Life Progress on Planet Earth and the Dominion Switch (From Dinosaurs to Humans)

Not Long time ago scientists were able to identify the age of Planet Earth including the age of many various cosmic objects. These newly advanced discoveries make it a challenge for everyone to wonder about the history of existence for life on earth, for the human race and for the remaining different creatures existing or existed on planet earth.

Question 1 Did all creatures of the earth co-existed at the time earth was created? Question 2 Are the current existing creatures of the earth the same creatures at the time the earth was created?
It looks very silly to ask this type of questions in nowadays specially as science has revealed it all but to ask this type of questions 1400 years ago in the land of the non-literate (“Mecca”) and be able to provide answers that tallies with modern age discoveries it looks somehow an extraordinary research / subject to reckon with. Fortunate for us ISLAM answers it all in a formidable way that makes the mind to tweak and the heart to bow to almighty Allah (SWT) Master of the Earth and Master of the Universe. The Holy Qur’an reveals a conversation between Allah (SWT) and his angles about Allah’s intention to create a creature who will dominate the Planet Earth:

Sura #2, Verse 30 speaks of the angles wondering why Allah (SWT) want to create someone (“New Kind of Species”) and give him dominion over the earth while this newly proposed creature (“Practically The Human Species”) might end up shedding blood in it (“Same as the predecessor – Practically the Dinosaurs Species”). This conversation as narrated in the holy Qur’an reveals for us that the angels in heaven are pretty aware of planet earth and they are pretty aware of the ongoing activities on it!!! We need to ask our self’s why the angles thought directly in response to Allah’s (SWT) Statement of blood shedding when it comes to creating someone who will dominated the to earth? The Answer to this is clear and straight-forward same as the question is

The Only Logical answer to this is that the Angels in heaven have witnessed the shedding of blood on earth by creatures of the earth prior to the human race creation which indicates the following: 1. Various species of the earth are created at various date intervals (TimeLine awareness) 2. The Species that dominated the earth prior to the introduction of the human race has performed a pretty hardcore blood shed The following picture summarizes the earth timeline as it progresses and it clearly show that the age of dinosaurs was followed by the age of humans and both (dinosaurs and human) have dominated the earth and both committed a hardcore bloodshed

Sura#2, Verse 30 has a significant deep meaning because it actually points that the pre-existing creature dominating the earth have committed serious bloodshed but have been eliminated (Dinosaurs) so why create a new ones (Humans)??? But the big question remains? How could it be possible to eradicate a species of creatures dominating the earth in order to make it loose dominion over it? As per example, how can you explain at this age of time that the Human Race will lose dominion over the earth? So that someone else will dominate?, Well this actually sounds impossible and if it has to happen then how? The answer comes also from the Qur’an Sura #52 Verse 44

Sura #52 verse 44 refers to asteroid/meteor (Lumps falling from sky) hitting the earth and that reference happened (1400years) and by then a punishment by a lump falling from the sky was nothing more than a myth (“They Thought of it as a massed cloud”) and in the case of dinosaurs it is actually an asteroid that hit the earth 65 million years ago (And created the CHICXULUB CRATER in Mexico) and eventually led to the extinction of the dinosaurs and that paved the way for the human to re-dominate and now after 1400 years from the date the Qur’an was revealed we found ourselves able to understand the deep meaning of this marvelous Qur’anic verse By The name of Allah (SWT) The Most Gracious, the Most merciful that the more you read in the Qur’an the more you will be afraid and thankful to Allah Master of the Universe our beloved creator the only one and no Allah but him I as a writer of this article I would like to give you an advise (as a reader) and that advise says the following: If you are looking for articles that would possibly strengthen your belief, you should really read the Qur’an and live the words of its verses one by one and you will surely get to a point that your faith will become as solid as iron and proceed with daily prayers on time and your heart will become tender and obedient to Allah’s Teachings

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