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Malachai & the Dragon

Chapter # 1 The Red Dragon
Deep in the ice caves of the Carpathian Mountains of northern Romania, a secret, long hidden from the world was exposed. As it turns out, after all of these eons of belief that the Dragon was just a myth, it was discovered that Dragons are real. Due to the warmer temperatures as a result of global warming, the Ice flows in the arctic are melting. Mankind… being the curious, adventurous scavenger that he is went up to have a look around at the newly exposed landscape that had been buried in the ice for so long, hunting for treasure. Well… they found it and it was not at all what they expected to find. What these men found they had a hard time believing. What they were hoping to find as they approached the newly exposed ice caves were the remains of mastodons, but after they got inside the caves they found themselves face to face with several long dead, frozen men wearing Roman armor and still clutching their swords. They thought… Alright! We scored big time. This stuff will bring us big bucks back home. Then they saw it, a claw, hanging out of the ice that could not possibly belong to anything that they thought they might discover like a mastodon, or anything else known to man. Their hearts raced and they chattered like a bunch of monkeys as they worked to melt the rest of the Ice away to reveal the young Dragon. After they got it out, they still could not believe what they were looking at, I mean… Dragons

are a myth, aren’t they? Not knowing for sure how to proceed next they put it on ice and
called in an expert in paleontology to have a look at the animal and give them his expert opinion. The Dinosaur expert took one look at the animal lying there on the floor, his jaw dropped as he remarked. “This has got to be a hoax, doesn’t it”?

After dissecting and studying the animal he was not only convinced that this was not a hoax but this massive 14 foot long animal was just a baby. As you can imagine, the dinosaur experts mind was reeling. His next move was to take a crew back up to the ice caves in hopes of finding the mother. After several days of hunting through the caves and finding several more dead men all clad with Roman armor and still clutching Roman swords, he still had found no other Dragons and was about to give up the hunt. Discouraged and just about to leave, he broke through an ice wall into a room in the cave they had not seen before. There he found a nest with huge eggs in it and one egg was still intact. With renewed enthusiasm he thought,

the mother has to be around here somewhere. Suddenly he looked down and realized he was
standing on one of her wings. All of this was very exciting to the men involved and a myth was made real, but that is not what I have come to tell you about. What I have come to tell you all about is a secret that was buried with the Dragons that was released the day their bodies were uncovered. Oh they did a big reconstruction scenario of the life of the Dragon from the dissection autopsy of the animal and an investigation of the scene of the crime. Yes. That’s right, I said crime. You think that just because these dragons were huge fearsome animals killed by man that there was no crime involved? This is what the Romans want you to think so you will not see their true nature or the extent of their crime. They figured when they killed the last of the Dragons they had eliminated the last major roadblock standing in the way of securing their foothold in Western Europe and Great Britain. Now they could continue their Mission of world conquest unimpeded as they established their new country of northern Romania. You see, the human being is not the only animal on the face of the earth with a spirit. Just as the whale is an extremely intelligent animal the Dragon was even more intelligent than the whale or even man himself as it was the oldest living mammal on earth. The Dragon had walked the earth with the dinosaurs and was the only land animal intelligent enough to survive the ice age by going under the sea. After the ice melted it climbed out of the water to reclaim dominance on the land and watched the birth of man. The Dragons ambition

combined with its extreme age and respect for all living beings was what caused it to gain so much intelligence. When the Dragon was slain, its spirit hung around just as a human spirit will do because it still had something to do. The Dragon had a story to tell. It had such a love and respect for all living creatures especially the children of man. It waited as long as it took so it could tell the tale and assist the children to survive when the Red Dragon finally decided to make its move on an unsuspecting world. The Dragons love for the children is why he left the Aztecs so many years ago after witnessing the way they would sacrifice their own children to appease their Gods. You see the Aquarian Dragon has such a big heart that it will not even attack man except in self defense and only then when cornered. So the Dragon just left and flew up north and halfway around the world to Western Europe and made its new home with the Druids. If you study history closely you will see that the Romans after Putting Jesus to death created the Roman Catholic religion to control the new Christians. After the fall of the Roman Empire the remainder of the Romans that had become the (Red Dragon) the crusaders, marching north torturing and killing all of the Christians that had separated themselves from the Roman Catholic core eventually came across the Druids and became allies with them. It is not too hard to see that the same Romans that hung Jesus are the Red Dragon behind the beast of the apocalypse that was foretold in Revelations. Eventually they judged the Druids to be Immoral in their way of life and betrayed their allies and started wiping them out. The sight of this going on hurt the Dragon as he loved his new people. As if this crime was not bad enough what really upset the Dragon was witnessing the Roman soldiers as they killed even the children. The Honorable Aquarian Dragon had seen all it could stand, It had reached its limit of tolerance for man’s inhumanity to man. Seeing The Aztecs destroying their own children was hard enough for the Dragon to see and not interfere, but they were their own children after all, so the Dragon left rather than to try stopping it. This however was a crime on a whole new level. These children did not belong to the Romans and were guilty of no crime or immoral lifestyle. The dragon did the honorable thing and tried to defend the children and was hunted

