(1996) If forced to choose, Giacometti once said, he would rescue a car from a burning building before a Rembrandt. p.10 Saint Augustine said his first teacher was also de first person he ever saw who could read whithout moving his lips. p.11 Politics in a work of literature is like a pistol shot in the middle of a concert. p.25 The vocabulary in Shakespeare's plays includes 29,066 different words. There are 29,899 different words in Ulysses. p.32 Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the. Because we were young and drunk and twenty, and could never die. p.49 Maribárbola and Nicolasito. p.59 Except for Aquinas and the Bible, Descartes almost never read a word. He called the classics a waste of time. p.63 Dostoievsky's father was the resident physician at a hospital for the poor. But treated his own serfs so abusively that a group of them ultimately murdered him. p.68 I have a narrative. But you will be put to it to find it. p.78 The first time Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 was performed in London, in 1901, the audience literally stood up and cheered. The orchestra played it again and the same thing happened. It had to be played yet a third time before the program could go on. p.84 Raphael, Caravaggio, Watteau, Van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec each died at thirtyseven. p.94

Name Rodrigo de Born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world was mad.125 horses of the night!) p.97 Does one know today with whom Colombus sailed when he discovered America? Said Freud after his break with Jung.The pen describes what has happened. p.htm The bass arias of Sarastro in The Magic Flute. Said Raymond Chandler. p. Mann.158 Joyce died of a perforated ulcer. writers who write stories and writers who write writing.M.102 Nields Lyhne. Strindberg. Hesse.p. p.99 Leonard Warren collapsed and Literate people who can spend hours in one's house whiteout a single glance at the titles on the bookshelves.. on stage. p.156 The name Salome translates from the Hebrew as peaceful. the lookout on the Pinta. lente currite. p.99 http://www.140 http://www. Rilke calling all of Jacobsen's work as indispensable to him as the Bible. Which Shaw called the only music that would not sound out of place in the mouth of God. slowly.141 O lente. run slowly.99 October 12.eldritchpress. were all profound admirers of. p. At 2 A. 1942. the other what might. Which Loyce.163 . p. Ibsen. noctis equip! (O. Freud. and that was his only patrimony. p. during a performance of La Forza del Destino at the Metropolitan Opera. Rilke.162 I guess maybe there are two kind of writers. hence poetry is something more philosophical and serious than history.

It makes you want to say stupid. p.and left that way for a month and a half. p. to Chekhov: You know I can't stand Shakespeare's plays. p. p. I'm going to ask you for money. Cornelio. And then walked home and took two days to die.5 Among the graffiti at Pompeii: Samius. Said Lenin. at twenty-seven. I shall forever despise you for having heard it? p.5 Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing.189 VANISHING POINT (2004). Rather than your face as a young woman. p.5 Tolstoy. p.1 By his own admission. Determined Wernher von Braun. and I'm going to do a terrible thing. Alguien vive en este playa. Ravaged. 183 Van Gogh shot himself in the chest. p.178 And can you not understand that having told you all this. p. you don't know who I am? I'm Oscar Wilde. had not yet ever kissed a woman. nice things.189 A street in Paris.2 Karl Marx never in his life saw the inside of a factory.I think you're more beautiful now than then.3 I can't listen to music too often. I prefer your face as it is now.178 Quelqu'un vit sur cette plage. Madame Melba. suspender. the late 1980's. p. p. A seascape by Henri Matisse was once hung upside down in the Museum of Modern Art in New York . but yours are worse. . William Butler Yeats.

