Ongoing Professional Learning Additional Education Courses….

1 Annual Courses and Goals in mind Regular Participation and Organizing Organized Listing of Useful Websites Rationale


Personal Directories…………………2

Explanation of Items………………..4

Personal goals I have in mind for the purpose of ongoing, relevant educational learning include a number of areas, large to small:
Further Education in Ontario:    Masters in Religious Education Special Education Additional Qualifications Courses Principal’s courses

Conference Participation:      Lincoln Centre for the Arts, NY Ontario Music Educator’s Conference Associated Christian Schools International Conference Ontario History And Social Science Teachers Association El Sistema Network (Extra-curricular music programming)


Professional Development Topics to Look Into

Electronic Tools for Creation

 

 

Examples of WWW-compatible electronic portfolios [] Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers and Life Long Learners [] Learning Styles and Preferences [] Learning Activities for 7 Intelligences [ es/tips/ curriculum_and_instruction/learning_activities_7_inte lligences.html]

Citation Styles:

Sites which host/compile use terms

 

Queen’s: MLA –

Graphic Organizers: Bloom’s Taxonomy:
progressive contextualisation

   

Model Classroom

Junior Level

-an amazing example of a well put together site which offers exactly what it should: respect for the discipline, an avenue to connect with what students are doing in school, and bridge by which to assure parents of student accomplishments, resources to continue learning from home, the benefits of an updated newsletter, student examples, and perhaps most uniquely, a quiet and self-assured transparent display of what lessons look like. Power point presentations are even available for download.


Integrated Arts Showcases

Student Inspiration/Guida nce, Goal Setting through Exposure

This site offers an fantastic variety of sites, multimedia sources, videos, student sites and inspirational videos in all the main arts. There is a noticeable emphasis on dance sites, which can otherwise be hard to find in educational spheres. The multimedia video examples are excellent, and offer students exposure to styles of music, dance, and other artistic performances rarely showcased with such high standards and street-savvy methods. These performances bring the relevance of the arts into the classroom. Junior Learner Comprehensive Resources 


Presentation Strategies Educational Philosophy

Publications, Events, and numerous linked resources by course subject area all on a neatly organized networking website for teachers.  ebquest/webquest.html Theory of medium  NT564/downloads/CONT564_Webquest.html?_&d2lSes sionVal=GvUjYNdGwcc4QelecLNrMF6lw Exploration of Educational Philosophies  Offering a central conference for history and social science teachers to share links, conference ideas, forums, and curriculum aids   AodLCzzmg%20



History Teacher’s Conference Website

Financial Literacy

Real-World History

Aflatoun, a mascot, guides students through a number of realworld case-studies at the local to international levels, exploring issues which hone one’s number sense and financial literacy.


ACSI Music

Membership and Resource Virtual Conference Choral Events Steven Chetcuti on strings improvisation, NY.

Rationale for Included Items
Further Education
Flexibility and an open mind are crucial for any young person beginning a career, but specific goals which are meaningful, attainable, and personally desirable are just as important. The above three areas of professional improvement may lead to a few years outside of the classroom, but will also further prepare to know how exactly I want to function in the classroom for the many years to come.

Conference Participation
There are a number of highly-organized and strategic conferences to participate in which are relative to subject areas, educational philosophies, trendy resources, etc, some of which are subsidized and others which require a personal investment. All of these, and many more, are examples of the types of conferences I might most readily participate in the near future.

Directory of Website Resources
A directory of resources should always be maintained by individual educators and professionals, regardless of how comprehensive pre-compiled databases may be. Relatively few entries will be meaningful to the individual. Not only do these waste space then, but they detract from the likelihood of perusing through and accessing the relevant ones. The task seems daunting and can actually be counter-productive. Website which matter, are directly referred to a person, are personally stumbled upon, and which all have personally created annotations are the only websites deserving storage. These sites specifically represent those which I know will likely be useful, but which I have not explored to the degree I would like. In this sense, they represent ongoing professional learning, and are part of a personally prescribed plan.

Additional Areas
As a note, professional learning is mostly done not in a classroom for educators, but in the educator’s classroom. This is where relationships with students, parents, staff, and familiarity with the subject combine to produce valuable learning experiences for every teacher. Regular reflection which is habitually acted upon is the best form of ongoing learning.


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