down and destroyed one at a time for its efforts. Finally the day came there were only two Dragons left, so they flew very far away and made their new home in the ice caves deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Deep inside the ice caves of the frozen north, the Dragon made its new life in an attempt to repopulate its numbers to insure the survival of its species. Now the Dragon had a new problem it had never had to deal with before. It realized the extent of its problem after hunting for food in the mountains for several days and not finding enough to keep itself alive, much less feed the young ones once the eggs started hatching. Hungry and at the edge of starvation, the Dragon took a long trip down south to see what it could find for food. Finally the hungry dragon spotted a field full of sheep and decided his hunt was over. He consumed enough on the spot to regain his own strength and took a couple of the sheep back to the female at home watching over the eggs. The Dragon preferred fruits and vegetables over meat because of its extreme respect for all living creatures, but continuing to be a vegetarian was not practical as vegetation was scarce in the barren fields of the north, so it developed a taste for meat. Killing and consuming the living creatures hurt the Dragons feelings so it would give thanks to God and the species of animal it was consuming for its sacrifice. Because of the Dragons Respect for all living creatures and its taste for fruits and vegetables and it’s extremely high intelligence, it had become very proficient at planting, growing, harvesting and preserving crops. This is the wisdom along with its knowledge of survival skills plus warning an unsuspecting world of the encroaching Red Dragon that possessed the spirit of the Aquarian Dragon to hang around so many eons to share with the children of man. When the Roman soldiers learned that there were Dragons still alive they decided to lay in wait for the next one to show up for some more food, which eventually it did. When the Dragon showed up to take more sheep the soldiers simply followed the Dragon back to its remote hideout in the mountains and there they killed the last of the Dragons. The soldiers paid with their lives but the Dragons were now extinct. The crime of the Romans was now complete. They had marched northward killing & stealing anything they wanted and were

now very wealthy and powerful men. They formed the fraternal brotherhood of the masons as they built their empire. Of course after that it did not take them long to become the rulers of Great Britain. Eventually they refined their numbers to the wealthiest of them and reformed their brotherhood once again into what we know now as the Illuminati. After the slaughter of the Last Dragon the Romans finished annihilating all of the Druids. After the completion of their crime they proceeded to destroy any evidence that the Dragon had ever really existed at all. They burned all existing texts that told about the true nature of the honorable Dragon just in case one did manage to survive to tell the story. Then they produced texts of their own that slandered the name of the Dragon to make it appear as if the Dragon was the evil one. This is the reason why so many good religious folks are under the false impression that the real Dragon is pure evil. The truth is the Aquarian Dragons were one of Gods very first creations and they had made him very proud. He loves them as much as he loves mankind or a man & woman love their Children. The stage was now set so when America was discovered the Illuminati just watched for their chance. They would own this new country also. The British rulers first saw their opportunity to take this new country shortly after the new settlements were established. The new settlers started dying from famine and plague so the British brought food, medicines and Tobacco and started the first tobacco plantations. They also loaned the new settlements large sums of money from the bank of England to get the economy established. They figured they had just bought this new country so they also brought soldiers with red coats to control this new nation of theirs. Eventually the Americans regained their strength and their numbers grew. The now healthy Americans not liking the rule of the Red Dragon decided to send them back home with their tails between their legs so the revolutionary war was fought and won. Or so they thought. The ultra rich members of the illuminati just re established their foothold by starting up the Federal Reserve Bank and started loaning money out to the ranch owners and taking their land when times got too tough to pay the loans back. Their plan was working and it was not long till they owned vast stretches of this new land and became the first Cattle barons in

history. They started building Railroads and it wasn’t too long before they started discovering oil on their Ranches. They formed large oil cartels and their wealth compounded immensely. These members of the Illuminati were now the biggest land owners and the richest men in the world. You know who these people are without me mentioning any names. Their takeover of this new country was now complete. Now all that was left for them to do was to form huge corporations and build many large factories that poisoned our atmosphere to put their new slave society to work for them. They control their new empire through the lobby in congress by paying off congressmen to earmark bills to their advantage. Anyone that will not take a bribe is threatened, discredited or assassinated. No one would stand in their way now. Eventually the political system in this country became so jaded that the Red Dragon was even able to buy the presidency. Anyone who doubts the validity of what I am saying just has to look and see who was in the white house when we suffered this devastating turn in our economy and the shelves in the stores became flooded with cheap products from china. What started out to be a true democracy ended up being an empire run by the big corporations.

Chapter # 2 The awakening
The Aquarian Dragon so loved the children that he waited… searching in the dark for Eons in hopes of finding someone with an open heart and mind. Someone totally awake without evil, fear or prejudice in their being in which he could communicate his story. Someone with the intelligence and sensitivity to get it right. Someone that would relay it to the other awakening souls at the dawning of the awakening of man, otherwise known as the age of Aquarius. Young Malachai lay there on the government issue cot that had been his bunk for some time now. His eyes were filled with tears as he struggled to find the inner peace and understanding that he so longed for. He had joined several churches in his search of the enlightenment that would set him free. In fact he spent more time in church than anywhere else other than in the jet engine shop where he worked. Of course his Sundays were completely taken up with early morning and evening services. He was a member of the choir plus he taught fifth grade

