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SUBJECT: Community Meeting #1 PROJECT: Lake Cunningham Bike Park ORGANIZER: Steve Hammack ______________________________________________________________________________ Meeting Date: July 25, 2012 Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Meeting Location: Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park Invitees: Public Meeting Summary City Staff: Steve Hammack, Jason Condit, Cindy Rebhan Consultant: IMBA, Chris Bernhardt, Randy Spangler Committee Members: Greg Fox, James Lucas, Kevin Franks, Lars Thomsen, Ryan Nyquist, Samuel Benedict, Simon Dunne, Andrew Helms, Nick Valencia ____________________________________________________________________________ ITEM TOPIC ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Introductions o Deputy Director Steve Hammack provided the welcome and provided an overview of the project. The concept is to design and build an all inclusive bike park that serves all ages, abilities and disciplines. o The Bike Park concept stemmed from a year long project (Lake Cunningham Concept Team) conducted by City Staff, Council District 8 staff and Lake Cunningham Regional Park partners to identify projects and programs that would make Lake Cunningham Regional Park 100% cost recovery and the City’s Action Sports Park. o The Bike Park Project was the first element the City was undertaking as a result of the Lake Cunningham Concept Team’s Recommendations. o This project is in alignment with Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services goal to promote healthy lifestyle and to prevent obesity. o Valmont Bike Park in Colorado is the standard of which San Jose intends to build. 2. Project Overview (Bike Park Committee) o A Bike Park Committee was established in April to begin discussion on the concept and to determine if there was interest in the project. o Bike Park Committee Members include representatives from Fox Head, Inc, Specialized, CalMar Bikes, Trail Head Cyclery, Professional BMX Riders, City Staff and recently added International Mountain Bike Association. o Council Member Rose Herrera from District 8 is a supporter and is heavily involved with the outcome of the project and is also a committee member. o The Committee is charged with oversight of the project, fundraising and advocacy.
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3. Slide show of Valmont Bike Park o A slide show was provided to demonstrate the various bike elements that are possible with the Lake Cunningham Project. o Slide show will be posted on: 4. Design Discussion (IMBA) o Steve and Jason Condit led the group discussion to obtain feedback on the proposed project. Each attendee provided feedback and there was 100% support from the 20+ attendees. o Community Members wanted a park that was an all inclusive bike park that includes cycle, slope, cross country, bmx, jumps, pump track, slalom course, cycle cross with drops, logs, bridges and “old school” bike features that aid the rider to grow skills in a progressive manner. o One attendee advocated for the Bike Park to be open and designed for Mountain Boarding. To be user friendly for mountain boarding the trails, hills and jumps need to be wider so the boards can roll through the elements smoothly. o Having all skill levels use the course was important to the group. Valmont was designed with options from a single point and are signed appropriately for skill set. Community Members liked that approach. o The design should include a family style approach where parents and their children can ride safely. o Having a local bike park was widely supported. o Comments on designing the Bike Park with “big” elements like the Skate Park were preferred as that standard is established since the Skate Park is the largest in California with world class features. The Bike Park should have the “wow” factor. Bike Park needed to be done right and at a top tier level. o Group was appreciative of the City’s interest to design and construct a Bike Park and stated they would advocate for its funding. o Use Bike Park as bike training venue and can conduct lessons and classes to help support the maintenance and operations. o Bike Park would provide three valuable benefits – 1) healthy living; 2) builds skill sets for bike enthusiasts of all ages and; 3) builds community through multidiscipline features. 5. Q & A o How large will the park be? There is approximately 5 acres for Bike Park development. o Could the abandoned Golf Course across the street be used for the Bike Park? The property is privately owned and is not being considered for use at this time. o When will the project be completed? The goal is to have the Bike Park or a significant feature completed by April 2013. o How will the project be funded? The Bike Park will need public and private funding to be designed and constructed. o How can the community help? Advocate, help raise funds and attend meetings. o When will the next meeting be? A draft design is expected August 15 and a community meeting will be conducted in late August or early September. Information will be distributed to everyone who attended today’s meetings, via Facebook, twitter and City WebPages as well as postings at the Skate Park. 6. Next Steps o IMBA drafting concept design o Sent comments to Jason Condit at Jason.Condit@SanJoseCA.GOV
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