Interactive Session with Hon'ble Justice Santosh Hegde August 1, 2012: Kolkata The Yi Kolkata Chapter had

organized an interactive session with Hon’ble Justice Santosh Hegde to give the Young Indians a perspective on what they should do to protect their future and was primarily based on the topic, “Country, Corruption and I… Setting Path for Good Governance and a Better Stronger India.” Justice Hegde is a former judge of Supreme Court of India, former Solicitor General of India, Chairperson of Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribu Tribunal and was Lokayukta (ombudsperson) for the state of Karnataka. The session commenced at 7 pm ) with Justice Hegde emphasizing that every Indian should feel he is independent and it is his dependent India. He stressed that with the growing corruption, it’s the people of India who need to bring a ith change in the political system of the country. India is a democratic republic country. It was litical never ‘personally independent’. With the drafting of the Constitution, the citizens of India got nally the right to choose their representatives. The justice strongly commented that corruption in India begins every time when the ministers who campaign to be ‘janta sevak’ become ‘maalik’ evak’ be after the election process is over and authority of an office is given to them. The ministers are supposed to be public servants and not the lord of the country. Justice Hegde informed that over the years around 90 lakhs 60000 crores of rupees has got wasted in the scams, which rupees could have been used in developing around 5000 villages. He showed us the true picture of India and how corruption affects the ‘aam janta’ of our country. Corruption is increasing magnanimously in India and it is our future that is at stake, was a message that the Justice kept , stressing on. So in order to secure our future, the “I” needs to be activated; since it is our . future, country so we, the people, have to raise our voice against corruption. Justice Hegde’s words, “Become what you want to become in life but first become a good human being,” was the life, being highlight of the event.