Sunday school and Tuesdays were spent at the church practicing transcendental meditation in search of inner peace through spiritual enlightenment. Wednesdays after work were spent doing community service with fellow church members and Thursdays were for choir practice. Saturdays were for bible study at the Pastors house and street witnessing or community service. Malachai still found no resolution for his troubled soul, even with all of these righteous activities. After his brothers and sisters in Christ had refused to give him a ride home nine miles away one Saturday after bible study. He began to walk. A few of them sped right past him without even slowing down on their way home leaving him to walk. He thought about how they had told him how his roommate and good friend, Rick Rainer, was a bad seed because he did not go to church but he did drink a beer on occasion and even smoked a little herb once in a while. After walking and sticking his thumb out to hitch a ride for miles with no results, Malachai began to pray. Dear Lord he prayed, I guess you want me to walk home to day so I will stick my thumb out for the next three cars and if no one picks me up I will take that as a sign and just forget about trying to hitch a ride and turn around and start walking. Instantly three cars came careening around the corner and sped past him as if he was not even there. Well… that was definitive enough for him so he took it as a sign and turned around and started walking. He hadn’t gone more than another couple hundred yards and a car pulled up to offer him a ride home. It was his roommate. You remember the guy all those self righteous church people had badmouthed just an hour earlier at bible study, just before sending Malachai walking home. After several one on one meetings with the Pastor and the bible Young Malachai still had more questions than he had answers. After trying several different churches and still finding no resolution he finally left the church to look elsewhere for the answers he would need to calm this pain in his heart. Malachai really didn’t need another self righteous preacher telling him how to insure the salvation of his soul while badmouthing the people that were there for him when he needed someone. Malachai did not know why the pain was so intense or why no one

else seemed to feel it or even what it was he was seeking. What he did know was when he found it he would know his search was over and his mission begun. You see Malachai had a huge heart and had to find a way to help mankind in a way that no one else could. As he looked around at the pain and suffering in the world, he felt all of it and it was too much for him to bear without finding some way to help. So Malachai wept and Malachai prayed as he thought… there must be more to this. There must be something that can be done to turn all of this around. There has got to be a way. Malachai studied the bible and got into his meditation still looking for the answer. He also studied the teachings of an Indian Shaman by the name of Don Juan. From this wise old Indian Malachai had learned about astral projection and decided. That was a journey he would definitely like to take as it might hold the answer. If he didn’t go he may never know. After talking to his roommate Rick Rainer about his dilemma, Rick informed him he had been there and done that and would be happy to be his guide. Malachai was a little apprehensive about the experience he was about to go through because he had heard about there being bad spirits that could attack and influence you on the Astral plane. He had also heard about souls having trouble reentering their bodies because of demons inhabiting them while they were gone, but he trusted Jesus to be by his side to watch over him. Malachai had no fear with his brother by his side and this good man Rick Rainer for his guide, so he was ready. Rick gave Malachai a special potion made just for this purpose. Malachai took the potion and lay down on his back on his cot and began to meditate. Malachai was not sure how long he had been lying there meditating when he began to feel strange. He could hear Ricks soothing voice telling him there was someone here on the base that cared deeply for him and was here watching over him and asked him if he knew who it was. Malachai reached out with his mind and tried to understand and saw a picture of Abe Lincoln in his head so he said, Abe Lincoln? No replied Rick, but you are getting close. This confused Malachai so he reached clear out into the cosmos with his mind looking for the creator for the answers he was seeking. Malachai began to weep because he found nothing

but planets, stars and empty cosmos. There was no trace of this place called heaven with the lord sitting on a throne so he could bow at his feet and ask his questions. I have read the bible and lived a righteous life Malachai said aloud. From everything I have read I understood that this was a guide that would eventually lead me to you and I do not understand. Then Malachai, with tears streaming down his face asked in a very loud frustrated voice, why can’t I find you? Then the most amazing thing happened. Malachai heard a little voice that seemed to be coming from inside his head that said where’d you go? Actually it was more of a feeling in his heart than a voice that issued from inside his head. Malachai instantly stopped his tears as he looked around. He did not fully understand where this tiny voice had come from. The first thing he noticed was Rick was no longer in the room. The next thing he saw was words written on the walls in beautiful colors and script saying things like Brotherhood and world peace, love and camaraderie among all men. Well, you get the idea. It was all so beautiful and accompanied by the sweet smell of Jasmine. He felt like he was in the presence of royalty. Then the most amazing thing Malachai had ever experienced in his life happened. The one that he had been seeking for so long, backed away from him far enough for Malachai to see him. There he was. The Creator, a supreme being. Their faces had been one and Malachai could see that all of his life he had been looking into the creators eyes. Now that he had backed away Malachai could see his complete and beautiful countenance and all the beauty was gone out of life, it was so stark and bare as if he had been wearing rose colored glasses all of his life that had been suddenly removed. What a spectacle to behold. He was by far the most beautiful perfect thing alive or inanimate that Malachai had ever seen. Looking at the beautiful flowing colors and his kind all knowing eyes, Malachai realized that the creator was a lot more advanced of a being than a mere human, being neither male nor female. The appearance of the creator surprised Malachai because he had always thought the creator to be human. Malachai knew that what he was looking at was real and all preconceived ideas were now null and void. Now that he got a good look at what he knew to be his creator and guide, what he saw looked like a cross between a bird and a butterfly complete with beautifully colored wings. This majestic being resembled a living fire with all of

