Leading  Science  Experts  and     Non-­‐Religious  Reason     on  the     Reproduc8ve  Health  Bills  

By  Dr.  Raul  Nidoy  
Parents  for  Education  Foundation   Science  and  Reason  for  Human  Beings    

Posi8ve  aims  of  the   Reproduc8ve  Health  Bills  
—  Lower  maternal  deaths   —  5.7  per  day  (WHO)  not  10-­‐11  per  day   —  Proven  method:  birthing  centers  and  improving   birthing  services   —  Maternal,  infant  and  child  health  and  nutrition   —  Fostering  breastfeeding   —  Elimination  of  violence  against  women    
—  Covered  by  existing  law:  Magna  Carta  for  Women  

Key  Questions  
—  Medical  Questions  
—  Do  the  pill  and  IUD  kill  human  beings?   —  Is  the  pill  good  for  the  health?   —  Will  condom  use  help  stem  the  AIDS  epidemic?   —  Does  availability  of  contraception  lead  to  more  

—  Soci0-­‐Moral  Questions   —  Ethical  Question  

premarital  and  extramarital  sex?       and  Natural  Family  Planning?  

—  What s  the  moral  difference  between  contraceptive  sex  

—  Economic  Questions  
—  Will  population  control  improve  our  economy?  The  

plight  of  the  poor?    

—  Historico-­‐Political  Questions   —  Where  does  this  come  from?    

—  Does  RH  have  a  eugenics  and  racist  background?   —  Is  it  imperialistic?  

BBC:  15  secular  moral  arguments  
vs  contracep8on  
1.  is  unnatural   2.  is  anti-­‐life   3.  separates  sex  from  reproduction   4.  allows  people  (even  married  people)  

to  have  sex  purely  for  enjoyment  

5.  prevents  potential  human  

beings  being  conceived  



6.  prevents  people  who  might  benefit  humanity   from  being  born  

14th of 16 children

7th of 11 children

7.  is  a  form  of  abortion   8.  carries  health  risks   9.  The  "contraceptive  culture"  is  dangerous   10.  makes  it  easier  for  people  to  have  sex  outside  
marriage   11.  leads  to  widespread  sexual  immorality  

12.  may  lead  to  depopulation     13.  can  be  used  as  a  eugenic  tool   14.  is  often  misused  in  mass  population  control   programs  in  a  racist  way   15.  Mass  population  control  programs  can  be  a   form  of  cultural  imperialism  or  a  misuse  of   power    

  In  a  debated  issue,  one  posi8on  is   true  and  the  other  false.      
Impossible  for  two  contradictory  positions   to  be  both  true.      
Since  the  questions  are  crucial  (social  morality   or  immorality,  life  or  death,  health  or  sickness,     family  stability  or  destruction),    it  is  a  grave  

obligation  for  the  nation  to  arrive  at  the   truth.    


Resolving  ques8ons:  leading  experts  
—  Expertise  in  the  specific  technical  question   —  Unbiased  
—  Not  advocates  with  an  agenda   —  Not  political  groups,  e.g.  United  Nations  agencies   —  If  conclusions  go  against  convictions,  more  credible  

—  If  experts  disagree,  choose:  
—  Most  authoritative  expert   —  Most  corroborated  or  comprehensive  studies  

—  Since  the  questions  are  crucial,  seek  out  the  

greatest  ,  unbiased  world  experts  who  are   after  the  truth  to  resolve  these  questions.    

