Senritsu’s father: Senritsu grew up with only one father. Her mother was not in the picture.

She di dn’t figure out until much later in her childhood that she was the daughter of a m istress. Her father was well off and he and his daughter lived a lavish lifestyl e. There was nothing she lived without. His temperament was rather short and his works was not on the legal side either. His occupation was as a wealthy black m arket dealer. He used to make unique weapons and sell them off, but now he pays people to do it for him. Senritsu learned quite a bit how weapons worked and how they were made just by observing him. However, he was also greedy and well know ledgeable about money. The man was selfish, but he treated his daughter with the best for the sake of appearances. Senritsu never did seem fond of the superfici al way he showed love for his daughter. No time was spent with her, nor did he t ake time to speak with her or teach her. He hired people to do that too. Senrits u’s father made most of the decisions for her, even in her preteen years; there wa s talk of an arranged marriage that may occur with another family he did busines s with often. Senritsu could not get love from her father in the way she desired to have. Atte ntion, a hug, or even a pat on the head. For a little child, even though she had everything she could ever need, she felt alone. So she acted out. Behaving in a way to get laughter from the help and her father’s co-workers was her way to earn momentary happiness and praise. But this didn’t please her father. It was un-lady like for her to behave like a fool. The constant belittlement from her father a nd verbal abuse alone began the foundation of her putting on a smile to mask the pain she felt. If she showed her anger or her sorrow in front of the prying ey es of those who worked for her father, it would’ve hurt his image. Never did he la y a hand on her, but he never needed to. His vicious words tore her apart and no t once did she cry. Currently the same habit patterns still lurk beneath her façad e. How Senritsu began to steal: (10 years old) It was perhaps two years after Senritsu’s dive into music that she grew bored. Not of the music she would create, but the lifestyle of having every thing and anything. She didn’t want superficial things, she wanted to experience l ife. But the air tight security and being cooped up in the mansion would never e nable her to do so. So, she began to make her attempts to escape any chance she got. This was another way she acted out. It gave the servants a run for their mo ney with each attempt she would make. But they never brought it to the father’s at tention; otherwise there would be severe consequences. She didn’t get very good at sneaking around until a year later with practice. Finally she made her escape t o see the town on her own. It was a liberating feeling, and she grew to love the thrill she had for making such escapes. However when she would go to town, she would see something she needed at the time. Whether it was food or a drink, she would manage to take it and slip away without being noticed. This habit occurred very often at night, until she was caught by someone. But they didn’t turn her in , they offered her something better. In exchange for a little more practice in t hievery, she would steal a crystal ornament that they desired. There was no way she could pass such an offer up and she took them up on it. Every night, the hab it grew more into a lifestyle. She was never caught by any of the shop keepers; she almost was a pro at it and proud of it.