CONCLUSION In my opinion bollywood has failed to portray true and fair position of women in society. It was same in 1960’s with mother India; it is same as in 2000 with hate story. Concept is same, served in with more spice – the plight. Women in bollywood are portrayed as “fantasy based on reality” Apart from being sweet, simple, romantic, women in bollywood have indeed failed to portray some strong and comprehensive women oriented characters. but one also cannot take away the credit from the movie makers such as caliber of deepa mehta,gurinder chadha,nagesh kucknoor who came up with solid movies coupled with smashing women oriented roles in movies such as bol,water,dor,mirch masala,rudali to name a few .the sole problem lies here. The quantity of movies of such genre is definitely not zero but certainly and evidently there is a dearth of movies of such genre. Bol is a classic example of position of women in the society and i congratulate to the effort put in by the team. Women in India are today contributing actively in political arena, medical set up, aviation industry, corporate world, defense forces. You name the sector and you will find them but you will not find them on 53mm silver screen because people don’t want to see such change. Quantity of such movies can easily be counted on our finger tips. When query creeps up, “how many women oriented movies hit our nearby cinema hall/multiplex in past 4 decades, the answer is negligible, next to zero because there is no demand. No demand no supply. Indian society is a patriarch one not a matriarch one …so is Indian film industry.sterotype of patriarch society still exists, where role of a single mom or a widow has been scarcely portrayed because being a single mom or being a widow is considered to be bane in our society and majority of will discard such idea hence such genre are given the tag of “non –commercial” flicks, hence nobody comes up and dip their hand to rinse out wrong perceptions such taboo carries. Why not Indian film makers come up with a woman as a superhero. Why it is always a guy who is bestowed upon the responsibility to save others. Such practice installs thoughts of, women being weak and helpless and males being dominant and having epitome powers. It’s all to do with our mindset our perception. It’s high time we come up with substantial content rather than portraying women as complimentary object which has to be mingled with a male counterpart to make a movie hit.

.there is definitely a need to come with women oriented content as media enjoys the power to affect the masses so I urge film makers of my fellow countrymen to bring a change in the mindset by bringing up more such movies with women oriented characters and help in creating a level playing field in the society and let the game begin.

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