Science  Experts  and  World   Authori8es  to  answer  ques8ons  
—  Medical  Questions   —  Harvard  Medical  School  /  Mayo  Clinic   —  American  Medical  Association  2000   —  American  Journal  of  Obstetrics    and  Gynecology  2005   —  International  Agency  for  Research  on  Cancer  2007   —  Harvard  Director  for  AIDS  Prevention,  Edward  Green,  agnostic   —  Social-­‐Moral  Questions   —  Social  Science  -­‐  George  Akerlof,  Nobel,  behavioral  economics   —  Contraception,  an  international  reproductive  health  journal     —  Economic  Questions   —  Simon  Kuznets  –  Nobel  Prize   —  Michael  Spence  –  Nobel  Prize   —  Historical  and  Political  Question   —  Matthew  Connelly.  Columbia  University.  Harvard  University   Press   —  US  National  Security  Study  Memorandum  –  primary  document  

Do  the  pill  and  IUD  kill  human   beings?  
When  does  human  life  begin?     These  sources  agree:    
—  Medical  Dictionaries  –  at  least  7  
—  Oxford  Butterworths  Gould  Stedman  Harrup  Mellon  Pearce  
Ampatuan Massacre

—  Medical  Textbooks    -­‐  at  least  13  
—  Moore  Larsen  Sadler  Rahilly  and  Miller  Langman  Potter  and  Craid  

Vannillsen  Cosidine s  Van  Nostrand  Turner  and  Helms  Clark  Scarr   Thibodeau  and  Anthony  Decoursey    

—  57  international  experts  called  to  eight  day  hearing  at  US  Senate  
—  Harvard  Medical  School   —  Mayo  Clinic   —  Dr.  Jerome  Lejeune  –  Father  of  Modern  Genetics  


Overwhelming  agreement :  at  fer8liza8on   when  the  sperm  penetrates  the  egg  
—  US  Senate  Report  1981:  There  is  overwhelming  

agreement  on  this  point  in  countless  medical,   biological,  and  scientific  writings.   —  Gordon,  Hymie.,  Chairman  of  Medical  Genetics,   Mayo  Clinic:   By  all  criteria  of  modern  molecular   biology…  as  soon  as  he  has  been  conceived,  a   man  is  a  man.   —  The  Developing  Human:  Clinically  Oriented   Embryology,  6th  ed.  Keith  L.  Moore,  Ph.D.  &  T.V.N:   Human  development  begins  at  fertilization   —  "Father  of  Modern  Genetics"  Dr.  Jerome  Lejeune:  To   accept  the  fact  that  after  fertilization  has  taken   place  a  new  human  has  come  into  being  is  no   longer  a  matter  of  taste  or  opinion...it  is  plain   experimental  evidence.  

Do  the  pill  and  IUD  kill  human   beings?  
—  Highly  important  question.    
—  If  just  one  person  is  going  to  be  killed  outside,  we  

will  all  do  something  to  stop  the  killing.     —  If  I  step  on  an  ant,  there  is  no  problem.  But  if  I  am   going  to  step  on  a  baby,  everyone  in  this  room  will   shout  with  horror.    

—  This  has  to  be  resolved  clearly  and  

definitively,  because  Filipino  citizens  cannot   knowingly  be  accomplices  of  a  law  that   deliberately  kills  human  beings.    

—  Story  of  Walter  Larimore  

  Do  the  pill  and  IUD  kill  humans?  
—  The  pill  has  a  secondary   post-­‐

fertilization  effect ,  according  to  the   scientific  journal  of  the  American  Medical   Association.      
—  Larimore  and  Stanford  (2000).  

"Postfertilization  effects  of  oral  contraceptives  and  their   relationship  to  informed  consent"    Arch  Fam  Med  9  (2):   126–33.    

—  IUD  brings  about  the   destruction  of  the  

early  embryo.  

—  Stanford  and  Mikolajczyk  (2005).  

"Mechanisms  of  action  of  intrauterine  devices:  Update   and  estimation  of  postfertilization  effects".  American   Journal  of  Obstetrics  and  Gynecology  (W.B.  Saunders   Comp)  187:  1699–1708.  