the beautiful flowing infinite combinations of reds, yellows, Purples and even aquamarine colors in the beak in the center of his face that vibrated whenever he communicated. Malachai could instantly see the burning bush of Moses as all of life was represented in this being. What Malachai was expecting to see when he finally met the creator face to face was a wizened old man, but what he was looking at now reminded him more of a Dragon than anything else. Sure. Why not? Just looking into the face of this magnificent being answered so many of Malachai’s questions. Malachai had always been fascinated by the Dragon and always revered the Dragon as a noble majestic being with a caring, healing heart. The grand Dragon of any fraternal organization was the leader so he had no problem looking on his guide as a Dragon. He definitely found it easier to think of him as a Majestic Dragon than a burning bush as Moses had reported seeing during his encounter on Mount Sinai. Malachai felt silly that he had been searching the cosmos for someone he had invited into his heart long ago as a young child so many years ago. Of course he thought, where else would he be. Now that Malachai knew that the creator was more than mere human he understood why it was so important for man to get past all of his prejudices and why he must humble himself before laying eyes on the face of the creator. When the Creator did communicate he did it with feelings with no words to misunderstand as he asked Malachai, what’s your problem Malachai? Well… that got him to thinking. What was his problem? After a lengthy interchange between Malachai and “the Dragon”, he decided mankind was not the most advanced being in the universe and did not have all the answers he was seeking. But what he learned had set him free. Malachai learned that he and he alone was in control of his life. The only request on the Creators part in answer to Malachai’s question as to what his mission was here on earth was simple. Just get through this thing alive. I want you to show up on the other side in person. I want to see your smiling face. Just show up. Attend. Be there. Well that was simple enough to understand but Malachai still wanted to do something to help, but what could he do? This was going to take some thought.

I just want to take a moment here to explain something to anyone who might be getting upset thinking that I am saying that God is a Dragon, because I am not. If you will go back and read what I wrote, you will see that I said Malachai had always been fascinated by the Dragon and always revered the Dragon as a majestic being with a caring, healing heart. I also said, the appearance of the creator surprised Malachai because he always thought the creator to be human. Now that he got a good look at what he knew to be his creator and guide, what he saw looked like a cross between a bird and a butterfly complete with beautifully colored wings. This majestic being resembled a living fire with all of the beautiful flowing infinite combinations of reds, yellows, blues and vibrant Purples and even aquamarine colors in the beak in the center of his face that vibrated whenever he communicated. Malachai could instantly see the burning bush of Moses this was literally the fire of creation as ( all of life was represented in this being ). Malachai knew that what he was looking at was not a physical manifestation but the aura or soul of a highly advanced being. Because of Malachai’s love for the Dragon, he could naturally see the Dragon in the being of the creator of all living things just as he saw the bird and the butterfly. Once he found out that the Dragon was real, and such a kind, wise, old animal with such a big heart, well… let’s just say that Malachai felt there was no nobler way to honor the creator and the noble Aquarian Dragon that had given its life to protect the Druid children than to compare him to what Malachai considered to be his greatest creation. The noble Aquarian Dragon has been misrepresented and its character maligned deliberately by those that destroyed this, the oldest and noblest of Gods creations. The Red Dragon figured that destroying the Aquarian Dragon and to eliminate all evidence that the real dragon ever existed at all was the best way to hide the secret of its crime since The Real Dragon would not be around anymore to prove any different. The only mistake that the Red Dragon made was to underestimate the strength of the Aquarian Dragons spirit. Malachai found that he did not have to speak a word to be understood anymore than this wonderful being had to speak to communicate with him. He communicated with feelings so there were no words to misunderstand. One of the last thoughts on his mind before the end of

this encounter was that so many religious people had made such an issue as to his name so he asked him. What do I call you? The creator just smiled and said, what do you need to call me for? I know when you are talking to me and I will never leave your side. If you feel the need to call me something then you call me whatever you want. Malachai thought about the feeling that overcame him when he was in the presence of his guide so he decided Love will work. Yes. It was the only word that he could think of that would best describe him so he decided, Love it will be until I can think of something better. The next few years were spent trying to fully comprehend all he had seen & learned in the presence of his master.

Chapter # 3 The Crystalline Lattice puzzle
Once someone of Malachai’s strength and sensitivity astral projects they do not need the special potion anymore to get the enlightenment and inspiration needed from the astral plane. It’s like an enlightened good friend of Malachai’s said once, “you went on a trip that you never came back from”. Malachai lives with one foot on the earth and the other on the plane. It’s like an open window that he can go through from time to time through meditation whenever the inspiration is needed. So Malachai spent much time in prayer and meditation until he could make sense out of all that he had seen during those few short hours conversing with the creator. One thing that he had noticed was a cry for help in the distance whenever he visited on the plane. Malachai was not sure who or where the cry was coming from but he would assure them that he was here to help. This cry for help would just increase Malachai’s sense of urgency to get this riddle figured out. What he did know was that the answer was just a matter of time and effort, and he was ready to do whatever it took. Malachai now had a mission. Now that his soul had been set free, Malachai was on a mission to discover a way to help insure a brighter future for all of the souls enslaved by the Red Dragon. These people did not even understand that they were deliberately being trained as

soldiers and workers and used as slave labor. From early on in his life Malachai could see the truth of what the Red Dragon was doing to enslave mankind. He could see the brainwashing going on to train the masses to go out and get jobs and to fight in their armies from grade school on up. Malachai never did fit in with any crowd and always felt so alone, even in a crowded room. He was an observer of mankind and watched with a detached eye and could easily see what others seemed blind to. Whenever he would talk about this to others he would only gain their scorn and ridicule so he eventually became a very quiet person. If he were to help free these slaves, he knew he was on his own. Talk about a mammoth sized mission. Malachai never did anything in a small way. But this? Malachai was not sure how or even if he was going to be able to pull this one off. He felt that this time he may have bitten off a little more than he could chew. Malachai was however uniquely qualified for the task he had set for himself because of his unique affinity with puzzles and the many visions he had ever since he was a young child. In these visions he had witnessed the destruction of his homeland and the death of family & loved ones. These visions had instilled the need within him to find a solution so all did not perish in the coming catastrophe. These visions and his observation of slavery right here in his own country is what had separated him from the masses which gave him a lot of time alone to work on the solution. Malachai could not even enjoy playing games with his friends because he always felt the urgency of needing to concentrate all of his thoughts & energies on the solution to this monumental problem instead of wasting time playing. He had always been a real whiz at puzzles but as of yet he didn’t have a clue as to what it was going to take to solve this one. Malachai had moved out into an old miners cabin in the middle of the Kalmiopsis wilderness area one summer with a few friends to clear his head and hopefully get a different perspective on things. Well apparently it worked. He wasn’t out there more than a month till one night something really weird happened. Long about 2:00 in the morning he was lying on his back and suddenly awoke and opened his eyes. He was startled and his heart started racing as he saw what looked to him like cross between a swarm of bees and a crackling green ball of electrical