27 In 1827.11 How many thing there are in this world that I do not want.27-28. p. p. p. Meaning a fraction less than one per week from every week of her adult life. discussing form and structure in art. 1904. do as the Romans do. p. p.22 How can I tell what I think until I see what I say? p. Berlioz. but made to come and go through the hotel kitchen. and Gérald de Nerval all know to have attended.23 Shakespeare's Two Gentelmen of Verona. p. And was not only not allowed in the hotel dining room. an earliest Paris production of Hamlet. With Hugo. Clemenceau. to a new private secretary. in The Anatomy of Melancholy in 1621. in his seventies. was listed as missing by the actual library in 1906.Samius to Cornelius . Said Cervantes. Then tossing aside a ink-stained desk blotter with the comment: Jackson Pollock.25 When in Rome. in English.18-19. Emily Dickinson left behind 1. p.15 The friendship of Picasso and Stravinsky.Go hang yourself. Dumas. p.775 poems. Sainte-Beuve.18 A volume of Sherlock Homes. Said Robert Burton. Said Socrates. in which characters deeper Verona by ship when the city is nowhere near the sea. Certain letter you will have to draft yourself. Alfred Vigny. p. p.22 Billie Holiday sang with an Artie Shaw band in a New York hotel ballroom in 1938. Now listen: a sentence consist of a noun . Eugène Delacroix.26 Picasso. which fictional Leopold Bloom has borrowed from a Dublin library and which is thirteen days overdue on fictional June 16. in Part II of Don Quixote in 1615. strolling through a marketplace in Athens.

Marcel Duchamp was the second-ranked chess master in France. they'll end up burning people. I have always remained an atheist.41 Phoenix . Initiated by Eliot. p. come and ask me first. p. in ancient Greece. said Heine. rue de Fleurus. p.S.and a verb. p. Said Anatole France.32 The Marquis de Sade. Eliot and Groucho Marx. were not permitted to do the shopping. p. what a number of lies this young man has told about me. p.38 Thanks to God.31 O.40 The correspondence between T. p. p. about the time Shakespeare was writing The Winter's Tale and/or The Tempest and repairing to retire to Stratford.28 For some years. Frank Lloyd Wright died in. Says a legend recorded by Diogenes Laërtius. a century and a half before On the Road: Writing One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom on a single continuous forty-five-foot roll of paper. the first time he heard Plato read one of his dialogues.typepad. In 1821.51 http://bandofthebes.32 Where they burn books. p.28 Women. p.29 There are always more fools in the majority than in the minority. Said Socrates. If you want to use and adjective.a/6a00d8341cc27e53ef0168e8b4971a970c-580wi . Said Luis Buñuel.40 Forks were first introduced in England in 1611.49 27. p. p. Which is to say.

57 There's nothing to say that hasn't been said before.69 A mere trifle consoles us. p.wordpress. p.jpg Beethoven. p. p.69 Hermann Hesse was at one time a patient of Jung's p.51 Writing in bed. We can say nothing but what has been said. p. Said Pascal.53 For the first several centuries. Says Burton in the Anatomy. p. Toulouse-Lautrec called himself because of his own stunted growth.51 There were 945 booksellers in Paris in 1845.63 9 ridge Road. Says Delacroix in the Journals.files. p.69 http://instate. As did the p.56 A half-bottle. Says Terrence in the Eunuch. Mark Twain preferred. Schubert. p.69 One should always read with a pen in one's hand. All pupils of Salieri. Rutherford.79 Was Walter Benjamin the first to point out that where every home once possessed room . New Jersey. the Mass in the Roman church was conducted in Greek. Liszt. p. p. not Latin. the composition and method is ours only.Remembering that the Chinese invented moveable type well before Gutenberg. a mere trifle distresses us.79 Verdi wrote Il Trovatore and La Traviata in less than a month each.

103 http://upload. in today's world virtually everyone dies somewhere else? p. p. asked about the impulse behind writing The Name of the Rose.98 Erasure is as important as writing. as schedule. Said Saint Hildegard of Bingen. p.jpg Umberto Eco. And has not had a bar mitzvah.90 Joyce said he spent twenty thousand hours writing Ulysses.99 Woolsthorpe. p. Where Newton did or did not have his attention caught by an apple falling from the branch.100 Was Andreas Mantegna's Padua fresco The Martyrdom of Saint James. p. 97 Supose one woke and found oneself a fraud? Ask Virginia Woolf's Diary. p.100 I prefer to think in torment than not to be able to think clearly.which led to a virtual riot in the lobby. that the evening's Lucia di Lammermoor would be sung by one Dolores Wilson and not. by Callas . p. p. Said Quintilian.91 The standard Italian translation of Moby Dick is by Cesare Pavese. p. rejecting drugs while enduring the cancer that slowly took his life.wikimedia. p.after room in which people had died. 1956. . perhaps the greatest single loos to art in World War II? p. p.87 Braque's father was a housepainter. destroyed by a bomb in 1944.96 The announcement at the Metropolitan Opera on December 11. Said God does not inhabit healthy bodies.83 Leopold Bloom is not circumcised.

