Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques
"The wuy u teum decides to decide is one of the most importunt decisions it mukes|"
Though foshion occosionoIIy underscores one or onofher of fhese opprooches, fhere is no righf or wrong woy fo decide on
issue. The imporfonf fhing is fhof fhe feom decide, in odvonce, whof decision-moking mefhod wiII be used. Mo surprises. If
members ore opproised of fhe process, even oufocrofic mefhods ocquire fhe consenf ond bIessing of oII.
Depending on fhe fype of decision on effecfive virfuoI feom wiII discuss ond ogree on one of fhese 7 sfyIes - 8EFOPE fhe
decision-moking discussion sforfs.
TypicoIIy fhe Ieoder of fhe feom describes fhe decision which needs fo be mode ond proposes o decision-moking sfyIe which
is fhen discussed ond ogreed.
A good Ieoder wiII oIso sfofe how fhe decision obouf fhe decision-moking sfyIe wiII be concIuded (usuoIIy fhrough sfyIe #Z or
sfyIe #7).
{bused on "Why Teums Don't Work" - by Robbins und FinIey}
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #1
Consensus decision-moking is where oII feom members gef o chonce fo oir fheir
opinions ond musf uIfimofeIy ogree on fhe oufcomes. If ony feom member does
nof ogree, discussions confinue. Compromise musf be used so fhof every feom
member con ogree wifh ond commif fo fhe oufcome.
Advuntuges: Produces on innovofive, creofive, high-quoIify decision, eIicifs
commifmenf by oII members fo impIemenf fhe decision, uses fhe resources of
oII members, fhe fufure decision-moking obiIify of fhe feom is enhonced, usefuI
in moking serious, imporfonf, ond compIex decisions fo which oII members wiII
be commiffed.
Disudvuntuges: Tokes o Iof of fime ond psychoIogicoI energy, ond o high IeveI
of member skiII. Time pressure musf be minimoI. There con be no emergency in
progress. 8ring pyjomos - you couId be doing this oII nighf.
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #2
Mojorify decision-moking is democrocy in ocfion. The feom vofes, mojorify win.
Advuntuges: Con be used when fhere´s no fime for o fuII-dress consensus
decision, or when fhe decision is nof so imporfonf consensus is necessory, ond
when I00 percenf member commifmenf is crificoI for impIemenfing fhe
decision, cIoses discussion on issues fhof ore nof highIy imporfonf for fhe
Disudvuntuges: UsuoIIy Ieoves on oIienofed minorify, o fime bomb for fufure
feom effecfiveness, imporfonf foIenfs of minorify feom members moy be
snubbed, commifmenf for impIemenfing fhe decision is onIy porfioIIy presenf,
benefif of feom inferocfion does nof hoppen.
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #3
Þ3 MINORITY RULE {uku deIegute to sub-group}
Minorify decision-moking usuoIIy fokes fhe form of o subcommiffee of o Iorger
feom fhof invesfigofes informofion ond mokes recommendofions for ocfion.
Advuntuges: Con be used when nof everyone con gef fogefher fo moke o
decision, when fhe feom is in o fime crunch ond musf deIegofe responsibiIify fo
o commiffee, when onIy o few members hove reIevonf experfise or knowIedge,
when brooder feom commifmenf is nof needed fo impIemenf fhe decision,
usefuI for simpIe, roufine decisions.
Disudvuntuges: Does nof ufiIi;e fhe foIenfs of oII feom members, does nof
buiId brood commifmenf for impIemenfing fhe decision, unresoIved confIicf ond
confroversy moy domoge fufure feom effecfiveness, nof much benefif from
feom inferocfion.
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #4
Þ4 AVERASINS {uku 1+1 = 1 - Not recommended||}
Averoging is fhe epifome of compromise, if is how our esfeemed Congress
decides: feom members hoggIe, borgoin, cojoIe, ond negofiofe on infenfionoI
middIe posifion. UsuoIIy no one is hoppy wifh fhe resuIf excepf fhe moderofes
on fhe feom.
Advuntuges: IndividuoI errors ond exfreme opinions fend fo conceI eoch ofher
ouf, moking fhis o beffer mefhod fhon "oufhorify ruIe wifhouf discussion."
Disudvuntuges: Opinions of fhe Ieosf knowIedgeobIe members moy onnuI fhe
opinions of fhe mosf knowIedgeobIe members. LiffIe feom invoIvemenf in fhe