energy hovering just above his head. As soon as he saw it the crackling swarm of electric bees made a hasty retreat out the window and was gone. As you can guess Malachai had a hard time getting back to sleep again after that. As he lay there he was thinking that whatever that was had been there to deliver a message and he had blown it by waking up and becoming startled. He began to pray for it to return to finish delivering its message. He was ready for it and he would not become startled again. Please come back he prayed. Several months later Malachai’s prayer was answered. In the same way as the first visitation there was a second awakening at 2:00 in the morning with the same results. When Malachai suddenly came awake and opened his eyes to see the same swarm of green electrically charged particles that resembled a swarm of bees. He was as startled as he was the first time it happened and as his heart raced the swarm once again made its exit out the window. Malachai was very upset and disappointed in himself because he figured his fear and apprehension was what was keeping the entity from delivering its message. He had been praying for months that it would return and now that it did he obviously was still not ready. Malachai began to pray in earnest and spent a lot more time in meditation and communication with the creator about this. Dear Lord he would pray, please help me to be more receptive to your messenger and please do not give up on me. Malachai knew that he was listening. The third time was the charm. It was several months after the second visitation of the green swarm that Malachai woke up one morning and he could hear the celestial music in his head. He had heard this music before after waking up from being knocked out, so he recognized it. He could also see a black hexagonal lattice pattern in his head and even though he did not know what it was or what it meant, he did know that the swarm of metaphysical bees had finally delivered their message. It kind of resembled a disconnected honey comb and Malachai was puzzled but ecstatic, thankful and energized. He felt great as he studied the patterns of the crystalline lattices in his head. It was a complicated grid pattern set up on the numbers six and seven with green sprouts emerging from the corners of the grid. This was obviously a complicated design schematic framework that he was going to have figure out what it was for.

Now this was something he could get his teeth into, being good at puzzles & architectural and mechanical engineering and design. The hexagon shapes were easy to understand as being made of carbon as they resembled the carbon molecular formation. Malachai figured it must have something to do with carbon crystals and their effect on the carbon based human body. Since the six meant carbon he figured the seven had to do with alignment so he bought a book and started studying about crystals, who they are and what they are here to teach us. The next thirty years were spent studying horticulture, greenhouse growing and construction plus the healing secrets of herbs, eating right and other natural healing techniques such as sound therapy. Malachai knew there was a secret here that he must discover. Something just at the edge of his memory, if he could only remember… he knew he would have the secret. Maybe it was something he had heard as a child. Hmmmmmm… seven crystals maybe? Hmmmmmm. He would keep working on this puzzle, he knew that eventually he would figure it out. Malachi was the last prophet and final book in the old testament of the Holy Bible. He was a plain spoken man and it only took him four short chapters to say what he had to say. If you will notice Malachai’s name has one more “A” in it than that of the old prophet Malachi of the Bible. Malachai Found that he had a lot in common with this wizened old gardener. He shared everything from his attitude of the way the churches did things which paralleled what Jesus had to say about them to his attitude about preferring that the Dragons live in the wilderness rather than wicked men. He also shared Malachi’s affinity with gardening. Malachai also had one very big thing in common with the old feeder of mankind. Malachai was also a prophet and had visions of the destruction of the earth since he was a young child but a prophet has no credibility in his own time so no one listened to what he had to say. This fact showed Malachai that he was not here to try to convince anyone of anything. All he was here for is what he cared most about which was to help bring hope to those that had no options other than prayer. These visions that Malachai had came along with a heavy price tag. Because he cared so much about the children and his fellow man it was driving him mad trying to come up with a

solution. Malachai even considered that he may be the reincarnation of the old Malachi himself and was here to help deliver the message of survival from the Dragon to the children of man during this time of human awakening. Malachai studied the writings of the old man in hopes of picking up clues to the solution. It warmed his heart knowing that he had so much in common with such a great man even down to the affection he felt for the Dragon. Malachai studied the past until he had enough clues to see the true path to the future and suddenly one day something happened and instantly he saw it. The day finally came in the course of end time events that the ice flows of the north were melting due to global warming and the Real Dragon was discovered. That was it. It suddenly hit Malachai who it was crying out for help in the darkness for so many years and why the creator looked so much like a Dragon to him. The creator communicates with signs & feelings so there are no words to misunderstand and he had appeared to him as his animal spirit partner in these end time events. It was the Dragon that was crying out for help in the darkness all of these years trying to reach someone who cared enough to help to get this message to the children. As soon as Malachai got the message of the discovery of Real Dragons it was like a channel opened up in his head & all of the missing clues began to pour in. It was about the same time that a blast proof material called carbon fiber was discovered. Malachai finally had the solution to the puzzle & could clearly see a picture of a beautiful crystal palace in his head. Malachai had spent years designing, building and fixing fiberglass boats. At one time he even had his own Marina business repairing boats. He had been very adept at fiberglass work for years every since he did so much of it doing R.V. repair in his twenties. He had also been working on an ultimate earthquake and tornado proof house design with a greenhouse in the center for years. Malachai had also been working on a house boat design that merged with the house design as he came up with an indestructible Earthship/Bio-dome. This thing would have a carbon fiber and polycarbonate shell with a 13-1/2 degree deflection angle so it can survive a tornado and will float in the event of a flood. It is built in a circular configuration with seven sides so it is non cap sizable. Now to get the money

up to get the first one built. This was not going to be cheap.

