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Chapter 3 dictation 3T-1 1.

Anastomosis is a surgical or pathological connection between two structures using the segment of reverse saphenous vein and end to side asteomosis was created. 2. Ataxia is the lack of muscular coordination, while walking this morning, this 89 year old female experience the sudden sense of Ataxia and weakness that presented in both legs. 3. Bigemini is the active occuring in pairs. it is a rhythmia with a repeated sequence with one ventricular premature complex followed by one normal beat. Brief trends were venticullar bigemini was noted 4. Cardioversion pertains to the restoring of cardiac rhythm by chemical or electrical means. The patient has a history of previous electrical Cardioversion. 5. Circumflex pertains to blood vessels or nerves that twists around body structures. her circumflex system has severe and diffuse disease. 6. A couplet is a sequencial occurence of premature heartbeat just after a normal heartbeat. one ventricular couplet and brief runs was noted 7. Endarterectomy is a surgical removal of the intimal lining of the artery that is block by plaque. The Endarterectomy incision was begun at the distal part of the common carotid artery and extended up along the internal Carotid artery for about 2cm. 8. Brumis pertains to lumphyo clotted

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No intravascular ultrasound was used because of the large amount of brumis in the vein graph and increase risk for embolizationdeboilization. 9. Hypokinesis is diminished movement or a motor function there was concentric left ventricular hypercruphy with mild global left ventricular hypokinesis 10. Monomorphic is the active existing and only one form throughout all stages in development. On july 15th the patient developed monophorphic ventricular Tachycardia with up to 13 beats at a rate of 155. 11. Ostium is the entrance of a body cavity. a 9 french vein graft catheter with side holes was to the advanced to the ostium of the bypass graft. 12.Paroxysmal is the sudden reoccurence of symptoms. A sharp convulsion or spasm. The patient had a history of paroxysmal atrial fibrilation with electrical cardioversion in December 1999. 13. Platysma is one of a pair of two wide muscles at the side of the neck that acts to depress the jaw. The incision was carry down through the subcutaneous tissue and through the platysma. 14. latex sponge is a 4'x4' sponge. Three latex sponges were used to enhance visualization of the anatomical site and maintain hemostasis. 15. Retrograde is against the normal flow or direction. Access was obtained using a retrograde surgical technique from left femoral artery. 16. Telemetry is the electronic transmission of information between two points.

---new page--Mrs. Jones was admitted to the third floor to a telemetry bed. 17. Tessalon Perles is non narcotic anti-tussive blood clot to use not productive clots. Deccation was stared on IV solumedral with teselon curls and albutiral air salt treatments. 18. Thoracentesis is the surgical puncture into the thoracic cavity for the removal of fluids. there was is not enough fluid present to reward synthesis 19. An umbrella filter is an umbrella shape device inserted into the vena cava or other blood vessels to trap blood clots. The umbrella filter was inserted into the left vena cava to prevent potential blood clots. 20. Santelasma is the yellow plaque present on the eyelids. No Santelasma was noted. 21. Xanthoma is the benign fatty fibrous yellowish neoplasms that develops in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin. No Xanthoma or xantholasma was noted. end dictation................