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EFQM is a global non-for-profit membership foundation based in Brussels, Belgium.

With more than 500 members covering more than 55 countries and 50 industries, we provide a unique platform for organisations to learn from each other and improve performance. EFQM is the custodian of the EFQM Excellence Model, a business model which is helping over 30 000 organisations around the globe to strive for Sustainable Excellence. EFQM Members share a common goal; the pursuit of excellence. The EFQM Excellence Model provides a common framework and language that facilitates the effective sharing of information between organisations; transcending sectorial, cultural and maturity barriers. Becoming part of this network will enable you to engage with like-minded individuals, sharing experience and ideas to develop new, innovative and practical solutions to address the real challenges your organisation needs to overcome to become successful. This experience together with our members and partners, gives us the knowledge and expertise to create and deliver high level training and real-life assignments to develop tomorrows leaders. Our courses will challenge your assumptions and your business approach by introducing a new way of thinking; a way that will help you to drive your organisation towards sustainable excellence. The EFQM Portfolio is designed to help organisations at every step of their journey. Our products and services have been tailored to support the systematic implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model in any organisation, regardless of size, sector or maturity.

EFQM is helping to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations. Initially focusing on training Business Excellence Professionals how to assess an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model, our portfolio has expanded to include courses on how to start your organisations Journey to Excellence, to Business Management training for Senior Managers and High Potentials through the Pegasus programme. 20 years of experience More than 900 people trained by EFQM in 2011 Another 841 trained by Partners

With a Net Promoter Score of 60

Training Basic Assessor Training What? An online training that gives an introduction to the three dimensions of the EFQM Model and the Basics of an EFQM assessment. Page 4 EFQM Assessor Training Get an in-depth understanding of EFQM assessment and qualify as an official EFQM Assessor. Page 5 Define the strategic context of an assessment and learn how to act as a team leader. Page 7 Understand and use Self-Assessment as an improvement tool and develop a roadmap for your organisations journey to Excellence. Page 9 Understand how to apply the EFQM Excellence Model within your working environment. Page 10 Learn how to validate improvement projects and become an official EFQM Validator.

Master Assessor Training

Journey to Excellence

Leaders for Excellence

Validator Training

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On this pathway, you will learn to master skills and tools to achieve both personal and professional growth. The EFQM Excellence Model, RADAR Logic and Fundamental Concepts will challenge your assumptions and your approach to management. You will discover how to identify an organisation's strengths and areas for improvement and, through this knowledge you will understand how to drive an organisation to Sustainable Excellence.

Act as an EFQM Assessment Team Leader

Act as an EFQM Award Assessor EFQM Master Assessor Training

EFQM Assessor Training

Basic Assessor Training

The EFQM training I attended was delivered by experienced professionals who really know their subjects, both in theory and in practical implementation. Training with EFQM also provides the opportunity to work with and understand the subtle differences between European nationalities and cultures. Dr. Ian May, Siemens UK

This course is addressed to individuals who want to understand the basics of the EFQM Model and its three constituents (The 8 Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, The 9 Criteria of the EFQM Model, The RADAR Logic) Moreover you will get an insight of how the model can practically be applied into an organisation and the ideas behind an assessment. It is a practical introduction to EFQM, the model and assessment that can be followed remotely through internet modules.

Online training Get an introduction to the three dimensions of the EFQM Model Understand the culture of an organisation Understand the Basics of an EFQM assessment Help you to prepare for the EAT training

Registration fees: 120 for members and 150 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511.

This course is addressed to individuals who intend to become a qualified EFQM Assessor, and those who would like a more detailed understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model and the RADAR Logic. This course is a pass or fail. For 3 days, you will be assessed based on your team work contributions, your evaluation of information, your feedback and written exercises. Prior to the training, you will be asked to analyse a case study - another pre-requisite for successfully going through the training. Passing formally qualifies you as an international EFQM Excellence Assessor and enables you to act as an EFQM Award Assessor.

Learn to effectively apply the RADAR scoring to produce value adding performance analyses Individual coaching and personal development Understand the EFQM Excellence Model and its links to the Fundamental Concepts Understand the culture of an organisation Act as an EFQM Award Assessor

Registration fees: 1720 for members and 2150 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511

You get a lot of learning in a short time span. It is very concentrated which for me is the best thing. It is very valuable. It is like a living or better a practical MBA. It is not merely a technical training, but also a personal and leadership training where you start understanding organisations which is not easy and definitely not easy to learn. Julio Gonzalez Bedia, General Manager, Aliad Spain

Joining an EFQM Assessment Team is a unique learning experience. Where else do you get the opportunity to work as part of a diverse multi-national team, with a range of backgrounds and experiences on a real project? How else would you get the opportunity to spend time with an organisation, understanding their strategic challenges and helping them to understand what they need to do to progress their journey towards excellence? Where else can you practice gathering, compiling and rapidly processing information from a number of different sources, enabling you to gain insights into an organisation in days that impress their management team?