decision moking, so commifmenf fo fhe decision wiII IikeIy be weok. Leffing
members wifh fhe greofesf experfise moke fhe decision is oImosf oIwoys
beffer fhon o group overoge.
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #5
This is simpIe. If you don'f oIreody hove someone in your feom find or hire on
experf, Iisfen fo whof fhey soy, ond foIIow fheir recommendofions.
Advuntuges: UsefuI when fhe experfise of one person is so for superior fo oII
ofher feom members fhof IiffIe is fo be goined by discussion, shouId be used
when fhe need for membership ocfion in impIemenfing fhe decision is sIighf.
Disudvuntuges: How do you defermine who fhe besf experf is7 Mo
commifmenf is buiIf for impIemenfing fhe decision, odvonfoges of feom
inferocfion ore Iosf, resenfmenf ond disogreemenf moy resuIf in sobofoge ond
deferiorofion of feom effecfiveness, knowIedge ond skiIIs of ofher feom
members ore nof used.
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #6
This is where fhere is usuoIIy no room for discussion, os wifh predefermined
decisions honded down from higher oufhorify Moses on Mounf Sinoi. Trusf is offen
kiIIed wifh fhis mefhod when o feom Ieoder fries fo fooI feom members info
fhinking fhof fheir opinions obouf fhe decision reoIIy con offecf fhe decision. Teom
members know when o feom Ieoder is jerking fhem oround.
Advuntuges: AppIies more fo odminisfrofive needs, usefuI for simpIe, roufine
decisions, shouId be used when very IiffIe fime is ovoiIobIe fo moke fhe decision,
when feom members expecf fhe designofed Ieoder fo moke fhe decision, ond when
feom members Iock fhe skiIIs or informofion fo moke fhe decision onywoy.
Disudvuntuges: One person connof be o good resource for every decision,
odvonfoges of feom inferocfion ore Iosf, ;ero feom commifmenf is deveIoped for
impIemenfing fhe decision, resenfmenf ond disogreemenf moy resuIf in sobofoge ond
deferiorofion of feom effecfiveness, resources of ofher feom members ore nof
Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #7
This mefhod is oIso known os Porficipofive Decision Moking. UnforfunofeIy, mosf
peopIe don´f know whof fhis reoIIy meons. Mony Ieoders fhink fhof fhey hove fo give
up fheir decision-moking responsibiIify - fhere is nofhing furfher from fhe frufh.
Under fhis mefhod, fhose in fhe decision-moking roIe moke if cIeor from fhe onsef
fhof fhe fosk of decision-moking is fheirs. Then fhey join in o IiveIy discussion of
fhe issues, fheir opinions counf jusf Iike ofher feom members. When fhey hove
heord enough fo moke on educofed decision, fhey cuf off fhe discussion, moke fhe
decision, ond fhen gef bock fo oII feom members fo Ief fhem know how fheir inpufs
offecfed fheir decision. Mosf feom members feeI Iisfened fo ond wiIIing fo
porficipofe in onofher feom decision using fhis mefhod.
Advuntuges: 0oins commifmenf from oII feom members. DeveIops o IiveIy discussion
on fhe issues using fhe skiIIs ond knowIedge of oII feom members. Is cIeor on who is
uIfimofeIy occounfobIe for fhe decision of fhe feom.
Disudvuntuges: Pequires good communicofion skiIIs on fhe porf of feom members,
requires o Ieoder wiIIing fo moke decisions,

/ " # #0# 1 2 > : ? @ ? ? ? ! 1 " 2 3 A - 2 .Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #1 .

C C ? 3 - B ! 1 ? 2 3/ ? ? 3 .Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #2 . 5 0& A 1 2 .4 0 A .

6 0 0& ' .Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #3 .2 7(82 7 - 1 2 ? 3 ? @ ? ? ! 1 2 3 D ? ? ? 4 .

Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #4 . / 8 ? A @ - 1 2 3 @ E E ! 1 2 3% 3 3 @ 5 .9 ' > / % % ' /:/ .

< @ => F 1 2 3/ @ ? ! 1 2 3 < ? ? ? @ G 6 .Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #5 .

A 1 2 3 ' ? @ ? ? ! 1 2 3 % ?D ? ? 7 ? .Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #6 .? 0 @ 0& ) @ 0 ! # "0 # # 0 0 .

Team Decision Making – Inventory of Techniques #7 .A 0 @ B / A ? A = 0& ) @ ! # "0 # # : 0 0 / 0 1 2 37 ! 1 2 3& 8 ? .

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