As Malachai was drawing up the plans for the Earth-ship/Bio-dome that he affectionately called his Stramatalite after the first life form colony on earth, a story about a Dragon and a flower began to form in his head. Malachai knew that all of this was inspiration straight from the Dragon. That’s what I’ll do, Malachai thought, as the story began to emerge. I’ll write a

children’s book and that will not only inspire the children but I can sell the books to finance the construction of my Stramatalite. So after Malachai finished the plans and took a week off
during new years to visit family before beginning to write the book. The hour was late when he finally arrived at his sisters house and the first thing he saw was his grand niece Jada and she was crying so Malachai took her into his arms and asked her what was the matter. Jada looked up with tear stained eyes and said she was so tired and had no place to sleep as she had been sleeping on the couch. It broke Malachai’s heart to see his little sweetie that way. He loved the children so just as the Dragon did but this one holds a special place in his heart. Malachai made a vow right then and there to do whatever he could to make sure that Jada and those like her have their own room to get away from the drinking and partying when they need to.

Chapter # 4 The secret
The next day Malachai sat down with Jada and told her that he was going to write a story about a Dragon and a flower and asked her if she wanted to help. Jada broke into a huge smile and said it has to have a little girl in it. Ok, was Malachai’s response and started the story. He said, once upon a time when the world was brand new. Now what is the next line? Jada thought for a minute and said… A dragon appeared out of a twinkle. The story had been given the breath of life and Malachai had his work cut out for him. Loving the children as much as he did after seeing Jada without her own room gave Malachai the idea of opening an opportunity center for underprivileged and abused children in his stramatalite once he got it constructed.

Malachai figured that by setting up an opportunity center in the first Stramatalite it would give him a chance to help many people all at once while training the children to survive. It would also give him a chance to watch these people at work and at play to better discern between the ones that had what it took to cooperate to survive and the troublemakers that he would have to weed out. Malachai knew it was going to take mature, giving, caring, humble, hard working enlightened souls to cooperate to survive the hardships they were going to have to face together. So… Malachai came up with a plan to do just that. He would start by giving them a speech straight from the Dragons mouth and that should start the elimination process. The speech would go something like this.

“Hello„ My name is Malachai. I am nobody. I am an Aquarian Dragon, and it seems that I have been frozen in the northern Romanian Ice flows for a very long time. Now that the Ice is melting I have been freed from my crystalline prison, and have come to tell you all a secret straight from the cloud’s of Santaurine. The truth is that Revelation does not mean the end of everything. What it does mean, is that I have a secret to share with you all. You see the world is one giant undulating Multi faceted crystalline people making machine, and the cleaner is coming to clean the acid pit that formed us before it re - consumes us. We were always meant to live here with him after the place has been cleaned. So the Guide granted me my heart’s fondest desire. That was simply a map to the treasure we have all been seeking and no one could find. I have found the arc. It was laying here in pieces all this time and everyone was walking on it. I searched from the Pleiades constellation to the bottom of the sea and found it has to do with cooperation between folks like you and me. It has to do with carbon the base we’re all made of, and it has to do with a swarm of bees that taught me about love. So I’m looking for my family, I’m looking for my friend’s. I’m looking for all the folk’s whose lives will never end. If this sounds just like you and you know it really is, well then I know you’re looking for me, well ready or not here I is. When I assembled all the pieces, this is what I had. “It,” simply stated, is a State of the art disaster proof solar and kinetic powered earth-ship with a huge bio-dome in the center. It is the promise fulfilled and I am so privileged to be the one to present this to you. We have the technology now all we

need is the hard working good hearted souls and the material’s to build it. I cannot do this alone, nor would I want to. His promise is simple. If we will build it, He will come. How? You might ask, could it hold all the thousands of awakening souls? Ahh, that is a very good question Indeed. You see it’s like this. I am not here to build this thing for you. I have the plans and this is a test. The world is a giant crystalline classroom and just like school at the end of each grade there is a test we must all take to prove we have the strength to survive the next level and this is no different. The test is in three parts. First, we all must dedicate everything we have to helping each other to get these things built. Second, we all must have the strength to give up all of our unhealthy vices. Now these were the easy ones. The third & hardest part of the test is, we all must have the strength to live inside of these things together without killing each other for 7 years while the transformation of the surface takes place. These things are huge and warm and wonderful because I am claustrophobic, so if I can do this thing I know we can pull this off. The reward at the end of this is wonderful. When this has passed we will emerge into a brand new world where evil has not had a chance to be born yet. There will be no one left to tell us what we must do for them before we can step on their property. We will literally go back in time to the beginning of the new world. I know this sounds crazy. But when I look around at the way humanity has treated each other, and destroyed the very environment that they so desperately need to survive, Now that’s crazy. Even the honey bees that we need to pollinate our food crops are dying. We all must come together to cooperate, or the little children of the world will never have a shot at life at all. Remember above all, Malachai Loves the little children of the world. You are all welcome„ once.” After a speech like that Malachai knows that most will leave after labeling him crazy, the ones that stick around will be the recipients of the greatest secret known to man. Through the years Malachai and the Dragon had become one being, both living inside of Malachai’s body. Malachai the Dragon will finally get the opportunity to tell the second and most important part of his message that he had waited so many millennia to share, the secret to immortality. In fact everyone will be given a copy of this book as a guide to help them with the process. The reason people are dying is really stupid when you actually find out what it

takes to turn it around. Actually the only thing killing man is himself because of stress due to his Laziness, selfishness and greed and the fact that he keeps poisoning himself. So„ without further adieu, I will now turn you over to Malachai the Dragon as he shares with you the secret of eternal life.

