Roman Culture Computer Activity

For each Cultural achievement in the boxes below: 1. Complete the missing information. 2. Find a picture online- NO CLIP ART! 3. Copy and paste the picture into “my pictures” folder. 4. Insert the picture into text box. Put your cursor in the text book then choose “Insert” tab at the top. Choose picture button then find your picture -select and click okay. 5. Research ONE achievement that interests you and complete today’s review. 6. Print your finished product. (pages 2-3)


Don’t limit yourself to these sites but they are VERY i=_oxYS5r4JsnNlQee5L31Aw&oi=timeline_result&ct=title&resnum=12&ved=0CDwQ5wIwC w

***** You will have to adjust the boxes as you add pictures and your information***** You want to just have two pages of pictures and information to print when you are done!

Usually games like gladiator were played as people watched. CATACOMBS Built by: The Christians Purpose: PANTHEON Built by: Marcus Agrippa and rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian Purpose: The pantheon was built to all the gods for the all the gods. Sometimes it was used for gladiator combats and processions. FORUM Built by: Multiple emperors such as Julius Caesar Purpose: The forum was the social center. many used for worship. Built on the forum were temples arches and many other special buildings. .CIRCUS MAXIMUS Built by: Tarquinus. COLISEUM Built by: Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus Purpose: The coliseum was used for entertainment of the people of Rome. TRAJAN’S COLUMNS Built by: Emperor Trajan Purpose: The column was built to remind the roman citizens of Trajan’s victory at war. the 5th King of Rome Purpose: The purpose of the circus maximus is to hold chariot races in Rome. Elections And processions Were held here.

art galleries. PTOLEMY (87AD. BATHS OF CARACALLA Built by: Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (aka Emperor Caracalla) Purpose: The baths were built for leisure. libraries and other things inside. He had a mathematical theory for the solar system.150AD) What was he known for? Where did he live? Ptolemy was born in Alexandria. There were gyms.ROMAN ROADS Built by: Emperor Trajan Purpose: AQUEDUCTS Built by: Multiple Emperors Purpose: Aqueducts were long channels built to get fresh drinking and washing water to the country/hills. He was an astronomer and mathematician. ARCH and DOME Introduced by the Romans . VIRGIL/ AENEID Who was Virgil? An author What was the story told in the Aeneid? Aenied is about people from troy that sail to Rome after troy is destroyed by the Greeks. and motions for each planet. Egypt.

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