Is  the  pill  safe?    
—  The  pill  causes  cancer  -­‐  the  highest  

level  of  carcinogenicity,  the  same  as   cigarettes  and  asbestos     —  Confers  the  risk  of  stroke   —  Significantly  increases  the  risk  of  heart   attacks.    
"Combined  Estrogen-­‐Progestogen  Contraceptives"    IARC  Monographs  on  the   Evaluation  of  Carcinogenic  Risks  to  Humans  91.  2007.     —  Kemmeren,  et  al.  (2002).   "Risk  of  Arterial  Thrombosis  in  Relation  to  Oral  Contraceptives  (RATIO)  Study:   Oral  Contraceptives  and  the  Risk  of  Ischemic  Stroke".  Stroke  (American  Heart   Association,  Inc.)  33:  1202–1208.     —  Baillargeon,  McClish,  Essah,  and  Nestler  (2005).   "Association  between  the  Current  Use  of  Low-­‐Dose  Oral  Contraceptives  and   Cardiovascular  Arterial  Disease:  A  Meta-­‐Analysis".  Journal  of  Clinical   Endocrinology  &  Metabolism  (The  Endocrine  Society)  90  (7):  3863–3870.    

  Will  condom  use  lower  the   rate  of  HIV/AIDS  in  a  country?    
—  "There  is  a  consistent  association  shown  

by  our  best  studies  between  greater   availability  and  use  of  condoms  and   higher  (not  lower)  HIV-­‐infection  rates.

Harvard  Director  for  AIDS  Prevention,  Edward  C.   Green.    Availability  of  condoms  makes  people  take   wilder  sexual  risks,  thus  worsening  the  spread  of   the  disease.    

—  Green  (2003)  Rethinking  AIDS  Prevention.  


Case  of  Thailand  and  Philippines  
Thailand   AIDS  Cases   Philippines   AIDS  Cases  

1987   Strategy   2005  

112   100%  condoms  

135   NFP  and  chastity  

High  incidence  

Low  incidence     (UN  is  perplexed)    

UN  Description  

What  are  the  socio-­‐moral  effects  of   contracep8on?    
—  George  Akerlof,  Nobel  Prize  winner    in  behavioral  economics.  

A  liberal.  Economist  of  President  Clinton.    

 Wide  contraceptive  use  leads  to  more  premarital  
sex,  more  fatherless  children,  more  single   mothers,  more  poverty,  more  abortions      -­‐  decline  of  marriage,  less  domesticated  men,   more  crimes,  more  social  pathology  and   poverty  
—  Akerlof,  Yellent  and  Katz  (1996),  


"An  Analysis  on  Out-­‐of-­‐Wedlock  Childbearing  in  the  United  States",  Quarterly   Journal  of  Economics  (The  MIT  Press)  111  (2):  277–317   —  Akerlof,   Men  Without  Children, The  Economic  Journal  108  (1998)  

Lionel  Tiger  
—  Charles  Darwin  Professor  of  Anthropology  at  Rutgers  University  

and  Co-­‐Research  Director  of  the  Harry  Frank  Guggenheim   Foundation.     —  McGill  University.  London  School  of  Economics   —  Consultant  of  the  US  Department  of  Defense  on  the  future  of   biotechnology.     —  Anti-­‐Catholic  
—  Contraception  has  led  to  the:   —  trouble  in  the  relationship  between  the  sexes   —  breakdown  of  families   —  single  motherhood   —  female  impoverishment  

Contracep8on  leads  to  more   abor8on  (no  to  new  human  life)    
—  Contraception,    an  international  reproductive  

health  journal  (Jan  2011)    
—  10-­‐year  period  

—  Increase  of  contraceptive  use:  from  49.1  %  to  79.9%,     —  Increase  in  abortions:  from  5.52  to  11.49  per  1,000  women  

—  Malcolm  Potts,  the  first  medical  director  of  

International  Planned  Parenthood:   As  people   turn  to  contraception,  there  will  be  a  rise,  not   a  fall,  in  the  abortion  rate.   —  Guttmacher  Institute:   levels  of  abortion  and  
contraceptive  use  rose  simultaneously  in  six   countries:  Cuba,  Denmark,  the  Netherlands,  the  United   States,  Singapore  and  the  Republic  of  Korea.  