Ive been able to use the skills Ive learned as an assessor to gain additional insights into our own business. This ability to understand the interdependencies between departments and taking a strategic view has been invaluable in my personal development. Mia Goetvinck, Director Business Excellence & CSR, Ricoh Belgium

Usually, especially in larger organizations, your benchmarks are set within the company or within the industry. As an assessor though, you get the opportunity to take a look at new companies, new ways of working and good practice examples. Enrico Tosco, HR Manager, Telecom Italia

Over the years, weve watched many of our assessors progressing in their careers, using the skills and experience theyve learned as an assessor to provide valuable insights into their own organisation. The ability to see the big picture, to see through the complexities of the operations to understand the linkages, both inside and outside the organisation, and propose practical solutions are highly desirable skills.

If you want to join the EFQM Assessor Community, you need to complete the EFQM Assessor Training course. This will give you the basic skills you will need to assess an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model. To refine these skills, you will need to join an EFQM Assessor Team, whether for EFQM or with one of our Partner Organisations.

Todays business environment calls for Assessors who can understand the complexities of various industries and organisational structures. It requires them to lead teams strategically, responsibly and ethically. Participants leave this 3 day training equipped to manage, make tough decisions and help organisations towards sustainable success. The course is a pass or fail. During the training, participants will receive detailed personal feedback and guidance. Passing the course formally qualifies you as an EFQM Master Assessor.

Define the strategic context of an assessment Create balanced teams Conduct highly efficient assessments Understand the market and financial dynamics of an organisation Gather evidence effectively on site Provide constructive and actionable feedback Handle difficult situations and deal with complaints

Registration fees: 1720 for members and 2150 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511.

In this training, you get opportunities to share a lot of key non-verbal features of an Assessor Team Leader, which has been most helpful in the EEA Assessment that we are just now finishing. A "must", even for seasoned Assessors. Antoine Bastin, AFNOR Dveloppement

When it comes to effectively implementing the EFQM Excellence Model in an organisation, line managers need to be involved and engaged in the process but dont need the same detailed understanding of the concepts and principles as a business excellence professional. On this pathway, you will understand how to practically apply the concepts and principles of EFQM using simple tools and techniques that will add value to your work place.

Learn from experience: Manage an actual improvement project at your organisation

EFQM Leader for Excellence Level 2

EFQM Leader for Excellence Level 1

Journey to Excellence Training

Each organisation is unique and of course each organisations journey is different. However, through the years we have understood many common features of these journeys and we have gathered some key practical steps that all organisations can consider. During this 2-day training you will learn to identify where you are on your journey to excellence, where you would like to be and how to get there. At the end of the course, you will better appreciate what is required to set out on the journey, not just in terms of tools and techniques but also in cultural development.

Understand and use Self-Assessment as an improvement tool Develop a roadmap for your organisations action plan Discover how to prioritise improvement actions Develop a plan to engage people within your organisation Learn about tools and techniques to improve performance Understand EFQM's Levels of Excellence Recognise the cultural aspects of Excellence

Registration fees: 1000 for members and 1250 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511.

"This was a very useful experience. You helped me understand what it is all about" Efie Kontou, teacher, HAEF "This was a very well designed and professionally delivered course. The material was useful and pitched at the right level Leo Vegoda, Human Resource Manager, ICANN

Leaders for Excellence is especially designed for managers who want to understand and apply the EFQM Excellence Model within their working environment. Using real application documents, from either the public or private sector and simple, effective tools, participants will learn how to identify areas for improvement and adopt a structured approach to effectively address them.

Understand the basics of the EFQM Excellence Model, the RADAR Logic and the Fundamental Concepts Learn how to interpret an assessment feedback report Understand how to use the DMAIC approach, and supporting improvement tools, to pinpoint and address the root cause of improvement areas identified Understand how to use the Business Excellence Matrix approach to develop an Enabler Map for your organisation and complete a Self-Assessment.

Individuals who pass the course will receive the official EFQM qualification as EFQM Leader for Excellence Level 1. An additional qualification, EFQM Leader for Excellence Level 2, will be given to participants who, within a year of the training, successfully complete within their organisation: A DMAIC improvement project or A Self-Assessment using the Business Excellence Matrix

Registration fees: 1300 for members and 1625 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511.

This course is designed for those of you who want to align their improvement projects with the EFQM Excellence Model, or who would like to learn to use the RADAR methodology to manage and structure improvement. Through a highly practical 2 day training you will understand what it takes to drive, recognise and validate the success of an improvement project. This is a pass fail course and after successfully passing this training, you will be certified as an official EFQM Validator.

