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Mommy School Week

Theme: Owls Letter: O Shape or Color: Green Number: 1 Nursery Rhyme or Song: 5 Green & Speckled Frogs
Monday Introduce letter O. Sound. O flashcards. Word wall. O is for owl craft. Play ring around rosies on letter O. Color or Shape Play red light/green light. Dress in all green. Green cards. March around and sing “Ants Go Marching” with number posters. One pom pom. One counting with different objects. Sing 5 green & speckled frogs with text. Make 1 using green glitter. Sing with music and text. Sing with frog stuffed animals on log. Act out being frogs. Sort Apple Jacks into green and orange. Make necklace with green Apple Jacks. Walk looking for green cars. Green car graph. Tu esday O is for ocean. Ocean in a bottle. Ocean “I Spy” bag. Wed nesda y O is for octopus. Octopus TP roll craft. Octopus song. Thursda y O is for opposites. Opposite cards. Opposites Elmo video. O is for olives. English muffin pizzas with olives. O is for oranges. Eat oranges. Make green box. Begin with nature walk and collect grass, leaves, etc. Green shaving cream in the bath tub. Sandpaper Number Rubbing with number one. Number writing book. One rhyme. Friday Review O words. Window crayons. Bean bag toss inside hoola hoop (letter O)

Lett er

Sing “Green” colors song. Make lime jello. Sensory experience. Helicopter one game. One fingerprint book. Review activities.

Owl counting game with Easter eggs. Hokey Pokey “one” song.

One song using castle people. “Train” ride with one rhyme outside or at the park.

Numb er

Nurser y Rhy me

Watch song on You Tube. Flannel board frogs.

Th em e

MTM: Owl face with meat. Owl song. Owl flying around house.. Owl books.

.5 Little Owl flannel board story. Eyes for owl craft. Use different colors.

Make owl cookies. Owl songs. Owl flannel board shapes.

Make pine cone owl. Owl fingerplay.

Review all owl songs. Owl s’mores. Owl puppet.

Commotion in the ocean. Ocean books.

Octopus books.

Opposites book.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Color green frog in book.