p.113 When Chagall paints you do not know if he is asleep or awake. p.110 Thales of Miletus.108 White does not exist in nature. Because I love children. why have you been dancing all evening? Why not.105 Frozen music. said Renoir. Dirac? The party is filled with nice girls. p. Said Picasso.105 During his first half-dozen years in New York. said Eliot. p. p. p. 104 A. p. Art is a lie that enables us to recognize truth. Ca. Said Brendan Behan.109 Heisenberg. How did you know they were nice before you danced with them? p. p. p. p. asked why he never become a father. And was indignant over what termed its unwholesomeness. Said Picasso.115 Guido of Arezzo. Jasper Johns worked as a window dresser. Schelling called architecture. At the memorial Mass for Beethoven a week after his death. p. Who gave the names to the first six notes of the scale. If you wait you will have to commit yourself to an opinion.116 Always acknowledge the gift of a book before there has been time to read it.109 Adolf Eichmann read Lolita while awaiting trial in Jerusalem. Somewhere or other inside his head there must be an angel.107 Art is not truth.111 I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn't make it worse.117 . the music chosen was Mozart's Requiem.I felt like poisoning a monk.D.

p. p. but they do not expect to turn out philosophers. To know when to stop is of the same importance as to when to begin. 133 Albert Camus was having lunch in a Paris restaurant when he was informed he had won the Nobel Prize. The fact that Buddha wrote The fact that Socrates wrote nothing.133 Saussure's doctoral dissertation: On the use of the genitive case in Sanskrit. p. p. place of the muses. Said Paul Klee. p. p.126 Proust deathbed photo. The fact that Jesus wrote nothing. By his waiter. p.getty.127 http://www.e. 137 . 134 Diogenes. By Man Ray.. Joyce was generally most comfortable in tennis shoes.125 How ofter. p. i. p.131 Simone de Beauvoir was one inch taller that Sartre. but not to philosophers: Because they think it possible that they themselves might become lame or blind.135 The uncle of Kafka's was the director general of the Spanish railway system. p. 128 Decades before it become commonplace. p.133 The pretense in speaking of second-rate 1940s Hollywood melodramas as film noir classics. pausing to remember? Museum. if ever.Apelles' explanation for his mastery: Knowing when to take his hand from the picture. twenty-two hundred years later. explaining why people give to beggars.

Nixon.161 Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. somebody stole our tent.161 Watson. p. 141 At twenty-nine. p.What might Johannes Kepler have been allergic to. Which was in fact the literary term chosen to categorize the earliest nineteenth-century female Gothic novelists. p.157 Was The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction the most frequently cited critical essay in the second half of the twentieth century? p. p. Though hospital attendants found $750 taped to her leg.150 Billie Holiday's bank balance at her death registered a total os seventy cents. Toscanini conducted the world premiere of La Bohème. 147 Macedonian barber: how would you like your hair cut? King Archelaus: In silence. p. 169 . 166 Aristotle's conclusion that one could tell how bad a play was by the amount of food eaten in the audience during the performance. p. p.157 Do you lack anything? I do.147 William Burroughs had a regular monthly allowance from his parents for twenty-five years after graduating from Harvard. 144 Who is that can tell who I am? p.144 The first occasion on which the word shit appeared in the New Yorker: Quoting Richard M. And conducted it again on its fiftieth anniversary. that his nose ran eternally? p. p. you idiot. 166 Terrorists. That you stand out my sunlight a little. p. p. p.162 Verte desnuda es recordar la tierra.

What a man does is all that counts. 174 Nonlinear. p. Collage-like. p. 189 . 180 No one truly believes in his own death. Discontinuous. Said Freud. Cristóbal Colón. not what he intends to do. p. 184 I like a view but I like to sit with my back to it. p. An assemblage. p 171 Cristoforo Colombo. Even though Kasparov was playing a dozen or more game simultaneously. And was cunning enough to resign after very few moves. Said Picasso. p. 170 Kurt Vonnegut once played chess against Gary Kasparov.