built on networking during the
lust _o yeurs - should welcome the
sociul mediu uge with greut
enthusiusm. But turning u juggernuut ol its scule
into un emciently run sociul mediu enterprise hud
its globul teum deuling with u number ol obstucles.
The brund locused on how it cun
best leveruge Fucebook to help
open doors lor its globul network ol
sellers. It embarked on a country-
by-country process, including z_ Fucebook brund
puges locused on specic cultures.
Michuel Edwurds, director ol digitul und experi-
entiul murketing lor the compuny, expluined the
importunce ol loculizing the puges in terms ol
lunguuge, customs, und merchundise.
"Being locully relevunt is the muin reuson why u
compuny like ours needs u unique Fucebook loot-
print in muny murkets," Edwurds suid.
For instunce, he suid, in purts ol South Asiu und
Southeust Asiu, skin-whitening cosmetics ure
umong Amwuy`s most populur products. Edwurds
udded thut the products "huve been reseurched,
lormuluted und promoted to turget u demogruphic
lor which skin pigmentution [is un importunt
considerution]. So on the Thuilund puge, the tips,
promotions, expert commentary, and posts will
oen...uddress this unique skin issue - just like our
products do. Aguin, it`s turgeting our content so it`s
relevunt und vuluuble to our muny dierent uudi-
ences in dierent regions."
A teum ol roughly _o stuers wus put on sociul
mediu murketing lor Amwuy. While regionul omces
munuge some ol its Fucebook puges, the rm`s
internutionul teum hus overseen the others.
Hull ol Amwuy`s direct sellers ure under the uge ol
_o in Austruliu. There, they`ve developed u sociul
mediu churucter, "Zuc," to be u voice lor the brund`s
sociul mediu eorts. The churucter supports direct-
selling competitions on Fucebook, enguges event
uttendees on the site, und evungelizes ubout how
sociul mediu cun help individuul sellers` murketing
und networking eorts. For instunce Zuc inlorms
Fucebook users ubout how to creute groups on the
platform to discuss business matters.
Multiple people from Amways Australia/New
Zeulund division munuge how the churucter inter-
ucts with his uudience while posting items like
photos ol events put on by the brund. The sume
sociul mediu stuers uuthor wull posts in the nume
ol Amwuy. One lrom ]uly zo11: "Huppy WORLD
SOCAL MEDA DAY! To celebrute we huve come
up with some exclusive oers lor our Fucebook
luns! Simply enter the VS ol the product directly
into your shopping busket. Oers upply to AUS
online orders only, while stocks lust. BUY NOW.
Marketers can learn plenty from
Amways worldwide Facebook
orgunizutionul skills.
"Fucebook helps us tell thut story like no other
globul plutlorm ever hus," suid Edwurds. "We huve
always and still do send our executives and
our distributor leuders ull over the world to meet
distributors ut every level ol the business, whether
they received u sturter kit yesterduy or z_ yeurs
ugo. Now we huve u wuy to do thut online. t`s
transformative for us because we can provide a
globul view.. t is u technology thut connects the
globul, regionul und locul dots."
o - rtcreook ctsreook
CNET brought Nuthun Brunslord
on bourd lute in zo1o us sociul
mediu munuger to revitulize the
consumer tech site`s stugnunt
presence in the spuce. Brudlord hud very little, il
uny, budget to work with, so he wus churged with
turning uround CNET`s lortunes on Fucebook und
Twitter with orgunic tuctics.
Bransford used several key tactics:
- Included Facebook like and Twitter Follow
buttons in the site toolbur und mude them
uvuiluble on every puge.
- Optimized the size und look ol the buttons.
- Regulurly monitored whut worked und whut
didn`t. n other words, he tested und observed.
Another tip: Don`t overdo the messuging. He posted
lour to six times u duy on Fucebook, while tweet-
ing 1o to zo times. "You cun denitely muke people
unlollow you by posting too much in u briel spun,"
Brunslord expluined. "Sociul is not just ubout
broudcusting. t`s ubout interucting with people."
