Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s Wouldn't it be great if we knew everything when we start out in life?

Lessons are often painfully learned and often costly. My hope is that you will read through the lessons that myself and many others have learned from, avoiding the same mistakes in your own life. If you take these lessons on board they will help make your life run more smoothly, giving you a happy and successful life you deserve.












Be Kind to others. It takes little effort to give some-one a smile or an uplifting word. We all need encouragement and help from time to time, and it actually makes us feel better too. Learn to be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself what you need. Don’ rely on others to fill your empty t spaces, for they have their own life and needs. Forgive yourself, and encourage yourself, and most of all love yourself. Focus your attention. What you give your attention to is what you draw into your life. Learn to focus your attention on the positive. Focus on the present, and put past mistakes behind you. Nourish your mind. Read good books, listen to good teaching CDs and watch positive and uplifting television. Become an interesting person. Use your knowledge to give your attention to that which will help you grow. Respect Yourself. Only you can give yourself self-respect. It doesn’ matter what anyone else thinks of you. Appreciate the t wonderful person you are and appreciate your dignity and above all be comfortable with yourself. Respect other people. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It is a diverse world, so don’ try to change t other people. Allow them to live their lives as they wish, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Develop your resilience. Dwelling on the wrongs you have suffered and having a victim mentality will drag you down. Focus on what you have learned from a painful situation, and move on. Free yourself from toxic people. When you are being harmed by another, either emotionally or physically, remove them from your life. Wish them well and put them in God’ hands and let them go. They s are no longer any of your concern. Focus on solutions and not problems. You will always have some challenges to face. When they come along remember that you can choose to focus on what can be done, not what the problem is. If you can do nothing, then it is still a waste of time thinking about them. Talk less and listen more. You miss a lot of useful information by not listening. People love a good listener and it is an excellent way of building good relationships with the people around you. Keep your promises. Be the type of person that others can trust and rely on to keep your word. Think carefully before making a promise. Can you do it? Have you the time?

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Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s 12. Listen to your intuition. How often have you ignored that gut feeling which later proved to be right? Practise checking in with your internal guidance system when meeting new people or new situations. Give yourself joy. Go out of your way to do the things that give you happiness and joy. Take the time to organise and do things that you love and enjoy. Life is too short not to live it in a joyful way. Always respond, not react. Often we jump in with a habitual response when someone upsets us. We attack without considering if that is the best response. Often times it is wiser to ignore a remark, or ask for time to consider your response. Choose your attitude. You always have the option to choose how you behave in any given situation. The highest attitude is one of love. “ What would Jesus do?”can be a good question to ask yourself. Making the right choices. Is it in line with your values? Will the choice make you happier long term? How will your decision affect other people? Never assume. We are all very good at filling in the blanks and, often find out later that we were completely wrong. Never assume that you know someone's motivation in what they have said or done. Clarify with them first so that you know all the facts, rather than assuming you do. Choose your fights. Most things are not worth fighting over. Going on the offensive can cause more aggravation and trouble for yourself. Choose to fight only when it is worth it, and when you know that you have a high probability of winning. Live life with a sense of gratitude. Appreciate your blessings. Being grateful for being alive and for the many good things in your life, brings more of the same to you. Choose to be cheerful. Being cheerful most of the time not only makes you fun to be with, it also benefits you in your mood, health and well-being, and your reaction to other people. Value your time. Time can never be recovered. Once that hour, day or year have passed it cannot be lived again, and whether you have wasted it or used it wisely, it will still pass. Choose the best use of your time, each day. Trust yourself more. You know yourself better than anyone else, and instinctively know what is best for you. Trust yourself to make the best decisions for you, and know that you have the resilience to recover from any decision you may make. You can always turn down a different road, any time. Everything passes in time. The Bible tells us that “ too shall this pass” Nothing lasts for ever, and present day worries will be hard to . recall in a few months or years. Have faith that all will be well in time, and know without a doubt that situations do improve and change. Every day is a new day. Whatever bad choices you have made in the past, each day you can make the choice to begin your life again, from that moment. You can choose to be, do and act differently to how you have in the past.













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Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s 25. Choose your thoughts. You have the choice to see the best or the worst in every situation. You can choose to think positive and uplifting thoughts, believing that things will improve. If you focus only on the problems, they will stick to you, and drag you down. Always look for the positive outcome, and you will attract that to you. Live in the present. When you are thinking about the past or the future you are missing out on living life fully. The present is the only moment that exists. The past is gone and the future isn't here yet. Make your day count. Today could be the last day of your life. Noone knows how long they have on this earth. Therefore, make your day worthwhile, a day worth living. Seek out peace. Choose the way of peace whenever possible. Enjoy nature, by taking a walk by the sea or in the forest. Be peaceful with your family and friends. Be at peace with yourself. Value your freedom. Don't let anyone or anything enslave and entrap you. Don't allow others to control and manipulate you. Don't get trapped in a relationship or job that you hate. Be free! Now and then step back from your life. Take a holiday, relax, do something totally different from your normal day to day existence. You know the saying “ t see the wood for the trees” and often you can’ , can see things more clearly from a distance, enabling you to make better choices. Pay attention to your self-talk. Monitor the way that you talk to yourself. Are you generally putting yourself down, or building yourself up? Are you nurturing to yourself or are you critical? Learn to use your self-talk to grow positively. Talk to yourself kindly. Believe there is always a way. Never let yourself or anyone else convince you that there is no way out of a situation. There is always a way, and you have to do the work to find it. It is fruitless to judge others. It is a waste of time judging others, for you don't walk in their shoes. You don't know the truth of their situation or how it came about, therefore you have no right to judge them, just as someone else does not have the right to judge you. Ignore the judgement of people who judge you. Firstly, it is none of their business what you do or not do. It is your own conscience that you have to live with, and you don’need the burden of other people’ t s ill-judged opinions. Avoid domination or control. If you try to control others, they are actually secretly controlling you, because of your need for control. Usually, the need for control comes from fear, either fear of losing them or fear of not being needed. You will actually drive the other person away. When one door closes another opens. Never be despondent when your plans don't work out. Often it is best in the long run, and something more beneficial happens instead. Let go of resentment. Being resentful doesn't change the situation in any way, it merely hurts the one being resentful, and often the other person doesn’even know that you resent them. Simply refuse t to feel resentment in any way, and look for the silver lining.