Diagnose how EFQM assessments and both priority setting and improvement projects are conducted and integrated Recognise the achievements of improvement project managers and provide feedback Use RADAR logic to structure, monitor and review improvement projects Obtain the official EFQM Validator certificate

Taking part in a validation process is a fulfilling experience. You will benefit from professional as well as personal development. An EFQM Validator must gather and analyse data within a tight timescale. He or she must make fast decisions and present an organisation with high level feedback after just one day.

Registration fees: 960 for members and 1200 for non-affiliated organisations (excl. VAT). For more detailed information on content and dates, please visit our website ( or contact our training department at or on +32 2 7753511.

"If you enjoy helping organisations near the start of their Excellence journey, being a C2E Validator is a good way. You meet committed people on site and you can help them and the organisation on their way. It's always inspiring to meet people who really want to help their organisation improve." Derek Medhurst, Director, D & D Excellence Limited


Iosune Aguirre

Max Lagrillire

Caroline Verschraeghen

Paul Gemoets

Delegates attending our training programmes have the unique opportunity to learn from a dedicated, highly skilled and experienced team of tutors. EFQM is proud to present the Faculty members:
Andreas Schmidt, SSB Consult Andr Haynes, Consulting Celal Sekin, Seckin Danismanlik Egitim ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Chris Hakes, Leadership Agenda Chris Webbley, Chris Webbley Associates Ltd Christian Forstner, Siemens Geoff Carter, PACEPerformance Ltd Gianluca Mul, EFQM Hans-Joachim Schneider, QMS AG Jacqueline van Rijswijk, Improve4ALL James Howe, Metamorphase sprl Laurie Bradley, TQMI Ltd Mark Webster, Mark Webster Consulting Matt Fisher, EFQM Maxim-Henri Lagrillire, EFQM Mike Gallagher, TQMI Ltd Norman Hughes, Footloose Enterprises Ltd Paul Gemoets, EFQM Samuli Pruikkonen, EFQM Vittorio Cesarotti, University of Rome 'Tor Vergata'

Most of our trainings are delivered at our premises. To see the latest training dates, please visit our website

If you have a number of people to be trained, we are happy to deliver any of our training courses at your premises. This training formula is increasingly popular for several reasons:

You can determine the structure and objectives of the training in cooperation with the lead
Faculty member so that, for instance, the course includes your organisational specific tools and methodologies or company specific examples Learning can be more efficiently focused through the individual coaching of our trainers You have a choice of case studies which can be used (only for the EFQM Assessor training) Confidentiality: employees can discuss openly in the knowledge that competitors are not present Greater flexibility on dates. In addition, timing and the agenda can be adapted to your needs. Cost savings on course delivery and travel can be up to 50% per person.

This One Day Workshop is designed to help your management team with no previous experience of using the EFQM Excellence Model take the first step.

Gain a basic understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model, the Fundamental Concepts and

Understand how these concepts apply to your organisation Complete a self-assessment of your organisation together with an EFQM Expert Set up an improvement plan to meet your strategic objectives
This workshop can be used as a starting point for EFQMs Committed to Excellence.

We would be happy to discuss with you how our customised training offer could meet your organisation's needs. For more information, please contact us at or on +32 2 775 35 11. A key strength of this course is that it has been run in house with delegates from across the college. The exercises enabled teams who work together to gain a better collective understanding of how to improve the business. The discussion around the Model and the practical exercises helped to reinforce understanding and the use of relevant examples was good. Jill Weatherill, Assistant Principal, Performance and Quality, Glasgow Central College


The complete and integrated portfolio of services is designed to support an organisation in its ambition to become Excellent. How can your journey look like? Here below are just a few examples Internal capacity building The Journey to Excellence course helps you to get ready for the first steps using the EFQM Model and to define your first projects making the difference. The organisation you work for Your organisation considers a self-assessment or has recently reached the decision to engage with EFQM as a member and to undertake some projects. Your organisation wants this During the validator course you commitment to be confirmed learn to validate the impact of and sustained. the first projects on the journey to excellence. External evaluation view

After the Leaders for Excellence course, more managers have a common language and understanding of what it takes to implement the more challenging changes.

Your organisation has experience with selfassessments and break-through change programmes. Your organisation feels ready to share and be challenged by its During the EFQM Assessor peers within the membership Training you do not only network. deepen your knowledge on RADAR and the Model, but also obtain personal feedback as a team member.

For senior managers and executives a special Pegasus programme was designed to expand their strategic thinking and solution capabilities.

Your organisation is achieving the benefits of strategic assessment and action programmes. Your organisation sees value in comparing itself with the best During the Master Assessor and learns form an in depth Training you learn to be part of or to lead a challenging and unbiased external view. assessment mission. At the same time you obtain personal feedback at the next level.

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