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Rory Gets His Game Back by Lila Shaw

With the click of the lock, we stepped inside the compact one-bedroom apartment. Angie tossed her keys to a table in the entryway and turned. A half-smile, half-leer stretched across her features in the murky light as she began to back away, her hands outstretched in front of her beckoning to me. How could I not follow? Nice place you have. My words seemed utterly inappropriate and juvenile. It could have been a hovel, and Id have said the same. It sucks, but the bedrooms nice. Come see. My temptress spun and led the way, confident Id follow. Of course, I did. A king-sized bed dominated the room, its comforter equally dominated by a fat, ginger tabby that lay like a basketball in it center. The cat cracked open a lazy eye and caught me in its sites. It stood, arched its back and with a disapproving hiss, leaped off the bed and darted past me. Good. I hated cats and they hated me. Weasley! Sorry about that. Hes usually very mellow. But I guess he realized a bigger, she closed the gap between us, more virile, and snaked a hand up my arm, male would be laying claim to my bed. I smiled, and she lifted a naughty brow in response. I have a sixth sense about certain people. She traced her finger down my chest. You, Rory-from-Ireland, are an old soul. I can tell. I cocked my head to the side. If Id had any doubts about my choice of woman, her prattling on all night about her extra-sensory skills, her ability to commune with the dead and her keen interest in astrology, had quickly erased most of them. Am I now? You can tell this after a few drinks? Mmm hmm. Angies hand slithered lower to my abdomen, pulverizing the last of my reservations. I snatched her to me, her lithe curves yielding to mold themselves against me in warm surrender. If only I could banish the fleeting fear of failure chipping away at the edges of my self-esteem. The leprechaun had promised the little blue pill would solve all my


problems. That Id even sought out Paddy spoke to the severity of my desperation. If the imp lied to me, though, I would move heaven and earth to make the bastard pay tenfold for his treachery. Mmm, youre a commanding one arent you? Angie slid her arms up around my neck before laying a daisy chain of kisses from jaw to Adams apple. I answered with a low growl and savaged her lips with a hungry kiss. My plumbing worked fine; that had never been the problem. The challenge lay in the aftermath ... or lack thereof. Angies southbound hand settled into a firm grip on the front of my trousers. No turning back. I needed mere seconds to strip her bare and stretch out her fair beauty on the bed, legs parted, her labia glistening and darkened with her arousal. I stripped off my own clothes. Eyes tracking my progress provided the enthusiastic audience I craved. This time would be different. I could feel it fizzing through my veins like champagne. We kissed and writhed and fingered and licked all a steady click-click-click like a roller coaster ascending the big hill. Panting, Angie sat up and straddled me. I cant take it anymore! If you dont ram that big cock of yours inside me right now I may have to tie you up and rape you. She raised up and positioned the head of my cock at her entrance where she paused, head tilted to the side, her lower lip captured in her teeth. Which is it to be then? Me ramming or you raping? Its of no consequence to me, I said, my breathing ragged and rapid. God! Your accent makes me so hot. Angie swiveled her hips, but only drew me inside the stingiest of centimeters. Im not the one with the accent, Yank. Now quit your teasing and come on down here. What part of Ireland are you from? Her pussy consumed another couple of centimeters, a tantalizing descent into bliss. The old part. A lie, of course. The truth would never do. Well, lets see how they fuck in the old part, shall we? Drive me wild, motherfucker. Angie swallowed me deep within her hot velvet vise.


I gripped her hips and pulled her down even further. Her head lolled in a semi-circle as she responded with a maddening rock back and forth, grinding her clit against the root of my shaft. From that angle, the long creamy lines of her throat sloped into the harder angles of her collarbones before blossoming into the lush fullness of her breasts, their tips spiked with arousal. I thrust my hips upward, lifting her up onto her knees. My pace faster than hers, I dropped down and surged up as she descended. The erotic friction of her walls sliding along my cock as I moved inside her pulled a groan from my throat. Angie raised up on her feet in a crouch, giving me easier range to fuck her from beneath. Her blonde hair spilled over both shoulders, but wasnt long enough to hide the lively movement of her breasts as she met my thrusts. Oh yes! Her cries bounced off the walls of her room. If all went well, shed be screaming soon. She dropped her hand to caress her clit and tickle the sides of my slickened cock as it moved in and out of her. Lean forward, I rasped. When she did, I drew her left nipple into my mouth and suckled. She gasped. I did the same to her right. Angie tasted as sweet as a ripe strawberry plucked from the heated embrace of the summer sun. In her new position, she resumed the rocking and swiveling motion of her hips, massaging my organ from a wide variety of angles. Our fucking took on the added soundtrack of bare feet slapping against wet pavement. Each stroke of my cock inside her snug depths brought me closer to my release. The scent of sex filled my nostrils, her scent and mine, musky and intoxicating. Oh yes, there would be screaming, lots and lots of screaming. I flipped her over onto her back so I could fuck her with greater force. I would shoot my cum all the way up into her throat if I could. My hips clenched and drove me forward into her welcoming inferno, my cock stroking the sweet, sweet walls of her channel. Angies mewls of pleasure grew louder. Those long silky legs wrapped tighter around my back while fingernails raked down my shoulder blades. I pounded her into the downy softness of her mattress, her rapturous cries drowning out my pants of exertion and unbridled lust, the primitive urge to burrow inside her to ride out the last of the storm nearly overwhelming.


A maelstrom erupted with a bright flash behind eyelids Id sealed tightly shut. My body shuddered with involuntary force. The heat of my cum traveled down my shaft before blasting the entrance to her womb. I could only hope my seed rich and ripe enough to have the desired effect. Angies climax began as a low wail, a good sign. I gave her a few more thrusts with my waning erection. Come on, come on. A leprechauns life depends on you, dear Angie. Her bottom lip trembled as her wails grew louder. I plunged in deep and froze. Oooh! Nearly a scream but not quite. Come on, baby, let it out. Scream for me! I bit her earlobe, grunting as I withdrew and drove forward. Angie's body shuddered and jerked violently beneath mine, her eyes rolled back into their sockets. Whooooo-eeeeeee-aaaaaaah! The growing howl morphed into a piercing, vibrato-like scream that nearly burst my eardrums. My dick grew rock hard again. I surged deep and ejaculated a second time. The sign I'd been waiting for. Her scream grew even louder, shattering the mirror. Her muscles clamped rhythmically, milking me for more. I gave it to her. Yes! From the living room, a cat's agonized screeches assaulted my ears like nails on a chalkboard. The foul creature must have been older than I thought. I glanced to my right to check on the array of African violets growing under a small black light. Dead. All of them. Oh yeah, I was back in business! The black light exploded in a tinkling of falling glass to the metal cart on which the violets sat. The light in the hallway shattered as well. Id done it! My howls of laughter entwined and blended with Angies wails making a beautiful harmony of joy and mourning. Angie snapped her jaw shut, her eyes back online but wild and unfocused. Beneath me, I knew her orgasmic shivers had turned into the quaking terror so typical of the new initiates. I tucked her hair behind one ear and kissed her on her furrowed forehead. Aww. The life of a banshee is not so bad once you get used to it. I gave her trembling lips a


gentle kiss goodbye, quickly dressed and left. "I'll return tomorrow night for your first lesson and tell you all about the job description." After a nearly one hundred yearlong dry spell, I had created a new summoner of the dead, their guide to the other side. Finally, I could get Dr. Reaper off my back once and for all. Life was good. Death was even better. The End


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