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Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s 38. We reap what we sow. “ What goes around comes around” It is the . law of attraction, that whatever we give out eventually returns to us in kind. Act with goodness, kindness and integrity and the same will be given to you. Lay no blame on others. When someone hurts you, it is useless to resent them for it. We can choose our response. If we choose to forgive them, we accept responsibility for ourselves, as we cannot be responsible for them. Stop struggling and let life unfold as it will. When we struggle against circumstances, it doesn't change them, but wears us out. Go with the flow and trust that all will turn out well, and it usually does. Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of energy. There are people out there who would change places with you in an instant. There is always someone who is better off or worse off than you, and always will be. Use your energy in a more productive way. Believe that you have everything you need. When faced with any challenge, you have within you the answer, the strength and talent to find a way out. Get out of your comfort zone. Think or your comfort zone, like a prison, for that is what it is. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Try new experiences and push yourself that little bit further whenever you have the opportunity. Stop complaining. Misery finds its own companion, and complainers enjoy the company of other complainers. They will drag you down! Instead of complaining, do something about the situation, and make the changes that are needed. Change your game plan. We get into the habit of repeating the same mistakes over and over in our lives, instead of learning from them. The only way your life will be different is if you change your game plan. If you keep doing what you always have, you will always get what you have always got! Do what you love. They only way to really enjoy success is to do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do. Follow your heart, and abundance will follow. Learn to say no. It is impossible to please everyone all the time. You have a limited amount of time and energy, and there are many things you would rather not waste your time on. Learn to say, no, and you will be much happier. Ask questions. Learn to ask the right questions both of yourself and others. Listen to the answers, then ask some more. This is the way to gather the information you need to make the best informed decisions for yourself. Zip your mouth. Think before jumping in on a conversation. Think before you speak. A word thoughtlessly spoken can never be taken back. Learn to put your brain into gear before you open your mouth! Don’ tell lies. Lying is the result of low self-respect. Liars are t always caught out eventually. Lying ruins your reputation. Find ways to praise. Giving your praise and approval to others makes them, and you, feel good. Always find lots of ways to praise children, but remember, adults need it too.












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Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s 52. 53. Use the power of affirmations. Affirmations do work. They are simply self-talk, and can serve to build you up and improve your life. Give and you will receive. It is a basic law of the universe that when you give freely of your time or finances you release the power of abundance to receive far more. Avoid “ Never”thinking. If you are always thinking and saying “ will I never get this, or do that”Guess what, you never will. The future is not yet decided, and if you program yourself for failure, you will fail, but if you program yourself for success, you will succeed. Associate with positive people. Negative people love to drag others down to their own level. If you have friends who tire you, and drain you of energy, drop them! Seek out friends who are encouraging, positive and happy, and it will rub off on you. Never give up. When you have determination you can move mountains. Often we give up just when success is around the corner. Never give up on your dreams. Use the power of visualization. Remember the famous words, “ whatever a mind can conceive the body can achieve” Think daily . about the ideal way your life could look. Think about your goals being a reality, and they soon will be. Deal with rejection. Rejection is simply a thought in your head. You can take it on board or not, as you please. If someone rejects you or your plans don't work out, remember that you are no worse off than you were before. Take action every day. Just a little action each day can move you quickly towards achieving your goals. Like water that wears away a stone, so your actions can wear away obstacles in your path. Each day passes whatever. Resist putting off tomorrow what you can do today. Thinking of starting a diet or exercise regime? Today will pass, months will pass, and you will be in the same place, unless you start today! Feel the fear and do it anyway. We hate to be out of our comfort zone, and we dislike putting ourselves in a situation where we may fail. You will never know the extent of your abilities, until you push yourself, feel the fear and do it anyway. Have the courage to change. Life is change. Each day we have new problems and new successes. It is impossible to keep the status quo, so why not have the courage to embrace change, enjoy it, and grow with it. Write down your goals. It has been proven that the people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Having vague wishes is not goal setting. Write them down constantly re-evaluate them, read them and chart your progress, having the courage to change them when necessary. Moderation in all things. Excess often causes problems for us. Drink in moderation and eat in moderation. Work in moderation. Learn to prioritize. Remember the 80/20 rule. Twenty per cent of what you do produces eighty per cent of your results. Do the most important tasks first.











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Some of Life’ greatest lessons I have learned s 66. 67. Appreciate your friends. No man is an island and we all need friendship. Be a good friend and you will have good friends. Be gentle with yourself. When events go wrong, don't beat up on yourself. Nobody goes through life without making mistakes, but the wise learn from them and grow in wisdom. Never be too old to play. The child within you is always present. Relax and enjoy that child. Take every opportunity to play. Everything has its price. Nothing worthwhile is free. The great musicians spend their whole life practicing. Athletes spend most of their time exercising, trying to knock off that 1/100th of a second. If you want something badly enough, work out what the price will be, and resolve to pay that price. Love is everything. To live a life without loving and being loved is a life wasted. Tell all the people you truly love, that you love them, today and every day.

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Author: Christine Sherborne 2008 –Self Help Products for Life

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