Malachai’s secret to immortality
Ahem… Hello folks. My name is Malachai. I am an Aquarian Dragon. I hope you will pardon me if I sound a little nasal but I have been frozen in the northern Romanian ice flows for a very long time. I am so honored to be here finally telling this secret that I have been waiting for so long to share with you all, so I will get right into the meat of the thing if you all don’t mind. You see it’s like this. Inside of the human body are microscopic life forms called Mitochondria or Telomeres. They are attached to our chromosomes and their job is to keep us healthy. They fix anything that breaks down in our bodies. We break an arm and they fix it. It is that simple as long as we give them what they need as far as the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals and plenty of oxygen to keep our bodies healthy and strong. If any of these ingredients are not present the telomeres get weak and start producing what we call free radicals that destroy our system in an attempt to get the badly needed supplies to them, so we get weak and our bodies start deteriorating and we eventually die. You see everything the telomeres need to do the job properly is carried to them in the blood stream. The blood stream is like the streams and rivers on the earth. If they are clogged with oil and other pollutants, or if they slow down they stagnate and the life in the streams die. Remember… oxygenation is everything, they need plenty of un-polluted oxygen to function properly. As long as you keep exercising to keep the blood flow up and give them the proper nutrients by eating right and keep poisons such as smoke and alcohol and chemicals (pollutants) out of the body and practice good personal hygiene, the Telomeres will be healthy enough to do their jobs properly. There is only one other thing that you need to maintain perfect health. You need to be happy and upbeat and have others around you that love and appreciate you that you feel the same about. The seven deadly sins are simply that. wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy,

are more than just religious mandates, they are literally the things standing between you and immortal life.
and gluttony

I’ll bet you thought it was a lot more complicated than that, didn’t you? It is literally that simple, let me explain. Let’s just say that attitude is everything. Appreciation is the essence of increase and when we appreciate each other we increase our frequency and add to each others state of well being. We can literally instigate healing in one another by appreciating everyone around us. You can see why it is so important that you surround yourself with good loving older souls to insulate yourself from the selfish younger troublemakers. No man is an island. We lift ourselves up by lifting others. Did you know that crystals have information storage capacity in them that dwarfs the modern silicon chip? Can you imagine how much information they have accumulated over the ages? Did you know that the pineal gland in the human brain can receive this knowledge? Did you know that crystals put off power and release their stored information when vibrating? It is true and is known as scintillation. This phenomena happens because they are made up of carbon, the hardest and most sensitive substance on earth. The fact is we are a carbon based life form and the same thing is going on inside of our bodies all of the time. The truth is… all of life is made up of bio photons and that is just lights turning off and on somewhere around a septillion times a second. The cells in our bodies communicate with each other by these bio photons. It’s what we call synchronic morphic resonance. This resonating was started by the big bang and creates an electromagnetic field which turns these little blinking lights that have by scale as much distance between them as the stars do, into solid matter. Bottom line, the higher the vibration of your body, the higher the frequency of the photons and the stronger and healthier you become and the longer you live. It is a simple formula of power, frequency and vibration. You see frequent powerful energy pulses produced at a high rate which is the frequency creates a vibration that is life. The more you appreciate what you have the more effort you will put out to keep it maintained and the stronger and more energetic and happy you become, raising your frequency, vibration and density. The same process works between others and yourself only more so because of what we call synergism. Synergism simply stated means that two forces working together on the same goal

more than doubles the output of one acting alone. The extra you get from working with others is the good feelings you get from just knowing how much others appreciate you. It is a very healing, strengthening process increasing everyone’s frequency. The higher the frequency the higher the vibration and the stronger the electromagnetic field and the denser and stronger the solid matter becomes. The stronger the solid matter is the more it resists the disease and the longer it will live. If you appreciate what you have you take better care of it and the Telomeres will stop producing those nasty little free radicals. The same principal works with people. If you want to heal others you raise your frequency through excitement and appreciation but if you need healing and inspiration you lower your frequency to an alpha state through meditation. The truth of the matter is that it takes many lifetimes for mankind to mature to a state of being an outward thinking giving caring understanding soul. When I refer to man in this context I am referring to woman as well as man as we are all mankind as part of the human race. We are all members of the big family of man. Now that I have that cleared up, where was I? Oh yeah, anyway, it is like grades in school and in the first grade we are born with many gifts as inward thinking, needy, lazy, unappreciative, self serving, greedy, proud immature souls that have no problem with lying, cheating, stealing and demanding of others whatsoever. As the lifetimes pass we are born with less and less gifts as we become stronger more outward thinking, self sufficient, giving, caring, hard working, appreciative, older humble mature souls that have no problem making sacrifices for others. Bottom line, life is a long hard lesson in appreciation and to gain it there must be a change in the essence of man. It takes a long time to change the essence of a man to where he appreciates life enough to achieve eternal life. These older souls are what you will need to surround yourselves with. The problem is there are so many younger immature souls compared to the few quality mature souls around. The ratio is as gems amongst the stones. You see… there are little matter destroyers running around like bacteria and cancer and viruses and such. Their job is to consume all matter that the frequency has dropped too low in to survive and break it down into usable raw materials to create more life. For example if you are lazy and let your Personal hygiene go the bacteria starts to set in to do its job and when you do not maintain the inside of your body properly the same thing goes on in there. Say if you smoke then maybe