Why  is  contracep8ve  sex  bad  while  sex   within  natural  family  planning  good?  
CONTRACEPTIVE  SEX     Willfully  prevents  human   beings       Lie:  I  give  myself  totally  but  I   keep  my  fertility  from  you     SEX  WITHIN  NFP     Abstaining  from  sex  or   having  sex  during  infertile   period     Sincere  total  self-­‐giving:     I  give  myself  to  the  other  as  I   am,  fertile  or  infertile    

CONTRACEPTIVE  SEX   Trivializes  the  sacred  origins   of  human  life.  Sex  like  drug   taking:  only  for  pleasure.       Partner  is  a  sex  object,  used   for  pleasure.  One  becomes  a   user  of  persons  .      

SEX  WITHIN  NFP   Shows  reverence  for  the   sacred  origins  of  human  life,   and  the  real  purpose  of  sex.       Partner  is  a  spouse,  treated   with  love  based  on  mastery   of  passions.    

Treats  human  beings  as   machines  without  voluntary   control,  freedom  and  sense   of  morality.         Irrational,  selfish,  pleasure-­‐ seeking.    People  used  for   enjoyment.       Abuse  of  natural  processes,   like  vomiting  in  order  to  pig   out  more.    

—  Treats  human  beings  as  

responsible  beings,  capable   of  moral  self-­‐control  and  free   self-­‐giving;  and  teamwork   with  spouse.    

The end does not justify the means

Jose  Rizal:  Importance  of  Morality    
 Only  virtue  can  save!      If  our  country  has  ever  to  be  free,  it  will  not  be   through  vice  and  crime,  it  will  not  be  so  by  

corrupting  its  sons,  deceiving  some  and   bribing  others,  no!    

 Redemption  presupposes  virtue,  virtue  sacrifice,   and  sacrifice  love!    

Founders  of  the  American  Na8on:   On  religion  and  morality  
 George  Washington:  Of  all  the  …  habits  which   lead  to  political  prosperity,  religion  and   morality  are  indispensable  supports…  great   pillars  of  human  happiness.      John  Adams:  It  is  religion  and  morality  alone   which  can  establish  the  principles  upon  which   freedom  can  securely  stand.  The  only  foundation   of  a  free  constitution  is  pure  virtue.    

Will  popula8on  control   improve  our  economy?  The   plight  of  the  poor?    
—  Is  there  a  correlation  between  


population  growth  and  economic   growth?  

 Simon  Kuznets,  Nobel  Prize  winner:  no   clear  association  appears  to  exist   between  rates  of  growth  of  population   and  of  product  per  capita  

Later  studies  confirm  Kuznets  
—  1986  US  National  Research  Council   —  1992  Ross  Levine  and  David  Renelt.  Studied  119  

countries  over  30  years  (vs  UP  study  of  few   countries  over  a  few  years)     —  2003  RAND  Corporation  –  associated  with  30  Nobel   Prize  winners:  little  cross-­‐country  evidence  that   population  growth  impedes  or  promotes   economic  growth;  with  good  fundamentals  it  can   promote  growth   —  2007  Eric  Hanushek  and  Ludger  Wommann  study  

Concrete  Examples  
—  Julian  Simon  –  Ultimate  Resource   —  North  Korea  and  South  Korea   —  East  Germany  and  West  Germany   —  China  and  Taiwan   —  Philippines   —  1961-­‐2000:    Population  increased  almost   three  times,  poverty  decreased  from   59%  to  34%     —  78%  to  90%  of  the  poor  households  had   heads  with  no  high  school  diploma  

Thailand  and  Philippines  
Thailand   Agriculture     Model  of   agricultural   development   Philippines   Neglected   agriculture  in   favor  of  capital   intensive   industrialization  

