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"The Story" A Short Sketch Written by Tim Noonan

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FADE IN: INT. APARTMENT -- AFTERNOON A college-aged guy, MATT, sits on the couch watching TV. His roommate, HAL, enters, holding his cell phone. HAL Dude, you gotta hear this story. Matt shuts off the TV and watches Hal as he plops down on the chair opposite him. HAL (CONT'D) So O'Brien is doing some running around the park... MATT Alright. HAL It's a beautiful day, you know, everyone's outside FLASHBACK - THE PARK O'Brien in gym shorts and tank top is jogging around the edge of the park. HAL (O.S.) (CONT'D) People walking their dogs, kids flying kites, you know that kinda stuff and he runs past this couple holding hands. Said couple cross in front of O'Brien. So oblivious in love that he has to shoulder roll to avoid collision. APARTMENT Hal holds up his own hands in emphasis as he pauses. MATT Yeah? HAL So you know, he and Jill had just broken up Again? MATT How's he dealing with that?

HAL That's what I'm saying... THE PARK

2. O'Brien's expression sours as he jogs on. HAL (O.S.) (CONT'D) Seeing this happy couple puts him in a bad mood - that's why he decided to take a run anyway, to not think about her. O'Brien sets his jaw and sprints on. APARTMENT Hal shifts in his seat, excitement growing as he continues his narrative. HAL (CONT'D) So he's running, just trying to clear his mind, when all of a sudden... THE PARK O'Brien, starting to sweat and breath heavily stares straight ahead as he plows on. Suddenly, a white blur whizzes past his head, just missing his nose by an inch. PULL BACK O'Brien digs his heels in to come to a halt. HAL (O.S.) (CONT'D) A soccer ball nearly takes off his head... APARTMENT Hal holds up his thumb and index finger. HAL (CONT'D) I mean this close. Matt too seems to be gaining enthusiasm for this story. Yeah? THE PARK O'Brien sort of double-takes as he looks sideways to see the ball bounce into the street. HAL (O.S.) Nothing... O'Brien shrugs it off and starts trotting again. MATT What he do?

3. HAL (O.S.) (CONT'D) He just kept on running. THE APARTMENT Matt looks disappointed. MATT He just kept running? HAL Yeah, but then... THE PARK O'Brien turns his attention towards the park as... MALE VOICE (O.S.) I'll get it. Another guy, SOCCER PLAYER, much more athletic looking, is jogging after the ball, but shooting daggers at O'Brien. SOCCER PLAYER (sarcastically) Don't worry about it. O'Brien furrows his brows and calls back over his shoulder. O'BRIEN I'm not. THE APARTMENT Matt's eyes light up. MATT Oh, snap. HAL I know, right. MATT Good for O'Brien, why would he be responsible for snagging the ball that almost hit him? HAL Exactly, but this asshole didn't see it that way... THE PARK Soccer Player stops in his tracks, turns back to O'Brien. SOCCER PLAYER What did you say?

4. O'Brien stops too and turns around. O'BRIEN I'm sorry that was rude, I shouldn't mutter. I said "Fuck You." The last line is delivered very clearly and deliberately. THE APARTMENT Hal leans back in his chair, impressively. HAL Yup. Matt just stares for a moment. MATT O'Brien said that? Hal nods. MATT (CONT'D) He's like 5'4. HAL I guess he was just sick of douche bags like this guy. MATT So what the guy do? Hal leans forward again. THE PARK Soccer Player starts walking towards O'Brien. HAL (O.S.) He starts over to O'Brien. O'Brien stands his ground. The guy gets a foot away and stops. He has at least a foot on O'Brien. THE APARTMENT Matt's eyes bulge out. MATT Did O'Brien shit his pants or what? [He brings a handful of popcorn to his mouth.] HAL Just the opposite. ground. THE PARK He stood his Mike O'Brien?

5. Soccer Player is turning red, he tilts his head and talks down to O'Brien. SOCCER PLAYER Say it again. O'Brien's face softens, the first tinge of regret creeping over it. He opens his mouth to speak. SECOND MALE VOICE (O.S.) Hey, Ted, what's going on? PULL BACK Just beyond Ted, who stands locked on O'Brien, several other beefy guys, some with their shirts off to expose their large muscles, come walking over. THE APARTMENT Matt slaps his forehead, he is really enjoying the story now. MATT Holy shit. Tell me Mike had the sense to apologize. HAL You would think. I mean, that's the sensible thing to do in this kind of situation... THE PARK O'Brien once again opens his mouth. HAL (O.S.) (CONT'D) But he's had it. I mean, upset about Jill, tired of dealing with assholes, tired of being walked on, so he says O'BRIEN You have an important choice to make right now. THE APARTMENT Matt is on the edge of his seat. Hal pauses again for emphasis. THE PARK

6. O'BRIEN (CONT'D) You can get out of my face, get your ball, and go about your game with your friends. Or you can persist to stare me down and get your nose broken for being a tough guy. The Soccer Player tilts his head in pure curiosity. MATCH CUT Matt has the exact same look of disbelief. What? MATT Is he insane? He goes on...

HAL Naw, brilliant. THE PARK

The Soccer Player laughs dryly. O'BRIEN I'm not stupid. I know there's no way I can possibly win this. But I can promise you this. Before you or anyone of your boyfriends over there can touch me, I will break your nose. And no matter what you do to me afterwards, it will have been worth it to see you bleed. The Soccer Player's grin drops. THE APARTMENT HAL He knows that these guys would kick his ass in two seconds, but he figures, if he talks big enough, acts absurdly confident, he'll be able to throw this guy off, scare him away. THE PARK CLOSE on Soccer Player, staring intently. CLOSE on O'Brien, staring back. THE APARTMENT CLOSE on Matt staring intently. CLOSE on HAL looking back. Matt and Hal stare at each other.

7. Well!? Well His phone suddenly rings again. He puts up one finger in the "just a minute" gesture as he answers it. Matt continues to stare imploringly, dying to hear how this story ends. Hal gives a series of nods and "ok" and "mm hmm"s before hanging up. HAL (CONT'D) No. That was Jill, from the hospital. O'Brien's regaining consciousness. Let's go. They get up, Hal grabs his coat as they walk out. FADE OUT: ROLL CREDITS FADE IN: THE PARK The group of men, huddles around kicking and punching a spot on the ground. Just to the side stands SOCCER PLAYER, pinching the bridge of his nose. He lets go tentatively, then winces as blood continues to pour out and further stain his shirt. FADE OUT: THE END MATT Did it work? HAL

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