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Safari 5 Shortcuts

Platform: Mac OS/English Shortcuts tested on Mac OS 10.6.5 with Safari 5.0.3 on MacBook Pro Manage Tabs and Windows Command+t Open new tab Show/Hide Features Command+Shift+| (pipe) Command+Alt+l Command+Shift+b Show / Hide Toolbar (Address Bar) Show / Hide Downloads Show / Hide Bookmark bar

Command+Shift+[[ Jump to next / jump to previous tab ]/Command+Shift+[ [] Command+w Command+z Close current tab Re-open closed tab (undo command)

Option+Command+ Show / hide Downloads l Command+/ Show / Hide Status bar Command+Option+ Show / Hide Activity Window a Safari Features and Bookmarks Option+Command+ Show Top Sites 1 Option+Command+ Show Collections (history, bookmarks, ...) 2 Command+d Bookmark Page Add new bookmark folder in bookmark window Jump to bookmark #1, #2, ? from Bookmark Bar Command+Shift+n Command+1...9

Command+Option+ Close all tabs except active tab w Command+n Command+m Command+h Command+Shift+w Command+`/Com mand+Shift+` Command+q Open New Safari Window Minimize current Window Hide all Safari Windows Close Safari Window (current window, all tabs) Jump to next / jump to previous Safari Windows Close Safari (all windows, all tabs)

Address and Search Bar Command+l Jump to toolbar (address bar) Manage Webpages Command+r Command+o Command+p Command+s Browse between Webpages Command+Shift+h Command+[[]/Com mand+[[] Jump to home page Jump to previous page / jump to next page Command+i Command+Shift+i Editing Command+z Browse within Webpages Arrow Down/Arro w Up Option+Arrow Up/ Option+Arrow Down Home/End Scroll page down / scroll page up Scroll one page down / one page up (or use space / shift+space) Jump to beginning / jump to end of a page (on MacBook Pro use fn+option+arrow right/arrow left) Zoom in / zoom out Zoom to 100% Jump to next input field / jump to previous input field Jump to next link / jump to previous link on page Find on page / find menu on top of page. Press escape to close Find next with find open Command+a Command+Shift+a Undo typing Select all Autofill form Reload webpage. Press escape or ctrl+. to stop Open file Print current webpage Save webpage as / export Mail webpage contents Mail link to webpage

Command+Option+ Jump to find/ search box (top right corner) f Tab/Shift+Tab Cycle between toolbar, search bar, and page elements

Option+Command+ Insert special characters t Command+c Command+v The Rest Command+, Open Safari preferences menu Copy Paste

[command][+[]]/ [command][-] Command+0 (zero) Tab/Shift+Tab Option+Tab/Shift+ Option+Tab Command+f Command+g

Option+Command+ View webpage source (close with command+w) u Ctrl+Shift+l with text selected Press and hold back / forward button Hold option while clicking on back button Search selected text with default search engine Show list of backwards / forwards entries

Open last page in new background tab

Command+click on Open link in new background tab link Option+Command+ Open link in new browser window click Option+click on link Ctrl+click Download link Open Context Menu

Command+Option+ Empty the cache e