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Informatica Client Install 8.6.1 and 8.6.

1 HotFix 12
1. Download the install files located here: \\eldnp1515dm3\mixdeng03\COMMON1\Cdw\Informatica Client 8.6.1 File names: The files are compressed and after you have copied them to your PC you will then need to un-compress them. To un-compress a file using Windows XP native utility, right click on the file and select Extract All. This will open an Extraction Wizard, select next at the first screen. The following screen will ask you where you want to extract the files, select a temporary location on your c: drive, you will be able to delete the extracted files when the installation is completed. The Extraction utility will then un-compress the files and store them in the temporary directory you selected. Remember to extract both files but in different temporary directories. 2. To start the client install go to the temporary directory that you extracted the file and right click on install.bat and select open. 3. Select English and a welcome screen will pop up:

Click on the next button.

4. The following screen will appear Choose Install Set:

Note: If you want to retain your previous version of the Informatica client select Install PowerCenter Client 8.6.1. This is preferred since Test, UAT and Prod is not upgraded yet and if you need to access those repositories you should with the previous version client tools 8.6.0 HF6. You can run multiple versions of the client on your PC including the 8.5.1 client for folks that work in the EDW area. Select Upgrade to PowerCenter Client 8.6.1 if you know you will only be accessing the dev environment until the others are upgraded. After your selection click next to continue.

5. Following window will appear Installation Prerequisites:

Click next after you verified the prerequisites

6. Following window will appear Installation Directory:

Verify your installation directory, just take the default one and hit next.

7. The following window will appear:

Click install at this window.

8. Following window will appear Pre-Installation Summary:

Click on the install button to continue.

9. The following window will appear Post-installation Summary

Verify Installation was a success and click next to continue.

10.The Installation Complete window will appear:

Click on done to complete the installation 11.The client tools can be accessed from your start menu. Example:

Next Step Installing 8.6.1 HotFix 12

1. To start the client HotFix 12 install go to the temporary directory that you extracted the file and right click on install.bat and select open. 2. Select English and the following Welcome screen will appear:

Select next to continue

3. Verify that you do not have any client tools running:

Click OK 4. The Installation Prerequisites window will appear:

Verify prerequisites and then select next.

5. The Installation Type window will appear:

Make sure Apply PowerCenter 8.6.1 HotFix 12 is selected and then click on next.

6. The Installation Directory window will appear:

Verify that this is the directory that the 8.6.1 client tools have be installed in, then click next.

7. The Pre-Installation Summary window will appear:

Review the information making sure it is correct and then select Install

8. The Post-Installation Summary window will appear:

Verify installation was a success and then select Done 9. Please note that you now can delete the temporary directories that you have un-compressed the installation files in and you can also delete the two installation files that you copied from the server to save on disk space. 10.Connection information for repository setup: Repository Domain Name Gateway Host Gateway Port RS_PROD_86 Domain_Prod Lxdnp96a 6001 RS_DEV_86 Domain_Dev lxdnt23b 6001 RS_UAT_86 Domain_UAT lxomt54l 6001 RS_TEST_86 Domain_TES T lxdnt14b 6001 RS_SBOX_86 Domain_Dev lxdnt23b 6001