cancer sets in to do its job. If you do not appreciate your life, the stress will literally kill you because your frequency drops too low. Remember I told you when your frequency drops too low your telomeres do not get the supplies they need to maintain your body so they put off free radicals? Well… think of these things as if they are vampires. The Telomeres need to get their supplies from somewhere so they suck the life right out of your body. Increased frequency increase vibration & the opposite is also true. If you raise your vibration with singing & laughter, dancing and positive thoughts of appreciation your frequency increases and the increased light destroys them. Before I tell you the trick to increasing your frequency, you will need to know how to reclaim your health. The first thing you need to understand is, just as I stated earlier your Immune system has the capability to keep your body safe from getting ill as long as it is kept healthy. All of the poisons in the atmosphere to the poisons in your food today is preventing that from happening. Moving out of the cities that are full of air pollution is the first thing you will need to do. The next thing is to detoxify your body with poultices and blood cleansers. Start this process with a good foot detox pad. Use it for about 30 days and start a regiment of blood cleansing herbs such as Cinnamon, cranberries and Garlic. Get the books and you will find there are a lot of good foods that will do this. My favorites are cinnamon and cranberries in my oatmeal in the morning and lots of garlic in my dinner. Anything hot like Cayenne pepper and garlic will burn the poisons and purify your blood stream. The second thing you will need to do is to reduce your red meat and saturated fat intake and eat as much fish and poultry as you can. You will also need to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and high gluten flour you intake while consuming plenty of high fiber grains and fresh uncooked organically grown fruits and vegetables. Quit drinking soda and coffee and milk fat and start drinking healthy stuff like clean water, fresh pure fruit juices and Dragons well green tea. Anything you want sweetened, use fructose, stevia or honey. Make sure you buy only food with no toxic additives or growing agents such as MSG, hormones or bug and weed killers. A statement made by one of my brothers by the name of Siegfried said it so well.
What we eat directly affects our body balance and then our vibratory frequency. Raw food (fruits, vegetables, roots…….) has HIGH LEVEL of life living force. It has been designed this way. Industrial process food and beverage with theirs preservatives has low living force.

Meat, fish or other food freeze up and then defrost have low living force. The use of Microwave oven is not recommended for food purpose. Microwave alters WATER MOLECULE. Intake of food with low living force leads to low vibratory frequency of the body. Low vibratory frequency state leads to body imbalance. Body imbalance leads to illness. Somebody is sick (CANCER, ARTHRITIS, HIV, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART PROBLEMS……..) because his body lacks living force energy. This living force is our link with MOTHER EARTH. When our connection with mother earth is weak then our vibratory frequency goes low and our body works in imbalanced state. Like MAGNET, body imbalance attracts diseases. We have to be conscious every time when we bring something in our mouth. The universe doesn’t know ERROR. The universe doesn’t know EXCUSE. Let us be aware of what we eat, drink and smoke. This is my tiny contribution on this subject. May be I’ll have an opportunity to speak about how to heal diseases ONLY using FOOD. This BASIC healing technique is well known in others 3D planets. This technique is 100% safe. NO NEED TO TAKE even ONE TABLET of medicine. You just eat! Simply! Siegfried

The best way to accomplish this is to grow your own food in a greenhouse to insure a toxin free environment for producing toxin free food. In the greenhouse environment you will also be able to grow all your own herbs for healing yourself naturally. The green house environment not only produces the clean healthy produce and herbs you need to regain your health, but the plants will produce an abundant supply of the fresh oxygen that your Telomeres need to do their job. There is no way any single family can produce enough by themselves. The ultimate answer of course is to construct several bio-domes for this purpose which I have designed. I never said it was easy, just possible. However all you need to do to start toward a healthy life is to watch the ingredients in what you buy to eat and get organic grown produce. The best way to accomplish all of this of course is to get together with other good souls and start a community greenhouse. Of course the next logical step is to get regular group mentoring and health therapy and education sessions started. Now let’s talk about how to increase your frequency. Being happy is the key, so you must be around good friends with high energy. Another good trick I have learned is to get your birthstone and wear it around your neck and have plenty of crystals lying around everywhere. Everyone’s high vibration will make them vibrate and they will teach you as well as increase your bodies

vibration. Just remember the secret is in me and you, it’s the tapping of a million shoes. It’s on the waves that we create while were singing away the blues. Anything else that you need to know such as proper nutrition and gardening techniques or engineering skills or the healing arts can simply be gotten out of the books. It has all been written down for us, President Lincoln taught us the power in books. We have the technology to accomplish anything we need to survive. Well… I am afraid I got a little long winded and maybe repeated myself once or twice but as important as this message was I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss any of the points. I want to thank you all for listening to me and I sure hope I did someone some good but I have a stramatalite I call my Synergistic Scintillation center to build so I am going to call this one done. Good night and I will see you all tomorrow at the construction site.

This is not the end, but a new beginning.
PS. You are all welcome to join our new community of forward thinking survivors. All you have to do is check out my website at http://www.magicdragontree/ and get the books ( The Song Of Malachai ) and contact me.

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