He used tools like HootSuite to schedule posts und to truck links, us well us Wildre lor insights
on how the competition is doing on Fucebook und
Twitter. "You cun see il your competitors hud u
spike," he suid. l so, he then leurns "il they run
some cumpuign. Did they get mentioned some-
where You cun benchmurk yoursell uguinst your
Bransford dramatically increased
CNET`s Fucebook likes lrom op,ooo
to 8qz,ooo, while pushing Twitter
lollowers lrom zq,ooo to z1z,ooo.
"t`s not the result ol some huge ud cumpuign or
unything we`ve done spending u bunch ol money,"
he suid. "t`s ull ubout orgunic growth. My philoso-
phy is thut there is not u sociul mediu bullet. You
cun`t do 'X` to get to 'Y.` People ulwuys suy, 'Whut
do need to do Whut do need to do` There`s not
u mugic to it. Whut`s importunt is being consis-
tently good, und consistently giving people things
thut they wunt.. think you cun get in the weeds
ol sociul mediu und lorget the importunt things."
rtcreook ctsreook -
Puth nteructive, un udvertising
ugency thut munuges cumpuigns
lor over 1oo nutionul und locul
brunds, needed u solution thut
would enuble their teum to work more eectively
between murketing chunnels und spend less time
unulyzing dispurute dutu sets in Excel. To combut
declining perlormunce due to ud-lutigue, they ulso
needed u solution to uutomute Fucebook bidding und
to ulert them ol drops in click-through-rute (CTR).
The ugency implemented Murin
Sowure to munuge their Fucebook
progrum und puid seurch progrum.
This enubled the ugency to eusily
unulyze cross-chunnel inteructions lor customers
und build holistic reports lrom u single interluce.
Murin`s dynumic ud rotution leuture ullowed Puth
nteructive to keep their Fucebook creutive lresh
und muintuin heulthy CTRs, while Murin`s bidding
ulgorithm uutomuted bid culculutions to help them
ucquire more revenue.
Through cross-chunnel integrution,
Puth nteructive now spends zo
less time building out client
dushbourds und reports. Using
dynumic ud rotution, Puth nteructive increused
CTRs by __ und now spends less time munuully
upduting creutive. They ure ulso uble to meet their
Fucebook "lun" gouls by uutomuting bids bused on
perlormunce by uudience segment. With one lurge
retuil client, Puth nteructive wus uble to uchieve u
_o brund puge conversion rute lor "likes". Further-
more, Murin`s bidding ulgorithm decreused this
client`s cost-per-like by over _o.
Fushion retuiler Stylistpick needed
u solution to combut declining
performance due to ad blindness
und uutomute bidding bused on
return-on-investment (RO) gouls. They wunted to
expund their online udvertising cumpuigns to puid
seurch und the Google Displuy Network (GDN), und
understund whut impuct their Fucebook progrum
hud on the puth-to-conversion ucross their murket-
ing chunnels. n purticulur, they needed u solution
to bridge the gup between Fucebook uctions und
website conversions.
Stylistpick chose Murin Sowure to
munuge their online udvertising
progrums. Murin`s dynumic ud
rotution leuture reduces the impuct
ol ud blindness on Fucebook creutive. They lever-
uge Murin`s bidding ulgorithm to muximize volume
bused on RO gouls. Linking their Fucebook, puid
seurch und GDN cumpuigns into Murin, Stylistpick
is now uble to munuge ull their murketing chunnels
in one interluce. Furthermore, Stylistpick inte-
grutes their click dutu into Murin`s puth-to-conver-
sion report to understund how euch online chunnel
assists in a website conversion.
Dynamic ad rotation saved Stylist-
pick u signicunt umount ol time
on Fucebook cumpuign munuge-
ment und generuted u _o increuse
in click-through-rute within the rst month.
Murin`s bidding ulgorithm ullowed Stylistpick to
muximize their Fucebook volume while meeting or
exceeding their RO turgets. With Murin`s puth-to-
conversion report, Stylistpick discovered u 1_
conversion rate for Facebook actions taken on a
multi-click uttribution model, us opposed to u _
conversion rate for Facebook actions taken on a
single-click uttribution model.retuil client, Puth
nteructive wus uble to uchieve u _o brund puge
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