This non-disclosure agreement (“Agreement”) is between 110% Software, L.L.C. (“110%”) an Iowa company, with principal offices at 1355 Sherman Rd. Suite 601, Hiawatha, Iowa 5223, and Dual Temp Corporation, Inc. (“Dual Temp”) a Pennsylvania company, with principal offices located at 2050 South 12th Street Allentown, PA 18103-4796.

A. 110% wishes to disclose and Dual Temp wishes to receive certain information from 110% represented by 110% to be confidential and proprietary information (hereinafter collectively, “Information”) pertaining to PSM Assist, how PSM Assist is applied to the Process Safety Management Standard (“PSM Standard”) and commercial industries that5/22/2007 9:18:17 AM must stay compliant with the PSM Standard. This exchange includes all communication of Information between the parties in any form whatsoever, including but not limited to oral, written, electronic data, ex. pertaining to PSM Assist.

1. Therefore, Dual Temp and 110% agree that the disclosure of information by IS-USA is in confidence and thus Dual Temp agrees to: a. Not disclose the information to any other person and use at the same degree of care to maintain the information confidential as Dual Temp uses in maintaining as confidential its own confidential information, but always at least a reasonable degree of care; b. Use the Information only for the purposes described in the Licensing Agreement provided by Dual Temp; c. Restrict disclosure of the information solely to those employees of Dual Temp that a need to know such Information; d. Advise each such employee, before he or she receives access to the information, of the obligations of Dual Temp under this Agreement, and require each such employee to maintain those obligations. 2. This Agreement imposes an obligation on Dual Temp with respect to any portion of the Information received from 110% which was known to Dual Temp prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement; 3. The Information shall remain the sole property of 110%.


4. In the event of a breach or threatened breach or intended breach of this Agreement by either party, the other party, in addition to any other rights and remedies available to it at law or in equity, shall be entitled to preliminary and final injunctions, enjoining and restraining such breach or threatened breach or intended breach. 5. The validity, construction, and performance of this Agreement are governed by the laws of the State of Iowa, and suit may be brought in Iowa to enforce the terms of this Agreement. 6. The rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement may not be sold, assigned or otherwise transferred. 7. For a period of ten (10) years from the Effective Date, Dual Temp shall not compete with 110% with respect to which 110% conducts business pursuant to Paragraph A. This Agreement is binding upon Dual Temp and 110% and upon the directors, officers, employees and agents of each. This Agreement is effective as of the date of execution and will continue indefinitely, unless terminated on thirty (30) days written notice by either party. However, Dual Temp’s obligations of confidentiality and restrictions on use of the Information disclosed by Owning Party shall survive termination of this Agreement.

110% Software, L.L.C. By:______________________________________________ Name:___________________________________________ Title:_____________________________________________ Date:____________________________________________


Dual Temp Corporation, Inc.
By:______________________________________________ Name:___________________________________________ Title:_____________________________________________ Date:____________________________________________

5/22/2007 9:18:35 AM


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