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INTERN 1 Definitions (Exercise 1-4)

1.Pharmacy It is a place or establishments where

drugs, chemical products, active principles of drugs, pharmaceuticals, proprietary medicine or pharmaceutical specialties, devices and poisons are sold at retail and where medical, dental, and veterinary prescription are compounded and dispensed. 2.Drugs agents/substances/articles that are used to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose and mitigate a disease. 3.Poison any drug or preparation endangering the life of the patient which is capable of destroying life whether applied internally or externally 4.Code mean system of words arbitrarily representing words. 5.Biologic Products analogs, virus, sera, toxins 6.Wholesaler seller of bulk products 7.Device apparatus used to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose and mitigate a disease. 8.Cipher 9.Secret Keys See # 4 10. Pharmaceutical/Proprietary Medicines -


Product line assortment a wide assortment of pharmaceuticals to health foods, toiletries, personal care, and non-related pharmaceutical items. 26. Leader pricing strategy meaning reduced prices or even at cost for the most established/popular or commonly bought OTC/proprietary items. 27. Innovation of operation - being first to introduce 24 hours service, one stop - shop concept, drive - thru counter, and others. 28. Equipment/Facilities computerized cash registers, CD player and pipe in music, air conditioner, in big chain store outlets.

29. 30.


Statutory Law laws passed by legislative bodies (all R.A.s) 12. Common Law laws that have evolved over hundred of years of judicial decisions 13. Ethics morals conformed to our profession 14. Regulatory Law promulgated by government agencies for the enforcement and understanding of the law. (Administrative Order, Executive Order, IRR) 15. Jurisprudence science of Philosophy of law, moral philosophies of practice

PNDF Philippine National Drug Formulary Dangerous Drugs - Any drug that contains a schedule V controlled substance or any drug intended for administration by injection into the human body other than through a natural orifice of the human body. 31. BFAD Bureau of Food and Drug 32. Therapeutic Committees 33. Core/Main List - is a list of drugs that meets the health care needs of the majority of the population. 34. Complementary List - Complementary List is a list of alternative drugs used when there is no response to the core essential drug or when there is hypersensitivity reaction to the core essential drug or when for one reason or another, the core essential drug cannot be given.



Traditional Market -these are the drug outlets such as drugstores, hospital pharmacy, industrial clinics, private medical clinics or dispensing physicians clinics. 17. Drugstore See #1 18. Personnel - this refers to human resources or people working in the community drugstores 19. Store Hours - this refers the number of hours rendered by the drugstores 20. Non-traditional Market - these are drug outlets such as groceries, supermarkets, trading stores and sari-sari stores 21. Store front layouts this refers what type of layouts applied by the drugstore owners. 22. Drugstore Chain Operation - the type of operation applied by the drugstore owners, whether franchised or own store, own building or rented, within Metro Manila, with satellite, and others 23. Merchandise & Services - type of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, toiletries, medical supplies, grocery items, and other services offered by the drugstores 24. Customer services services that can be offered after selling the product.

RA 5921 is an act regulating the practice of pharmacy and setting standards of pharmaceutical education in the Philippines and other purposes 36. RA 3720 this is an act to ensure the safety and purity of foods and cosmetics, and the purity, safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs and devices being made available to the public vesting the BFAD with authority to administer and enforce the laws pertaining thereto 37. RA 8203 It is an act prohibiting counterfeit drugs, providing penalties for violations and appropriating funds. The BFAD of the Department of Health is authorized to administer and supervise the implementation of this Act which was approved on September 4, 1996. 38. RA 6675 - It is act to promote, require, and ensure the production of an adequate supply, distribution, use and acceptance of drugs and medicines identified by their generic names. 39. RA 9165 It is an act instituting the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, repealing Republic Act No. 6425, otherwise known as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972


RA 9994 An act granting additional benefits and privileges to senior citizens amending for the purpose RA No. 7432, otherwise known as An act to maximize the contribution of senior citizens to nation building, grant benefits and special privileges and for other purposes 41. RA 7581 - An act providing protection to consumers by stabilizing the prices of basic necessities and prime commodities and by prescribing measures against undue price increases during emergency situations and like occasions 42. RA 7394 - . It is an act to protect the interest of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry.