WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM: Right guard restage which came through the traditional system didn’t produced the expected results  White Rain which came through shortcuts had been a spectacular success.?  Negative views on the current system:1) The process took too long 2) Commitment 3) Resource allocation 4) You end up serving the system instead of your market

Gillete Compay: Founded in 1901 by King C. Gillette-leading international manufacturer of consumer products ranging from electric razors to ballpoint pens.  Three division:- 1)Safety razor Division 2)Paper Mate Division 3) Personal Care Division(toiletries and cosmetics)  Pcd- hair care, skin care and deodorants/antiperspirants

2)outside market research.1) Historical Prospectives 2) competitor profiles 3) actions in advertising 4) consumer attitudes 5) quantative results Its systematic i.e. 3) brand management 4) MRD It provides:.maintains share and profit levels .field sales and marketing manager meetings to discuss potential changes in marketing plans for the next year Fact books-most important documents covers the activities of PCD.protects us from making mistakes  Cons: Marketing manager would sometimes jiggle contributions offsetting  Resource allocation. it goes through a lot of stage Pros: Communication fostered  Examine.builds market share 2) Hold. “its sort of like venture capital”  Category changes were common. reviewed previous year using four sources:. financially driven  Take too long  Brands have been divided into four categories:1) Build.Planning and Control System(The traditional System):Planning:April.1) sales/marketing meeting.

to make a painless exit from business Controlling:Number of regular reports:Daily Sales Report Monthly Sales Report Management Action Charts Nielsen Two-Outlet Flash Report Merchandise Flow Report-based on Nielsen Data and Monthly Sales Report Right Guard(Traditional Strategy):Initially leader.but in mid-1970’s.maximize cash flows 4) Withdraw. Old Spice Hold Brand .12-24 aged Pros:    Market volume increased slightly more than forecasted Innovative media selection High Brand Awareness Brands decline stopped Cons:    It missed its unit share goal Share of consumer had continued its decade-long decline Ranked below-Mennen. Target market. the fluorocarbon scare burst-its product are based on aerosol and it didn’t shifted.3) Harvest.

introduced in 1952. Limited advertising budget-no mass-consumer appeal White Rain(New Strategy):. “When are you going to start making money” . hair spray in 1962 Pros: shorten the process  With no advertising  Surpassed its goals on both shipment and consumer sales Cons: Low documentation  No advertising was significant barrier Only 3% share in hair care brand.opportunistic foray into a new business.