Next  Eleven   Economies  (after   BRIC)   HSBC  Largest   Economies  2050  

No.    Aging   Yes.     Rapidly   population   growing   growing  faster   populations   than  labor  force.     Rank  23   Rank  16    (Large   Population)    

Family  and  poverty:     The  poor  want  more  children  
—  Big  families  are  poor   —  Not  because  more  children  means  more  poverty   —  But  because  poor  parents  want  more  children   —  90%  of  the  time  the  poor  want  the  children  they  


-­‐Lant  Pritchett,  Harvard  Kennedy  School  of  Government    

—  Children  for  the  poor  are:   —  Investments  for  secure  old  age   —  Helpers  in  the  farm  

Hierarchy  of  priori8es  of  a   society  
—  Morality  -­‐  God   —  Family     —  Life   —  Health  and  fitness   —  Money  –  economic   —  Money  –  economic  


prosperity   —  Health  and  fitness   —  Life     —  Family     —  Morality  -­‐  God  

Use  of  3  Billion  pesos:  which   will  you  choose?  
—  1  year  of  pills  for  366,300  women  

 OR   —  2053  classrooms   —  2053  teacher  salaries —  1663  skilled     birth  attendants   —  4000  low  cost  houses

 P  1.548  B              .493  B              .399  B              .566  B  

From  Dr.  Roberto  de  Vera,  Economist    of  UA&P  

Where  did  the  idea  of  popula8on   control  come  from?  
—  NSSM  200    or  National  Security  Study  

Memorandum  200:  Implications  of  Worldwide   Population  Growth  for  US  Security  and   Overseas  Interests    1974  
—  U.S.  economy  will  require  large  and  increasing  

amounts  of  minerals  from  abroad   —  The  young  people…  are  likely  to  be  more   volatile,  unstable,  prone  to  extremes…  can  more   readily  be  persuaded  to  attack  the  legal   institutions  of  the  government  or  real  property  of   the   establishment,'   imperialists,'  multinational   corporations,  or  other  -­‐often  foreign-­‐  influences   blamed  for  their  troubles"  

NSSM  200  
—  Give  "paramount  importance"  to  population  

control  measures  and  the  promotion  of   contraception  among  13  populous  countries     —  US  leadership  to  "influence  national  leaders"  and   that  "improved  world-­‐wide  support  for   population-­‐related  efforts  should  be  sought   through  increased  emphasis  on  mass  media  and   other  population  education  and  motivation   programs  by  the  U.N.,  USIA,  and  USAID."  

Where  did  the  idea  of  popula8on   control  come  from?  
—  Thomas  Malthus  (+1834)  -­‐  population  

growth  always  outstrips  food  production   —  Margaret  Sanger,  the    eugenicist    founder   of  Planned  Parenthood  (1942)  -­‐  birth   control  for  the  "unfit   —  Adolf  Hitler  (+1945)  -­‐  extermination  of   the  Jews   Belknap Press, —  Hugh  Moore    (1954)  Population  Bomb  –   Harvard University 2008 influence  on  US  policy   Matthew Connelly —  Paul  R.  Ehrlich  (1968)  The  Population   Columbia University Bomb  –  bestseller    

What  do  we  do?    
—  Spread  the  truth  widely  :    family,  community,  office,  
—  Echo  what  you  learn,  organize  forums,    give  talks  

parish,  associations,  media,  facebook,  blogs,  email,  etc.    

—  Express  your  stand  publicly  and  use  the  means  for  political  

campaigning:  stickers,  rallies,  etc.     —  Convince  your  legislators  and  their  staff  
—  Personal  talk:  call  931  5001  

