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Menjual Peralatan Pemadam Api dengan harga Khusus Fire Hose 2.5" & 1.

5 " Ready stock 2.5" 20 pcs 1.5" 20 pcs Heat Detector 100 Pcs Manual Call point 25 pcs Horn Strobe 25 pcs Sirene 25 pcs Indicator lamp 25 pcs cantact email hp 08999377799



Inner tube: PVC Weaving Jacket: Polyester staple as warp and polyester filaments/PP as weft, plain or twill Inner Dia.: 1-1/2, 2-1/2 Working Pressure:, 8bar Length: 20 ~35m ready stock Application: fire-fighting, Construction, Industrial. Shipyard and Agriculture

CONTACT: 08999377799

Product Description When the fire happens in the fire compartment, alarm controller can drive this audio and video alarm video alarm, in order to tell the person on site to escape fast. We have three kinds of Sounder Strobe . Addressable Sounder Strobe . Conventional Sounder . Flashing Lamp

Product Description Type: Smoke detectors(ISD) ExteriorSize: diameter:108X40mm FixSize: 78mm Weight: 119g Technical specifications and explanation: In many families, the country forces to stipulate must have to install smoke detector, the goal is for prevent the fire the occurrence, this product the early time which occurs at the fire once has the smog to occur may induce to the smog, at the same time made 85 decibels sounds and sends out the light to report to the police informs the user to have the fire, should promptly take the measure, this product also had the networking function, might at the same time connect 39 products, suited the family to have many rooms the user, after the joint, a room had the fire, other rooms alarm apparatus also at the same time started report to the police, prompt the user. This product outward appearance is attractive, the function may expand; 1. Operating Voltage: The 9V level folds the battery 2. Static current: <=10mA 3. Audio current: <=10mA 4. Shines the diode under the inspecting mode to govern and restrain for 40 seconds to glitter a time, in reports to the police under the condition to shine two aurora fast to glitter. 5. The buzzer does not make the sound under the inspecting mode, owes presses the buzzer when the battery to make the short prompt sound, in reports to the police under the condition the buzzer to send out continues to report to the police the sound. 6. Environment: Temp. Range: -10 C ~50 C humidity Range: <95% (40 C, does not have congeals). 7. Suitable place A. Guesthouse, hotel, apartment, eating house, hotel and so on; B. Assembly hall, memorial hall, ancient temple and so on; C. Museum, library, art museum and so on; D. Department store, market, warehouse, bank and so on. 8. Installs requests: The position of installation have to satisfy requests: A. When the installment is smaller than highly 6 meters, like the detector in separates on Liang, then does not have to surpass 0.3 meter the detector undersurface to the ceiling distance; B. Has the air conditioned room detector to leave delivers the gusty area at least 1.5 meters; C. The detector installs the angle not to be able to be bigger than 45; D. The detector installs in is away from wall or the wall Liang 0.6 meter above place. 9. Detectors tests: Press down detector test button which have installed the battery, and maintains above 2 seconds, the detector reports to the police, the light emitter diode fast glitters, the buzzer sends out continues to report to the police the sound; The pine opens tests the button, the detector restores to the inspecting mode. 10. Notes: A. When installs the battery pays attention to the battery polarity, installs counter- can cause the detector damage. B. Environment dust is big, can pollute the detector.

LED test NW8200-4 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product detailed introduction Key Specifications: Model No: NW8200-4 ( 4 ZONE ) Input voltage: 240VAC (50Hz/60Hz) +/-10% Battery: 2X12V/2.3AH Charging voltage protection: 1.0A glass fuse Sounder output: 24V nominal EOL 10K resistor Auxiliary contacts: 30VDC, 1A max. NC/NO Main supply protection: glass fuse Sounder protection: 2 x 500mA glass fuse Reverse battery protection: charger glass fuse Zone EOL: 5.6K resistor Color: IVORY Zoned visual red alarm and yellow trouble indicators Continuous signal during alarm Built-in battery charger Low / no power and battery detection Automatic loading and testing of battery Battery over-discharge protection Evacuate (alarm resound)

NW8200L-8/16 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

NW8200L-8/16 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product detailed introduction 8/16 zone conventional fire alarm panels Both End of Line Resister and Active End of Line can be used Day/night mode selected Zone isolate control One man test Key-control evacuate over-ride Fire alarm output for remote alarm Class change terminal for remote control Active EOL enables multiple alarm reporting from same zone Active EOL max 15 fire detectors and infinite manual buttons each zone Resistor EOL up to 25 detectors and infinite manual buttons each zone Technical Specifications Power supply: 230VAC 50/60Hz Operating Environment: Temperature: 0 ~ +40C Relative Humidity: 95%

Dimension 321mm x 247mm x 88mm Product


NW2102P-RT1 Conventional Heat DetectorNormal Type, DC24V, 2Wire

Product detailed introduction


NW2102P-RT1 (HEAT DETECTOR) Voltage: DC- 9V~40V (DC-24V, 2WIRE) Alarm Current:10mA~70mA Standby current: 60uA average, 55uA peak at 24VDC Standby current: 40uA average, 30uA peak at 12VDC Environmental temperature: 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 0 to 95% RH Detector sensitivity: nominal set at 10%/50cm Standard : EN54-7 UL268 Type: Normal Type(DC-24V)

Portable fire monitor

Technical parameter
Model Flow type Rated flow rate 2100L/min PSY30 PSY 40 PSY 50 PSY 60

Straight stream or fog pattern 2400L/min 3000L/min 3600L/min

Working pressure Max pressure Throw distance Pitch angle Fog angle Material Coupling type Weight 50m 60m


1.2MPa 62m 65m

+30 +90 120 Fine aluminum alloy All type coupling are available 17kgs




Free swing fire monitor is one type of monitor which takes advantage of water pressure to cause the oscillation.It acquires the features of light weight,small body and operates conveniently.In fire field,the fire fighter can adjust the monitor's pitch angle,swing frequency to get the straight stream flow or fog pattern and extinguish the specific area fire or target.It also can extinguish fire,cooling the temperature of fire field and protect fire fighter's life safety.Free swing fire monitor has saved efforts of fire fighter to manually operate it.This monitor is the best choice for special fire brigade. Working pressure0.8MPa(8 Bar) Rated flow rate2100Litre/min(567GPM) Water throw distance55m

Main technical parameters

Max fog angle120 Pitch angle20-70 Foam throw distance45m Foam vertical throw distance30m Swing frequencytimes/min4 Weight15kg