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Housemate Agreement

This is a legally binding contract between: , Housemate 1 , Housemate 2 ,Housemate 3 , Housemate 4 , Housemate 5 , Housemate 6 of the property at 337 Dalhousie Drive on this the 29 of June , 2012.

PURPOSE 1. This agreement is to determine the rights and responsibilities of all those dwelling at this property. AMENDMENTS & CONSIDERATION 2. The input of all parties is to be considered, and all changes to this document may be done in a written addendum provided consent from all parties is given.

PAYMENT OF RENT 3. All parties are aware that the property mentioned above has the amount of $_________ per month, with each party paying the agreed sum as follows:

Name Adeline Ong Zhen Hua Michelle Huang Nick Lara Ling John & Mary(HK couple)

Amount Payable (CAD)

The rental amount must be paid on the 1st day of the month as stated in the Landlords and Tenant Agreement. Adeline Ong Zhen Hua will be responsible for collecting, paying and obtaining a receipt from the landlord showing that the rent was paid. If any of the housemate cannot pay their portion of the rent by the date it is due, the housemate who cannot pay or pays late will be responsible to pay for any late charges accrued. As per agreement, the late charges imposed by the landlord is $5.00 per day.

PAYMENT OF UTILITIES 5. All parties are aware that they are each responsible for a portion of the shared utilities, in addition to the rent amount. These utilities include electric, water, trash removal, basic phone and basic cable. a - all bills are to be paid on a timely basis

b -each tenant is responsible for their own long distance bills, as well as those of their guests and any special bills. c. If a shared bill is overdue due to any tenant failin to pay his or her shared portion on time, then the interest charged by the utility company in the next bill will be borne by that tenant. d. Each housemate has been assigned the responsibility for payment of a specific bill. This includes determining the amount owed by each housemate, collecting that amount, and seeing that payment is made before the due date. e. A schedule has been developed to assign each housemate the month in which he/she will be responsible for the collecting and payment of all bills. Schedule is attached. EARLY TERMINATION OF LEASE 6 If any housemate wished to be released from their portion of the lease: a. They must give ______ days notice to the other housemates, and make all reasonable efforts to find a replacement for their portion of the property. Until that time, however, the housemate will still be responsible for all rent, utilities, and other charges until the vacancy is filled. b. Once a new housemate is found, it is up to the discretion of the remaining tenants as to whether or not the replacement is approved within______ days and that any refusal to accept must be reasonable. c. All outstanding charges and debts will be settled before the housemate is permitted to leave. d. Damages done to the house will be assessed and the security deposit will be deducted to pay for the damage. Only then the balance(if any) will be refunded. DOMESTIC RESPONSIBILITIES 7. Housemates will be responsible for their own personal room cleaning and laundry. 8. The common areas are to be cleaned through a joint effort with responsibilities rotating by week.

a. Kitchen b. Bathroom c. Common Living Space d. Yard and/ or Trash Removal 9. Housemates will also be responsible for their own cooking and food, unless otherwise agreed upon. All housemates shall pay for items for the house, each paying a fair and equal portion.

PETS AND ANIMALS 10. There will be no pets in the apartment at any time. Should one housemate or their guest bring an animal, that individual will be responsible for all charges and penalties incurred as a result of having the pet. PARTIES AND NOISE 11.Parties shall be allowed on weekends, to end at 11.55pm only with mutual consent of all housemates. STUDY HOURS 12. The hours of _______ to ____________ Sunday to Saturday are designated as hours for studying. At this time, the house should be quiet and free from distraction unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.

CIRCUMSTANCES NOT COVERED BY THIS CONTRACT 13. Should there be a circumstance encountered by the renters of the property which is not covered by this contract, the housemates will need to resolve their disagreement in a mature and fair manner. All parties agree to not resort to emotional, verbal or physical violence and attacks, harassment, and intimidation in order to resolve the conflict.

SIGNATURES 14. We, the tenants of this property, acknowledge our understanding of this contract as well as its terms and conditions, by our signatures below. We also understand that our complete agreement is contained within this agreement.

--------------------------------, Adeline Ong Zhen Hua Dated: ________

___________________________, Housemate 2 Dated:_________

____________________________, Housemate 3