—  Through  their  staff  or  email:  http://www.senate.gov.ph/contact.asp   —  Tell  them  of  the  objectively  harmful  consequences  of  RH   —  If  they  are  strongly  in  favor  of  RH,  you  will  campaign  against  them  

in  the  next  elections  

—  Fight  for  our  lives  and  future  
—  Not  business  as  usual    


Phnom Penh before the Killing Fields

—  I  remember  watching  a  TV  news  broadcast  

cars  passing  by,  men  riding  bicycles.    It  looked  like   normal  city  life.  But  in  the  background  there  was   persistent  thunder.    Only  it  wasn t  thunder.      It  was  the   sound  of  artillery  -­‐-­‐  the  final  battle  between  the   government  and  the  Khmer  Rouge.       —  If  all  those  people  had  only  known  what  was  going  to   happen  to  them  –  that  within  the  next  few  years,  one  in   every  three  or  four  of  them  was  dead  by  murder  or   starvation  –  they  would  have  stopped  what  they  were   doing,  and  made  every  effort  to  prevent  the  Khmer   Rouge  from  taking  over.    They  would  have  run  to  the   government  and  begged  for  a  rifle  to  go  into  battle.       —  It  is  the  same  with  the  battle  over  contraception:  if  the   people  only  knew  what  is  going  to  happen  to  the  Filipino   family  and  society  if  contraception  becomes  the  way  of   life  here,  they  would  do  everything  in  their  power  to  stop   it.      
—  Tim  Laws,  Chairman  of  Alliance  for  the  Family    (ALFI)    

from  Phnom  Penh.    People  were  coming  and  going,  



One-­‐page  summary:     Science  Facts  on  the  RH  Bills  
—  Manila  Bulletin,  Bernardo  Villegas:  http://www.mb.com.ph/node/307797/not-­‐de   —  Inquirer  News/  Cebu  Daily  News:  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/37073/hard-­‐facts-­‐vs-­‐hardened-­‐wills     —  Manila  Standard,  Emil  Jurado:  

—  —  —  — 

http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideOpinion.htm?f=2011%2Fmay %2F6%2Femiljurado.isx&d=2011%2Fmay%2F6     Leyte  Samar  Daily  Express:   http://leytesamardaily.net/2011/02/science-­‐facts-­‐on-­‐the-­‐rh-­‐bill-­‐in-­‐plain-­‐language/     Documentation  Service,  May  2011:  http://cbcpforlife.com/?p=1750   CBCP  for  life:  http://cbcpforlife.com/?p=164   Archdiocese  of  Cebu:  http://www.coycebu.org/programs/prayerandsacrifice_science.php    


—  Filipino  translation:  

http://filipinosforlife.com/2011/03/23/mga-­‐siyentipikong-­‐katotohanan-­‐tungkol-­‐sa-­‐rh-­‐bill/     —  http://tuklasinnatin.com/2011/ang-­‐mga-­‐katotohanan-­‐sa-­‐siyensya-­‐na-­‐may-­‐kinalaman-­‐sa-­‐rh-­‐bills-­‐2/  

—  Cebuano  translation:  


—  Latest  and  complete  English  version:  

http://www.scribd.com/doc/49512128/Science-­‐Facts-­‐on-­‐ the-­‐RH-­‐Bill-­‐with-­‐solutions  

Other  considera8ons  on  the  RH   Bills:  Rallies  
—  Pro-­‐life/Anti-­‐RH  rallies:    Moslems  and  Christians  in  
Manila  (25  March)  –  40,000–  200,000,  Mindanao  –  50,000,  Manila  (13   Feb)  –  10,000–  50,000,  Bacolod  –  20,000,    Cebu  –  10,000  to  12,000,   Balanga  –  10,000,  Mindanao  -­‐  10,000  Manila  (Dec  2011)  -­‐  10,000,  Lucena   –  8,000,  Dipolog  –  10,000  and  Pagadian  –  8,000,  Maasin,  Leyte  –  6000   to  7000,  Manila  Knights  of  Columbus  March  (March  2011)  –  7000,   Legazpi  –  4000,  Iloilo  –  4000,  San  Pablo,  Quezon  –  2000,  Quiapo  (Oct)   –  1500,  Tagaytay  –  2000,  Batasan  –  3000.   Mendiola  -­‐  1000.    

