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Students on the Diploma course take the same eight courses to complete their programme. programme structure The programme is offered via full time (one year). flexible student-centred delivery.sbe. Programme content: For the MSc programme students undertake eight taught courses plus the research dissertation. ensuring that graduates of the programme are quickly able to make a positive and effective contribution to the success of their working environment and the development of their own professional careers. there is growing recognition of the benefits strategic project management can bring. cost and quality assurances that good project management practice provides. recognised internationally for excellent teaching and research in our specialist areas of science. but for maximum flexibility. an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification in Construction Project Management from heriot-Watt University provides a quality benchmark for prospective employers and enhances career progression. from information processing to heavy industry. Our community of postgraduate students is made up of bright. Thus. languages and textile design. For distance learning study. Students typically complete a coursework assignment for each course studied and sit course examinations in December or April of each Students on full time and part time modes studying at Edinburgh or Dubai campus start in early September. this programme provides students with access to both a solid theoretical base and current and future strategies in practical project management. but have the option of transferring to MSc if their performance in the courses is satisfactory. www. whilst contributing to the CPD requirements of their professional bodies. It is recognised that many of our part time and distance learning students are in highly demanding jobs and to ensure that they can cope with their studies in addition to their work commitments it is possible to extend the study period. and complete the programme within a . This collaborative atmosphere is fundamental to heriot-Watt’s enviable academic and research reputation. The core courses are: • Project Management: Theory and Practice • Project Management: Strategic Issues • Contracts and Procurement • value and risk Management • Construction Financial Management Students choose six electives (subject to timetable restrictions for full/part time modes) from: • People and Organisational Management in the Built Environment • Construction Technology • Business Management for Built Environment Professionals • Management Information Systems in Construction • Sustainable Practices for Facility Managers • Project Management: Case Study Students choose their own built environment related dissertation topic and are allocated an appropriate supervisor to oversee the work. the main start date is in early September. each taught course requires about 150 hours of effort and the dissertation about 600 hours.programme Background The discipline of project management has become central to the management approach adopted by numerous UK and international industries.hw. part time on a day-release basis (two years) and attendance free distance learning (two or three years) modes of study. Arrangements can be made for distance learning students to sit exams at a number of centres throughout the world. All students are given access to learning material through dedicated and interactive learning environments for each course of the programme to ensure a dynamic learning experience. highly imaginative and self-motivated individuals. who work closely with our forward-looking and energetic research-active academic staff. We are one of the UK’s leading universities. without the sacrifice of a study break in their careers. the University also offers two additional start dates in early January and May of each year. Those of you who choose to study with us will discover high quality taught and research programmes. Taught from the perspective of construction project management. we have a large network of graduates working across the globe in the project management discipline. www. using principles that are applicable in all industrial sectors. A research dissertation forms a major part of the MSc programme and students will be allocated a supervisor to oversee the graduate opportunities As competition amongst those wishing to enter and develop a career in project management grows. unrivalled facilities and pioneering research. International project management practices recruit graduates directly from the programme each year and graduates from the programme develop careers across many sectors of industry and commerce. organisations and their clients are increasingly demanding the combined time.postgraduate. It is focussed on industrial relevance. As one of the largest and longest established programmes of its kind in the UK. Your University an overview heriot-Watt University offers a superb environment for postgraduate study. engineering. proFessional recognition The programme is accredited by the royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Building. As markets become more competitive. they can gain a respected postgraduate degree. From the construction and property industries to the major financial institutions. business management.

bowles@hw. funding may be available from the Student Award Agency for Scotland language requirements If your first language is not English.postgraduate. and/or • Associate membership of a relevant professional institution.hw. Tel: +44 (0)131 451 3707 Fax: +44 (0)131 451 3630 Email: enquiry. Fees. contact Dr GrAEME BOWLES SChOOL OF ThE BUILT EnvIrOnMEnT hErIOT-WATT UnIvErSITY rICCArTOn. and/or • Equivalent UK/overseas qualifications which may be considered on an individual basis For Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate level entry. and/or • A good (minimum 2:2) honours degree from another The minimum requirement for English language is IELTS 6. • Prospective students with other qualifications and experience are encouraged to contact us to determine their suitability for entry to the*-6. We offer a range of English language courses to help you meet the English language requirement prior to starting your masters programme: • 2 semesters English (for IELTS of requirements For MSc level entry. Funding and scholarships Please refer to the University Postgraduate prospectus or School programme information pack for details of fees or scholarships.5-5.english. we’ll need to see evidence of your English language ability.0) • 12 weeks English (for IELTS of students must hold: • A good (minimum 2:2) honours degree in a relevant or your first degree was not taught in SChOOL OFFICE +44 (0) 131 451 8363 +44 (0) 131 451 3161 pgenquiries@sbe.5) • 6 weeks English (for IELTS www. students must hold: • A relevant Ordinary Degree and an acceptable period of relevant industrial For EU Students seeking CIOB accreditation who enter the programme from a non-cognate background may need to obtain additional credits in Construction .hw. EDInBUrGh Eh14 4AS +44 (0)131 451 4626 g.5 reading and writing) Further details can be found at: www.5 or how to apply You can apply online at: (*minimum 5. and/or • Full membership of a relevant professional institution. Students admitted onto the Diploma level who achieve MSc level performance in the taught courses will automatically transfer to the MSc level. and/or • A relevant certificated qualification and an acceptable period of relevant post qualification You will also find guidance on how to fill in your online application and information about supporting documentation and fees at this address.

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