Mister chairman, lovely timekeeper, focused members of the proposition, scared members of the opposition, wise members of the

jury, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Is it? I don’t want to spoil this delightful meeting, but anger is leading me to believe that no good can come out of this evening. For I feel a rage going through my entire body, making my feet tremble, my heartbeat speed and my head heat. I feel it for a reason. But should I try to run from this feeling, or identify, address and channel this anger, find a way to use it to my advantage, and make this evening indeed a good one. Would you rather run from a dog than make him your ally, your friend and your protector? And speaking of dogs, I had a very cute little cat named Joe. He was my best companion growing up, always trying to make me smile, either by rolling over himself, or by making funny faces. However, one day, Joe didn’t come home. Of course, I didn’t worry much because Joe was very popular with the neighbourhood cats, and he liked to party a lot. But in the morning, everyone was missing his pet. This episode raised a lot of questions. The community was angry. A week later, we held a meeting, hoping to find out what happened to our dearest animals. Of course, there were some of us who tried to discourage us from acting, citizens with the opposition’s idea that anger is not a mighty tool we can use. But we forced them to look at the disappearances with anger, and they were ready to take action. We initiated an investigation and were able to find the abductors. Unfortunately, all the animals were long gone. Now, when I think about what happened, I am infuriated, and I try to act on it. I will never let what happened to Joe happen again. This is why I work in an animal shelter on the weekends. This is why I joined the animal rights movement, and this is why we should look back in anger. But we heard from the opposition,

As long as men are men, mistakes will be made. And as long as we don’t look back at them in anger, they will never be fixed. Why? You might ask. Because fixing past mistakes requires us to fully understand the depth and the extent of their consequences. I, for example, am not angry right now. But when I think about all the calamities of this world, I feel enraged and furious. My mission here today is to demonstrate how anger is a powerful motor to great achievements, when directed towards others. To do so, I am going to analyse a process, which will allow us to use the underused instrument. Identify our anger: where is it coming from? Is it a personal cause, a general one? Who are we angry with? Why are we angry with them? We can’t go on living our lives being angry without knowing the Ws. Address: Our feeling will then allow us to address the real issue. Channel: Use this anger to prevent other unfortunate events. Ladies and gentlemen, we all experienced some episode causing violent anger. Some of us block those memories because they are afraid to act, but in the government, acting is our job. So please, propose.

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