—  Pro-­‐RH  rallies:  Batasan  –  1500,  CBCP  complex  –  1000.  
—  Each  pro-­‐RH  participant  receives  350  pesos  -­‐  Inquirer  

Debate  and  Polls  
—  ABS-­‐CBN  Debate   —  69.58%  -­‐  anti-­‐RH     —  30.42%  pro-­‐RH   —  TV5  Debate     —  100%  of  studio  audience-­‐    anti-­‐RH   —  0%  -­‐pro-­‐RH   —  58.7%  of  the  viewers  –  anti-­‐RH   —  41.3%  -­‐  pro-­‐RH   —  Philippine  Star   —  56%  -­‐  anti-­‐RH     —  44%  -­‐  pro-­‐RH    

Non-­‐Catholic  cons8tuencies    
—  Imam  Council  of  the  Philippines,  the  top  leaders  of  the  
God,"  and  "makes  one  lose  morality  in  the  process.  
—  Chairman  Eleem  Said  Akmad  Basher:  There  are  so  many  verses  of  the  

Moslem  population  which  at  4.5  M  constitutes  5%  of  the   Philippine  population:    Use  of  contraceptives  "underestimates  

Koran  that  state  about  pro-­‐life  [principles].  Sabi  sa  Koran,  don t  kill   your  children  by  fear  of  poverty.  Huwag  matakot  because  Allah  will   sustain  you.    

—  Baptist  Bishop  Reuben  Abante:  Children  are  gifts  from  
God,  not  accidents  to  be  avoided.    

—  Philippines  is  not  a  welfare  state:       —  Taxpayer's  money  -­‐  not  for  personal  practices     (combs  and  lipstick)     —  Much  less  for  objectively  harmful  and  immoral   devices  –  Government  must  not  distribute  these   even  if  it  is  the   choice  of  many   —  Freedom.  Information.  Access.   —  No    opposing  law  restricting  access  and  information     —  Contraceptives  available  in  family  planning  NGOs,   stores.    International  Planned  Parenthood  has   hundreds  of  workers  here.    Also  PH  Government.     —  The  poor  can  afford  condoms  as  they  can  afford    cell   phone  load.    

—  Surveys  -­‐  objective  measure  of  Filipino  preference  is  

the  consistent  top  electoral  success  of  party-­‐list   Buhay  Hayaan  Yumabong  (Let  Life  Flourish).    

—  Social  Weather  Stations    2008  Pro-­‐RH  Survey  was  commissioned  

by  the  Forum  for  Family  Planning  and  Development  (FFPD),  a   pro-­‐RH  advocacy.       —  SWS  did  not  inform  people  of  the  penal  provisions  –  Mangahas   admitted   —  Survey  commissioned  by  pro-­‐family  groups    -­‐    92%  in  Manila  reject   the  survey  when  fully  informed  of  the  bill.    

—  Penalties  -­‐  private  companies    (including  faith-­‐

based)  and  public  institutions  -­‐  forced  to  provide   contraceptives  to  employees.    
—  Jail:  1-­‐6  months;    Fine-­‐  10K  to  50K   —  Totalitarian.  A  violation  of  free  choice  and  conscience,  and  

establishes  religious  persecution  

—  The  Leading  Causes  of  Death  in  the  Philippines  (DOH):  Daily  death  toll  per  

100,000  women:  

—  1.  Heart  diseases  -­‐  80   —  2.  Vascular  diseases  -­‐  63   —  3.  Cancer  -­‐  51   —  4.  Pneumonia  -­‐  45   —  5.  Tuberculosis  -­‐  23   —  6.  Diabetes  -­‐  22   —  7.  Lower  chronic  respiratory  diseases  –  16  

—  9  Filipinos  die  of  heart  disease  per  hour   —  75  die  of  tuberculosis  per  day     —  5.7  die  of  maternal  deaths  per  day    (solution  is  birthing  centers  not  


End     Thank  you!  

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